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February 18, 2016

In Her Head (Vivid - 2012)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - February 18, 2016

Starring :

Lexi Belle
Tati Russo
Taylor Russo
Evan Sone
Xander Corvus
Anthony Rosano
Barry Scott

Xoe and Hank are on the run from a set of murderous Twins, out to avenge the theft of their money by Xoe's hand. They're hiding in a hotel with a briefcase full of stolen money and a car trunk full of camping gear. After a few days spent hiding out in the woods, running from the twins and wondering how to evade them, they finally find a hotel to hide in. But the net is closing in fast. Xoe thinks the twins are right behind her...but things might not be so simple. In fact, none of this may be happening at all. Everything - the stolen money, the twins, the chase - might all just be figments of Xoe's imagination. It all just might be In Her Head.

(Runtime - 2 hr. 9 mins.)

In the film, IN HER HEAD, we follow an outlaw couple on the run.  "Hank"(Evan Stone) and "Xoe"(Lexi Belle), are on the run, after Xoe steals a briefcase containing the sum of $385,000 from a pair of dangerous twins(Tati and Taylor Russo).  The film starts in the present, in which we find Hank and Xoe hiding out in a motel room, but it is clear that it is Xoe in particular, who is still spooked at the thought about being found by the twins.  It is then we are taken back 14 days prior, as Hank and Xoe's trek to where they are currently. is documented.  They start by hiding out in a tent in the woods.  However, when Xoe senses that the twins are on to them, they flee the campsite, and end up in an abandoned, luxury home in the woods.  But although they are now with fireplace, within the comfy confines of the home, Xoe, still has a rather paranoid suspicion.  Long story short, their on-the-run journey leads them to the aforementioned hotel room, but just as they once again begin to feel safe and sound, it would appear that the deadly twins, may, or may not have finally found them.  But with Xoe's mental state seemingly fragile, is this real or just imagined?

Up until now, I have always been curious in seeing more of Director David Stanley's directorial efforts.  Although I have seen a few films in which he wrote, I don't believe that I have seen many films that he has directed, aside from the recently reviewed film, WILD INSIDE.  However, with that said, I first became aware of Stanley via the porn documentary series called "Porn Valley, from, 2004, which focused on the, then current efforts of VIVID ENTERTAINMENT.  I have been interested in Stanley ever since, as he seems to be a fan of all things cinema and its greats(His Porn surname, even derived from Stanley Kubrick), thus applying those traits to his own works.

So now that VIVID ENTERTAINMENT has allowed me the honor of reviewing their films, I thought, "why not check out IN HER HEAD"?  After all, not only was it written and directed by David Stanley, it also stars Lexi Belle, who is probably my absolute favorite.  Here, not only does Stanley vividly paint for us, a story about a couple that has a Bonnie and Clyde like feel, as they are on the run after a theft.  He also injects into it, a feeling of uncertainty, as it is slowly revealed that the main character "Xoe" might be showing signs of Paranoid Schizophrenia.  She's convinced that the twins, which they robbed are out to kill both she, and her boyfriend, Hank.  It is something that Hank is unsure of, however, he trusts Xoe's instinct, as the couple move from place to place, trying to evade the twins through out the film.  The film is able to maintain a constant level of interest and fun, as the approach it takes, is one of both classic suspense and drama(It even has a classic sounding musical score).  Although this film was shot on an obviously low budget, the filmmaker's intentions shine through.  Because, beyond its budgetary constants, IN HER HEAD is still an ultra stylish effort as a whole.  I enjoyed following along with this, one, seeing where things would go, and how Stanley would continue to bring style into play.  Again, in the end, IN HER HEAD, feels as though its aim is classic suspense, as there is some Hitchcock flavor to be picked up on here, and I even saw, what I see as a nod to Tobe Hooper's original THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, as the camera(ala, CHAIN SAW Director of Photography, Daniel Pearl), basically follows the character of Xoe, from the ground(from the point of view of her booty) as she walk up to the vacant house in the woods.  So, yeah, there is lots of style going on, basically up until the very end, when certainty is still kind of left up in the air.  Either that, or I just didn't "get" the film's ending.  So with that said, the film itself ended on a rather flat note.  However, despite that, I still view IN HER HEAD as a film that is nicely conceived and executed.  For the most part I enjoyed it.

