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March 23, 2016

Movie Review: Dirty Money (Wicked Pictures/Scandalous Films - 2016)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - March 23, 2016

Starring :

Casey Calvert
Teanna Trump
Bianca Breeze
Ziggy Star
Jezabel Vessir
Steven St. Croix
Damon Dice
Romeo Price
Donnie Rock


 Dirty Money takes you on a sexual roller coaster as you explore a day in the life of a hundred dollar bill. From being paid to a therapist, bribed to a cop, stolen by a teen, and given to a hooker, Benjamin gets passed around like a dirty little whore, seeing all the hot sex along the way. While money might not be able to buy happiness - it can definitely lead to some down and dirty sex!

(Runtime - 2 hr. 12 mins.)

DIRTY MONEY from WICKED PICTURES and LOS SCANDALOUS FILMS, is a rather unique, scripted based Porn film, in that it has a plot device that is out of the ordinary- $100 bill. The film introduces several characters, and their individual scenarios, while all of them are linked by only one thing - the "Benjamin".  The film shows the travels of of single $100 bill, as it goes from hand to hand, and situation to situation.  It all begins with a man named "Steve"(Stallion) withdrawing the money from an ATM.  The purpose of the money is to pay the Couples Therapist, which he and his wife, "Vivian"(Casey Calvert) have been seeing.  After their latest session, Steve pays the Therapist $100 for her services, during which he rips the bill on its corner, giving it a distinguishing look.  Next, we see the therapist, whom is almost ticketed for driving on a private road, pay the Officer off with the bill, before she has sex with him.  After which, he places the bill int his pocket.  A short time later, the Officer returns home, as he greet his wife(Dava Fox), and his teenage daughter, "Sabrina"(Ziggy Star).  Next it is Sabrina, who comes into possession of the bill, when she snatches it out of her dad's uniform pocket.  Next, we find that the $100 bill has since traveled with Sabrina, as she hang with her boyfriend, "Jason"(Damon Dice).  After the two have wild sex in his van, Jason later that night, uses the money to purchase drugs from "Paul"(Donnie Rock).  After, Paul makes a pit stop at the campaign office of "Larry Bennett" where his girlfriend(Jezabel Vessir) works.  Simple conversation leads to passionate sex in a back room of the office.  It is there that he mistakenly leaves the bill behind - thus making it available for anyone to take.  That "anyone" would just so happen to be Larry Bennett himself, who later uses it to spring for a hooker.  The arrangement lands them at a seedy motel, where the two have sex.  From there, it is the hooker who is in possession of the $100 note.  But just as it has a number of times, the bill would soon land in the hands of someone else.  Someone who is very familiar with this particular note.  Thus causing this tale of "dirty money", to come full circle.

Going into WICKED's latest offering, I knew very little about the film, DIRTY MONEY.  All that I knew was that the film's synopsis made the film sound really intriguing.  Have you ever wondered where your money ends up after you've spent it?  In whose hand it arrives, and the things that it might go though to finally reach a person?  DIRTY MONEY tells such a story, about one lone, but adventurous $100 dollar bill.  Yes, and while it might seem strange, it is the $100 bill that is essentially the driving force, here.  It all starts with one paying his therapist with the bill.  From there, it travels into various hands, and is used for various things.  After the bill is first spent, we see the the torn $100 bill, become the subject of different types of things.  And they are; bribery, theft, payment for drugs, as well as payment for sex.  In other words: this $100 dollar bill gets around!
Honestly. this film reminds me of the 1976 Porno film, THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A FLEA.  That film was a comedy, in which the story is told from the point of view, of yes, a flea.  Here, it's the same thing, in which a "thing" is the focal point.  While, of course, the $100 bill can't speak, or narrate the film, as they had the flea do, in the aforementioned, it is still very much the heart of the story.  Here, everything that happens is because of a direct association with the bill.  And the camera makes sure that we know that.  As it often exchanges views of the $100 note, as well as the sex.  I pretty much enjoyed this film, because a good part of the intrigue comes from not knowing where the bill will end up next.  Because of this, the viewer is essentially sucked in, as we follow along.  Later, another question also  emerges.  "Just how will it all end?".  This had me wondering initially.  But then came the twist, that I feel, brilliantly brings everything together, in a plausible manner.  Without giving away the film's conclusion, i'll just say this much.  It is a conclusion that makes sense, as everything comes full circle, as the reveal fully relates to the film's first sequence of events.

