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December 23, 2015

Movie Review: Off Limits (Wicked Pictures Passions - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - December 23, 2015

Starring :
Keira Nicole
Cassidy Klein
Dahlia Sky
Krissy Lynn
Small Hands
Brendan Miller
Seth Gamble
Ryan Driller

Jesse is the quintessential bad boy. His band is the next big thing in Los Angeles and he is on a fast track to stardom. He spends his nights playing sold out shows and in the arms of his many eager fans. He knows he should be thrilled but he can't help but feel something is missing. Then Caitlyn walks into his life. The attraction is instant. And mutual. The problem is that she is his best friend's girlfriend. Things get even more intense when they find themselves roommates. Will Jesse and Caitlyn succumb to their desire or will they have the strength to walk away from each other…?

(Runtime - 1 hr. 35 mins.)
In the latest release from their WICKED PASSIONS banner, WICKED PICTURES and Writer/Director Stormy Daniels, here present the film, OFF LIMITS.
In OFF LIMITS, Jesse Stevens is the lead singer of a successful rock band that often plays in front of its devoted fans, traveling all over, to various clubs to entertain them.  It is the type of fame and popularity, that has attracted many a lady to the singer, and because of that, many of them, he has ended up in bed with, on many occasion.  Yes, while many would consider Jesse to be a player, the truth is, that deep down, it is Jesse who knows that he just hasn't found "the right one" yet.  This all seems to change however, when a dashing young lady named Caitlyn catches his eye at the club. It's love at first sight for him.  But as it would turn out, though, there seems to be a slight problem, as it is soon revealed that Caitlyn is actually dating Jesse's best friend Matt.  who happens to be the same best friend that Jesse recently agreed to let move in with him - yes, both he and his girlfriend(who at that point, Jesse had not met).  Matt, who has just moved back home from Connecticut, has just gotten a new law office job, but ran in a problem himself, when the deal for his townhouse fell through.  So now, with no place to go, both he and Caitlyn have come to live with Jesse, as the two friends reconnect after many years.  His homecoming is surely welcomed by all, especially Jesse, however Jesse wasn't expecting to fall in love with his best friend's girl.  But indeed he has.  It is something that Jesse has difficulty hiding, especially since living in the same house together, often finds the two in a compromising position, or two.  As the time spend living together under one roof progresses, it becomes clear that Matt is obviously more focused on his new job, than spending time with his girlfriend.  This of course causes a rift in the relationship between Matt and Caitlyn, and as a result, Caitlyn begins to spend time with the only one there - Jesse.  Soon, she is dropping off, and picking him up from band practice, attending the shows, and even driving his car during the day.  The two of them become really close, and soon the feelings that she develops for Jesse, match the feelings that he has had for her.  It's a chemistry that is truly undeniable.  But what do they do, as loyalty stands in their way?  Do they put aside their all apparent feelings, in favor of doing the right thing?  Or do they act of their feelings of both lust and passion?

In terms of story, Stormy Daniels' OFF LIMITS is another film which features a fairly solid story.  A story about 2 people who meet and fall instantly in love, only to have a problem.  One of them is already dating someone.  And to make things worse, that person happens to be the best friend of the guy who's in love.  It's something that happens in real life, and it probably happens a lot more than we think, which makes the story the perfect storyline for a romance themed porn such as this one.  However, not only is the story gripping, Daniels also choses to set the story in the midst of the atmosphere of a popular young rock band, making the story even more fun.  The film uses the entire band element of the story to nice effect as to not only show the reason for their popularity, but also why it is that Jesse is like a magnet when it comes to his female fans.  The character of "Jesse Stevens" is seemingly charismatic on stage, and so it's no wonder as to why the ladies would probably dig him.  And it is also the same thing, that nicely demonstrates Jesse's unhappiness.  Yes, although he's playing great gigs, and living the Rockstar life, which includes getting tons of pussy, he just isn't happy.  So when he does fall in love, albeit with someone he shouldn't, the film takes a turn for the interesting as it is able to keep us interested via its cast of characters, both with the situations which they are in, and when it comes to Jesse and Caitlyn, the sexual tension, that continues to build between them throughout.  Again, this is another Stormy Daniels effort that I found myself to be really invested in.  I was truly interested in how this film would play out.  Before the film reached its conclusion I was hoping to see Jesse and Caitlyn end up together, I really was(am I a sap, or what?).  Well, did they end up together, or what?  Watch and find out!

As for the look of the film, OFF LIMITS is another well polished and good looking film from Director of Photography Jake Jacobs, who was also the co-videographer alongside Andre Madness(whom I am also a fan).  All of the scenes are well captured especially true when it comes to the band's 2 performance scenes.  And as for the sex scenes they are nicely shot as well with tons of style and presentation that goes well with the look and feel of the film.

