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March 15, 2016

Movie Reviews: Debbie Loves Dallas (Vivid Alt. 2007)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - March 15, 2016

Starring :

Dana DeArmond
Charlotte Stokely
Pixie Pearl
Monique Alexander
Melodie Gore
Tommy Pistol
James Deen
Alex Gonz
Julius Ceazher
Danny Wylde
Icarus Corpse
Justin Syder

Debbie Loves Dallas does what other doesladen (yep, made-up word) Debbie remakes couldn't, or rather, wouldn't.  Ok, so here, Debbie comes face to face with that Eon McKai character (2006 AVN award winner), no stranger to deconstructing adult film's most treasured franchises. Shot for cable television series Debbie Does Dallas Again, Eon fought to bring us the ultimate porno melting pot - an ensemble cast that's the who's who of porn's alt, proper and past, a completely fresh take on a classic adult film, and the cynical humor that we've come to expect from him.  So, now Debbie's crushing on the synth-pop sensation Dallas, trying to hook up with the lead singer, and...confused? I bet...well, get used to it because this summer's hottest, feel-good, date movie is not being shown at the multiplex - you're looking at it! Oh, and we suggest screening it with mixed company.

(Runtime - 1 hr. 58 mins.)

In the film, DEBBIE LOVES DALLAS, "Debbie Benton". and her friend "Shauna Grant" make ends meet by working as Pornstars, with their latest work being the music video inspired shoot, "Smells like Teen Pussy".  In the video, all of the girls dressed like cheerleaders with each of them wearing old school Converse shoes.  It is at this shoot that the topic of "Dallas", a Synth-Pop band comes up in conversation between the girls on set.  Bambi, whose Father, "Mr. Greenfield"(FJ Lincoln) is a record Exec with his own label, Silverthroat Promotions and Records, explains that her dad, at one point, nearly signed the band, while Debbie explains that Dallas is her favorite band of all, and that she wants nothing more than to be with the band's lead singer, "Punky"(Alex Gonz).  In a bit of a coincidence(or not), that's also what Bambi wants - thus putting the two girls at odds.  Debbie and Shauna eventually go back to Debbie's house, where they discover that Debbie's boyfriend, "Josh"(James Deen) has rented the house out, for use as a Porn set.  Sometime later, however, Debbie and Shauna run into "Tammy"(Dana DeArmond) and Bambi at the hair salon, where the topic of "Dallas" comes up again.  The band is going to be in town soon, so Debbie and Bambi enter into a little bet.  A bet to see who can sleep with "Punky" first.  And it is from there, when the band arrives into town that the wheels are set into motion as the girls see who can get to the singer first.  At a local recording studio, Debbie, Bambi and their friends run a distraction as Debbie and and Bambi look to hunt down the singer(even with both of them sucking off the doorman).  However, when that plan fails, each of the girls devise different strategies.  Debbie thinks that she has found Dallas online, and is chatting with him, while Bambi poses as an interviewer, named "Wendy O. Williams",  in order to get closer to him.  Neither plan works out, with one scenario being more hilarious than the other. Fortunately in the end, however, Debbie "does", as she just so happens to be the lady of choice for the man of her dreams after he spots her at a show.  And the they say, is history.

First things first.  Yes, DEBBIE LOVES DALLAS is a film that was shot in 2006, and then subsequently released in 2007, making this a 9 year old film.  I am fully aware of this, however, after my recent review of Vivid's remake of BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR, I decided to go after more of them.  Why?  Because it was fun.

So, a little background on this film.  Director Eon McKai's re-imagining of the Porn classic, DEBBIE DOES DALLAS was the subject of a documentary series for SHOWTIME, called DEBBIE DOES DALLAS AGAIN,  The documentary series was named after the big budget remake being made at the time by Vivid, which was Directed by legendary performer/Director Paul Thomas.  The series initially, only chronicled the making of Thomas' remake, but then later, McKai came into the picture.  At the time, a recent signee of VIVID's new VIVID ALT imprint, McKai expressed his equal desire to remake Debbie.  However, instead of possibly co-directing Thomas' remake, McKai wanted to direct a separate film - one for the alternative crowd.  One with Punk Rock sensibilities and style, as well as girls with tattoos and piercings.  They let him.  So, at one point the documentary series "Debbie Does Dallas Again" essentially became about the making of both of these films.

