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March 17, 2016

Movie Review: Malice in Lalaland (Vivid/Miss Lucifer Productions - 2010)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - March 17, 2016

Starring :

Sasha Grey
Kagney Linn Karter
Andy San Dimas
Chayse Evans
Jesse Capelli
Mackenzee Pierce
Juelz Ventura
Kristina Rose
Phoenix Marie
Sadie West
Tommy Gunn
Dirty Fred
Danny Mountain
Keni Styles
Alan Stafford
Chris Johnson
Billy Glide
Ron Jeremy

"Malice In Lalaland" is an innovative Miss Lucifer Productions film shot on 35 mm. Based on the two books by Lewis Carroll: "Alice In Wonderland" and "Through The Looking Glass", we stay true to a strange world and its' even stranger characters. Malice (Sasha Grey) manages to escape from an asylum with the help of Rabbit (Stephen Powers). During her escape from Queenie (Andy San Dimas) and Jabbowski (Dirty Fred), she has the most sexy adventures ever. "Let's Fuck 'N Roll!"

(Runtime - 1 hr. 38 mins.)

In this take, on both ALICE IN WONDERLAND and THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS(both stories by Lewis Carroll), "Malice"(Sasha Grey) is a young girl who escapes from an asylum, which is being overseen by the evil, and domineering "Dr. Queenie"(Andy San Dimas), and her orderly lackey, "Jabbowski"(Dirty Fred),  She escapes with the help with a strange rabbit(Stephen Powers).  After which she litterally falls into a strange world outside the asylum.  As Jabbowski pursues her, the rabbit leads her to a rundown gas station, where she is nearly apprehended.  But that is before a man named "Bill", stops Jabbowski in his tracks.  She narrowly escapes again after she hitches a ride with the eccentric, "Chester", a Photographer, who just so happens to have a fascination with cats, it seems.  Jabbowski leads them to a car chase, but fortunately, Malice and Chester, are able to get away, when things end in a fiery crash.  From there, Malice experiences some fun times with Chester the Photographer.  Not only do they take pictures, they also have sex, and meet up with Chester's friend, "Kater Pills"(Ron Jeremy) at his strip club,  And then, later that day, they also end up at Mad Hatter's place for a wild sex party.  Yet little do they know that Jabbowski is still on Malice's wonderful looking tail.  His gun is blazing, when Jabbowski tracks Malice down at the party.  It is an occasion where again, she narrowly escapes, when she jumps into a nearby car.  And who is in that car?  A ragtag Porn crew, who invite her to be their camera man for their next shoot.  For Malice the shoot seems to be the perfect way to hide out.  Unfortunately, though, Queenie and her lackey are seemingly one step ahead, proving that there truly is no escaping the infamous, Dr. Queenie.

