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January 31, 2013

Movie Review: UnSEXpected (Blu-ray, Digital Playground)

Review By: Rob Sibley

Director: Robbie D
Company: Digital Playground

“UnSEXpected” is a new production from the folks over at The film stars Andy San Dimas, Brooklyn Lee, Sabrina Taylor, Stoya, Erik Everhard, James Deen, and Manuel Ferrara . An all-star cast of the adult film industry if there ever was one.

Stoya stars as a girl who appears innocent to her sister and friends, but is truly a sexual tsunami in the sack. The secret is revealed only to the men who by chance have an intimate encounter with the beauty.

Yep that's the plot, don't we don't watch porno's or “adult entertainment” for the plot now do we? Now this is a tough nut to crack (no pun intended) but I'll give this review my best shot by breaking it into scenes.

Scene #1-  Involves Andy San Dimas (a total babe and a personal favorite) who gets involved with Manuel Ferrara. The scene starts things out with a bang (pun intended). It's a very nice scene, Dimas looks terrific and features a very intense and steamy sex scene. Stoya has yet to enter the story but things soon change when we reach--

Scene #2- Stoya pops up now and well she wastes no time in proving the fact that her character isn't as innocent as she may seem. She gets down to business. She starts playing a friendly game of pool with a dude and this quickly leads them playing “strip pool” a new one for me. It's a very well thought out and fun scene. With Stoya doing a bang on job... literally.

Scene #3- Stoya and Manuel are now off to the movies and want to bring Eric along (the dude from the last scene) but Eric feels like meeting up with his girlfriend, played by the lovely Sabrina Taylor. Sabrina thinks something’s up with Eric, having no idea that he just slept with Stoya. But that doesn't hold things up for long since they get down to business very fast in an energetic scene.

Scene #4- Stoya continues to be the mischievous gal that she is when she's hanging around while Brooklyn Lee shows up to pick up a dress from her gal pal Andy. She's not there but Manuel & Stoya are. Stoya departs and Manuel goes to town with Brooklyn (guy gets around, doesnt he?). This is probably the best sequence of the bunch because it's easy to see Brooklyn is more then game.

Scene 5- The final scene has James Deen showing up to deliver a pizza... yep that old pizza delivery guy bit is still apparently in use. Well he's there to give the pizza to Stoya but he decides not to pay him in cash. They put the pool table to some good use as they get down. It's a fun enjoyable scene and a nice segment to end the film.

The audio and video on the blu-ray are both outstanding. Presented in  anamorphic widescreen it's a very pleasing transfer to the eye and the audio is perfect. Both to be expected from Digital Playground.

Overall if your a fan of Stoya, Andy San Dimas or Brooklyn Lee then this is worth checking out. Recommended.

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