I watched, and have watched the aforementioned documentary series several times over the years, but it was not until now that I saw Eon McKai's "Debbie" film.  But, now that I have, I can tell you that the differences between Paul Thomas' film, and Eon McKai's is like night and day.  But that isn't necessarily a bad thing.  It just means that they are 2 entirely different takes - 2 entirely different "Debbies", if you will.  DEBBIE LOVES DALLAS is purposely shot in a totally, "do it yourself" kind of style.  The entire look, and set up of the film is cheap.  However, with that said, it has a lot of style and imagination behind it.  Sometimes the film, is purposely trashy and off the cuff, yet the storyline within remains intact, and is well told.  For a first time viewer(like I was), initially, you might be caught off guard by the film's approach(it's trippy, indeed), and even a little put off by it maybe.  But once you get used to it, it becomes kind of fun, as you learn to accept its many oddities with.  Oddities which include psychedelic inserts being thrown into the film here and there(think of how the film HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES did it, with its bizarre segues in between scenes), music videos being placed in the middle of sex scenes, and hastily dressed sets(There are a couple of scenes that involve the hotel's elevator.  Except it is nothing more than a Plexiglas pod of some sort.  The notion of elevator travel, is demonstrated purely, and resourcefully, by illustration on screen).  There are also moments where you can hear the director give instruction to the actors, not to mention that there is an entire sex scene in which the film's star, Cassidey calls Pixie Pearl by her name, instead of her character's name, which is "Shauna".  All of these mistakes have been left in, and untouched.  This could point to the film's low budget, or time restraints, or it could show that the filmmakers just didn't care.  I am willing to bet that it was all of the above.  Luckily, these mistakes just somehow work within the "Punk" nature of the film.  Had it been a bigger budgeted feature, I don't see how they would get away with such mistakes.  Its cheapness, and its mistakes, collectively, make DEBBIE LOVES DALLAS pretty fun.  No great, but fun.

What is most fun about DEBBIE LOVES DALLAS is its take on the "Debbie" story.  In this film, "Dallas" is not a place, but a thing.  It's a band, and it is a band, which "Debbie Benton" loves.  More specifically, she loves the band's lead singer, a guy who calls himself "Punky".  Unfortunately for Debbie, however, Punky has a lot of fans, and one of them just so happens to be the rather wealthy, "Bambi Woods".  Her dad is a big shot Record Exec, and so Bambi, thinks she might have an edge in landing "Punky".  But not if Debbie has anything to say about it.  This is what sparks a little competition between the two, as they compete to see who can bed "Punky" first.  Yes, "Punky" is the prize in this Ladies bet.  This story is full of life, as it plays out like a classic sex comedy of sorts.  And I really liked how McKai was able to take his film, which is a wildly different film from the original, and still make it relate to it in some way.  First, there are the 2 lead female characters, whose names are "Debbie Benton" and "Bambi Woods"  Each of these names refer to the original.  "Debbie Benton" was the name of the character in DEBBIE DOES DALLAS, while Bambi Woods was the stage name of the Actress who played her.  The film also has an ultra cool tie-in between the original, and this film, when the character from the original film, somehow magically pops out of the TV and into the bed room.  It's fantastic, and whomever came up with this idea - kudos to them!  It all goes down when Debbie and her friend, Shauna, pop in an old DEBBIE DOES DALLAS tape into the player.  As they watch, Debbie is somehow sucked into the real world, as portrayed by Monique Alexander, whom goes on to explain, that out of all the "Debbies" that there have ever been, she is the most special.  She also goes on to explain that she, Debbie Benton has a special power, and that power, quite frankly, comes from her tits, ass, and especially her pussy.  And just as Debbie from the original had her friends, who banded together in order to help Debbie achieve her goal, the Debbie of this film has her best friend "Shauna"(played by Pixie Pearl)  Shauna is dedicated enough to participate in a five-way just so that she can be part of a distraction when Debbie hopes to find ""Punky" at the recording studio.  If that's not a BFF, I don't know what is!  However, aside from the plot, and the little tie-ins, what also drives the film, is the overall offbeat nature of it all.  There is comedy, as well as other cultural references from McKai, who is obviously a fan of some cool stuff.  For example, "Shauna's" last name is Grant, thus making her "Shauna Grant", the stage name of the late golden age pornstar.  And later in the film, Charlotte Stokely's character, when pretending to be an interviewer, tells them that her name is "Wendy O. Williams".  Williams, who was the singer for the band the "Plasmatics" was one bad ass chick.  Needless to say, I was quite happy to hear both of these names mentioned in the film.

