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March 3, 2016

Hall Pass: Cheating with Permission (New Sensations Tales from the Edge - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - March 3, 2016

Starring :

Brooklyn Chase
Anikka Albrite
Ava Dalush
Cherie Devile
Mick Blue
Chad White
Ryan McLane
Ramon Nomar

With her husband's blessing, Anikka indulges in an afternoon seduction with a long time crush. Cherie's husband is eager to help her overcome her sexual inhibitions by arranging an afternoon session with a passionate masseuse. Ava catches her employee off guard when the private meeting she requested isn't to fire him, but to instead proposition him for sex. Months of sexual tension reaches a breaking point between Brooklyn and her personal chef when she confesses to him that he's her "Hall Pass" guy.

(Runtime - 1 hr. 54 mins.)

With the vignette release, from the "Tales from the Edge" line,  titled HALL PASS: CHEATING WITH PERMISSION, Writer/Director Jacky St. James, and NEW SENSATIONS explore the idea of a "Hall Pass".  The occasion when someone is given an unrestricted pass, by their significant other to have sex with another person.  HALL PASS: CHEATING WITH PERMISSION presents 4 different scenarios, in which 4 women have been given a "Hall Pass" by their lover.  The scenarios seen in the film are; sleeping with your husband's best friend, indulging in the urge to sleep with your masseuse, seducing your personal chef, and lastly, having sex with your employee.

- In the first story, "Robert Blue"(Mick Blue) is a Real Estate agent, who is best friend with Andrew, and "Victoria Matson"(Anikka Albrite).  Andrew has given wife Victoria, a "Hall Pass" to sleep with anyone, and it just so happens that Robert is the lucky guy that she chooses.  Robert is nervous, but Victoria assures him that her husband is ok with it, and nothing will change.  And with that, they engage in a lustful sexual encounter.  It is an encounter that Victoria has dreamed about for some time.

- In the second story, Housewife "Charlotte Redman"(Cherie Deville) has been given a "Hall Pass" from her husband - so who does she choose?  None other than her Masseuse, "Jason McCarthy"(Ryan McLane), a guy who has been know for having "magical hands".  But in a change of pace, we discover that it is Charlotte who is nervous about having sex with someone other than her husband - stating that it has been 10 years since she's had another sexual partner.  In fact, she has only had sex with 4 people in her lifetime.  Things begin slow, but soon things heat up, with Charlotte's nerves going out the window.

- In the next tale, "Javier"(Ramon Nomar) is a personal chef.  He is known for having an ability to turn any food into an aphrodisiac, and he also, just so happens to be "Rachel Chase's"(Brooklyn Chase) "Hall Pass" guy of choice.  After cooking her an amazing meal, Rachel tells Javier, that her husband, Jeff has given her an unrestricted "Hall Pass" to fuck anyone that she chooses.  She, of course chooses, Chef Javier.  At first, Javier doesn't go for it, however, after some explanation, and reassuring from Rachel, the two of dive head on into sex in the kitchen.

- And in the film's fourth and final vignette, "Ava Simpson"("Ava Dalush) oversees a landscaping business.  Besides keeping her company in order, she has also been keeping an eye on one of her workers, Chad White, as she fantasizes about being with him.  To her good fortune, her husband has given her the liberty to act on her fantasy with Chad, with a "Hall Pass"  Obviously, Chad is a little standoff-ish initially, as he fears he may lose his job, if he takes his boss up on the offer.  But after a call to her husband, Chad is given the ok.  From there, Ava wastes no time in, as she says "shagging" White, as the two get it on in her office.

