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February 22, 2016

The New Behind the Green Door (Vivid - 2013)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - February 22, 2016

Starring :

Brooklyn Lee
Ash Hollywood
Dana DeArmond
Brandy Aniston
Chanel Preston
Kylie Ireland
James Deen
Richie Calhoun
Steven St. Croix
Herschel Savage
Nat Turnher
Jon Jon
Prince Yahshua

Hope (Brooklyn Lee) is desperate to find her birth parents. Almost broke, homeless and alone, the seedy underbelly of the city offers up a solution that Hope never thought she'd take. Filmed on the streets of San Francisco, the home of the original Behind the Green Door, master director Paul Thomas' sequel explores the dark side of human nature thru the iconic character that Marilyn Chambers etched indelibly into our collective erotic imaginations 40 years ago.

(Runtime - 2 hr. 12 mins.)

In the film, THE NEW BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR, we follow the story of "Hope Perdita(Brooklyn Lee), who has some wealth, we learn, due to an inheritance. However, recent times have not been kind, as she and her husband, "Mitch"(James Deen) have used up all of their cash.  With their cards maxed out, and their car repossessed, Hope and Mitch struggle to keep up their perceived wealth, by attending lavish house parties of the rich.  However the stress is just too much to bare for their relationship as the two of them finally split.  Now single, Hope tries to make it on her own, as she continuously searches for her birth mother(she was adopted, and has no record of her birth parents).  After hooking up with a former High School classmate, Musician "James Keyes", she comes across a card for an exclusive nightclub.  That club is "The Emperor's club.  It's not just any club, it's a sex club, where fantasies come true - and as Hope would find - even her fantasies would be fulfilled.  It's not only an experience of sexual awakening, the experience leads her to find out where she came from.  Who she is.  As it turns out, the members of the club, including its owner, "Harvey"(Steven St. Croix) know exactly who Hope is.  For she is the daughter of Actress Marilyn Chambers, the star of the 1972 film, BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR.  It is a film that Harvey obsesses over, and longs to recreate in real life.  And what better way to do so than to feature the daughter of an adult legend., at his club?  Harvey makes her an offer that is very lucrative to be the Emperor's Club's star, yet she first turns it down.  However when she finds herself mugged, and robbed of what she has left, she ultimately decides to give into the seedy world of sexual exhibition, becoming the sex star that she was born to be.

First things first, I guess it should be said, that although the film is quite legendary, I myself am not really a fan of the 1972 original, BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR.  Although I am a fan of Marilyn Chambers, I don't know.  I just think that the film is very boring, and aimless.  Although it does feel somewhat experimental, both artistically, and with its sex(I believe it was one of the first to have an interracial pairing on the screen, let alone a scene featuring a gang bang involving such), there really is no story involved.  And what plot it does have, it very thin.  The end result is just a bunch of nonsense.  The original film is included here as a bonus disc.  I checked it out again prior to watching this one again, and my feelings for it remain unchanged, unfortunately.

So, what do we have here with Paul Thomas' THE NEW BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR?  Is it a remake? is it a sequel?  Honestly, there is no real answer to that question.  It can even be called a "spinoff", or an "homage", and it wouldn't be wrong.  It is a little bit of all of the above.  Not only are some of the scenes from BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR, here re-imagined, we also have a new plot that surrounds the ideas of the original film, yet everything is still connected by a single person, BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR, star, and icon, the late Marilyn Chambers, who went from the box of Ivory Snow detergent, and onto the smut screen and achieved super-stardom in 1972.  The story for THE NEW BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR certainly takes an avenue that you may not expect.  It mixes real life, with fiction as it presents to us a fictitious story, in which BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR is very popular.  The characters here are aware of the film as it does exist within the plot.  The script takes the story even further when it is revealed that the character of "Hope Perdita" is the daughter(in story) of Marilyn Chambers, herself.  It is a very clever mix of both fact and fiction.  In the story, when "Harvey", the club owner finds out just who Hope Perdita truly is.  He hopes to exploit the fact that she is the daughter of a porno legend.  Harvey sees it as a win/win for both parties.  He is able to cash in, while offering high paid sex with the product of a legend, while Hope herself would be able to rise out of debt.  Talk about a remake/sequel clearly surpassing an original.  THE NEW BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR has much more story, and far more depth. Not to mention has a lead character with whom we sympathize more.  I will admit that near the end, things jump from "point A" to "point B", fairly quickly, but overall, THE NEW BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR, is a pretty well rounded experience.

