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April 24, 2016

Movie Review: Debbie Does Dallas...Again (Vivid - 2007)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - March 16, 2016

Starring :

Stefani Morgan
Monique Alexander
Penny Flame
Savanna Samson
Hillary Scott
Lacie Heart
Samantha Ryan
Lisa Daniels
Erika Jordan
Kina Kai
Kayla Paige
Sunny Leone
Courtney Simpson
Stacy Thorn
Derrick Pierce
Evan Stone
Christian XXX
Jay Huntington
Marty Romano

Stefani and Monique are rivals on the same team, competing for the same boy, and a win in the National Cheerleading World Championships in Bakersfield, California. After Stefani suffers a fatal accident in a botched but fabulous flip, she meets her guardian angel, Penny Flame, and promptly makes a deal to go back to earth to avenge her loss. She reappears in the body of Hillary Scott, and from the gates of Heaven, all hell breaks loose.

(Runtime - 2 hr. 02 mins.)

In the re-imagining, DEBBIE DOES DALLAS...AGAIN, Life is going great for "Debbie"(Stefani Morgan).  She has a boyfriend named "Jason"(Derrick Pierce) and her beloved cheer squad, which she captains, has received an invitation to compete in the National Cheerleading World Championships, in Bakersfield California.  For her, things couldn't possibly go wrong, as she and her team have their eyes on the prize.  That is until...she dies.  It all happened one day during a routine practice, when the squad brainstorms about moves that could possibly put them on top at the Championships.  That is when Debbie suggests that she perform the legendary, but most difficult, cheer move - the "Triple Double Tumble" flip.  The squad has their reservations about performing the move, because very few have pulled it off - especially in competition.  But Debbie insists that it would be the move to win it all.  From there, Debbie is tossed in the air where she performs the necessary tumbles and flip, but while in mid-air, Jason, whom was to catch her, is distracted by Debbie's in-squad rival, "Allison"(Monique Alexander) who flashes her pussy in his direction.  As a result, Debbie comes crashing down onto the ground, and the results aren't good.  The fall is unfortunately fatal.  Following her untimely death, Debbie is sent to heaven, and into the arms of a guardian angel named "Gwendolyn"(Penny Flame), who would help her cope with death, and prepare her for the afterlife.  But after a brief period in Heaven, she tells Gwendolyn, that she just isn't ready to go.  This is when Gwendolyn and the angel, "Todd"(Evan Stone) work out a deal with her. They say that she will be able to return to Earth - but only for a limited time, and it must be on their terms.  After which, she is to return to them.  However, although they said that she could return to her previous life, they did not say how.  That is when Debbie's plans hit a snag.  That's because, instead of returning in her own body, Gwendolyn has picked one for her.  Unfortunately, whom she has picked for Debbie, just so happens to be an uncoordinated geek, named "Becca"(Hillary Scott), who would have absolutely no shot at making the Cheer squad.  After watching Becca try and fail at Cheerleading tryouts, and witnessing a few failed suicide attempts, Debbie finally sees Becca die when she slips on a bar of soap, and hits her head on the bathtub.  This is when the soul of Debbie, successfully transfers over into the body.  Debbie is now Becca, but no one knows it,  Not even the Cheer squad, which she soon wows.  They eventually let her on to the squad, much to the chagrin of new Cheer Captain, Allison.  Soon, the new "Debbie-ized" Becca becomes the darling of her squad, who soon vote out Allison as Captain, thus giving Becca the reigns.  Through Becca, Debbie is now back on top, as she leads the way for her team, as they arrive in Bakersfield California, where we would find that revenge is yet to come, as she lines Allison up for an identical fate(yes it again involves the dreaded Triple Double Tumble Flip.).  With her revenge finally served, Debbie, expecting to enter the pearly gates of Heaven for good, is quite surprised, when it is revealed that she's been tricked, and that Gwendolyn is actually the Devil in disguise.  That's right, Debbie goes to Hell, and she meets some familiar faces along the way as she participates in a fiery orgy - including "Miss Jones"(Savanna Samson) herself.

Also from 2007 was this film, which was the other(and primary) focus of the documentary series of the same name; DEBBIE DOES DALLAS...AGAIN.  This film was Director Paul Thomas' big budget answer to the classic film, DEBBIE DOES DALLAS.  Although it does carry with it, the title, as well as some of the spirit of the original, DEBBIE DOES DALLAS...AGAIN is a very different film.  Although, it's true that the only thing tying the original to the city Dallas, was the fact that the main character "Debbie Benton" had earned an opportunity to try out for the Dallas cheerleaders, this film is even further disconnected from Dallas.  As a matter of fact, Dallas has absolutely nothing to do with the story here, as Dallas is never mentioned at all.  In this film, it's all about the Cheer squad reaching the National Cheerleading World Championships in Bakersfield California.  So simply put, here, the well known title has been applied merely to draw attention.  As it turns out, having nothing to do with Dallas, isn't a bad thing at all.

