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February 16, 2016

The Submission of Emma Marx: Exposed (New Sensations Erotic Stories - 2016)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - February 16, 2016

Starring :

Penny Pax
Riley Reid
Samantha Hayes
Aidra Fox
Richie Calhoun
Van Wylde
Ryan Driller


Emma and Mr. Frederick's relationship reaches a heightened level of intensity and closeness when his career takes them to Atlanta, Georgia. The change of scenery provides them with a new erotic world to explore - filled with adventure, passion, and a level of trust the two have never known before. But, when Emma's life suddenly takes an unexpected turn, she's left wondering whether she's truly cut out for a BDSM relationship. Vulnerable, uncertain, and fully exposed she's to navigate through a world that begins to challenge everything she's ever known.

(Runtime - 2 hr. 37 mins.)


In final chapter in the "Emma Marx" saga, THE SUBMISSION OF EMMA MARX: EXPOSED finds the story some 4 years after our two main characters first met.  Since the last entry, both "Emma Marx" and "Mr. Frederick"(Richie Calhoun), have relocated from Los Angeles California, to Atlanta Georgia, as Frederick's work calls for it.  At this point, we find that the two have pretty much settled into their alternative relationship quite comfortably, as they both juggle normalcy, and kink.  To better manage the normal side of life, as well as work, Frederick(remember, he is a philanthropist billionaire) designates "on" and "off" days.  On the "off" days, there is to be no sex -not even masturbation, no matter how much Emma may want it.  But then again, on the submissive days, all bets are off.  It is a routine that Emma has grown comfortably accustomed to.  But with Emma having already submitted to Frederick, by doing things that she once swore never to do, even going beyond her perceived boundaries - what is there left for them to explore, in order to take their BDSM relationship to the next level?  Emma thinks that she knows, when she proposes that the otherwise dominant Frederick, let some of his fantasies be known to her.  However, he goes on to explain that he was once faced with the same proposal from his previous sub, "Audrina"(Sara Luvv).  In fact, that is when things went south for them.  Fearing that his fantasy(having sex with other women while she watch), may send them down that same path, he refuses.  However, it is via a flashback with Emma, later, that we find that the fantasy actually did play out when Emma brought home another woman(Aidra Fox, as "Joelle").  It was actually the night before "it" happened.  Suddenly, when tragedy suddenly befalls on Mr. Frederick, and Emma, Emma Marx's life is changed forever.  But with her being so used to her secluded, and alternative lifestyle with William Frederick, how would it be possible for her to once again assume a normal life?  It indeed takes some time - even a bit of soul searching, but eventually Emma comes to realize, that sometimes one most fully expose themselves to possibilities of finding comfort, even after heartbreak.

It it has come to this.  For the past two highly acclaimed films within the, THE SUBMISSION OF EMMA MARX series, we have gotten to know these characters fairly well via some very insightful storytelling from writer/Director Jacky St. James.  In particular, "Emma Marx", whom we have seen, basically emerge from her proverbial shell.  She was once shy, timid, and afraid to try new things.  But over the course of the first 2 film entries, she had completely transformed into a sexual being.  And here, in the third film, we find her at the peak of that being.  She is now sexually liberated and comfortable within the life that she and William now fully share with one another.  She's so comfortable with how things are going, that we sense that she might feel a little "too comfortable", to the point where she looks to spice things up.  But just when she gets Mr. Frederick to open up about fantasies of his own, something occurs that absolutely derails everything as we know it, up until this point.  I must admit that prior to going into EXPOSED I hadn't read any reviews, or even dared to view the film's trailer.  I wanted to be in the dark.  And while I won't reveal exactly what does happen in the film, in regards to tragedy, I will say that it caught me completely off guard,  It's a very shocking, but good surprise.  One that gives EXPOSED a very cinematic feel.  It is something that will definitely generate feelings for those who have really invested their time into this series and subsequently enjoyed it.  I for one, have really enjoyed these films, so the event, left me with a little bit of sadness,  Just excellent storytelling, as St, James, once again goes beyond the norm, and more, in terms of the Adult feature.  In fact, I personally, no longer think of St. James' films as "adult films". To me, they are simply just great films, that just so happen to have explicit sex in them.  I wish more people would see films such as the Emma Marx series this way, as they surely deserve it.