As with many of VIVID ENTERTAINMENT's remakes/reboots, the production values for THE NEW BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR are all top notch. Taking place on location in San Francisco, where the original took place, and featuring art direction from Kylie Ireland and Andy Appleton(who also appear in the film), the look and feel of the film is pretty high-end, with the club scenes possessing a feeling of seedy epic-ness.  The cast here, is also one that i'd venture to call an "all star" cast.  For those who weren't yet stars when they made the film. they are now, and those who were stars, still are(with star Brooklyn Lee, now retired).  Brooklyn Lee is great as the would be daughter(although in reality, fictitious).  As I mentioned above, we truly sympathsize with her plight, although the script initially doesn't seem to want us to(as she had money and blew it all - mostly due to her husband).  But it was nice to watch her journey of sexual discovery unfold.  As I said, I loved the revelation as to the identity of her birth mother.  James Deen, as Lee's counterpart, "Mitch" is fun, as he is the typical slacker who craves wealth.  Over the course of the film, it doesn't quite work out with Hope - however where he does end up, is quite humorous.  Steven St. Croix, a veteran of Adult, adds a dark presence to the film as he portrays "Harvey".  Harvey is first a cool, and calm house party host, but is later revealed as the owner and operator of The Emperor's Club.  He really helped make the finale of the film dramatic and ominous.  Elsewhere, we have appearances by Richie Calhoun as a musician named "James Keyes(an homage to Johnnie Keyes the lead male of the original film), and Herschel Savage as a crusty old pawnbroker. Johnnie Keyes himself also makes a small appearance, along with the Likes of Chanel Preston, Dahlia Sky, and Michael Vegas, who all appear as sex performers at the club.  So this film spares no expense when it comes to talent involved.

Overall, I really enjoyed THE NEW BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR had to offer.  Yes, while this tale has little to nothing to do with the iconic "green door" in the title, the feel is there, as it expands on the idea behind the original film, to create something that is truly, and indeed new.  I loved the style of this film as things, such as the sex scenes weren't always handled separately, but simultaneously, to keep the interest up.  Also to be appreciated, is the use of footage from the original film in clever ways.  Overall, a well polished, well conceived, and executed effort, that really outshines its predecessor.  And on a side note, the behind the scenes featurette involving Director Paul Thomas, BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR Actor Johnnie Keyes, and Marilyn Chambers real life daughter McKenna Taylor is fun to see, and worth the watch, as the chat about the Mitchell Brothers, Chambers, and the film that made them famous.

As for the sex scenes.  The film features 4 complete sex scenes, and one blowjob scene.  With that said however there is more sex than that on screen.  From the sex acts from the patrons at The Emperor's Club, as well as a masturbation scene from Herschel Savage.  All of the sex is good. but I have to say that I really liked the first scene involving James Deen and Brooklyn Lee.  I also thought that the 3 guy gang bang with Lee was also hot and looked good, as did the second scene pairing of Steven St. Croix and Dana DeArmond.

My Score : 8/10

Sex Scene Breakdown

Scene 1 : Brooklyn Lee and James Deen
It's Christmastime and "Hope"(Brooklyn Lee) and "Mitch"(James Deen), are opening presents.  While James gets a fancy new phone with all of the bells and whistles, Hope receives a shiny new vibrator from her man.  Eager to try it out, the two take to the couch, where love making ensues.  She slurps his cock, while dean talks dirty to her.  He then shoves her on the bed, where things go into spoon.  From here, Deen moves in and out, nice and steady.  It transitions to James taking her from behind.  As this occurs, Hope tells her husband of her fantasy.  In an interesting turn, the fantasies mirror the events of the original BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR.  Appalled by the gang bang fantasy, James soon talks about his fantasy - sex with 2 women(Penny Pax, and Ash Hollywood).  As this happens, things go into missionary, where James continues to slam into Brooklyn's pussy before he is forced to cum.  He does so on his stomach.  - A really nice scene with Deen and Lee.  The action is sort of rough as James slaps Brooklyn a little.  I really liked the idea of showing clips of the original film during the scene as well.

