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February 23, 2016

Movie Review: Let it Ride (Digital Playground - 2016)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - February 23, 2016

Starring :

Ariana Marie
Ash Hollywood
Cassidy Klein
Eva Lovia
Mercedes Carrera
Veronica Vain
Xandra Sixx
Seth Gamble
Michael Vegas
Danny Mountain
Richie Calhoun
Ryan McLane

Unlucky in love every-man Dave (Seth Gamble) is shattered when he finds out that his girlfriend Wendy (Eva Lovia) cheated on him with his best friend Tommy (Michael Vegas). With help from his sexy next-door neighbor Cheryl (Ariana Marie), Dave finds his high school crush Vivian on a dating site, and Vivian guarantees Dave will get laid if he comes to visit her in Las Vegas. Now a man on a mission, Dave invites Cheryl and Tommy on a road trip to Vegas. After making a few unexpected detours and meeting several intriguing characters along the way, Dave, Cheryl and Tommy discover that when life gets complicated, it's best to just let it ride. 

(Runtime - 2 hr. 56 mins.)

In LET IT RIDE, "Dave"(Seth Gamble) is heartbroken to find that his girlfriend, "Wendy"(Eva Lovia), whom he had hoped to marry one day, has cheated on him with his best friend "Tommy"(Michael Vegas).  Down, but not out, Dave soon takes the advice of his sexy neighbor "Cheryl"(Ariana Marie), who suggests that he look online for love.  And almost immediately, he finds, what he believes to be exactly what he is searching for, when he finds the online profile of "Vivian"(Karmen Karma), a hot girl, who just happens to be his High School crush.  Dave eventually reconnects with Vivian, and soon a meeting in Las Vegas, is set up between the two - with the incentive that Vivian guarantees to have sex with him.  And so, with the plan set, Dave hits the road, however, he is not alone, as tagging along, are both Cheryl and Tommy, as they collectively embark on the road trip to Vegas.  Initially, the trip seems as though it will be an easy one, unfortunately though, soon they would encounter a variety of different characters, as well as some problems that put a damper on their perfect plans.  First they run out of gas, and then subsequently are left stranded by the couple, in which they hitched a ride(Ash Hollywood and Ryan McLane, and "Rachel" and "Jethro" respectively).  They are even jailed for illegal Prostitution when they make a stop at a strip club called the "Kitty Cat Club".  But for Dave, the worst of all, is when he discovers that his dream girl, isn't who he thought she was, in fact, she just wants his money.  With that, Dave endures heartache once again, but fortunately for Dave, love is just next door, as the two neighbors finally let their true feelings for each other be known.  And just think, It only took them a road trip and a few mishaps long the way for them to do so.

LET IT RIDE is a brand new release from the folks at DIGITAL PLAYGROUND, and resident Director, Jakodema.  In this film, which is much in the vein of other mainstream "road trip" movies(this one, most similar to SEX DRIVE), We have the character "Dave", who has just broke it off with his girlfriend, after he finds that she has cheated on him with his best friend Tommy.  Dave, like most heartbroken guys, looks to quickly rebound. And this seems to be set, when Dave finds his High School crush on a dating website.  She promises him sex if they meet, so naturally he comes running with his dick in his hand.  But it wouldn't be so easy.  Not only must he and his friends make the journey to Vegas, nothing prepared them for the several roadblocks that they would encounter on their way.  Much like the sex comedies of the 80s, LET IT RIDE features characters that are faced with a task, that first seems easily done to them on paper, but it is when they actually attempt to do it, that things get rather complicated.  I must admit that this one was pretty fun.  The film really wastes no time introducing us to the characters, we get to know them, and subsequently like them fairly quickly.  And it is when the characters run into their first problem, the lack of gas in the car, as it comes to a stall, that the actual tone of the film is made clear.  It is then, that we know just what type of film we are in for here, as our characters find themselves, seemingly, and continuously derailed by a number of problems.  It's both really funny, and interesting as we keep watching to find out where the journey will lead them next.  I have to say that the whole scenario at the strip club is great.  Dave and Cheryl do not want to stop at the "Kitty Cat Club", but the always horny Tommy does, and so they give in.  Unfortunately, the next thing you know, however, the club is raided by the Police, and everyone is charged with Prostitution.  It is a scenario in which Dave, Cheryl, and Tommy were just in the wrong place, at the wrong time, as they say.  The strip club is also where the story itself takes an interesting turn, when it is revealed that Vivian(the girl, which Dave is going to Vegas to hook up with - played by Karmen Karma), is actually a stripper working there.  Watching the story play out is a lot of fun, especially when it comes to the mishaps and situations that the characters face throughout.  Sure the overall outcome is a little predictable, but it is still fun.