Well this was something.  Something that I really enjoyed!  Over the years, ever since Author Lewis Carrol's stories were published, there have been a number of adaptations and variants of.  There is even a mainstream film called MALICE IN WONDERLAND.  But this film, MALICE IN LALALAND, is a film. which takes the stories of ALICE IN WONDERLAND and THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS in a bold new direction.  One with Rock 'n Roll, Hallucinogens and full-on sex.  Sure, there was Bill Osco's Adult ALICE IN WONDERLAND musical, which starred Kristine DeBell from 1976.  Truth be told, I like that film.  But this one is better.  MALICE IN LALALAND feels like a dark epic of sorts.  When Malice escapes the hold of Queenie's asylum, she is, of course pursued by Queenie's henchman, Jabbowski.  But, it is at that time, Malice also embarks on a surreal, psychedelic journey, filled with wild sex, and strange characters.  Part of the joy here, when you are a first time viewer, is the discovery of all that this film entails.  From the scene adaptations, down to the way in which the film chooses to translate the fairy tales' characters into the real world, yet in a not so real, setting.  A number of the tales' key characters are represented within.  Yet in ways that you probably never imagined.  First theirs the rabbit(portrayed by Stephen Powers), which leads the way for "Malice".  The rabbit is human-like and short in stature.  It is never mentioned if he is somewhat human, or not, so I guess that is part of the mystery that the film wishes to maintain.  And here, the famous Cheshire Cat is represented by a guy named "Chester"(played by Keni Styles).  He's a photographer who has the nickname, "Katz"  He also likes to wear a big cat head, that is a lot closer to how we know the character to be.  Next, we have the Caterpillar, here represented by a sleazy character named "Kater Pills"(played by none other than Ron Jeremy).  Kater is a guy who runs a local strip joint.  He is is apparently addicted to tits, and likes to smoke.  The Mad Hatter is also here.  And this time. he is represented, while looking like the guitarist from Guns 'n Roses.  Yes, i'm talking about Slash!  Here, the Mad Hatter doesn't host tea party dinners.  No, instead, he hosts wild sex parties at his multi-room facility, where bizarre sex acts are carried out.  It is at one of these parties, that Chester, the cat man, has three-way sex, with a pair of ladies wearing white rabbit heads, very much like the cat one which he is quite fond of.  So that counts for the white rabbit(s),  Elsewhere, we come to discover 2 pornstar brothers, named "Todd" and "Ted", whose last name is Tweed.  Which make them an obvious representation of the characters, "Tweedle Dum", and "Tweedle Dee"  This leads us to talk about the film's 2 antagonists, which are representations of "The Queen of Hearts" and the evil jabberwocky.  In this film, the dominant "Dr. Queenie"(played by Andy San Dimas) is basically the ruler of the asylum, which Malice was housed.  She rules with an iron fist, and becomes livid when Malice escapes.  Jabbowski the representation of the Jabberwocky here, is Queenie's right hand man(well at least when he isn't masturbating. - then he's her left hand man).  He cowers in front of Queenie, yet he is dangerous, especially seeing as he is quite trigger happy.  All of the aforementioned are original spins on the iconic characters.  They are variations that make MALICE IN LALALAND, a truly unique experience.

Acting-wise, it would appear that everyone involved, was into the project and had fun with it.  Sasha Grey as "Malice" provides a different take of the Alice that we all know.  Although Malice is still the ultra-curious type, here it's much more sexual in nature.  I must admit that Grey is really sexy in the role.  In the other performances, Keni Styles creates something fun with his eccentric "Chester" character, as at one point, he becomes a companion of sorts for Malice.  And when it comes to the opposition - Andy San Dimas and Dirty Fred are both great as "Dr. Queenie" and "Jabbowski" respectively.  Although our time with Dr. Queenie is limited, her power is demonstrated in the way that Jabbowski reacts to her.  And when it comes to Jabbowski, Fred does great in displaying that divide.  One part of him is kind of nerdy.  We pick up that fairly early on.  Yet later, he shows us just how unstable he can be - especially with a gun.  And then elsewhere, the other characters are fun as well.  Ron Jeremy as "Kater Pills" is memorable.  The acting performance isn't great, as it is just Ron Jeremy. being Ron Jeremy, yet, at the same time, that is exactly why the character is so memorable.  The Mad Hatter is the only character here that I didn't "get", as this take of the character is pretty boring.  The character isn't even properly credited, or named, so I had difficulty crediting the performance here.  The characters of the white rabbits(Juelz Ventura and Sadie West), and the brothers; "Todd" and "Ted"(Billy Glide and Tommy Gunn) aren't necessarily crucial to the overall story, but they play a key role, in terms of the film's sex scenes.  Both scenes involving these pairs are great.

Overall, I have to say that I really enjoyed MALICE IN LALALAND.  Shot on 35mm film, it looks, feels, and plays like a mainstream movie.  It takes us back to a time when Porn was shot on film, and had stories which were meaningful and fun.  This film had my attention from the beginning to end, as I not only went along on Malice's weird journey, I was also there in Jabbowski's pursuit as well.  Its progressive storytelling, great editing, as well as its rocking soundtrack(I wish that they would have released the soundtrack along with the DVD!), make MALICE IN LALALAND, a great experience.

