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February 24, 2016

Movie Review: Casual Encounters (Wicked Pictures - 2016)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - February 24, 2016

Starring :

Jessica Drake
Romi Rain
Olivia Austin
Steven St. Croix
Mr. Pete
Marcus London
Derrick Pierce
Eric Masterson

Julie embarks on a sexual journey by answering an ad in the casual encounters section of a website. She unlocks her deep desires, and finds that within her lies an untapped side of her sexuality. She wants more than just the normal relationship with one man, or one woman. She wants it all, and she wants to feel everything; experience sex in a whole new way.

(Runtime - 1 hr. 44 mins.)

In the film CASUAL ENCOUNTERS, while sitting at home one night, "Julie"(Jessica Drake), strolls the "casual encounters" section of a website.  After reading a couple of wanted ads that have to do with role playing, she comes across one ad in particular, that truly catches her eye.  It's from a guy named "Derrick"(Derrick Pierce), who is looking for a woman who will "try anything, and give themselves completely" to him.  This intrigues Julie, and so she responds, calling herself "Ann" and taking him up on the offer.  The two meet up at a local bar, where they discuss the details of their arrangement, ending the night with a sexual encounter of their own.  The next day is the start of their alternative relationship with each other.  It is a relationship, in which, Julie must submit to Derrick's every demand.  This leads Julie to do things, and go places that she never thought that she'd go sexually.  Before long, she is having sex with a stranger in a parking lot, being forced to watch as Derrick fucks another woman(Romi Rain) in a motel.  And lastly, her ultimate task, a blindfolded gang bang involving she and 3 guys.  These multiple experiences make her truly come alive sexually.  Yet as it is revealed, the biggest surprise of Julie and Derrick's relationship is yet to come.  As soon, the tables would turn, when a revelation is made.

One of WICKED PICTURES latest, from writer/Director David Lord, comes CASUAL ENCOUNTERS starring Jessica Drake, as a woman seemingly looking to spice up her sex life.  And from the "Casual Encounters" section of a website online, she finds her solution when she answers the ad of a man named, "Derrick(Derrick Pierce).  Derrick is a man, who's looking for a woman to be submissive to him.  He thinks up sexy scenarios, and she must participate in them - no questions asked.  Looking for sexual adventures, Julie doesn't think twice, and soon embarks on a sexual journey, as she does things that she would have never imagined.  For the most part, CASUAL ENCOUNTERS is a film about a woman's self discovery, sexually.  I hate to compare it to another, but it is a lot like the "Emma Marx" series of films that I just recently reviewed, here at The Cheese(it is especially similar to the first film of that series).  But while it is about the sexual discovery, its biggest notch comes by way of a nice twist ending, that sets it apart from others.  While I won't give away the conclusion, for the sake of dramatic purposes.  I will say that I didn't expect it.  It was a nice surprise.  Just when we thought that there was no particular reason for Julie's sexual desire, as she go on this journey, there suddenly is, as we discover that there was a purpose all along.  The whole film has sort of a dark, and moody atmosphere(especially during the sex scenes), but it is the conclusion that is especially edgy.

For the subject matter of CASUAL ENCOUNTERS, star, Jessica Drake, I feel was perfect for the character of "Julie", because not only is she likable, when it comes to sex, she really turns it on.  Simply put, it is always sexy to see her fuck.  So the idea of a woman, who explores herself sexually, works out perfectly enough. On the other side of the story is Derrick Pierce, who plays his namesake "Derrick".  Derrick is a quiet individual.  In fact, I believe that we do not hear him utter a line of dialogue throughout the film.  Believe it or not, this detail works out just fine, as the lack of word from him, makes the character more mysterious.  This blends seamlessly into the dark overtone of the film's proceedings.  "Derrick" is mysterious on his looks, and actions alone.  Also making a pivotal appearance in the film is Olivia Austin as "Lena", someone who knows "Derrick" quite well, and has much to do with the film's twist, and subsequent, overall outcome.
Overall, CASUAL ENCOUNTERS was an intriguing film to watch play out.  I think the less that you know about it before going in, the better it will be.  Because in that, the audience is essentially on the journey with the character, as her exploits become more and more sexually adventurous,  The parts are well played, and the story, which the script delivers to the audience is one that is well told.  I mostly enjoyed it, especially when taking into consideration, the film's conclusion.

As for the sex featured in the film, there are 5 individual scenes.  Scenes that include straight boy/girl, voyeurism, a three-way, and a multiple person gang bang(which includes double penetration).  I enjoyed them all, but my favorite scene has to be the 3 man gang bang featuring Jessica Drake as she takes on Steven St. Croix, Eric Masterson, and Mr. Pete.  The whole setup for said scene, felt truly epic, as the gang bang, which took place outside in the dark, is surrounded in a circle formation of cars, with their headlights on.  With of course, people looking on.  The feeling is very dark, while the appeal is artistic.  Also worth mentioning is that the film also features 2 masturbation scenes from Drake.  The first while in bed, the other while taking a shower.  I, for one could watch her masturbate all day long.  With that said, these moments were welcome additions to the film.

CASUAL ENCOUNTERS is available on DVD, as well as for streaming on the WICKED PICTURES website.  Click here, to join at a special discounted rate!

