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November 16, 2011

Movie Review:The Dead And The Damned (Mattai Borrani Productions, 2010)

Reviewed by Kenny Barnwell

Written and Directed by Rene Perez
Stars~ David Lockhart, Camille Montgomery and Rick Mora

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Quick plot review~

The Dead and the Damned takes place in the early 1800’s, during the California gold rush surrounding a bounty hunter traveling into the mountains to find an Apache warrior who is wanted by the law. Along the way he passes through a gold mining Town. The miners help direct him to the Apache and send him on his way. He enters the forest and begins to track the Apache. Back in town, the miners un-earth an ancient meteor. (Which, as my girlfriend pointed out to me, was probably the same meteor used in the movie Joe Dirt. Good call on that one honey.)They crack the meteor open, releasing green spores which infect the entire mining camp, transforming them into zombies.

Meanwhile, back in the forest the bounty hunter has decided to use a newly purchased prostitute for bait to catch the Apache. And although he falls asleep waiting for the Apache to take the bait and has the ammunition removed from his pistol by the Apache, he still somehow manages to capture him.( Which, if I was an Apache watching this flick, would feel rightfully insulted by this.)On their way back to town they begin to encounter the undead and are forced to throw aside their differences and join forces to survive or face the prospect of ending up in the intestinal tracts of the unruly hoards.

Highlights~ I really got nothin here folks. I will say that the prostitute (played by Camille
Montgomery) is quite attractive in spite of the fact that we get no full frontal nudity out of her, and I did really enjoy the soundtrack. It was quite catchy in a quasi-porno kind of way.

Not-So Highlights~ Bad script, bad acting and bad effects. One of my few horror movie pet-peeves is cheap, bargain-basement CGI effects, so when the movie opened with a gun-fight and instead of using blood packs for gunshot effects they used hokey CGI blood splats I had resentment right off the bat.

Now I realize the budget for this movie was only $30,000 so I am really trying my best to be kind here, but in the name of honesty and integrity I just cant do it. This movie was made for two reasons, and that was to cash in on the zombie craze and maybe feed off the people who liked the movie Cowboys And Aliens. I can respect a bad movie that's made with love, but I can’t condone something that's slapped together for no other reason but to make a few bucks via Netflix. If a good horror experience is like making love to your high school sweetheart, this movie is like getting a hand job from a middle-aged hooker with arthritis in the parking lot of a 7-11.
Skip this one folks, if you get a hankering for this kind of tripe just flip on the Sci-fi channel, they play this kind of crap all the time and its free. Special Features~ Sorry guys, you get the feature and a trailer and that's it. Apparently, we're not even worth a slide show.

3 out of 10 on this one. It would have been a 2, but I actually really did enjoy the soundtrack.

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