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February 10, 2016

Weekend to Remember (Wicked Pictures - 2016)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - February 10, 2016

Starring :

Casey Calvert
Kiera Nicole
Sara Luvv
Olivia Austin
Edyn Blair
Tommy Pistol
Small Hands
Marcus London
Jake Jace
Rob Carpenter

Corey's overprotective mother takes a weekend trip and leaves her incompetent brother Ricky in charge. Within minutes of Uncle Ricky's arrival, he offends the neighbors and picks up a sexy hitchhiker who robs the house. Desperate to make money to replace his mother's stolen necklace and in hopes of finally getting laid, Corey reluctantly agrees to throw a house party. In a hilarious turn of events, things quickly go from bad to worse.

(Runtime - 1 hr. 48 mins.)


In the Porn Comedy, WEEKEND TO REMEMBER, from Stormy Daniels, and WICKED PICTURES, young "Corey Bell"(Rob Carpenter) has the house all to himself, when his mom(Jane Hamilton - the legend, formerly known as Veronica Hart), goes out of town on vacation for the weekend. She leaves her bumbling convict brother "Ricky"(Tommy Pistol) in charge for the weekend, however, it would seem that Corey would have been better off being left by himself. Because as soon as "Uncle Ricky" arrives, he already has riled up the new neighbors(Olivia Austin and Marcus London), and soon, an encounter with a Hooker named "Honey"(Keira Nicole) at the liquor store, which he brings home, results in more trouble, when she and her boyfriend make out with a seemingly expensive necklace belonging to Corey's mom.  After the event, panic sets in for Corey and the rest of them, as they are not sure how they will replace the necklace, that is surely irreplaceable.  That's when Uncle Ricky comes up with a brilliant plan: to throw a weekend house party, one that would of course, charge an admission fee to get in.  Ricky sees it as a great opportunity to make fast money, as he calls on his Cuban pal, the eccentric "DJ Pinto" to oversee the jams at the party.  Initially, Corey is reluctant, but eventually, he gives in when he believes that he has no other option.  The party at first is a smash, as he looks to finally hook up with a girl that he likes, named "Elise"(Casey Calvert).  However when those plans don't pan out, it would appear that he finally comes to his senses, ending up with Katrina(Edyn Blair), the girl who's been there for him all along.  But not before the raucous party is busted up and the "Weekend to Remember" comes to an abrupt end with some hilarious results.

Well, here we have a pretty fun one, as the latest offering from Stormy Daniels and the crew at WICKED PICTURES, A comedy, takes things back to the heyday of the 80s sex comedy, as they present a plot that closely resembles the type.  It presents the kind of story that we were accustom to seeing form 80s sex fare.  You know the type: A young person gets themselves into a little trouble, and to solve the problem, must resort to drastic measures.  It happened in films such as RISKY BUSINESS, just as it happens in WEEKEND TO REMEMBER.  When mom goes on a weekend vacation, she leaves her somewhat idiotic brother in charge of things, to drastic results.  "Uncle Ricky" brings home a Hooker that soon rips them off - gets off with one of mom's necklaces to be exact. Corey, the film's young lead must scramble to get a replacement before his mom returns home, so when Uncle Ricky comes up with the idea to throw  a house party, Corey has no other alternative.  The party situation soon brings onto the scene, Cuban(at least I believe he's supposed to be Cuban) DJ - the eccentric, "Pinto"(as he says, not like the bean - like the horse, baby!), and soon it's in full swing.  But eventually, the party, which appears to be a complete success, also ends in both comedy, and surprise.  Also like the films that seemed to inspire it.

Simply put, WEEKEND TO REMEMBER won't likely be hailed as some sort of technical achievement, as opposed to some of Daniels' other works, but I don't believe that was the intention here.  This one is just a straight-forward sex comedy.  Like those films of the 1980s(the many of them), WEEKEND TO REMEMBER is shot on what seems to have been a relatively low budget, with acting performances of varying ranges of experience(the same could be said about the sexual performances as well), so not everyone is perfect at all times.  But what is on point here, is the comedy, and the overall fun nature of the film.  This one was pretty funny. This is especially true when Tommy Pistol and Small Hands arrive on the scene as their respective characters.  From the moment that "Uncle Ricky" comes into the picture, arriving in his neon green van that closely resembles the "Mystery Machine" from "Scooby Doo" - he's funny.  Tommy Pistol does it again, as here, he transforms himself into the crazy "Uncle Ricky" - a man whom for some reasons just loves to spell out his name, one letter at a time("R-I-C-K-Y) - he loves for others to do it as well.  Also spot on(and also a willing name speller of Ricky's name) is "Pinto", hilariously played by the man known as Small Hands.  Smalls is great as this character, who just so happens to carry with him, a suave demeanor and a foreign accent.  Both he and Pistol are great individually, however, whenever they are together, it's magical, and laugh out loud funny.  Personally, i'd have to say that this film is worth seeing on account of their performances alone.  They're just great!  However, with that said, the film also has great female support, starting with the incredible Olivia Austin as one of the randy neighbors, Keira Nicole in a funny situation, as the Hooker, "Honey", and the sexy, Casey Calvert, as the hot girl, "Elise", whom Corey has his youthful eye on.  All of these ladies are super hot!