As a whole, when compared to the first 2 films of this series, in comparison, the third film, EXPOSED is one that just feels much bigger even from the beginning.  As with the others, THE SUBMISSION OF EMMA MARX: EXPOSED, is first driven by sharp narration by the "Emma Marx" character.  It is narration that is both telling, and often crucial to the setup of certain scenes, as well as creating the emotion following events.  I admit, that it's much grander perspective doesn't become fully apparent to us until that fateful event(you know, the one that I am trying hard, not to tell you about?).  It is when that happens that we come to realize, that "man, this is going to be one dramatic conclusion!"  And for the most part it is.  I mean I really liked how things come to an end here, but I guess that I am just so caught up in the two main characters, "Emma Marx" and "William Frederick", that I just can't fully embrace the idea of things not quite ending up the way that I pictured them.  Then again, it is that shock that makes EXPOSED have such an impact.  A film like this one is so important for Adult film in general.  So I am pretty torn in that respect.  But beyond that, I really enjoyed the story, and where evolution took each of the characters.  I even liked the little tie in at the end, which Emma says that she would like to write a book about her experiences one day, and that the book would be titled "The Submission of Emma Marx".  It's at that point that we come to realize that each of the 3 "Emma Marx" films are sort of like chapters in said book.  While I am not sure that this notion was intended, I have to say that if it indeed was, then it is just another brilliant piece of writing from St. James.  Ok, so now that we have talked about William Frederick and Emma Marx, we talk about the supporting characters.  "How are Emma's sister, Nadia, and Ray you ask?"  Well. in this one, as we saw in BOUNDARIES, they are now parents.  And just as they had prior to baby "Isabelle", they still struggle with life, while attempting to maintain a healthy "normal" relationship. They're always trying new things in order to add more excitement, sexually, with their latest exploration being the art of sexual role playing.  Although Nadia and Ray's relationship on the surface is still, vastly different than that of Emma's and Frederick's, still it is kind of amazing just how alike the two couples truly are.  I have enjoyed the way in which Nadia and Ray have represented this "contrast, but unlikely similar", feel throughout the series, without the story going out of its way to put it on full display.  It is just something that we sort of pick up on.  Just great writing!  Among the series regulars, like the other films, some new blood joins the fray,  Not only do we have Sara Luvv, who once again returns as William Frederick's first Sub, "Audrina", also appearing are a pair of hotties in Samantha Hayes("Rebecca") and Aidra Fox("Joelle"), who join in on the film's sexual exploits.  Also making an appearance in a pivotal role, is Ryan Driller, as he portrays, "Michael Sullivan", the guy who Emma turns to after tragedy has left her broken hearted and unsure.

All in all, THE SUBMISSION OF EMMA MARX is a great conclusion overall, to a film series that has basically changed the landscape for the romantic Adult film.  Ever since I have reviewed these films, I have been asked about them by a number of people.  Many of them do not even watch Adult features.  So simply put, the "Emma Marx" films have a much broader audience than the typical Porn film.  That's because neither entry is typical in the least.  These are sold films. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Unlike the previous 2 entries, which featured 4 sex scenes, THE SUBMISSION OF EMMA MARX features 5. All of which are of varying styles of BDSM.  All of these scenes are nicely executed, as they have been throughout the series.  But I have to say that I really enjoyed the threesome involving Richie Calhoun and Penny Pax, along with Aidra Fox.  Really glad to see Fox included in one of these.  She should definitely be in more features(the same with Samantha Hayes, who appears in the third scene with Calhoun).  But with that said, I also liked the scene involving Riley Reid and Van Wylde.

My Score : 8.5/10

Sex Scene Breakdown

Scene 1 : Riley Reid and Van Wylde
While attending a wedding reception, "Nadia"(Riley Reid) and "Ray"(Van Wylde) go into some role playing, role playing, that soon leads them to a bedroom, for sex.  Things start with Van going down to suck and tongue Riley's pussy.  Next, Riley goes on to suck Van's cock, while cradling his balls, before he briefly throat fucks her.  This is followed up by Van eating her from behind as she assumes doggy. This is before he slides it in, in doggy and proceeds with a nice pace, moving in and out.  Things briefly take a behind approach, before returning to full on doggy, where Van continues to plug it deep.  Next, Riley sucks and tongues him briefly, before hopping on to the cock in cowgirl, where Riley bounces on it, and Wylde periodically slams the hole as he fucks.  Things remain steady, before the pace picks up eventually, with the camera mostly trained on Riley's beautiful ass.  Next, Riley sucks some more, but this time, making it sloppy with a lot of spit.  The next position is spoon, where Van gets it in nice and deep.  Van keeps things going, until Reid opens her legs wide, giving the camera a nice view of the penetration as the pace remains constant.  Things go into missionary next, where Wylde continues to drill until he must eventually pull out to cum.  The scene ends with Van Wylde jacking off until he unloads on Riley's bush. -  A really good scene.  The performers are in character as their characters being characters for the entire scene which makes it a fun one.  For each of the 3 "Emma Marx" films, Riley Reid and Van Wylde have kicked things off as far as sex is concerned.  You'd think that it would feel repetitive by now, but really, it doesn't.  Another great performance by the two of them. Riley Reid is just so sexy and cute, and Van Wylde always delivers.  It's a good scene.