Speaking on the acting performances of the film, the reason that IN HER HEAD works, is that it has someone who is extremely likable in the lead.  And that is Lexi Belle.  While Lexi would probably be the first to tell you that she isn't the best at acting, she is at least bubbly, and fun. A joy to watch on screen.  I, for one just love Lexi Belle, not only is she very sexy, her personality is both fun and magnetic.  Belle as she portrays "Xoe" is likable, and thus interesting as we wonder just what is going on with her.  Is what she seeing real, or just a figment of her imagination?  She's interesting enough to make us want to stay with she and Hank for the remainder of the story.  And speaking of Hank.  He is portrayed by Evan Stone.  Hank is one of the types that is a "follower" as opposed to being a "leader", it would seem, as he seems to just do what Xoe tells him.  During the film, we kind of sense that he doesn't quite believe everything that Xoe tells him.  He doesn't see anything, yet agrees with her just to appease her.  Honestly, here, there isn't much required of Stone's character, than he be a caring and loving partner to Xoe - and on that end, Stone also comes across as likable.  Which then brings me to the pivotal Russo twins - Tati and Taylor, who are identical twins from Moscow Russia.  During the time period in which this film was made, VIVID had signed the twins to a contract deal, and then they starred in several productions, before, I just assume parting ways.  Here, Tati and Taylor, star as, you guessed it, identical twins.  But not just any identical twins.  They are the pair, in which Xoe and Hank, stole money from.  A briefcase holding $385,000, to be exact.  Rightfully so, they are pissed and are out to kill.  As Taylor even admitted during the behind the scene featurette, which is included on the disc, she and her sister weren't required to do much in character other than to stand there, laugh, get fucked and look dangerous.  The villains of the film have very few speaking lines, and I am thinking that was for the better.  Because simply put, they just aren't really actors.  But sure, they are pretty cute, so it still works out on the sexual front of things.  Elsewhere we have 2 supplemental characters in Anthony Rosano as a horny forest ranger, and Xander, a hiker/backpacker, luckily seduced by the twins.  There are as well, Barry Scott, and Jerry who appear in a sex scene with them also.
As for the sex scenes there are 5 of them.  Out of these 5, I would have to say that I am going all Lexi Belle, in terms of favorites.  I enjoyed all of her scenes here(first a boy/girl pairing with Evan Stone, and then with Stone, in addition to Rosano in a three-way.  She too, also has an encounter with Tati and Taylor, the twins, that ends things, which is really good).  But that isn't to say that I did not like the 2 scenes involving the twins(a 2 on one match up with Xander Corvus, and a two guy, two girl, grouping with Barry Scott, and Jerry).  I did,  I liked all of the sex in the film, to be exact, as David Stanley seems to know how to shoot the sex.  Not once does the viewer feel cheated of any of the action, we get an equal amount of everything.  Nice shot selection keeps things interesting and keeps us "in the moment".

My score : 7/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Lexi Belle and Evan Stone
After "Hank"(Evan Stone) returns to the hotel room with food(and after scaring her) "Xoe" wastes no time in thrusting him into a sexual situation.  Pinning him against the wall, she quckly goes down on him.  From here, she continuously strokes and sucks on Evan's cock, playing with his balls, while Evan sometimes fucks her face.  Next up, Evan carries Lexi over to a bathroom counter top, and spreads her legs and proceeds to go down on her, where he tongues her pussy and asshole, before sucking on her clit.  Next he trains his focus solely on the ass, before slipping his cock into her pussy in missionary  Here, Evan drives the cock home at a steady pace, as Lexi views her self in the mirror.  The position ending with Lexi's legs held nice and tight.  Next, Even lies back, allowing Lexi to suck and deep throat the cock, before Lexi takes to the cock in reverse cowgirl, where she rides it nice and hard.  Evan massages her clit resulting in her climax, before proceeding to continue to ram deep inside of her.  Next, the position changes, as things go into standard cowgirl, where Lexi's ass looks magnificent.  The camera gives us both long, and closeup views as Lexi rides.  Next we see the performers so into doggy, where Even continues to fuck Lexi and a good pace, before real baring down, and driving it in, as he pins Lexi down.  As Evan slams it hard into Lexi's hole, the camera zooms in. Next comes spoon. Lexi spreads wide as Evan puts it in.  Things here continue for a time nice and slow, before Evan is worked up to cum, as he does so on Lexi's stomach to end thing. -  Wow, I thought that this scene was pretty hot, and almost felt spontaneous.  Some action that is both sexy, and rough.  Lexi, is definitely sexy(hey, that rhymed), and Mr. Stone, gives it to her good.