Personally, I thought the cast for LET IT RIDE was great.  We have a pair of great personalities in Seth Gamble and Michael Vegas, as best friends, "Dave" and "Tommy"  While Gamble's "Dave" character is a little more reserved, and traditional in a sense.  Tommy on the other hand is more wild and obnoxious.  He's constantly horny, it would seem, and wastes no opportunity to have fun.  Michael Vegas was the perfect choice, as he truly is, very funny.  I'd say that my favorite character here, was indeed, "Tommy".  Joining the boys on the road trip to Vegas, is Dave's sexy neighbor "Cheryl", played by the really sexy Ariana Marie, whom doesn't even need to try, when it comes to being as sexy as the character calls her to be.  It was my first time seeing her here, but I hope to be seeing more of her soon.  Other than the three leads, LET IT RIDE also features a range of talent; Ash Hollywood, Veronica Vain, Mercedes Carrera, Eva Lovia, and Cassidy Klein.  In addition to male talent; Ryan McLane, Danny Mountain and Richie Calhoun.  They're all here - making this one quite enjoyable.

So to sum up LET IT RIDE, I really liked it.  It's easy-going and fun, with both a story, and characters that are easy to follow.  Not only does the film offer an easily enjoyable story, it also feature a good amount of sex, which has been nicely presented.

When speaking of the sex scenes, LET IN RIDE features 6 of them, total.  There are 3 boy/girl pairings, 2 threesomes, along with a girl/girl scene.  I enjoyed all of these scenes, however, in terms of favorites, I really liked the Richie Calhoun/Cassidy Klein scene, as well as the two scenes that Michael Vegas is involved in (first with Eva Lovie, and then in a three-way with Ash Hollywood and Ryan McLane).  I have to say that I also liked the strip club three-way featuring Danny Mountain, as he takes on Veronica Vain and Mercedes Carrera.  I would also like to add that the camera work in each of the scenes is great.  Nice angles and shots, make these scenes more enjoyable to the viewer.

LET IT RIDE is available on DVD, as well as streaming on DIGITAL PLAYGROUND site.  Click here, to join at a special discounted rate!

My Score : 7.5/10

Sex Scene Breakdown

Scene 1 : Eva Lovia and Michael Vegas
The film kicks off with "Dave"(Seth Gamble) finding out that his girlfriend "Wendy"(Eva Lovia) has cheated on him with his best friend, "Tommy"(Michael Vegas), who captured the whole ting in HD on his phone.  Of course, Dave is crushed.  The viewer is then taken to one week prior, when the event happened, as we see the sex.  Michael and Eva begin things with some kissing, before Eva's shirt comes off, and Michael kisses and sucks on her tits.  Next, Eva's pants come off.  Eva soon moves in to suck Michael's cock as he lie back and enjoy it.  Next, Michael stands up, allowing Eva to throat and lick to shaft.  Michael soon returns the favor as he goes in between her legs to finger and work the pussy with his tongue, before sliding in his cock in missionary.  From here, Vegas keeps a quick pace, as he pounds inside of her, all while, Lovia massages her clit.  Camera views range from tight, to overhead.  Next, Eva rides the cock in cowgirl.  Her ass looks fantastic, as she bounces up and down on the cock for a time.  This is followed by Eva sucking the cock again briefly, before hopping back on as she first spread wide, before full-on riding again.  The position then switches to reverse cowgirl, where Vegas eventually pounds are hard.  As Eva leans back, the camera gives us a wide open view of the penetration.  Next up is some 69 action from the two.  Eva throats and sucks Michael's cock, while he eats her pussy.  The action then returns briefly to reverse cowgirl, before it goes to doggy, where Michael keeps the pace going.  He steps over for added leverage, as he pounds, and captures it on his phone.  After, Eva is positioned on the edge of the bed, where she sucks his cock while upside down.  It isn't long before Michael cums on her face to end the scene.  -  This was a pretty good opening scene.  Michael Vegas is always a great performer, and my God, is Eva Lovia sexy!  Nice natural tits, a great ass, not to mention nicely trimmed pubic hair!