Scene 2 :
Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun
The next scene begins with Mr. Frederick"(Richie Calhoun) and "Emma Marx"(Penny Pax) in bed.  Penny is on her stomach, as Calhoun tongues her ass, and then inserts a butt plug, before putting in the real thing into her pussy.  With both holes now plugged, Richie, moves in and out slowly.  Things continue nice and deep, before Pax climbs on top in cowgirl, and slowly glides up and down on the cock vaginally, with the butt plug still in.  The cowgirl is followed up with Penny sucking and stroking the cock for a time, before things go to the next position. Next things go to front spoon, where Richie continues things, while Penny pushing tje plug deep into her ass.  This continues until Richie is eventually forced to cum - and he does so onto Penny's pussy.  - A really good scene that continues to display the sexual progression of the characters.  While the action may not be hard, it's definitely sexy.  Nice use of the butt plug, as well as the front-facing spoon(A position that we rarely see in films(at least, I don't).

Scene 3 : Samantha Hayes and Richie Calhoun
The next scene is a flashback, to the time when Mr. Frederick's(Richie Calhoun) former sub, "Audrina"(Sara Luvv), wanted the very thing that "Emma"(Penny Pax) wanted - to see Frederick with another woman.  We see the sex with that other woman, "Rebecca"(Samantha Hayes), as Audrina watches on.  First Calhoun, in character, instructs Hayes to pull her dress up, and then remove her panties, and instructs Sara to watch. Samantha is then told to spread her legs while assuming doggy.  Calhoun finger bangs her from there.  With her ass plugged, Richie whips her, before going on to put his cock into her mouth.  While she is working on the cock, he slips a collar around her neck.  After, we see Samantha assuming cowgirl, where she rides Richie's cock for a time, before things go into side fuck briefly.  Things are then followed up with missionary, where Calhoun fucks her nice and deep, keeping up a nice pace.  During the scene, he amps up the speed of the battery operated butt plug that's in her ass.  After Samantha sucks on Richie's cock, he tells her to go kiss Sara, before so returns to throat him.  After this, thing continue in reverse cowgirl as Samantha continues to ride the cock, while he controls the speed of the butt plug.  Reverse cowgirl is then followed by missionary.  With Samantha's legs open wide, Richie continues to slam it in, before going on to cum on Samantha's stomach to end the scene. - Another good scene, that is rather interesting above all else.  There's the use of whips, butt plug vibrators, and collars, not to mention that Samantha is super hot.  I think I like her!

Scene 4 : Penny Pax and Aidra Fox and Richie Calhoun
As "Emma"(Penny Pax) details she and Frederick's(Richie Calhoun) final task, in which the roles were reversed, and she was the dominate one, we flashback, and see that she brought another woman, named "Joelle"(Aidra Fox) in for some three-way play.  First, Penny straddles Aidra's face, allowing her to go at her pussy.  This naturally then progresses to 69.  As this happens, in character, she makes Richie watch, before finally allowing him to join in, as he kisses Aidra all over, before reaching her pussy.  From there, he fingers and tongues, much to Aidra's delight.  Next, Aidra goes on to suck Richie deep, as Penny spanks her and keeps order.  Next the girls trade off sucking cock, before Penny allows Richie to put it into Aidra in missionary.  Richie from here, keeps a nice pace as he goes deep into Aidra's hole.  The next position is cowgirl, where Aidra slams and grinds her pussy on Richie's cock.  Aidra's ass looks great in the position as it bounces.  Following, the girls once again trade off sucking Richie, before Penny has she and Aidra bend over side by side, thus giving Richie an option, however she wants the dick first.  Things proceed in doggystyle with Penny, as he fingers Aidra. That's before he then goes on to fuck her too, from behind.  Richie then alternates going back and forth with the girls. with the girls virtually stacked on top of each other in doggy, Calhoun takes turns hitting each girl from behind.  This then transitions to missionary between Richie and Aidra.  Richie from here keeps up a good pace, before resorting to cum, as he does so on her stomach. - Another good scene, this time with Penny in the dominating position. The action is interesting from all performers.  I really like both Penny and Aidra, so having him both here, was a plus for me!

Scene 5 : Penny Pax and Ryan Driller
In the final scene, "Emma" opens up to her current situation and has found another guy in "Michael Sullivan"(Ryan Driller), to dominate her.  Restrained to the bed, Ryan teases her pussy with a small dildo, as he also fingers and tongues.  This is before Ryan eventually puts his cock into Penny in missionary.  He keeps a good pace, while also teasing her clit with the dildo.  This keeps going, as Ryan goes on to pick up speed, before things then transition to Penny sucking his cock for a period of time, before he takes her into doggy.  Ryan drills her nice and deep here, for an extended period of time, before things finally move to cowgirl.  With her hands kept behind her back in the position, Ryan keeps the pounding nice and quick as Penny's ass moves up and down, and before long, she is grinding on it.  Ryan keeps the pounding steady, before things go into spoon.  It is here that things maintain a good pace.  Ryan then goes deep and steady, while again teasing her clit with the dildo.  Things then take to missionary, where Ryan picks up a hard, fast pace before cumming,  He does so on her bush. - A pretty good scene to end the series, thus the story of Emma Marx.  I more so liked the little piece of writing at the conclusion.  It ends things perfectly.

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