With this offering from NEW SENSATIONS and St. James, we once again have 4 individual stories, which all revolve around a single idea.  Although this is, again not a fully scripted feature, Jacky St. James, still brings to this series of vignettes, which are centered around the idea of "cheating with permission", her unique brand of genuine, and authentic writing.  Because of this, all of the setups that lead into the sex are curious and fun.  Also in adition to the setups, is of course the sex, which I must admit is a step above some of the other vignette releases that I have seen.  Over the last few weeks, I have reviewed a number of scripted features, which have been either written or directed by Jacky St. James, and honestly, I have been frustrated with some of them when it comes to how the sex scenes are edited.  With a lot of the titles. the sex seems to be toned down a bit.  Edited in a manner that makes them less explicit.  Jacky always has the ladies of her audience in mind, so maybe it's for them.  Maybe it's for time constraints?  Whatever it is, it sometimes leaves us craving more.  I went into HALL PASS, with this in mind, but luckily, I am happy to tell you that I have no complaints here, when it comes to the sex.  Here, we have 4 sex scenes, and they are all hot, as they seem to hold absolutely nothing back.  It is the type of action that St. James is fully capable of bringing us.  With the performers on top of their game, and the sex beautifully captured.

To sum up HALL PASS: CHEATING WITH PERMISSION, it is a release that I feel is definitely suitable for couples, because as I said, the scenarios are both curious and fun.  But, then again, if storylines aren't necessarily your thing, there's the sex.  And the sex is hot.
This release presents 4 individual sex scenes, which follow a scripted setup.  With this one, I can honestly say that I enjoyed each of the sex scenes, as it feels that you've had an experience with each of them, rather than just each scene breezing by.  Each of the scenes have their reasons to enjoy them.  But if I had to choose a favorite scene from this collection, it really is a no-brainer.  The best scene, in my opinion. comes from Anikka Albrite, and Mick Blue, a real life husband and wife, who are paired up in the film's first scenario.  Blue and Albrite are a couple, so the passion in the scene is just raw, and real.  It's amazing, and will likely leave even the most seasoned viewer hot and sweaty once it's over(I know I was!).  But with that said, all of the scenes in HALL PASS: CHEATING WITH PERMISSION make it one that is most definitely worth seeing.

My Score : 8/10

Sex Scene Breakdown

Scene 1 : Anikka Albrite and Mick Blue
With "Robert"(Mick Blue) nervous about the situation, "Victoria"(Anikka Albrite) assures him that it's ok, as she begins to tease him with her pussy, as she lie back, and massage herself.  Victoria gets him further into the mood, with a little fantasy talk, before going on to suck on his cock.  As the spit lubricated the dick, she sucks it deep, before the couple take to 69, with she sucking cock, and he eating her out.  After, Anikka straddles Mick's cock in reverse cowgirl, where Mick fucks her hard, as she rides the dick rough.  This is followed by Anikka sucking cock for a little bit more, before the action takes to the reverse variation as it goes to standard cowgirl.  From here, Mick continues to fuck Anikka hard, as her hole is plowed, and her ass jiggles - she bounces, and also grinds on the cock.  This is then followed up with Anikka riding on Mick's face, at which point he eats her pussy,  During, she arches back to suck his cock.  Then, Anikka lie back, allowing Mick, to finger, and tongue, her pussy, before we see things go into spoon.  Here, Mick keeps a hard fast pace going, as Anikka finger herself.  From there, things go into missionary, where Mick fucks her from an extended period, keeping up a steady pace.  The camera keeps us well into the action.  Next, Mick eats Anikka's ass briefly, before things go into doggy.  The doggy continues as Anikka's ass smacks hard up against Mick. Mick keeps things going until he works up to cum on Anikka's ass.  - Oh wow, what a fucking fantastic scene from real life couple Anikka Albrite and Mick Blue.  It definitely begins this release with a bang!  Yes, here the two performers are in their respective characters, however when the action starts we soon forget that.  The action is hard and passionate.  It feels genuine, because it is.  I have said it before, but I am saying it again - Albrite and Blue, are one of porn's most endearing couples.