Scene 2 : Dana DeArmond and Steven St. Croix
At the party "Eden"(Dana DeArmond) and "Harvey"(Steven St. Croix) take to the shower, and get all soaped up for an erotic time.  Steven soaps Dana down, before one thing leads to another, of course.  As Steven kisses her, she strokes his cock, before St.Croix goes on to finger and eat at her ass and pussy.  Next, Dana sucks Steven's cock, who is now seated.  As she sucks, she fingers her pussy.  The view of Dana's ass and pussy looks amazing from here, as her legs are spread wide.  After, Dana briefly strokes Steven's cock with her feet, before sucking his cock some more, as well as his balls.  Steven then inserts some fingers into her mouth, thus testing her gag relax.  It is before her goes on to finger her pussy hard and fast, resulting in Dana climaxing.  Net we find DeArmond and St. Croix in the bedroom, where things have gone into spoon.  St. Croix proceeds to slam the pussy at a nice pace, before Dana spreads her pussy wide with her fingers.  Following spoon, comes anal missionary, where things move slow and steady, before things stay anal in reverse cowgirl.  From here, Dana bounces nice and steady on the cock for a time.  Things continue then in missionary, before St. Croix unloads on to DeArmond's stomach to end the scene. - A nice and erotic scene.  It starts sexy in the shower, and finishes rather strong in the bedroom.  Dana DeArmond is sexy, and Steven St, Croix, as always, performs well.

Scene 3 : Ash Hollywood and Penny Pax and James Deen
In a scene that initially runs simultaneously with the scene involving St. Croix and DeArmond, "Mitch"(James Deen) finds his fantasy girls coming out of the bathroom.  It isn't long before the three engage in a three-way in another room.  First, Pax and Hollywood kiss each other, before Deen goes down on Hollywood, before we see Penny sucking his cock, before she and Ash, share it.  This continues as the girls continue to suck and tug at Deem until he explodes into Ash's face, to end scene.  - Although there is no penetration in the scene, just blowjobs and jackoffs, it's still kind of hot.  I love the way that James Deen just blasted Ash Hollywood in the face with his jizz.  She wasn't expecting it.

Scene 4 : Brooklyn Lee and Jon Jon and Nat Turnher and Prince Yahshua
Shortly after arriving at The Emperor's Club, and dressed down by a madam(Chanel Preston), "Hope"(Brooklyn Lee) finds herself seduced by three men(Prince Yahshua, Jon Jon, and Nat Turnher).  They first kiss, and caress her down.  But just as she almost goes down on them, Hope is whisked away into sequence in which her previously mentioned fantasy takes place.  She is being seduced by the men, in front of a masked audience as a screen plays the original BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR film.  Yahshua kisses Lee, while Jon Jon caresses her breasts.  While Turnher fingers her snatch.  While this goes on, the room erupts into an orgy of sex.  Turnher sucks and fingers Brooklyn'a pussy as she is spread wide.  She is then turned to her side, but soon, Jon Jon slips in his cock, in missionary, as Brooklyn sucks the cock of the other two men.  Next it is Yahshua in missionary.  He pounds it for a time, before she is then fucked from behind.  Next up, Brooklyn is fucked anally in spoon by Yahshua. who keeps a nice rough pace.  She is then fucked in the ass in missionary by one of the guys.  Next, Brooklyn is first fucked on her side by Jon Jon, who keeps it in her ass.  That's before she is in cowgirl, where she is pounded by Yahshua, before being double penetrated by two of the men.  Next, both Yahshua and Jon Jon take Brooklyn into missionary. before the 3 men line up, much like in the original film, as Lee trades off on sucking their cocks.  After sucking and tugging for some time, the scene ends as we see Turnher come in Brooklyn's mouth.  - This was a big, elaborate scene, that is pretty hot.  As per her character's fantasy, she is triple teamed by 3 black guys, whom invade her every hole.  Adding more flare however is that the audience watches the action, they also in engage in sexual acts.  Ultra stylish.

Scene 5 : Brandy Aniston and Richie Calhoun
In the next scene, musician "James Keyes"(Richie Calhoun) has an encounter with a woman(Brandy Aniston), sent to him be "Harvey(Steven St. Croix).  The two waste no time in going at it.  Brandi is spread on the bed, as Richie fingers her ass, before going in at her pussy with is tongue. This is followed by Brandy sucking cock.  Richie follows it up, by fucking Brandy in missionary.  The camera gives us a nice look at the penetration.  This is before things move to doggy, where Calhoun takes things nice and deep.  There is more kissing, before the action goes anally in the spoon position.  Richie from here keeps a nice, steady pace, as he moves in and out of Aniston's asshole.  He pulls it out, only to go back in, and move at a quicker pace.  Things then remain in anal, as Brandy is in cowgirl, where Richie goes nice and deep.  After that, Richie takes Brandy anally in missionary as well.  Here, he hammers it home, before he pulls out to cum.  He does so on Brandy's stomach and chest. - A decent scene, with lots of anal.  The cowgirl position looked especially good.

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