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April 7, 2016

Movie Review: Paradise City (Digital Playground - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - January 6, 2016

Starring :

Aidra Fox
Carmen Caliente
Chanel Preston
Hope Howell
Kenna James
Samantha Rone
Summer Brielle
Tasha Reign
Bradley Remington
Bruce Venture
Daniel Hunter
Evan Stone
Ryan Driller

Larry and Annie, a married couple find themselves in the toughest of times. After losing his job, Larry finds himself struggling to support his family and must move in with his arrogant brother, in addition to working in his firm! Before they head to his place the couple spends a night at a bed and breakfast called Paradise City, but it’s really a colony of nudists, free love and lots of sex! The couple witnesses a lovemaking extravaganza, but drive off the next day. Reality sets in for the couple, Larry’s brother is a jerk that bangs his mistress during the day, and his wife is a drunk. They race back to Paradise City and are welcomed back with open arms. To celebrate their return, the community starts a group orgy that allows them to release their frustration and sexual inhibitions. This new lifestyle might be the best thing to happen to them!

(Runtime - 2 hr. 26 mins.)

In this production from DIGITAL PLAYGROUND and Director Jakodema titled PARADISE CITY, married couple, "Larry"(Daniel Hunter) and "Annie:(Aidra Fox), have fallen on hard times.  It turns out that Larry has recently lost his job - and seeing as his earnings were the couple's biggest source of income, they are having to move out of their apartment, and the city.  With no place else to go, Larry and Annie have no other alternative, but to pack up and move in with Larry's older brother Gary(Ryan Driller).  However, truth be told, the two of them do not get along, and moving in with his brother, is something that Larry dreads doing - but alas - they hit the road, and head for his mansion in the hills.  However, before they arrive there, they make a little pit stop along the way for the night, when they arrive to a place called, "Paradise City" - a most unique Bed and Breakfast experience.  Resembling a hippie nudist colony, the place's eccentric and charismatic leader "Condor"(Evan Stone) describes Paradise City as a "place apart from the world that is corporate, a place where your spirit can soar" - and that is exactly what Paradise City is.  Larry and Annie stay overnight at the Bed and Breakfast, and witness the joys of love and sex(while also experiencing a little, themselves), it's a good kick off to their otherwise dreaded trip.  But eventually they do make it over to Gary's house, and Larry soon takes a job at his brother's firm, however, Larry is disappointed to find that it is not the accountant job that his brother had promised, by instead, a lowly desk job.  From there, things at the brother's house only seem to get worse, worsening the experience for Larry an Annie - Gary is more arrogant than ever, not to mention that he constantly argues with his wife, "Alexis"(Chanel Preston). who is an obvious alcoholic - and whom he is cheating on.  It soon becomes too much for the struggling couple to bare, as they pack up, and hit the road, almost as fast as they came.  From there, it's almost a given, as to where their journey would take them next.  Back to Paradise City, of course.  Larry and Annie eventually return to the almost surreal place, as Condor, and his followers in the name of free love, welcome them with open arms, as they treat them to their sexual luxuries, Luxuries which include orgies and threesomes!  But when a fight causes a rift between Larry and Annie, the two split briefly, as Larry returns to Gary's and back to work, as Annie stays behind. However, while there, Larry soon takes note of his unhappiness, and realizes that with Annie is where his true happiness lies. Meanwhile, it is his little brother's revelation that is enough to make Gary himself question his own happiness in life, which in turn causes the bothers to do what is right for each of them.  While Gary goes home to break it off with Alexis, Larry races back to Paradise City to retrieve his wife.  However, Larry runs into a slight problem, when Condor claims her for his own, as he says he has plans to move away with her to Aspen.  However, as we learn, Condor's plans don't go over as planned as soon, someone unexpectedly throws a wrench into them.

To easily explain the premise of DIGITAL PLAYGROUND's PARADISE CITY, i'd say that it is Adult's take on the Hollywood comedy, WANDERLUST.  In that film, Pauk Rudd and Jennifer Aniston starred as a married couple with no place to go.  So where to they end up?  A sex commune somewhere outside of town.  Well, that is basically the same scenario we have here with PARADISE CITY.  In the film, Annie and Larry are married, and things were doing rather well, that is until Larry loses his job.  After, Larry reluctantly agrees to go stay with his older brother Gary, someone he cannot stand - but he agrees to do so because Gary promises him a job.  But when things go bad, as was to be expected, Annie and Larry head back out to the unique Bed and Breakfast that they stayed at the night prior to arriving. "Paradise City", is more than just your average food and lodging attraction, it is the home of a "family" of free thinkers, who believes in free love, and no life restraints.  The group, which is led by an eccentric character named "Condor(portrayed duperbly by Evan Stone, who's hilarious, as only he can be), is the perfect device for a porn film.  Where as WANDERLUST had a similar plot, of course it was limited as to where it could go, and what it could show.  PARADISE CITY on the other hand, goes "all the way", as it delivers lots of sex, and a few laughs, too.  While PARADISE CITY in the end, may not be seen as an "excellent" film technically, it is at least fun, and light-hearted, just as the characters seen within it.  Overall, everything comes together quite nicely to create a rather enjoyable effort.