I remember in the documentary series, Director Paul Thomas sort of struggled as he figured out what to do for his proposed DEBBIE DOES DALLAS remake.  All that he knew, is that he really didn't like the original film, and hoped to improve on it.  It took some time, and a number of re-writes, but Thomas and the writers eventually came up with a unique spin on the whole "Debbie" thing.  What we have here is something that is essentially, BRING IT ON, meets HEAVEN CAN WAIT.  It has the comedy and wit of BRING IT ON, and the element of reincarnation of HEAVEN CAN WAIT, the combination of the two, is both fun, and enjoyable.  So enjoyable, that I have now seen this one several times since it was released in 2007.  It is just a lot of fun to revisit.  It's expertly directed by Thomas, has great production value/sets, and has characters that are both vivid(no pun intended), and memorable.

Although I do have the documentary series burned to DVD-R somewhere, I really wish that they would have released the making of documentary series as sort of a companion to this film.  The series documented the various stages of production, all of the woes, the cast flare-ups, and all.  In the series, a big part of it, was the question of "who would portray "Debbie"?  The role was coveted by a lot of girls.  Vivid girls, who were already under contract with VIVID at the time, as well as girls from outside of the company.  They all wanted the starring role.  While many of the girls did actually make the movie, they weren't "Debbie", but instead other characters.  Before the producers were sold on making Stefani Morgan their "Debbie", Monique Alexander, then a loyal Vivid girl, wanted the part. which caused a little real life rivalry with Morgan and Alexander.  But with that said, Steffani, also a Vivid girl, ultimately got the role.  Personally, I felt that they made the ideal choice with Morgan.  It's been years since I first saw this movie, but from that moment, I was a fan of Morgan.  Unfortunately she's retired now, but that is beside the point.  She is very beautiful with all American looks.  For me, she is a most memorable Debbie for sure!  Although Monique Alexander didn't nab the role that she wanted, she was instead cast as Debbie's teammate and nemesis, "Allison".  Allison is the typical "Mean Girl" it is her way, or no way, as she takes over the squad.  Monique plays the bitch role to a tee, here.  I couldn't imagine it any other way.  The third female lead is Hillary Scott, who is "Becca", the girl, whose body, Debbie would soon take over.  Here, Scott basically plays two types, first the nerd, and then the sexually open type.  Things change when Debbie takes over.  It's not only her looks, her whole readiness for sex changes as well.  I have always liked Hilary, and I believe this film to be the first time that I had ever saw her.  Her body is amazing.  And rounding things out for the main female cast is Penny Flame, who does a superb job as the guardian angel, "Gwendolyn".  In this role, Flame is just a lot of fun, and one of the best things about this film, is her portrayl.  And again, speaking of seeing someone for the first time, DEBBIE DOES DALLAS...AGAIN was also the first time that saw Derrick Pierce.  In the film, he portrays, "Jason", Debbie's boyfriend.  Derrick is someone, who I now see everywhere, but when I first saw this film, I hardly knew him.  Aside from the main cast, the film features girls such as Lacie Heart, Sunny Leone and Cassidey in minor roles as Cheerleaders.  Vivid veteran Savanna Samson is also here, as she appeared in what is the film's most pivotal scene.  It is the film's final scene, in which she reprises her role as "Miss Jones" from the VIVID remake.  This is just cool.  In the film when Debbie is banished to Hell, we find that Miss Jones is also there, of course, and is a dancer at the Devil's sinful club.  I remember in the documentary, they wanted Savanna to possibly play Debbie's mother or something.  However, she expressed that it made he feel old, and upstaged by the young actresses.  Needless to say, she wasn't for it, and so, eventually someone came up with the concept, which was used.  I believe it was a nice choice, as it bridges the gap between the remakes.

With all of this said, I really enjoy DEBBIE DOES DALLAS...AGAIN, and have many times over.  Although it is essentially just a remake in name only, it is a film that presents a take that really does hold up.  When this was in production VIVID treated this one as if it were a  "blockbuster", and indeed it is.

As for the sex scenes of the film, there are 8 instances, including a shower scene, a female masturbation scene, 3 boy/girl, 2 three-ways, and a 6 person orgy.  When it comes to favorites I have always liked the first scene - the pairing of Derrick Pierce and Stefani Morgan, as well as the 7th scene, a locker room three-way between Pierce, Cassidey and Hillary Scott(a scene that involves a strap on, as well as anal).  But with that said, the orgy finale, is also nicely captured, as is the Heavenly romp featuring, Morgan, Evan Stone and Penny Flame.  So with that, i'll just say that there is a lot to like and take in.