Another good thing about WEEKEND TO REMEMBER that is worthy of mention, is that it features 3 younger performers as well, giving them feature exposure, and I am all for that.  Rob Carpenter stars here, as the film's lead character, "Corey Bell". Rob is someone that I had never seen perform prior to this.  In fact I had, until now, only known him as a guy who followed me on Twitter, only to unfollow me, after I followed him(not cool, dude. Douche-y and unprofessional. Just sayin').  So, how did Mr. Unfollow do?  He did ok, but some of his acting performance was iffy at times.  Luckily the comedy that is the plot, aided things along.  Also appearing is Jake Jace as Corey's best friend, "Dylan", and Edyn Blair as "Katrina", the girl who is close friends with Corey, yet has feelings for him(as he does for her).  Both Jace and Blair do well.  I really liked Eden, also someone that I am seeing for the first time here.  She made a nice impression, and I can't wait to see more of her work!
Overall, I pretty much enjoyed this effort from WICKED PICTURES.  Again, it's one that isn't concerned with being technically amazing(though it looks just fine). It is more so about the fun.  It appears that a lot of fun was had on set by all involved, and as a result, that is exactly what it is - a fun time.  As mentioned this one, looks, sounds, and feels reminiscent of the sex comedies of the '80s which were extremely popular. High spirits are kept as the shenanigans play out.  There are things you might expect, and other things you might not(such as "Honey" smuggling her boyfriend in a duffel bag.  Odd, but funny stuff),all the way into a surprise, that is the story's conclusion, involving a pair of rather familiar cops.

So, if you happen to like those types of crazy teen sex comedies, then this one would be for you(pending you don't mind real sex, of course).  I like seeing a light hearted Porn comedies like this come along in the present, as in the '80s, there were a number of scripted Porn features just like this one.  Had WEEKEND TO REMEMBER been made in the 80s, it mostly likely would have starred a young Tom Byron in the lead, with maybe a Joey Silvera as "Uncle Ricky", or something.
The film, as for as sex is concerned features 5 sex scenes - all of the boy/girl variety.  Of the 5 scenes featured, my favorites would have to be 3 of the 5.  First the second scene pair of Olivia Austin and Marcus London, the third scene featuring Keira Nicole and Tommy Pistol, and also the fourth scene featuring Casey Calvert and Small Hands - these are in no particular order.  But with that said, all 5 scenes are enjoyable to an extent(such as seeing Edyn Blair in the final scene).

WEEKEND TO REMEMBER is available on DVD, and available to stream on the WICKED PICTURES website.  Click here to sign up at a special reduced rate!

My score : 7.5/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Sara Luvv and Jake Jace
In the first scene, after being woke up by "Corey"(Rob Carpenter), who calls him, with the news of his mom's departure, "Dylan"(Jake Jace) gets some morning sex, from girlfriend, Sara Luvv.  It starts with making out.  But it isn't long before Jake is in between her legs, going to work on her pussy with his tongue, as he spreads it.  This is followed up with Sara going on to suck cock.  She sucks in between periods of Jace fucking her face.  Next up, Sara rides the cock in cowgirl, as Jake fucks her nice and fast.  Cowgirl is then followed by missionary, where Jake slips it in, and proceeds to pound Sara's hole at a nice, steady pace.  The camera briefly give us a nice closeup view of the penetration,  After a brief period in this position, things go to doggy, where Sara grinds on the cock, before Jake continues to slam it in.  Jace keeps things at a quick place before he explodes, when he pulls out to cum on her ass. - A pretty good scene to start things with.  Luvv is always cute, and as for Jace, I have seen him a few times now.  He is one of the youngsters.