On the surface, some may say, "just how can film about a traveling $100 bill be interesting?"  Well, apparently, it's possible.  Because DIRTY MONEY is a well told, progressive story, with a few interesting twists and turns along the way.  Personally I enjoyed following along with the story, and likewise, was very pleased with the outcome.  As for the technical aspects of the film, it is low budget in appearance, and feels very much like an indie film.  However, what matters most is the fact that it has a nice amount of creativity behind it.  It is well worth a look.  Perhaps you might be surprised by it, just as I was.  To tell the truth, this film ended up being much better than I thought it would be.

Aside from a fun storyline, DIRTY MONEY also presents some great sex.  5 sex scenes in total - all of the boy/girl variety.  My 2 favorite scenes of the bunch, are the second scene pairing of Ziggy Star and Damon Dice, as well as the pairing featured in the film's final scene, which features Teanna Trump, and Steven St. Croix.  Out these two scenes, i'd have to say that the film's best sex scene is the latter.  It has the right build, as well as a great chemistry between the two performers.

DIRTY MONEY is available on DVD, as well as available for streaming on the WICKED PICTURES website.  Click here to join WICKED PICTURES for a discounted rate, today!

My score : 7.5/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1: Casey Calvert and Stallion
While getting ready to go to a couples therapy appointment, "Vivian"(Casey Calvert) is met by "Steve"(Stallion), who comes back with a $100 bill from the ATM.  It takes some convincing, but soon, Stallion is able to get Casey in the mood for sex.  It starts with kissing, as Stallion kisses her all over, before reaching down her skirt,  The kissing continues as Casey is stripped down.  Stallion puts her up on the bathroom counter, and then goes between her legs with his tongue.  He also plays with her nipples, as she also rubs her tits.  He soon begins to suck on her tits, before carrying her over to the bed.  This is where Casey whips his cock out and begins to suck.  This lasts briefly before she climbs on in cowgirl,  The camera zoom changes, giving us multiple views as Stallion rams his cock in.  It's a nice sight, and there's also a bedside fire of sorts.  Next, the position reverses, and we are now seeing reverse cowgirl.  From here, Casey lies back, while Stallion plugs her hole good and fast.  Casey then leans forward, as things continue.  The pace remains nice and steady, as Casey eventually, and once again leans back - with the camera giving us a closeup view of the penetration.  From there, Casey sucks Stallion's cock, as he is now at the edge of the bed.  She takes him in and out of her mouth, also licking the shaft on occasion.  After this, Stallion carries Casey back to the bathroom, where she continues to suck Stallion's big cock, while adding spit, and stroking.  Next up is some standing cowgirl, as Stallion lifts Casey into the air, for a pounding.  It lasts briefly, before they turn the shower on, after which, Stallion fucks her from behind.  Things continue, when Stallion lifts her leg, as she massages her pussy.  Next, Casey is on all fours, as he continues to fuck.  Things carry on for a time, until Stallion eventually cums, when he blasts a huge lot onto Casey's ass. - This was a pretty good scene.  It is one of those scenes that gets better as it progresses.  In recent months, I have become a true fan of Casey Calvert.  I think that she is really sexy!

Scene 2 : Bianca Breeze and Romeo Price
In the next scene, Couples Therapist (Bianca Breeze), gets lost while on her way to a Couples retreat, at which she is speaking.  She decides to take a private road, unfortunately there is an Police Officer(Romeo Price) on her tail.  The Officer eventually agrees to let her off with a warning, however she can't resist flirting with him - as she writes her number on the back of the $100 bill.  And of course this leads to sex.  He gets her out of the car, and feels her up, before finally massaging her pussy.  Things continue, with Bianca being bent over the convertible, and with her right leg up on the car, Romeo goes in on her pussy, with fingers, before putting in his cock, as things proceeds in doggy, where Romeo drills her deep and hard, as he pulls her hair for a time.  Next, she lay back in missionary on the car, where he tongues and sucks on her pussy to her eventual climax.  Next, Romeo has his cock in, as he fucks her at a steady pace.  Bianca follows this up, by deep throating his cock, using a lot of spit.  Next up, Bianca is bent over the hood of the Police cruiser, where Romeo, both, eats and finger bangs her pussy from behind, as Bianca spreads her legs apart.  Next, Bianca is in side fuck.  First, she finger fucks her pussy, which causes her to squirt a little, before Romeo slides his cock back inside.  Bianca is then back to sucking.  She is on her back, where she throats him while upside down.  This is where things continue, before Romeo cums into Bianca's mouth. - This was a pretty good scene.  I loved the scenario, and there is some nice action from the performers.

