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March 2, 2016

Dear Abby (New Sensations Romance - 2011)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - March 2, 2016

Starring :

Natasha Nice
Ash Hollywood
Zoe Voss
Alyssa Branch
Giovanni Francisco
Xander Corvus
Michael Vegas
Ramon Nomar


Natasha Nice and Giovanni Francisco star in this romantic comedy that is as charming as it is unpredictable. Jack (Giovanni), a somewhat jaded advice columnist, has absolutely no problem dishing out words of wisdom for his romantically challenged readers; while Abby (Natasha), his ex-girlfriend, still lives with him. But when this awkward living arrangement turns into a complicated relationship crisis, will Jack be able to follow his own words of wisdom or will he ultimately lose Abby to another guy?

(Runtime - 1 hr. 52 mins.)


In the romance drama, DEAR ABBY, "Jack"(Giovanni) works as an advice columnist for the local newspaper.  His column, in which he gives a wide range of relationship advice, is quite popular - especially with his female readers.  In his column, inquiries range from people looking to spice up their stagnate love lives, to those who are just looking to maintain a peaceful, friendly relationship with their ex.  For his readers, Jack seems to always have answers readily available for them.  If he is so great handing out relationship advice to others, then Jack's life must be all roses, right? Wrong.  Because, although he seems to have all the right answers for others, it seems that, when it comes to relationships of his own, things just haven't worked out.  One of those failed relationships was with Abby, who coincidently has been his roommate since they split.  It is a rather awkward living arrangement for sure.  But somehow, they have made it work.  Until now.  Because when Abby begins to finally date again, it complicates things, as Jack, naturally becomes jealous, despite attempting not to make it so obvious.  While one date doesn't go as planned, as she finds the guy sleeping with her good friend "Rachel"(Alyssa Branch) at an office party for the paper, she vows to date more.  This of course, leads her to go one other dates, while pushing her ex, Jack further away - so much so, that he fears losing her for good.  Assuming that he already has, Jack takes to his column to write a parting letter to his ex love, as he agrees to finally move out.  He thought it would, at the very least be a peaceful end, but little did he know however, that it just might be his very column that helps him rekindle the flame once more.

Sometimes we come across people who just love to give others advice, yet they often leave us wondering if they heed their own words of wisdom.  That is the exact scenario which DEAR ABBY presents.  In the film, Jack, played by Giovanni Francisco, makes a living as as advice columnist for the local paper.  He has become quite popular with readers, who write in with their various problems, problems that Jack seems to always have solutions for.  But when it comes to his own life, things aren't so peachy.  He maintains a rough exterior, and so, sometimes he might come off as slightly cocky, which might be why he hasn't quite connected with anyone.  For him, things are made even more awkward, because his ex girlfriend Abby, is also his roommate.  It works out, because he and she are ok remaining platonic, but when she begins to date again, he finds that he misses what he once had.  And in the end, we find that she does too, as things come to a happy end.

DEAR ABBY is a sweet, yet predictable romance drama, which was written by Jacky St. James, and directed by Eddie Powell.  It is again well written by St. James, however, unlike most of the majority of her outcome, this time, I just didn't fully connect with the film's main characters until well into it.  I never really felt sympathetic for "Jack", the advice columnist, at a loss for love.  He wants Abby back, but we never feel feel for him.  And as for Abby, the same can be said.  I did not feel anything for the characters until near the end of the film, during the sequence, in which Jack's letter to Abby is read.  And then the subsequent happenings after.  It takes awhile, but finally we connect with these characters, unfortunately it comes a little too late to effect the film as a whole.  And when speaking of the film's script, it is simple and sweet, and to the point.  There is no real suspense, nor drama, as things go from "point a" to "point b" just as we expect them to.  I'm not saying that this makes the film, a "bad" film, per se, this one just isn't as emotionally deep as some of the others that I have seen from St. James and New Sensations.  Jack and Abby live together.  Abby dates.  Jack gets jealous.  Jack and Abby, ultimately get back together.  That is the film in a nutshell.  No twists, no suspense, or even false hope.  It's pretty much straight forward in terms of script.

As for the acting, all is well.  I had no problem with Giovanni Francisco or Natasha Nice as the lead characters "Jack" and "Abby" respectively, it's just that I found characters such as Michael Vegas lovable dork character, "Mark" far more interesting.  In the film, Mark is a guy who works at the office at the newspaper, who has eyes for one of his co-workers, Kim, portrayed by Zoe Voss.  Mark, is funny in his pursuit of Kim, which ultimately ends well for him.  The scene in which Mark spills something on his shirt at the office party, is very funny, in that he ends up wearing one of Kim's shirts at the end of the night.  But not just any shirt.  One that reads "I ♥ my Haters" boldly, and proudly printed on its front.  So not only is the shirt entirely too small for him - it also says that.

So again, while I enjoyed seeing both Giovanni Francisco and Natasha Nice here, had their characters been as enjoyable as "Mark", perhaps that I would have enjoyed this film a little more. Though the outcome here is a happy one, and is pleasing overall, it just has no emotional build up to the finale.  I just didn't enjoy DEAR ABBY as much as I have others.