Scene 2 : Olivia Austin and Marcus London
After being interrupted by "Uncle Ricky"(Tommy Pistol), the neighbors, (Oliva Austin, and Marcus London) get back to business.  First, Marcus goes down on Olivia, who spreads wide.  From here, Marcus laps his tongue on her pussy, and also sucks and fingers.  From there, Olivia returns the favor by focusing on Marcus' cock.  She continuously sucks and tugs.  Marcus continues things by going on to fuck Olivia is missionary, as she once again, spreads her legs.  With one leg over Marcus' shoulder, Olivia is fucked, as Marcus keeps a nice and steady pace, before going faster, and harder.  From there, Olivia, is up on the chair and bent over, where Marcus takes her into doggy.  And again, the pace starts nice and steady, before he really pounds it, in, as Olivia's nice ass, slams against his cock.  After, Olivia goes back to work on Marcus' cock for an extended period; sucking, him, and jacking him off, before she works him up to cum.  The scene ends with Marcus unloading on Olivia's beautiful tits(with pierced nipples). - I really liked this scene.  Honestly, I like nearly anything involving the beautiful Olivia Austin.  She is just gorgeous, and has quickly become one of my very favorites!  She has the total package, looks, boobs, ass, and she knows how to suck and fuck!  Here, Marcus London is a lucky man(as he has been many times before!).

 Scene 3 : Keira Nicole and Tommy Pistol
In the next scene "Uncle Ricky"(Tommy Pistol) joins the hooker that he picked up at the liquor store, "Honey"(Keira Nicole) in the bathroom for a sexual romp, that is actually a diversion, as her boyfriend looks for loot.  First, Keira is up on the bathroom counter top with her legs spread wide, as Tommy goes in with his mouth,  He tongues at her pussy, and sucks on the lips. He also jams some fingers down the hatch, as he spreads and licks her asshole.  Next up for Tommy is a sloppy blowjob, as Keira slurps and sucks with lots of spit.  This action ranges from suck and tug, to Tommy fucking her face.  This is followed with Tommy taking Keira from behind.  He puts it in, and continues things at a good and steady pace.  The camera soon moves in with a closeup.  Things look hot, as Keira has her left leg up on the counter during.  From doggy comes reverse cowgirl, where Tommy continues to drill it in, as Kiera rides the cock, as Tommy plunges into her nice and deep.  This is followed by Keira sucking Tommy's balls nice and good, before he goes on to jack off a nice load into Nicole's awaiting mouth.  - A really good scene with some hot bathroom action from the performers. Tommy, as he always does, keeps things funny, as he totally remains in character during the scene.  I really like both of these performers, they make a great pairing.  As Tommy is...well, he's Tommy.  And Keira, is always hot!

Scene 4 : Casey Calvert and Small Hands
As she is mesmerised by him, "Pinto"(Small Hands) is able to whisk "Elise"(Casey Calvert) off to Uncle Ricky's(Tommy Pistol's) van for sex.  In the back of the van, things start with Casey sucking Smalls' cock.  She works it nice and good, before Smalls gives her the same treatment to her, as he goes between her thighs.  He works her clit with his tongue, before doing the same from behind.  He massages the clit hard with his fingers, before slipping in his cock in doggy.  Here, Smalls is able to keep a nice and steady pace, as he goes nice and deep into Casey.  This continues until the action continues to spoon.  As Small Hands continues to do the deed, the camera makes awesome use of the van's ceiling mirror, as we watch from the overhead. This would continue until Smalls pulls out, and lets her wad go onto Casey's chest.  - This was another very good scene, also featuring 2 performers that I like.  Casey Calvert is as sexy as ever here, and Smalls is funny as he remains as "Pinto" the entire time.  The performers looked to have enjoyed themselves here.  I know Smalls did - as he told me so!

Scene 5 : Eden Blair and Rob Carpenter
After being busted, by not only the cops, but also his mother(Jane Hamilton), "Corey's"(Rob Carpenter) party comes to an abrupt halt.  However, his trusty friend, "Katrina"(Edyn Blair) stays behind, and eventually the two of them finish what they started, as they head to a bedroom, where they proceed to get it on.  They kiss, while Edyn massages Rob's crotch, before she ends up tonguing and sucking on his cock.  Then things go briefly into Rob eating, and then into spoon, before, we see Edyn on the cock, as are nice ass bounces on it for a period of time.  Things then take to missionary, where Rob hits the pussy hard, before he must pull out to cum.  The scene ends, when Rob pops a load on to Edyn's stomach. - A pretty good scene, which brings the film to a nice conclusion. Edyn Blair is pretty hot.  She's kind of new to the business, so, I hadn't seen her before.  But I can say that i'll now be on the lookout.  She's sexy. Rob does ok, but you can tell that he is still new as well.

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