Scene 3 : Ziggy Star and Damon Dice
In the next scene, after snatching the $100 bill from her dad's uniform pocket, the Officer's daughter, "Sabrina"(Ziggy Star) leaves to hang out with her stoner boyfriend, "Jason"(Damon Dice).  After giving him the bill, she says that she has another surprise for him, as she begin to suck his cock in the van. She slurps the dick, as her pants are pulled down, giving us a nice view of her ass and pussy as she sucks.  It continues. as she straddles him, and continues to suck.  She then goes on to ride his face briefly, where he tongues and fingers.  Briefly, as Damon eats her, the flexible Ziggy, bends back to suck his cock.  Damon massages her clit until she cums.  Next she rides up and down in cowgirl, that transitions to her riding sideways on the dick, and then in reverse cowgirl.  From reverse cowgirl, Damon rams her deep. and hard.  After that, things go into doggy, where Damon keeps a steady pace going, before Ziggy, goes on to slurp on his cock again, also sucking on his balls.  Next up is side fuck, where Damon fucks her nice and hard.  The position naturally transitions over to missionary, where Damon destroys the pussy, drilling it hard and fast.  This of course, causes him to explode onto her stomach and chest. - Wow, this scene is pretty hot.  The action in the van is nice and hard. as Damon fucks her good.  This is my first time seeing Ziggy Star, but man, she is a petite little ball of sexual fire!  Lots of energy!

Scene 4 : Jezabel Vessir and Donnie Rock
In the next scene, drug dealer "Paul"(Donnie Rock) visits a lady friend(Jezabel Vessir) at her job, at a campaign office.  After donating to the cause, things lead to sex in a back room.  Passionate kissing leads to more, as Jezabel soon has her pussy eaten by Donnie.  Donnie tongues and puts a few fingers in.  After this, Jezabel goes down to suck and stroke Donnie's cock.  After, there is some 69 action as Jezabel continues to suck, while Donnie eats.  This lasts briefly, before things go into cowgirl.  From here, Jezabel rides, and grinds on the cock, hard and fast.  This lasts for a time, until things go into doggy, where Donnie keeps pounding.  Then, things go over to missionary.  Donnie holds her leg up, as he keeps the pace, nice and steady.  This is before things go back to cowgirl, although this time, both of them are seated.  Things continue here before Donnie cums.  We don't see the cumshot, but it can be assumed that it was onto Jezabel's pussy. - This was an ok scene.  The best thing about it being my discovery of Jezabel Vessir, who has a nice, soft, classic look.

Scene 5 : Teanna Trump and Steven St. Croix
In the film's final scene, we see the Politician, "Larry Bennett"(Steven St. Croix), pick up a hooker(Teanna Trump), and arrive with her to a seedy motel.  The two waste no time in getting down to business.  After stripping down to nothing but a body stocking, Teanna grinds on Steven's lap, briefly, before continuing to strip down to nothing.  Steven kisses and caresses her body,  She spreads her legs, with one leg on a counter top, the other on the bed, as Steven massages her clit, nice and slow.  Next, he spanks the pussy, as the view zooms in and out with each smack.  Next, Teanna bends over, as Steven buries his face into her ass, as he begins to eat her pussy.  This is followed by Teanna with her legs spread wide on the bed, as Steven continues to suck her pussy.  Steven finally gets out his cock, which Teanna goes on to suck and tongue for a bit.  Steven eventually lies on the bed, where Teanna then deep throats him, utilizing a lot of spit.  From there, things go to doggy, where Steven pounds deep, as he also teases the pussy.  After this, things take to the bed for spoon, where St. Croix fucks Trump at a quick pace.  Next, Steven continues things as he takes Teanna into doggy on the bed.  This lasts briefly, before Teanna climbs on in cowgirl.  From here, Steven slams her down on his cock.  Teanna thing continues to ride at a steady pace.  Next, Steven places a pillow underneath Teanna's ass to elevate her, as he pound her in missionary. Things continue here, until he must cum.  He does so on her pussy/inner thigh. - This is the best sex scene of the movie.  It is a slow burning scene that has time to build before the real action begins.  And then it does, it's hot.  I am really liking Teanna Trump!

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