Beyond the plot, there are of course the sex scenes.  They consist of 4 standard boy/girl parings.  Out of the 4, I would have to choose 2 of them as standouts.  The second scene featuring Alyssa Branch, as she is matched up with Ramon Nomar, and the film's fourth and final scene - the pairing of Giovanni Francisco and Natasha Nice.  The last scene in the film being especially hot.  Natasha Nice is sexy, and so is the action.

My Score :

Sex Scene Breakdown

Scene 1 : Ash Hollywood and Xander Corvus
After writing into "Jack"(Giovanni Francisco) about her frustration over lack of sex, due to a hard working husband, (Ash Hollywood) takes Jack's advice and initiates morning sex with her husband(Xander Corvus).  It starts in the bathroom, before the two head to the bed.  Xander soon goes down on Ash, slowly tonguing her clit, before going on to briefly suck on her nipples.  Soon Ash, returns it, by going to suck his cock, while also licking the shaft.  From there, Xander  slips his cock in from behind, as the two kiss passionately.  Things gravitate naturally into spoon.  From here, Xander drives his cock in at a nice, steady pace, this is before things soon go into side fuck.  Xander keeps things nice and steady, before things go into cowgirl.  From here, we get a showing of Hollywood's nice ass, as Xander drills it in, nice and fast, resulting in Ash's climax. Xander keeps up the pounding, before things head to missionary, where things would soon end.  From here, Xander fucks Ash at a quick pace, which causes him to cum, when he pulls out, and unloads on Ash's stomach. - A decent scene to start with.  Initially it has a feeling of spontaneity, as the action gets better as the scene progresses. Personally, I always enjoy seeing Ash Hollywood.

Scene 2 :
Alyssa Branch and Ramon Nomar
At the office party, as "Abbey"(Natasha Nice) is tied up in an argument with her ex, "Jack"(Giovanni Francisco), her friend "Rachel" (Alyssa Branch), seizes the opportunity to steal her date, "Enrique"(Ramon Nomar).  The two of them, soon head off to another room for sex.  As they go to the bed, Alyssa straddles Ramon as the kiss, before she works her way down to his cock.  From here, she sucks, and strokes the cock, slowly moving it in and out of her mouth, before eventually picking up the pace a bit, and sucking his balls.  Following this, Ramon, eventually makes his way between Alyssa's legs, where he tongues her clit, and sucks on her juicy pussy lips. Alyssa soon holds up her legs, allowing him to tongue deep.  Missionary soon follows, as Ramon puts his cock in, and enjoys a nice, steady pace, as he moves in and out, as Alyssa's legs are spread wide.  Ramon picks up the pace, as Alyssa massages her clit.  Things then go over to spoon, as Nomar pounds it in hard.  This is the followed by Alyssa on top, as she grinds hard on the cock in cowgirl, before Ramon fucks her hard and fast.  This lasts for a time, before things go to doggy, as Ramon continues to ram it into Alyssa's pussy good and hard. The action is rough, which soon causes Ramon to cum.  He does so on Alyssa's ass to end the scene. - A pretty good scene that was better than the last one.  Some nice hard action from the performers.  Not to mention that Alyssa Branch is pretty hot.  I really like her, but unfortunately don't see her enough!

Scene 3 : Zoe Voss and Michael Vegas
In this scene, "Mark"(Michael Vegas) finally confesses his love to "Kim"(Zoe Voss), who reveals that she feels the same about him.  The couple wastes no time going at it in the office.  They kiss passionately, with Zoe on the desk.  Michael makes his way down to her pussy, where he flips her tongue along Zoe's clit. He continues, by working it with his fingers as well. Zoe then goes on to suck Michael's cock, adding some spit, making it sloppy.  Next, Zoe is bent over the desk, as Michael slams in his cock in doggy.  Next, Michael is in an office chair, as Zoe rides rough in cowgirl for a time, before things go into missionary, where Vegas keeps a nice pace, before picking up speed as he pound the pussy.  He keeps it up before cumming on Zoe's stomach. - An ok scene.  The action is decent, however the positions do not last long.

Scene 4 : Natasha Nice and Giovanni Francisco
After a reconciliation, "Jack"(Giovanni Francisco) and "Abby"(Natasha Nice) passionately make peace, then make love.  Giovanni sucks on her tits for awhile, before quickly getting to work on her pussy with his mouth.  Natasha follows things up by focusing on Giovanni's cock, as she kisses down the shaft, and sucks his balls, before sucking cock.  This leads to some 69 action as Giovanni eats, and Natasha throats the cock deep.  She focuses for a time on the balls as well.  Following this, Natasha rides his face briefly, giving us a nice view of her pussy.  Cowgirl follows, as she grinds on, then rides the cock hard.  The pace here is hard and fast.  Next is spoon, as Giovanni keeps pounding, as Natasha's big, natural tits bounce. Things then go to missionary, where Giovanna drills the pussy hard, before taking things into doggy, where he keeps up the rough pace, That's before things return to missionary. Giovanni, from here keeps pounding hard until he must cum on her stomach to end the scene, and close out the film. This was, with without a doubt the best sex scene of the film.  In fact, it just might be one of the best sex scenes that I have seen yet from the Powell/St. James offerings.  Why? because they just let the performers go loose. The action is hard, and rough, and we the viewers are more "into" the action at hand.  The action is pretty hot, and Natasha Nice is incredibly sexy, here.  I wish she would do more features, as she is, most certainly "nice"!

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