Scene 2 : Lexi Belle and Anthony Rosano and Evan Stone
In a bid to get out of trouble when a forest ranger(Anthony Rosano) questions them about a camping permit, the ranger is glad to exchange sex with them in order to let it go.  It doesn't take long for a three-way between "Xoe"(Lexi Belle), "Hank"(Evan Stone), and the ranger, to commence. Lexi takes Rosano into the tent, and gets to work on Anthony's cock, as she sucks.  Lexi strokes, sucks and licks his cock and balls.  Next, Anthony takes Lexi into spoon.  While he is plugging away, the sounds from the tent, are eventually enough to get Stone to join in, Rosano continues to hit the pussy nice and steady, after going on to briefly suck her pussy.  As Anthony movies in and out, Lexi works Evan's cock - sucking and stroking.  Next, Lexi is on Evan cock, riding in reverse cowgirl, as she bounces and grinds - all while sucking Anthony.  This is then followed by Anthony taking Lexi from behind in doggy, while she continues to give Evan head.  From here, Anthony keeps a nice, stiff pace, before teasing her a little.  Next, Lexi is on Stone in cowgirl, which starts off slow, only to pick up in speed and depth.  This occurs, while Lexi jerks off Rosano, which gets so hot that Rosano eventually cums.  After, Stone soon follows, when he unloads onto Lexi's pussy as she lie on her stomach.  - Another good scene, in which the whole situation is just fun.  The action is hot as Lexi gets the two guys(and us) off.

Scene 3 : Tati Russo and Taylor Russo and Xander Corvus
In the next scene, we find the twins(Tati and Taylor Russo), seducing a lucky backpacker(Xander Corvus).  They have him up against a tree, as the both suck his cock.  They trade off with one on his balls, the other on his cock.  Next up, Xander has Tati in reverse cowgirl, Xander hits the hole from here nice and fast, before Taylor is on briefly in cowgirl.  Tati is then on the the same position as she rides hard.  Next, Xander takes Taylor into spoon, where he keeps a nice, steady pace, before having both of the girls line up for doggy.  From here, Xander alternates between then hole.  After, the twins again trade off on sucking cock, before Xander, this time lines them up in missionary as he fucks them both.  First it is Taylor, before the scene finishes up with Xander, fucking Tati.  He fucks her  before in must cum, and does so on her pussy.  - Well this is just Xander Corvus living out ever man's fantasy, isn't it?  One guy and a set of beautiful, sex hungry twins.  It's a decent scene, I have to say.

Scene 4 : Tati Russo and Taylor Russo and Barry Scott and Jerry
For the next scene, we are whisked away back to the luxurious looking house in the woods, where the twins(Tati and Taylor Russo) are engaging in a four-way with 2 guys(Barry Scott and Jerry).  It starts with them both sucking cock, before Barry goes down on Taylor with his tongue, while Tati is on Jerry in reverse cowgirl.  Next, Barry fucks Taylor hard in spoon, before Tati and Jerry also take to the position.  Taylor is next in reverse cowgirl, as Jerry continues to slam Tati hard in spoon.  Barry continues his assault of the pussy, as Taylor rides hard.  Tati then takes to traditional cowgirl, where the camera gives her ass some attention as it bounces in POV.  Following this Taylor goes on to suck Barry's cock, before she is fuck in missionary, then side, while Tati is fucked in doggy by Jerry.  Things continue for the twins then, in missionary, before both guys cum, first Jerry on Taylor's pussy, and then Jenny, on Tati's tits.  - A very good four-way scene, with some good hard action as the twins get plowed.  With a lot of the action matching up position for position.  It is clear, as to what Stanley wanted here - a sort of "mirrored effect"  It's a very nice touch.

Scene 5 : Lexi Belle and Tati Russo and Taylor Russo
In the film's final sex scene, we find that the twins(Tati and Taylor Russo) come on to "Xoe"(Lexi Belle) in the hotel room.  They waste no time in stripping her of her panties.  As Taylor holds her down and kisses her, Tati fingers and tongues Lexi's pussy.  Tati then goes on to straddle Lexi's face, while Taylor eats pussy.  The camera briefly gives us a close view.  Following this, Lexi is placed on her stomach, as the girls spank her, and tongue fuck her pussy. Next, Tati continues to work on Lexi, as Lexi services Taylor with her tongue.  This continues with Lexi being on her stomach, before Lexi goes to work on Tati's pussy with her fingers and tongue, before she focuses a clitoral massage on Taylor.  What follows is that all three girls line up, as they all massage each others pussies to climax, and that pretty much ends the scene. - A pretty solid three-way lesbian scene with some decent action.  I believe that this is the way that a lesbian scene should be shot, with a combination of both long and closeup shots.  I loved all of the pussy detail, personally.

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