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June 21, 2012

Movie Review: Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle

Meet Annie Sprinkle. She’s an incredibly curvaceous red-head, sporting colossal DD breasts and vanilla skin. Annie loves sex. All kinds of sex - rough sex, soft sex, wet sex, smelly sex, any kind of sex with a woman or man(or both at the same time). Annie is an exhibitionist who would also like you to watch her have sex with numerous partners, exploring nearly all avenues of sexual fulfillment including: anal sex, cunnilingus, analingus, golden showers, titty fucking, "Dove"fucking(a nipple is used to rub on a clit) and good ol' fashion fuckin'. Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle: Platinum Edition from Video-X-Pix shows Annie doing all the above. If you like gigantic melons and truly wild sex please continue reading.

Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle is somewhat of a personal venture for Sprinkle. It’s almost like Annie invited you over to her house, chatted with you a little, showed you some pictures of her as a child, pictures of family then coaxes you to watch her do her favorite thing, have sex…lots of it. The first thing Annie would like to bring to your attention, is that there are two naked men arm-wrestling(!!) in front of her fireplace. Annie loves muscle-bound beefcake. She swiftly takes control of the situation, draining both gentlemen of their life-giving fluids.

As I mentioned earlier, Annie enjoys all people – even a tiny young lady waiting in her bedroom. Sprinkle enormous rack gets suckled for a good five minutes before, Annie lays the tiny minx on her bed and uses her tongue on her clit until the girl literally has an orgasmic seizure. It’s either really good acting or this woman had the tingle of her life. Of course after this session of frenzied box-munching, Annie could use Ron Jeremy’s mammoth member between her creamy white jugs for some titty fucking. This is the early ‘80s, so Ron is very svelt. The “Hedegehog” penetrates her cleavage until he leaves his milky coating all over Annie’s chin.

We all know by now, Annie doesn’t have any sexual hang-ups. She’s willing to do anything. Annie begins to tell the audience about her fresh manicure.”You ever wonder why I have my nails short”. I moved a little in my chair here. Our lovely pornstar’s digits begin to stimulate the prostate of her very content male partner. She’s loving every minute of it to! Again, Annie is alpha-female – in full control.

Probably the most amusing scene in Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle is when Annie, all dolled up from head to toe, enters a porn theater playing one of her films. She enjoys surprising her fans. A few very lucky Annie fanatics get to experience any in “real” 3D. Fuck Avatar! This is also a hell of a way to market yourself. More actresses need to do so. Jessica Alba?? Scarlet Johansen?? Anyone??

Video-X-Pix’s, Platinum Elite Collection release of Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle has a tremendous amount of quality bonus features. Annie does a live video commentary over the film on disc two. This lady has a ton of stories to tell including on production and how she really aimed at getting the audience involved in the film. She also talks about how she was a bit prudish until the age of 17, when she had finally lost her virginity. After 17, she explored sex high doses. Some recollections of Joe Sarno and Arthur Morowitz are also brought up and bring a cool element of vintage porn nostalgia to the unique track.

Disc three contains yet another informative interview on all things Annie Sprinkle, that lasts about 40 minutes. We’re also treated to some steamy bonus scenes from Consenting Adults and Slippery When Wet. Rounding out the extras are a finger puppet of Annie that will make fans want to do their own Annie Sprinkle puppet show. Finally, we have a booklet, jam packed with information. It’s titled Deep Inside “Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle” and written by XXX film historian Benson Hurst. The booklet is well written and yet another treat in this fine package.

Now you’re probably wondering, how does the image and sound quality fair? For one, Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle is digitally re-mastered from the original 35mm negative. The color looks excellent and the sound is very clear. Being an adult film this is a top-notch transfer. The feature is presented in its original aspect ratio, 1.66:1 and is anamorphic widescreen. Oh, and yes, this is the Uncut version! Any truncated golden shower footage is completely intact. Grab your umbrella...cuz it's gonna rain!

Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle is an outstanding release all around. I encourage Annie Sprinkle fans and vintage porn enthusiasts to head on over to Video-X-Pix’s website: and purchase this essential “golden age” DVD.

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