Although, as I said, yes, this is a low budget film, it does feature some rather memorable characters, as well as the performances that accompany them.  First, I must mention Tommy Pistol.  Tommy is a guy, who I now talk about all of the time.  I also have already reviewed a number of his films to date - but DEBBIE LOVES DALLAS marked the first time that I had ever heard of him.  During the filming of the documentary series, they had interviewed Tommy, but at the time, I didn't know his name.  It wasn't until years following, that I would see him a number of times, and be like, "hey, there's that guy".  Well, with that out of the way, here, Tommy plays "Deeze"  "Deeze" is basically the "go to" guy for everything.  Out of his van, he has hotdogs, music and weed - basically everything one Punker needs.  This character is off-the-wall, yet so very Tommy Pistol.  He makes it work, as only he can.  Dana DeArmond is also here is support of the main characters, as she portrays "Tammy", who is sort of a bitch.  As I have heard from Dana in interviews, she is good at playing a bitch, and she just so happens to get cast as such - a lot. Tammy is really no different from the norm, then.  I am glad she was here, as DeArmond is hot,  And it was during time that she had multiple piercings, which is even hotter!  And then we have Pixie Pearl as the best friend to Debbie, "Shauna",  To be honest, I had never seen Pixie prior to this, but that doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy seeing her.  She does well as far as the story goes, not to mention that she participates in 2 great sex scenes, seen in the film.  Charlotte Stokely, the otherwise lovable blonde, here is kind of a spoiled, pain in the ass(in Debbie's ass, more particularly).  Charlotte is just great in this film.  I have been a fan of her ever since discovering her recently.  She is just so hot, and is no different here.  While I enjoyed her as the bitchy type, I would have much rather seen her as "Debbie".  I mean, she is the one who is prominently featured on the DVD cover, so it seems that someone agrees.  But then again, maybe Cassidey just wasn't around to take pics?  From the documentary, I remember Cassidey being real difficult, in fact, I believe that she was fired from the Paul Thomas version of "Debbie".  But none the less here, she does decently as the character on a mission.  Like the original, we don't really feel sympathetic to Debbie in meeting her goal, but nonetheless, we watch as she does her thing.  And when it comes to "doing her thing", Cassidey does bring it.  The "bad girl" brings a lot of energy to her scenes, she really gets into the enjoyment of the sex, so it's fun to watch her.  Elsewhere in terms of other male talent, we have a younger James Deen as Debbie's slacker boyfriend, "Josh", and Alex Gonz as the guy from the band, "Dallas" that all the girls seem to want.  "Punky"  The character, is someone who I don't see the appeal in, but for the story's sake, it's there.  I mean, the guy plays Synth-pop.  It's not metal, it isn't even Punk.  Oh well.  Elsewhere, appearing as 2 "Dallas" band members is a guy named Julius Ceazher(playing "Clem Barnes"), another named Icarus Corpse(playing "Jordan Lee"), and Danny Wylde(whom we know.  He plays "Glynn").

To sum up DEBBIE LOVES DALLAS, I will say "weird". It's definitely that.  At first you are kind of taken back by it, but once you get into it, and get used to it, it kind of sucks you in.  It's hallucinogenic, and I am wondering what it would be like to watch it while high.  I wouldn't be surprised if the filmmakers themselves were high while making it.  Beyond all of its weirdness however, somehow it is still well conceived and well made.  I have seen a lot of "Debbie" films, but none quite like this one, which I am thinking, was the goal, here.  It is definitely on the experimental side.  Check this one out if you're curious in the least.

As for me gong back and reviewing some of VIVID'S older titles, I hope you enjoy reading them, because there is more coming!  Tomorrow, I will be taking on the Paul Thomas remake of DEBBIE DOES DALLAS.  DEBBIE DOES DALLAS...AGAIN.

As for the sex scenes in the film, there are 7 instances.  2 of them are blowjob only(first Cassidey and Charlotte Stokely take on Justin Syder, and then it's Stokely with Alex Gonz), where the others vary in type.  There are 3 boy/girl scenes.  The first featuring Tommy Pistol and Dana DeArmond, the second, James Deen and Pixie Pearl, and then the third with Alex Gonz and Cassidey.  Also there is a five-way between Dana DeArmond and Pixie Pearl, as they take on 3 men, Julius Ceazher, Icarus Corpse and Danny Wylde. And then there is an all girl three-way between Cassidey, Pixie Pearl, and Monique Alexander(who appeared in this film, as well as Paul Thomas' version).  I enjoyed all of the sex here, to an extent, as the action is captured in a more "Raw" state.  The Pistol/DeArmond scene was hot, as was the scene featuring Pearl and Deen(It is the one that is sort of interrupted momentarily by a crazy music video).  I also enjoyed the all girl three-way.  But then again the film's final scene between Cassidey and Gonz was also good - so it's really hard to choose.  So, i'll just say that there's a lot to like here, in terms of sex.   