With that said, I turn now to the film's performances by the cast.  Collectively, I felt that all did well, as there is not a bad performance to be found.  It is Small Hands, Keira Nicole and Seth Gamble, who carry most of the film's load as it is their characters who the film's outcome rests.  Gamble, who's always great, is good as the preoccupied boyfriend, but it is Small Hands and Keira Nicole, who really show up and impress here.  First I loved my boy Smalls(he said I could call him that), as lead singer "Jesse Stevens", as for me, he was totally believable within the context of the film.  In the performance scenes, he looked like a little Punk Rock Bon Jovi, or something!  And as for the dramatics, here, Smalls was someone who I really started to feel for, and root for in the end, which is exactly what the script called for.  Job well done, Sir!  Likewise on the other end is the beautiful Kiera Nicole, who portrays the girl that the Rocker, Jesse has been looking for, "Caitlyn".  In the looks department, Keira doesn't even need to try, as anyone would possibly fall for her.  So having her in the role makes perfect sense. But in addition to her attractiveness, she also brings to the film a level of sympathy and likability with her.  And of course it goes hand in and with the story.  I really liked this couple, and in the end I really wanted them to make it(in more ways than one!).  But with that said, again everyone is great, Brendon Miller in particular looked right at home as the drummer in the band, seeing as he is a drummer in real life, having drummed for bands such Godhead and Hollywood Undead.  It was cool seeing him in this film, and in this role as well.

And now, lets talk about the sex scenes for a minute.  The film features 5 sex scenes over the course of the film' 95 minute runtime.  All of them are pretty damn hot.  They look great and all feature hot women, along with sexy action.  However I do have a complaint when it come to these scenes.  For the most part, all of them are a little too short.  When I first noted the film's duration prior to going into OFF LIMITS, I wondered just how the film managed to cram both its story and sex into such little time.  Well they did.  And while the story itself is well rounded and well told, it is the sex scenes that unfortunately get some trimming.  To put it simply, in virtually all of the film's sex scenes, each position change is shortened a little.  Don't worry, they are artistically edited, and the flow well.  But in terms of the action, the details of each position are sometimes lessened - meaning there are some things often missing, such as closeups and such.  But with that in mind, the scenes are still good(especially the pairings of Cassidy Klein and Ryan Driller and then of course, the pairing of Keira Nicole and Small Hands.  Both are pretty hot scenes), there just seems to be something missing from them at times.

To sum things up, I mostly enjoyed this new release, and really had fun with it. Nice writing and directing by Daniels, who continues to create compelling Adult features that I want to see.  OFF LIMITS, is a well-structured romantic drama that hits a lot of the right notes when it comes to plot development(even throwing in a few minor shocks at us near the end).  I enjoyed both its story, as well as its talented cast, and also the film's two original songs(they were also cool).  However my only real complaint is in regards to the sex scenes, as stated above.  I just wish they had been a little longer, as to not lose so much "information".  Other than that, OFF LIMITS is pretty fun.

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My Score :

Sex scene breakdown :

Scene 1 : Krissy Lynn and Small Hands
In the first scene.  As always, "Jesse"(Small Hands) has a female fan, who's been eying him.  This time, it's "Bridget("Krissy Lynn), a well endowed female, that has followed the band for the last few gigs.  While Bridget may certainly dig the music, as well as the band, it's clear that she only really has but one thing on her mind, and that is to fuck Jesse.  Small Hands and Krissy Lynn waste no time getting it on.  It begins with kissing, as Smalls pins her against the wall, before the two of them take to a bedroom.  From the bed, Krissy first begins to suck his cock.  From here, Smalls begins to go to work on Krissy's pussy briefly before things dissolve into the cowgirl position, where Small Hands pounds the pussy, as Krissy's nice, round ass jiggles, much to our delight.  Smalls claws at her juicy ass as he continues to pounce.  From cowgirl comes missionary, where Krissy tells Smalls that he can do what ever he wants to her.  From this position, Small Hands keeps the pace nice and steady has he plows into Krissy's hole, as she continues her dirty talk.  The missionary then progresses into doggy. where Krissy's ass continues to smack against Smalls' dick.  He keeps it up, hitting it nice and hard, before pulling out to explode all over Krissy's ass to end scene. - A pretty hot scene, due to both performers.  I enjoyed it, but have but one complaint.  There are no real good shots of the penetration seen the scene.  Other than this, the scene is pretty good.  What a body Krissy has.  She has nice tits and a great ass.  Smalls is a lucky dude.