Scene 2 : Ash Hollywood and Michael Vegas and Ryan McLane
Dave and Cheryl end up being picked up after the three run out of gas by "Jethro"(Ryan McLane) and "Rachel"(Ash Hollywood), a sex-loving couple that is soon to be married.  They turn each other on so much so, that they have to stop for a blowjob session.  Soon, "Tommy"(Michael Vega), comes back and sees the action taking place, and of course wants a piece.  Surprisingly enough, the couple obliges, and so "Tommy", "Jethro", and "Rachel" go off to a secluded area to fuck.  Like a champ, Ash trades off, sucking and jerking both men, deep throating them both.  Michael then takes things into missionary, where he drills it in.  While this is happening, she sucks off Ryan.  Ryan and Michael eventually switch places, as Ryan continues in missionary, hammering the pussy nice and deep.  Michael soon straddles Ash's face as she sucks his cock while upside down.  Michael then takes Ash into doggy.  After hitting the pussy from behind for a time, Michael pulls out in order to finger bang her hard.  Doggy then continues with an underneath camera view.  The next position is cowgirl as Ryan fucks her good and fast, all while she sucks Michael off.  The camera here, gives us a number of great views from the position.  Next, Ash climbs onto Michael in reverse cowgirl.  As she rides, the multiple angles continue, as Michael's cock plunges into her hole.  Following this, the two guys jerk off to cum on Ash's face, mouth and chest. - A pretty damn hot scene!  Great action from all of the performers. Not to mention that Ash Hollywood is just, so fucking hot!  I definitely dig her with the longer hair.

Scene 3 : Ariana Marie and Xandra Sixx
In the next scene, an attendant at the fill up and repair shop(Xandra Sixx) comes on to "Cheryl"(Ariana Marie) and soon the two of them, go at it.  They kiss while undressing, before Xandra straddles Ariana's face, allowing her to tongue her pussy - meanwhile, Xandra tongues at Ariana's pussy, while massaging her clit.  Next, Ariana spreads her legs wide, allowing Xandra to go in with her mouth, and fingers. Next up, Ariana follows it up, by giving Xandra the same treatment.  Ariana massages her pussy hard, before going in with her tongue.  Xandra then holds her legs high, so that Ariana can really work over her pussy.  Following that, Xandra props her leg up, allowing Ariana to finger her from behind.  Xandra gives it back to her, burying her face into Ariana's pussy from the front.  This is followed by some sexy scissoring from the girls. - A decent scene involving 2 sexy ladies.  Liked the location, and once again, the camera work is great.