My score : 6.5/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Jessica Drake and Derrick Pierce
After meeting up at the bar, and conversing for awhile, "Julie"(Jessica Drake) and "Derrick"(Derrick Pierce), take to the bathroom for sex.  It isn't long before Jessica is up on the counter, with her legs spread, as Derrick eats, and fingers her pussy.  Next Jessica sucks Derrick's cock nice and slow, in which a lot of spit is used as she skillfully sucks and strokes.  Next, Jessica is back up on the counter top, as Derrick hammers it in, in missionary. Here, he keeps a nice pace as he fucks hard, going deep inside of her.  The camera from here gives us a nice clean view, both long, and closeup.  The next position that they take, is reverse cowgirl.  It is here that Jessica, grind, and bounce of the cock, as she spread her pussy lips wide.  Things then go to doggy, as Jessica is bent over the counter in doggy, where Derrick continues to pound Jessica's pussy at a quick pace.  This happens for a period of time, before Derrick must cum.  He does so on Jessica's tongue. - A pretty good scene to start things off.  The setting, as well as the action itself is pretty sexy.

Scene 2 : Jessica Drake and Marcus London
With her first task; to seduce the next man that she sees in a parking lot - "Julie"(Jessica Drake) does just that, when she comes upon a man, being played by Marcus London.  It begins with the two kissing, before Jessica goes to suck on his cock - she moves it deep, in and out of her throat.  After, things go into reverse cowgirl, when Marcus takes a seat in the passenger seat of his car, and Jessica climbs on.  From here, Marcus proceeds to pound Jessica's pussy herd, as she spreads and massages her clit.  Following this, Jessica goes on to suck cock some more, as Marcus fuck her face.  This is before Jessica jerks him off to his climax.  The scene ends with Marcus cumming partially into Jessica's mouth. - This scene was a fairly brief encounter, however it is still hot.  The whole set up in the parking lot, and Jessica's cocksucking skills being on full display, make this scene worthwhile.

Scene 3 : Romi Rain and Derrick Pierce
The next scene takes place when "Julie"(Jessica Drake) arrives at the motel for her second task.  She is told to come into the room, sit down and not say a word.  When she arrives, she finds "Derrick"(Derrick Pierce), fucking another woman(Romi Rain) from behind.  He pounds Romi for a time, before he lie back, allowing her to suck his cock.  Romi takes him all the way down her throat, as she proceeds to slurp.  After, Romi rides the cock in reverse cowgirl, as her pussy is slammed hard by Derrick, who goes deep. Her big tits also bouncing nicely.  Next, the action takes to side fuck, where Derrick continues the nice steady pace, as he hits the pussy.  It soon gravitates to missionary, where things continue, before Derrick cum into Romi's mouth.  The scene ends with Jessica licking up the cum from Romi's face.  - An ok scene, in which the film's main character is forced to watch.  Romi Rain looked hot here, as she often does.

Scene 4 : Jessica Drake and Steven St. Croix and Eric Masterson and Mr. Pete
In the next scene, "Julie"(Jessica Drake) is taken to a remote area, where she is then blindfolded, as the area is surrounded by people in cars, who watch as three men(Steven St. Croix, Eric Masterson and Mr. Pete) seduce her.  After the men all feel her up, Jessica sucks Eric's cock, while Steve eats her pussy, before she goes on to suck Steven.  She then sucks Pete, as Eric mouths her pussy from behind.  She the trades off sucking Eric and Pete, before Steven takes her from behind in doggy, during which, she sucks Eric.  Next things go to Cowgirl, as Jessica rides Eric's cock, as she sucks and jerks, Steven and Pete.  Jessica's ass bounces up and down, as she bounces on the cock.  Next, St. Croix has some, in cowgirl, as Eric puts his cock in her ass, as double penetration commences.  As the two have her holes plugged as they move in and out of her, Jessica sucks Pete's cock.  Next up, Jessica gets it in doggy from Pete, who fucks her from behind until he cums on her ass,  Next Eric jerks off until cumming, followed by Steven, who gets a blowjob from Jessica, who lets him cum in her mouth.  After the guys finish, Derrick Pierce, in character, forces Jessica to suck him off, until he cums. - Wow, this was a great scene!  I dig the whole location, and idea behind it.  Not only that, the action is great, which includes Jessica being double penetrated at times.  It's hot.  Definitely one of the coolest looking scenes that I have seen in awhile.

Scene 5 :  Jessica Drake and Olivia Austin and Derrick Pierce
In the film's climatic final sex scene, "Derrick" takes on 2 women, "Julie"(Jessica Drake) and "Lena"(Olivia Austin).  Olivia and Derrick kiss and caress, before Jessica, soon joins in, throating Derrick's cock.  The two ladies then trade off, before Olivia straddles Derrick's face as he eats her out.  Next, Derrick takes Olivia into side fuck, as Olivia tongues Jessica.  Derrick keeps a steady pace, as he goes in and out of Olivia's love hole, making the pace harder and harder as it progresses.  Following that, Jessica rides in cowgirl, as Olivia aids it along.  Jessica rides for a time as her ass slams against the cock.  Following this, Olivia gets the cock in spoon.  As Derrick keeps the pace going hard and fast, Olivia's great tits bounce around. This lasts until the scene ends, with Derrick pulling out to cum in Olivia's mouth. - This was a pretty decent scene.  With both Jessica Drake AND Olivia Austin in a scene, you really can't go wrong.  My only complaint, is there is there is not enough of Olivia's ass on display!

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