Scene 2 : Keira Nicole and Seth Gamble
The next scene sees Jesse's friend Matt("Seth Gamble) and his girlfriend , (Keira Nicole) stopping at a truck stop.  They have picked up some truck stop wieners to eat, however, Seth decides to serve up his wiener instead.  The two begin to feel each other up as they kiss.  Keira thinks its exciting that they are having sex out in public, as she goes down on him, taking his cock with her mouth.  Keira slurps the cock, as she licks and sucks, adding lots of spit to make it dirty.  To reward her, Seth places Keira on the hood of a car and proceeds to return the favor.  After briefly eating her pussy, Seth then takes her into missionary, where the camera gives us a nice open view of the penetration.  Here Seth proceeds to hit it awhile. before things move into doggy, as Keira finds herself leaned against the car, where Gamble continue to hammer his cock in.  As Seth continues to pound, the two look passionately into each other's eyes.  Near the end, Seth places his hands on Keira's ass as he bares down, fucking her even harder.  It's enough to make him come to climax, as he soon comes on Keira's ass. - A very good scene that has a feel of spontaneity to it.  I liked it.  The always great Keira Nicole shines.  I really like her.  She's full of energy, and as a very nice looking pussy and ass.  And as for Seth, he has always been a favorite male talent of mine.  A really good scene from both.

Scene 3 : Cassidy Klein and Ryan Driller
After receiving a call from her sister, Caitlyn, Cassidy receives an erotic massage from her boyfriend, "Chad"(Ryan Driller). Ryan works the deep massage down her body, as the two begin to kiss. Next, Cassidy is on her back, where Ryan begins to rub her front.  The action then leads to Ryan going down on her for some mouth play, as Cassidy spreads.  Ryan tongues at her clit, and sucks on her pussy lips.  This is also before her inserts a couple of fingers into her pussy. as well.  It's too much for Cassidy to bare, as she soon is forced to cum.  From here, things move to spoon, where Ryan steadily movies his cock in an out of Cassidy's squishy hole.  It's here that Ryan continues the pace, and Cassidy cums again.  From missionary, things then take to doggy, where Driler continues to drill it hard and fast, as his balls smack against Klein's clit.  Doggy then moves back to the missionary position.  The pace is first slow, before Ryan really picks up the speed, as he slams away at Cassidy.  the action is hot and heavy, and is enough to make Ryan cum.  The scene ends with Ryan letting loose onto her stomach.  - A very good scene with some hard action and lots on cumming from Cassidy Klein.  Hot stuff.

Scene 4 :
Keira Nicole and Small Hands
In the last scene, "Jesse"(Small Hands) and Caitlyn"(Keira Nicole), finally give into to temptation, it would seem, as they take to Jesse's bed for a sexual romp.  Things start out with Keira sucking Smalls' cock, nice and slow.  As Keira continues to suck, she licks the shaft and balls, adding spit to make it nice and wet.  During which, Smalls fingers her pussy, before finally really going to work, as he buries his face between her legs.  It is her that he tongue and fingers her good, as she moans from enjoyment.  Then in spoon, Smalls continues the pace, as he steadily fucks Keira. while continuing to rub her clit.  The spoon. eventually transitions to doggy, in which Smalls fucks her briefly, before things go into missionary. where he really fucks her hard.  Here, Smalls really pounds the pussy nice and hard.  The action continues for a while, before Smalls works it up to cum.  The scene ends by Smalls cumming on Keira's stomach and bush. - this was a very hot scene.  The film works to build up this scene all movie long, and it is indeed worth the wait.  Some nice hard fucking is seen here.  Both give it a tremendous amount of energy.  Keira always looks as though she's been through a war after one of her scenes, I love it!

Scene 5 : Dahlia Sky and Brendon Miller
The film's final sex scene sees the drummer of the band(Brendon Miller), getting him some from is girlfriend(Dahlia Sky), who has just flown into town, backstage.  Kissing and touching leads to straight up sex.  First, Brendon toys at Dahlia's pussy before going in with his fingers, as Dahlia spread wide, as she lie on a bench.  He soon buries his face in, which causes Dahlia to cum pretty quickly.  After, Brendon sticks it in, things continue in missionary, where Brendon hits it nice and steady.  Things then go over to reverse cowgirl, where Dahlia rides the cock nicely, as she continuously bounces.  Next, we see Dahlia bend over the counter, where she proceeds to take it in doggy.  The action from here continues at a very nice pace, until Brendon is forced to cum on Dahlia's ass. - This was a good scene, but man it has to be difficult to fuck in small places like that.  But kudos to the 2 performers for getting it done.  I told Dahlia on Twitter that I love seeing her in films, and indeed I do! So hot!

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