My score : 8/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Stefani Morgan and Derrick Pierce
The first scene is set up When Cheerleaders, "Debbie"(Stefani Morgan), and "Jason"(Derrick Pierce) decide to warm up a little bit before going to practice.  But when Jason lifts Debbie, only to have her fall, she lands on something hard - and it's not his cellphone!  She has gotten Jason all aroused.  This of course is the lead in to sex. Stefani starts by teasing Derrick, by rubbing her pussy, as she bends over, the camera is right where it should be, as we get a great look at Stefani's luscious pussy.  Next, Stefani props against a tree, where Derrick tongues her pussy.  This is before she whips out Derrick's cock, and proceeds to slowly suck, Next, Stefani is bent over and fucked in doggy, by Derrick, who keeps a steady pace, as he pounds.  Things then transition to side fuck, as Derrick holds up her right leg for leverage.  Following that, Derrick is seated, as Stefani ricks the dick in reverse cowgirl.  From here, the dick goes deep inside of her, as she slams down.  Next, it's missionary, as Derrick continues to plunge deep into her hole, with the camera keeping an eye on the penetration.  This continues for a time, with Derrick picking up the pace.  This eventually causes Derrick to cum.  He pulls out, and the jerks off, into Stefani's mouth to end the scene. - This was a good scene, mostly due to the fact that Stefani Morgan, is just so fucking hot.  Man, is she ever! Too bad she has now, long since retired.

Scene 2 :
Monique Alexander and Derrick Pierce
The next scene "Allison"(Monique Alexander) finally getting her hands on "Jason"(Derrick Pierce), and at "Debbie's(Stefani Morgan) funeral, no less.  And if that wasn't risqué enough, Allison decides to make it with him in a coffin!  First, Monique sucks and jerks Derrick's cock, before Derrick returns the favor, by eating Monique out. tonguing her clit, and sucking on the lips.  Next we see Derrick seated on the lid of the coffin, where Monique straddles him sideways, where she rides the cock.  This is before things go into doggy.  From here, Derrick keeps a nice pace, as he shoves it in.  Multiple camera angles are used.  Next, Monique rides in cowgirl, where her ass looks amazing, as it bounce up and down on the cock.  The position also sees Monique grinding on it as well. The next position she's Monique lying back on the lid of the coffin, as Derrick pounds her deep in missionary.  After, Derrick jerks off, to let loose a big load into Monique's mouth. - Another good scene involving Derrick Pierce.  And again, another scene featuring a hot girl.  This was Monique Alexander at the peak of her career!

Scene 3 : Courtney Simpson and Lacie Heart and Sunny Leone
In the next scene, "Debbie"(Stefani Morgan) and her guardian angel(Penny Flame) watch on as Debbie's friends; "Corky"(Sunny Leone), "Monica"(Lacie Heart) and "Courtney"(Courtney Simpson) all get it on in a three-way.  It starts with Sunny and Lacie kissing, while Sunny massages Lacie's clit.  Courtney Simpson, can be seen elsewhere masturbating with a dildo.  Sunny goes down on Lacie, with both her mouth, and a rubber dildo.  She jams it in hard and fast.  Next, it's Lacie, who works on Sunny's pussy with her mouth and hand.  Lacie then takes to ramming the dildo into Sunny, first Sunny is in missionary, and then in the doggy position. Lacie keeps paces before Sunny comes to climax to end the scene. - An okay scene.  I have seen this film more than once, and i've always thought that this scene in particular is a little out of place.  We have Sunny Leone and Lacie Heart, who are on each other, and the Courtney Simpson, who is all alone and masturbating with a dildo elsewhere.  It's just a little odd, although it's not that bad of a scene.

Scene 4 : Kayla Paige and Kina Kai and Lisa Daniels and Penny Flame and Samantha Ryan and Stefani Morgan and Evan Stone
The next scene sees "Gwendolyn"(Penny Flame), "Debbie's" guardian angel, and the angel, "Todd"(Evan Stone) introduce her to Heaven.  It is there that we see a classic car, in a pool of water, which is flanked by angels.  Stone and Flame both seduce Morgan.  Evan kisses her, and fingers her pussy, while Penny undresses.  This is followed by Evan first dropping his balls into Stefani's mouth, before fucking Stefani's mouth with his cock.  While this his happening, Penny goes after Stefani's pussy with her mouth, and fingers.  Next, Stefanie straddles Evan in reverse cowgirl, as Penny slaps her tits. This is followed by doggy, where Evan pounds it in hard and deep.  While this is going on, Penny slaps her, and encourages Evan to fuck her harder - which he does.  Evan then goes down to the water, where Penny soon sits on his cock, sideways, as Evan fucks her deep.  She makes Stefani suck Evan's cock, before getting back on to ride.  As Penny gets back on, Stefanie straddles Evan's face,  While this is gong on, several of the angels masturbate with dildos.  Next we she even take Penny into doggy, as she prop her leg up on the car.  From here, Evan keeps up a nice steady pace, before the scene ends with Evan unloading into Stefani's mouth.  - A good scene, made even better with its surroundings.  The classic car(which I believe is a Plymouth Fury), the angels, the water, it's a nice setting.  The action is hot, and it's also made better with Penny Flame's dirty talk.