My Score : 6.5/10

Sex Scene Breakdown

Scene 1 : Dana DeArmond and Tommy Pistol
In the first scene, after "Deeze"(Tommy Pistol) serves up the girls some hot dogs and music, "Tammy"(Dana DeArmond) stays behind to chat with him, and of course, things soon lead to sex in his van.  Dana wastes no time in going down on Tommy, as she takes his cock deep into her throat, Tommy spanks her tits with his dick, before tittyfucking her briefly.  That's before Dana continues to deep throat.  After a time, she sucks the balls and licks the shaft while stroking her.  Soon, things continue in missionary, where Tommy drills it in hard and fast.  After, things go to doggy, where Tommy continues to jam it in hard.  Following this, things go anal, as Tommy pounds Dana's asshole hard,  The camera, from her gives us several angles, with the overhead, being more detailed.  As Tommy continues, he smacks her ass a few times.  The anal pounding continues for a time, before Tommy must cum.  He does so when he lets loose a load into Dana's mouth. - This was a pretty good scene, that was shot obviously from a horny guy's perceptive.  Lots of detail on the penetration and the action, and very raw.  Dana DeArmond is hot, and Tommy fucks her good.

Scene 2 : Pixie Pearl and James Deen
This scene kicks off when "Debbie"(Cassidey) and "Shauna"(Pixie Pearl arrive at Debbie's house, after returning from the music video shoot.  Seeing the girls in their outfits turns Debbie's boyfriend, "Josh"(James Deen) on.  But Debbie isn't interested, and so, she tells him to fuck Shauna, so of course, he does.  At first, Josh can't quite get it up, so Shauna sucks him, and he fucks her face.  This is before he titty fucks her, before she is back to sucking, and he fucks her face some more.  Eventually, she ends the blowjob by sucking the balls and stroking the shaft.  The action then takes to the couch and in cowgirl.  From here, we see Pixie's nice big ass bounce on the cock, before Deen takes charge, fucking Pixie hard and fast.  Pixie throats him again briefly, before things go to hard doggy. James keeps a steady pace as he slams his cock into Pixie's hole, eventually causing her to cum.  Next, Pixie is getting fucked in reverse cowgirl,  The camera keeps us into the action, giving us multiple angles.  At one point, the sex scene is intercut with a "Dallas" music video(yes, really! Full on music mode).  After awhile we see that the action has gone to missionary.  James, from here, continues to fuck her hard, before the scene ends with Deen jerking off into Pixie's mouth, and onto her face. - Another pretty good scene, but boy, is it weird.  Not that, that that's a bad thing.  It is nicely edited as the scene unexpectedly breaks into a music video sequence, and back again.  I have never seen a sex scene quite like it.

Scene 3 :
Dana DeArmond and Pixie Pearl and Danny Wylde and Icarus Corpse and Julius Ceazher 
In the next scene, "Tammy"(Dana DeArmond) and "Shauna"(Pixie Pearl) sneak into the recording studio, where they find 2 members of the band "Dallas" - "Clem Barnes"(Julius Ceazher), and "Jordan Lee"(Icarus Corpse).  It does not take much convincing to get the guys to have sex with them.  Record Producer, "Glynn(Danny Wylde), also joins in, making it 3 on 2.  First, Icarus sucks on Dana's tits. before Danny joins in, while Pixie sucks Julius' cock.  Dana then works on both cocks, taking Icarus deep, and sucking his balls. Icarus, then goes to Pixie, as she suck him, while Julius eats her pussy from behind, before sliding in his cock for doggy, where he pounds it hard.  Meanwhile, Icarus fucks Dana from behind as well.  After Dana sucks some cock, Danny gets some from behind of well, while she continue to suck Icarus's cock and balls.  Icarus eventually goes over to fuck Pixie in missionary, while she keep her mouth on Julius.  Eventually it's Icarus having Pixie from behind, while Julius fucks Dana hard in missionary.  As Julius continues, Danny has Pixie in missionary, eating her out, before Icarus takes over with Dana in missionary.  This continues for a time before each of the men cum - with Julius being last to do so.  - This was a good scene, but it is always difficult to keep up with the action.  I can only imagine these types of scenes being tough to shoot.