Scene 2 : Cherie Devile and Ryan McLane
After calming her nerves, "Jason"(Ryan McLane), the Masseuse, takes it slow with Charlotte"(Cherie Devile).  He kisses her all over, working his way down to he nether region.  From here, he uses skill, as he tongue and suck on her clit.  This lasts until Cherie returns the favor, sucking on Ryan's cock, first, she lick the shaft, before sucking.  As Ryan lie back on the massage table, Cherie climbs on top to ride in cowgirl.  From here, Ryan fucks her hard at a nice steady pace, as Cherie bounces and grinds.  The camera giving us views from both the back and front.  From the front, we have a good look at the proceedings, as Cherie lean back, as she rides the cock.  From there, it's doggy, as Ryan rams it in deep.  Ryan keeps the pace, as he spanks her a few times.  As Ryan continues to plunge deeply into her hole, he holds on to her arms for leverage.  After doggy, things continue on in missionary.  From here, Ryan hits the pussy hard,  With Cherie's legs in the air, he goes deep into her.  An overhead camera view, gives us a nice view, during.  After, things then move over to spoon, briefly, before things take a break for Cherie to suck Ryan off, before Ryan finger bangs her hard.  Things again go to spooning briefly, before it goes to missionary, where Ryan continues to drill her.  Things from here, are so hot, that Ryan soon cums, ending things, as he lets loose on her tits. - Another pretty good scene, featuring some steamy action from the performers.  Although I did know her beforehand, I had never seen her perform, but I must say that Cherie Deville, is pretty hot - lucky Ryan!

Scene 3 : Brooklyn Chase and Ramon Nomar
After the food is sampled, and things are explained, in regards to "Rachel's(Brooklyn Chase) "Hall Pass", She and "Javier"(Ramon Nomar) waste no time getting down to business in the kitchen.  It begins with Ramon sucking on Brooklyn's big beautiful tits, before he goes at her from behind. Brooklyn bends over a counter, where he goes on to tongue, before, slipping in his cock in doggy.  From here, Ramon keeps a nice, and steady pace, as Brooklyn urges him to keep going.  Food comes into play, as Ramon brings out a cream-filled dessert, putting some of the whip cream on his cock, and then allowing Brooklyn to lick it off.  She goes on to suck his cock, as the camera gives us a nice view, as her tits look fantastic.  Speaking of her tits - Ramon fucks them next, slipping his cock, in and out of her bountiful glands.  From there, Brooklyn sucks some more, and Ramon, again sucks on her tits, before Brooklyn is spread wide on the counter.From here, Ramon goes in with his tongue, before going balls deep into her pussy with his cock.  From this position, he keeps a steady pace as he rams it in, in side fuck.  Next, Ramon lie back, allowing Brooklyn to suck him deep, before, once again, she puts his cock between her tits.  Brooklyn sucks a bit more, before things go to cowgirl as she climbs on.  From here, her nice ass, bounces on the cock, as Ramon takes charge, as he rams the pussy deep.  Things then go on to spoon.  Here, Ramon keeps a nice pace going, before it goes to missionary, where things soon end.  The scene comes to a close with Ramon, again titty-fucking Brooklyn, until he cums, producing a nice load on her chest. - This was another really sexy scene.  Nice hard action with lots of tit-fucking!  Brooklyn Chase, whom, I have always been a fan of, is incredibly sexy.  Her tits are amazing!

Scene 4 : Ava Dalush and Chad White
After getting the ok from her husband, "Ava"(Ava Dalush), pushes Chad back on to a leather couch, as the two begin to kiss.  It isn't long before Chad makes his way between Ava's legs, as he laps his tongue across her clit, while also using his fingers.  As he continues to massage and tongue, he plunges fingers deep into her hole, as Ava begs for the dick.  Chad obliges, as Ava whips it out, to put it into her wet mouth.  She throats it deep, while also taking time to suck his balls, too.  She adds a lot of spit, as she stroke and suck, making things extra  sloppy.  Next, Ava is finally on the cock, as Chad is seated, and she's in cowgirl.  From here, Chad's cock goes deep into Ava, as she bounces on the dick, at an even pace.  Next, things go into spoon, where Chad picks up the pace, slamming his cock into her hard.  This is before things go to reverse cowgirl.  From here, Ava slams up and down onto Chad's cock, as things continue.  Eventually, Ava is positioned sideways, as Chad drills it home.  Next, things go into missionary. where Chad keeps things going as he holds up Ava's leg, as she's spread wide.  Closeups give us a nice view of the penetration.  Soon, things go into doggy, where Chad White keeps the pace going, ramming the pussy hard and deep, before he must cum.  He pulls out to unleash a huge load on to Ava's back.  - Another great scene here.  Nice setup, and hot action from the performers, once again.  Ava is pretty sexy here.  I dig her accent for sure.

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