Scene 5 : Stacy Thorn and Marty Romano
In the next scene, before "Debbie"(Stefani Morgan) takes over her body, "Becca"(Hillary Scott), returns home to find her roommate, showering with, and having sex with Becca's boyfriend, "Hank"(Marty Romano).  Romano puts hot wax on Thorn, while he forces Stacy to rub her pussy and suck his cock.  Marty goes down on Stacy briefly, before Stacy rides Marty's face, as he tongues her pussy.  Things turn to 69, as she sucks and strokes his cock.  Next, Marty fucks Stacy in missionary as he chokes her.  Things then go anal in reverse cowgirl. From here, Marty keeps a fast and steady pace.  From there, things continue anally in the missionary position.  It is here, that Marty drills Stacy hard, before he pulls out to cum, as he slings a big load onto Stacy's stomach.  - An ok scene, that is pretty wild - but I believe that it was on purpose.

Scene 6 :  Angie Savage and Erika Jordan and Jennifer Lee
This scene featuring 3 ladies in the locker room(Angie Savage, Erika Jordan, and Jennifer Lee) is a basic shower scene.

Scene 7 : Cassidey and Hillary Scott and Derrick Pierce
In this scene, "Becca"(Hillary Scott) and "Jason"(Derrick Pierce) walk in on "Aurora"(Cassidey) as she masturbate in the locker room, and it isn't long before they join in on the fun.  First, Cassidey sucks cock, as Hillary watches.  But soon, she joins in, as they share. Hillary continues to suck cock, as Cassidey rides Derrick's face.  Hillary spits on Derrick's cock, before Cassidey hops on it in reverse cowgirl.  She rides hard, putting her feet, on Derrick's legs to bare down.  Eventually she leans forward, and then things are in doggy, where Derrick pounds her hard.  Next, we see Hillary in missionary, as Derrick slips his cock into her juicy pussy.  He fucks her fast and hard, while Cassidey puts on a strap on dildo.  Derrick keeps fucking Hillary until she cums.  Next, Hillary gets it in the ass, in reverse cowgirl, and also vaginal, as Cassidey fucks her with the strap on.  This lasts for a time, as Hillary cums again.  The scene comes to an end with Derrick cumming into Hillary's mouth after which, she spits the cum onto Cassidey's feet.  - This scene is pretty hot.  Not only is Cassidey dirty, Hillary Scott has an amazing body.  In this scene, we get to see both of her holes plugged - with Derrick in her ass, and Cassidey in her pussy with the strap on.  Pretty hot!

Scene 8 :
Monique Alexander and Savanna Samson and Stefani Morgan and Christian XXX and Evan Stone and Jay Huntington
For the final scene, we're in Hell....yes, Hell, as "Debbie"(Stefani Morgan) crosses paths with one, "Miss Jones"(Savanna Samson) during a fiery orgy down below.  We watch as Savanna sucks and rides in cowgirl, while Steffani and Monique share a cock.  As Monique rides Christian XXX in cowgirl, and Stefani is fucked in doggy by Jay Huntington, Savanna gets it from Evan Stone, in missionary, before doggy.  After, eventually we see Steffani riding Jay in cowgirl, before we see Savanna drilled from behind anally in doggy, by Stone.  Steffani goes to reverse cowgirl, while sucking off Christian.  Eventually, Savanna comes over to eat Stefani's pussy.  Things continue has everyone forms a circle. Evan continues to give it to Savanna in missionary, while Steffani gets it doggystyle from Christian, while Monique, also in missionary.  From here, Evan is the first to blow his load on Savanna's chest.  Next Christian blows a huge load up Steffani's back, followed by Jay onto Monique's stomach.  - I am usually not one for orgy scenes, but this one was pretty sexy.  Not to mention that it serves as a crossover for 2 iconic porn series - DEBBIE DOES DALLAS and THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES, as 2 characters from Vivid's remakes collide.  It was a setup that initially was not planned, but it worked out great, in making this a very memorable scene.  On a side note - Savanna Samson is so damn sexy. I personally adore her!

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