Scene 4 :
Cassidey and Charlotte Stokely and Justin Syder
The next scene is a blowjob scene, involving "Debbie"(Cassidey), "Bambi"(Charlotte Stokely) and a doorman(Justin Syder).  The girls want into the studio to see their favorite singer for "Dallas", "Punky"(Alex Gonz).  He doesn't let them in, but agrees to let in, the one who sucks the best cock.  From here, the 2 ladies take turns, sucking, stroking and deep throating the cock - and sometimes sharing it.  Charlotte gets the most play as she sucks Snyder until he cums in her mouth.  Things end when Charlotte spits some of the cum onto Cassidey's tits.  - Yes, it's just a blowjob scene, but it's still hot.  Charlotte Stokely is so sexy in this movie.  I have just become a fan of her as of late, so it's cool to see some of her older work!

Scene 5 :
Cassidey and Monique Alexander and Pixie Pearl
The next scene finds "Debbie"(Cassidey) and "Shauna"(Pixie Pearl), at Shauna's parents house, after the failed attempt at meeting "Punky"(Alex Gonz) at the hotel.  While re-evaluating their plans, they decide to pop in a VHS tape - the original DEBBIE DOES DALLAS, of course!  As they watch, something miraculous occurs.  The character from the film, "Debbie" appears in the bedroom.  The O.G. Debbie, is quick to tell the other Debbie that she is a special "Debbie", and that her powers lie in the use of her body.  From there, O.G. Debbie comes on to the girls.  Monique pushes Cassidey on to the bed and proceeds to eat her pussy, while Pixie chokes her and kisses her.  Monique then jams fingers in, while continuing to massage her clit.  a low angle camera, keeps us in the action.  The two ladies continue to work Cassidey's pussy, as they double team it as they finger.  Next, Monique takes the doggy position as Cassidey finger fucks her. Next, Pixie is in the doggy position, as Cassidey and Monique take turns finger banging her hole.  Next, Cassidey rides Pixie's face, as Monique chokes Cassidey, ans sucks her tits.  Then Cassidey lies on her back, where pixie finger bangs her. This is followed by Cassidey, literally riding Pixie's hand.  This is followed by Pixie holding her legs well over her head, when Cassidey finger bangs her hard and deep.  Next Monique is finger banged by by Cassidey, as she lie on her back.  Cassidey keeps the deep, hard pace that she has had through out, which makes Monique eventually come to climax.  This of course ends the scene.  - Now this was a pretty hot scene!  All 3 of these girls really turned it on, especially Cassidey, who likes to get it, and give it rough. A really good scene.  I used to be such a fan of Monique Alexander, but unfortunately, more recently, she just hasn't been the same.

Scene 6 : Charlotte Stokely and Alex Gonz
In the next scene, "Bambi"(Charlotte Stokely) finally makes it to "Punky"(Alex Gonz), the lead singer of "Dallas", by pretending to be a reporter named "Wendy O. Williams".  She gets him in a room alone, but Punky is on to her scheme, saying that the two should just get down to business - and so they do.  Charlotte wastes no time in sucking Alex's cock, taking it deep in her mouth, while playing with the balls.  This continues until Alex briefly tittyfucks her, before Charlotte returns to sucking and stroking, and sucking his balls, with a lot of spit applied.  However, before the action can go any further the two of them are interrupted, when Bambi's dad, "Mr. Greenfield" (FJ Lincoln) barges in.  Greenfield is there to possibly sign "Dallas" to his Silverthroat Records, but he unexpectedly runs into his daughter - dick sucking in progress.  - Another blowjob scene from Stokely, and man can she suck a dick!  Although it's hot, it's a bit of a let down because we don't see Charlotte fucked.  We don't even get a glimpse of her pussy!

Scene 7 : Cassidey and Alex Gonz
In the final scene, "Debbie"(Cassidey) finally gets her chance with the famous, "Punky"(Alex Gonz) when he spots her at a show.  From there, the two go to his hotel room - and you know what happens next,  First, Cassidey is on Alex's cock.  Cassidey sucks him deep as Alex  glides it into the back of her throat.  Some more toying with the cock by Cassidey happens, before Alex takes things into doggy, where he pounds the pussy hard. This lasts awhile before things go to reverse cowgirl briefly, and then into spoon.  Things then naturally transition to missionary, where Gonz continues to ram his big cock in.  Things continue here for an extended period of time, before Gonz picks up the pace, shortly before pulling out to cum.  He does so on Cassidey's stomach to end the scene, as well as conclude the film's sex. - This was a great scene to end things with.  Some hard action from both performers.  And again, Cassidey seems really into it, making it all the more hot!

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