The acting in PARADISE CITY is especially good.  Starting with Daniel Hunter and Aidra Fox as our married couple "Larry" and "Annie".  Both Hunter and Fox are very likable in character, and are easy to follow.  They are enjoyable enough for us to want to follow along with the story that PARADISE CITY is telling.  I must confess, that Aidra Fox was the main reason that I even wanted to see this one.  She has such a cute face, and great personally, not to mention those dimples, that are just utterly adorable.  When it comes to Hunter, I have only seen Daniel one other time, and that was recently when I reviewed CATFISHED.  In that film he played a guy which the main character was dating. Truthfully, that character didn't offer him much in the way of personality, however,  here he is one of the film's main focises, and he comes across as extremely likable.  In the film, he's just a good guy who's hit rough times, and has a difficult relationship with his older brother, "Gary".  And speaking of Gary, he's played by one Ryan Driller, who assumes the role of an arrogant asshole. Yes, he's a bit of a dick, and Driller plays it up marvelously.  We aren't supposed to like him, but we do.  His best acting scene is when he approaches his wife about a divorce.  And switching things over to our hippie troupe, who are as assorted as a pack of Lifesavers.  The true standout is of course the group's charismatic leader, "Condor", played by the legendary Evan Stone.  If you know Evan already, then you know he's pretty great.  He's quite the character, always, and he brings that quirkiness, to the hippie master, known as "Condor" and he's pretty funny.  He's carefree, laid back, trippy, and he just doesn't care - all he cares about is love and freedom, of course. He's surely a character to witness from the very first time we see him.  To touch on some of the characters, the group is filled with hot females, including Hope Howell and Carmen Caliente, in addition to Kenna James, Tasha Reign and Samantha Rone,  The last 3, especially specializing in lesbian relations.  Collectively, there isn't a bad apple in this bunch.  It's a pretty laid back film, and so are the performances.  They work just fine within the scenario.

As for the sex scenes, all of them are kind of fun. What I did notice is that each of them differed from the last.  While some shots were unavoidably similar due to positioning, the approach seemed to be a little different with each.  One would have emphasis on closeups, while others would have more artistic shots, such as overhead, etc.  Maybe this wasn't intentional, or maybe i'm imagining things, but it is how I saw things here.  I liked that things continued to change up a little.  Some of my favorite scenes were the first, which paired Aidra Fox with Daniel Hunter, the second scene pairing of Hope Howell and Bruce Venture, as well as the third scene, which saw Ryan Driller with Summer Brielle, as well as the fourth scene pairing of Chanel Preston and Bradley Remington.  I must mention that I loved seeing all of the gorgeous girls in the film's closing lesbian four-way, however, it was just a little too busy for me to appreciate it all.

PARADISE CITY isn't some spectacular film by no means, but it is what it is, which is  a super laid back porn comedy.  It has a enjoyable little story that is just fun to watch, and there's nothing wrong with that.  The cast appeared to have had a lot of fun making it.  I liked it, but it does follow the trend of having its surprises right where you expect them to be(how about a few twists and turns throughout the film, that change the course of a story, rather than just the end?) Not a complaint, just a thought.  But overall, I had some fun with it.

PARADISE CITY is available on DVD, as well as for streaming on DIGITAL PLAYGROUND's website.  Click here to sign up using our discounted rate!

My score : 7/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Aidra Fox and Daniel Hunter
Since it will be the last night in their house, "Larry"(Daniel Hunter) and "Annie"(Aidra Fox) decide to go all out, by making love on the couch.  Aidra begins things by sucking Daniel off. She eventually stops, before going back to work as she throats the cock. This is before she jumps on the cock in cowgirl to ride.  From here, Hunter drives it deep into Fox's hole.  Fox bounces steadily, while also grinding on the dick.  From there, things go into missionary, where things continue.  From this position, Daniel continues to hit the pussy at a nice and steady pace, before he goes down to tongue and suck on Aidra's pussy.  After, things then go back into missionary, with Aidra's legs held high and tight.  Daniel continues to slam it in, in this position for a time, before things switch to reverse cowgirl.  It's here that Aidra steadily bounces on the cock as she rubs her clit. Eventually, to add impact to the penetration, she leans back for maximum pleasure.  From here, Hunter takes charge as he rams it into Fox. After, things go into Doggy, where Daniel continues to pound, while fingering Aidra's asshole.  From this position continues before Daniel is forced to cum onto Aidra's face to end the scene. - A good scene to start with with some pretty good action.  My good, Aidra is so cute. I just love her cute little dimples!