Scene 4 : Mercedes Carrera, and Veronica Vain and Danny Mountain
When the gang stops in at the "Kitty Cat Club", we are soon taken into a back room, where 2 ladies, "Jill"(Veronica Vain) and Chastity"(Mercedes Carrera) service one of their regular customers, "Charles"(Danny Mountain).  Veronica is the first to suck Danny's cock, before she and Mercedes shares it.  Then Veronica is on the cock in reverse cowgirl as she rides it hard, at a quick pace.  The action soon makes her squirt.  She keeps riding, before she squirts again.  This in before Mercedes climbs on in standard cowgirl.  She rides as the camera gives us an eyeful of Mercedes' ass, as she eat Veronica's pussy.  Veronica briefly throats Danny, before things move into doggy, where Danny takes Veronica from behind.  Danny, from here, slams his cock, in and out and a nice, steady pace, which causes her to once again squirts a couple of times.  Danny then takes Mercedes into missionary, where he keeps a nice pace going, all while Veronica is riding her face.  As things continue, Veronica can be seen fingering her asshole.  Danny keeps things going before eventually having to cum.  He does so in their mouths and faces. - A pretty good scene, i'd say.  I really enjoyed seeing Veronica Vain and Mercedes Carrera here.  Especially Veronica's squirting orgasms!

Scene 5 : Ariana Marie and Cassidy Klein and Richie Calhoun
After the gang finds themselves in jail, they call on Lawyer "Brock Gold"(Richie Calhoun), who promises to spring them - but there is a problem - he comes at a high price.  "Cheryl"(Ariana Marie) offers him a deal:  exchange a blowjob, for bail.  She then proceeds to suck Gold's cock, while "Dave"(Seth Gamble) and "Tommy"(Michael Vegas) watch.  It's soon however, that they are interrupted by Police Officer,"Holly"(Cassidy Klein).  After the others leave, Klein and Calhoun waste no time in going at it.  Klein begins to really suck Calhoun's cock. She slurps at various paces while also focusing on his balls.  Following this, Calhoun bends her over the table, before probing her with his cock from behind.  Things start slow, before the pace quickens.  It lasts for a time, before things go into missionary, first with Richie using his mouth and then his cock.  With her legs wide, Richie slams it into her.  The position the evolves into Cassidy being on the counter edge, with her legs held high - it looks hot.  Things then go to doggy, with Cassidy's right leg up on the counter.  This gives us a nice view, as Richie continues to pound.  Next, Cassidy is up on the counter in doggy, though her body and legs held tight, allowing Richie to really drill it in.  Next up, they are both up on the counter as Cassidy hops on the cock in cowgirl.  Cassidy's ass likes just amazing here, as it bounces hard.  After a little bit of seated cowgirl, things go to reverse cowgirl in a chair.  Things continue at varying paces, and states of position, as Richie fucks her hard and deep.  This is before things go back to doggy, where things continue, before Richie is forced to cum on her ass.  - Wow, what a fucking great scene.  I have reviewed Cassidy Klein once before.  I was impressed with her then, and I am impressed with her now.  She brings to her scenes, amazing energy.  I really like her!  A great performance here by both Calhoun and Klein, who fuck in a variety of different, and sexy ways.

Scene 6 : Ariana Marie and Seth Gamble
After confessing their true feelings for one another, "Dave"(Seth Gamble) and "Cheryl"(Ariana Marie) leave "Tommy"(Michael Vegas) behind, as  they go off to fuck.  It starts with Ariana sucking Seth's cock.  She takes him balls deep into her throat, using spit to make it sloppy.  This is followed by her lying back, as Seth attacks Ariana's pussy with his mouth, and then with his fingers.  Seth then puts in his dick, while in missionary.  From here, he keeps a nice, steady pace as he goes deep.  After some more sucking from Ariana, it's cowgirl, where she glides up and down on Seth's cock, this is before the two change the positioning, where Seth begins to fuck  her hard.  First in cowgirl, and then in reverse cowgirl.  The camera really puts us into the action from this position.  From that position comes doggy, first with her right leg up on the concrete railing, and then with it down.  Ariana briefly grinds her ass on the cock, before Seth, again takes over.  After, it's back to the missionary position briefly, before Seth goes on to unload onto Ariana's mouth. - Another pretty good scene.  Ariana Marie is pretty hot, so it was nice to see her finally get some dick, after enjoying a lovely lady earlier - and Seth is the man for the job, in this enjoyable scene.

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