Scene 2 : Hope Howell and Bruce Venture
After Paradise City's leader, Evan Stone calls for a "truth circle"(a gathering - in which confessions are made and heard), "Keira"(Hope Howell) and "Dave"(Bruce Venture) take to the center circle to vent their sexual frustrations.  This leads Dave to go down on Keira in front of everyone. before they eventually take to another room.  From here, Bruce continues to go in on Hope's pussy with his mouth.  From here, Bruce sucks and tongues Hope's pussy, as he spreads it apart with his fingers.  After, Hope returns the favor, by throating Bruce's cock, taking him down to the last inch, as he fingers her pussy fast and hard.  From here, things take to missionary, where Venture hits it nice and deep, before the position transitions to side fuck, where things continue - The camera offers some nice closeups of the penetration in these positions.  From there, the two take to a wooden table for first some cowgirl, then some reverse cowgirl.  This is where Bruce continues to hammer it deep and hard into Hope's pussy, before things go into spoon, where it continues briefly.  Things then go back to missionary, where Bruce continues nice and hard before he cums on Hope's face to end things.  - Another really good scene with some good action and camera work.  The cowgirl and reverse cowgirl looked great.

Scene 3 : Summer Brielle and Ryan Driller
In the third scene, it's revealed that Larry's brother(Ryan Driller) is sleeping around on his wife with a mistress(Summer Brielle).  The two meet up, and it doesn't take them long to get down to business.  Things begin with Summer sucking his cock, nice and fast.  This is followed up by Driller ramming in a few fingers deep into Summer's snatch, before he slams the dick into her in spoon.  Things there go at a nice hard pace, before things switch to missionary.  Nice angles, and overhead, bring us into the action.  Driller continues to drill it in, before things go into cowgirl, where Summer rides and grinds on the cock, at a nice hard pace. This position gives us a great look at Summers big, beautiful ass as it bounces.  From cowgirl comes doggy, when Driller fucks her hard.  Ryan keeps it up before coming to climax on Summers face.  - A really enjoyable scene with some energy. Summer is a beautiful voluptuous blonde, with big tits and a nice ass, and Ryan fucks her good.

Scene 4 : Aidra Fox and Carmen Caliente and Daniel Hunter and Evan Stone
When "Larry"(Daniel Hunter) and "Annie"(Aidra Fox) return to Paradise City, "Condor"(Evan Stone) and his woman, "Jane"(Carmen Caliente), offer to welcome them into the fold with a little love - so from there, a three-way commences.  Evan first pairs with Aidra, while Daniel with Carmen.  As Evan fuck Aidra from behind, she works on Carmen's pussy, while she sucks Daniel.  Evan then takes Aidra into spoon, while Daniel goes into doggy with Carmen. The two guys pound those pussies hard.  From there, the girls straddle to ride, as Aidra assumes cowgirl, while Carmen goes reverse with Daniel.  After, Carmen straddles Aidra's face, where Fox eats her out, as Carmen sucks and strokes off both men.  After this, Evan takes Carmen from behind in doggy, as Aidra sucks Daniel's cock.  During this, Evan alternates between putting his dick into Carmen and Aidra.  Following the roles are reversed, as it is Daniel, who fucks both of the ladies as they suck Evan's cock. Next the girls both ride in cowgirl, while they face each other.  This is where Hunter and Stone continue to give them the cock.  The scene ends in the missionary position, where the guys continue to fuck the ladies hard before cumming.  Daniel is first, as he unloads his love seed onto Carmen's chest, while Stone soon follows onto Aidra's pussy. - A good scene with a lot of action happening simultaneously.  Everyone showed good energy.

Scene 5 : Chanel Preston and Bradley Remington
After a fight between she and "Gary"(Ryan Driller), Alexis gets her frustrations out by fucking her boy tot(Bradley Remington). From her bed, the two waste no time at all. Bradley starts by massaging Chane;'s clit, before going down on her for a time.  Then Chanel deep throats Bradley's cock before straddling him for cowgirl, where she rides for a brief period, before the action switches to missionary, where Bradley rams it in hard as Chanel talks dirty. Then things go to spoon, where the pace remains the same. From soon, things briefly go into some action from behind, before Chanel hops onto the cock in reverse cowgirl, as Bradley continues to slam it in deep and hard. This is a enough to force him to cum, as he blasts on Chanel's pretty face to end the scene. - A very good scene, made even better with all of the dirty talk from Preston.  Personally, I believe Chanel to be one of the most beautiful girls in the business, and it's always fun to watch her get fuck, as she adds fuel to the fire with her during-sex dialogue.

Scene 6 : Carmen Caliente and Kenna James and Samantha Rone and Tasha Reign
The last sex scene of the film is a lesbian four-way, with 4 beautiful ladies; Carmen Caliente, Kenna James, Samantha Rone and Tasha Reign.  First the girls all choose to gang up on Tasha, before the action splits off into pairs - Tasha with Kenna, and Carmen with Samantha.  After forming a train formation, the girls have a time as they tongue and finger away on one another, Kenna then assumes missionary, where Samantha eats her pussy, while Carmen fingers Samantha.  This is all while Kenna eats Tasha's whom straddles her face.  From here, the girls trade off a few times Before Samantha goes down on Carmen, and both Tasha work on Kenna. Kenna and Tasha are then munched on by Carmen and Samantha, before all of the girls turn their attention to Carmen.  The scene ends with all 3 girls getting Carmen off, as they jam fingers in and out of her pussy. - A good scene, with lots of action, but boy is it a lot for a writer to keep up with!  But anyway, all of the girls are extremely hot.  I am a big fan of Samantha Rone and Kenna James in particular.

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