Not only did MALICE IN LALALAND win the AVN for best editing, it also won for best packaging innovation.  And on both counts, I agree.  Not only is the film's editing fantastic, it also comes in a package that is worth owning.  The film comes packaged in a book-like presentation, as it includes pages in full color, that detail many aspect of the film's production.  Not only do we have on set pictures, there are also script excerpts, original character designs, storyboards and other things.  If you collect Adult films, this is a package well worth owning.  It's very nice.

As for the sex scenes, there are 7 individual scenes, all of which feature, hot, hard/rough sex, including some anal.  I honestly liked all of it, as it seemed to go together collectively.  The scenes don't run long, but are nicely edited, as the scenes retain detail.  I liked the fact, that although positioning didn't last long, I still felt as though I "saw" enough of something.  What they have seceded in doing here, isn't easy to do, but they have done it.  Some of the highlights are definitely the third scene pair up between Sasha Grey and Keni Styles, the strap on dildo train between Grey, Kristina Rose and Alyssa Reece, seen at the Mad Hatter's place, and the last scene - a three-way, where Phoenix Marie takes on 2 men; Tommy Gunn and Billy Glide.  But with that said, I also have to mention the 2nd scene involving Kagney Linn Karter and Alan Stafford.  Why?  Because I am a big fan of Karter - and plus the action is pretty hot!

My Score : 8.5/10

Sex Scene Breakdown

Scene 1
: Andy San Dimas and Chayse Evans and Chris Johnson and Danny Mountain
The first scene takes place in the asylum morgue.  "Queenie"(Andy San Dimas) enters, as Chayse Evans is already sucking off a masked man.  Queenie, also goes on to suck off another guy in a mask.  The two girls, from here, proceed to work the cocks, with Chayse deep throating the cock, while Andy adding tons of spit.  Next, we see both Andy and Chayse get it in missionary from the 2 men.  Following, Chayse gets it in doggy from Chris, while Andy is in missionary with Danny.  Danny keeps up a good pace, before pulling out.  This is when Chayse comes over to suck him briefly, while Chris eats her out.  This is followed by Chris, fucking Chayse's throat, while Andy, while still in missionary, tongues at Chayse's pussy.  Next up, Chayse rides Danny hard, while Chris fucks Andy hard in side fuck, as she holds her legs tight.  With Andy, things soon go into missionary, where she continues to be fucked hard.  Chayse goes on to suck Chris' cock.  From there, Andy is seen briefly in cowgirl, before the scene goes to so both ladies jerking off the men, until the both cum into their mouths.  After, Chayse and Andy kiss, while swapping cum. - This was a pretty good introduction to the sex of the film.  The action is both rough and well stylized - and it is set to a rocking tune.

Scene 2 : Kagney Linn Karter and Alan Stafford
In the next scene, after running off "Jabbowski"(Dirty Fred) from the gas station, "Bill"(Alan Stafford) and his lady, "Mary-Ann"(Kagney Linn Karter) engage in sex, in the car.  First, Alan goes down between Kagney's legs, as he eat her pussy.  And then he finger fucks her tight hole.  This is followed by Kagney sucking his cock, as he lies back.  Next we see Alan banging Kagney, as she ride his cock in reverse cowgirl.  From here, she rides the dick hard for a time, before things transition to spoon, where Alan continues to plug away hard.  Next, Kagney rides in both cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl, before Alan goes on to fuck her at the same hard pace in doggy,  After this, Alan cums in Kagney's mouth, as she lie flat, to end this scene. - This scene was pretty damn hot!  The action is again hard, and somewhat rough.  The action took place in a car with an extended rear, and so the camera is tight, giving us a lot of closeups on the penetration.  Luckily for us, Miss Kagney Linn Karter, has such a beautiful pussy!

Scene 3 : Sasha Grey and Keni Styles
The next scene comes about when "Malice"(Sasha Grey), and the Photographer, "Chester"(Keni Styles) get a motel room, in order to use it for a photoshoot.  After Chester snaps some pics,(while wearing a cat/mascot-type head) one thing leads to another, and before you know it, Malice is sucking his cock.  After she sucks his cock briefly, Keni goes on to eat Sasha out, while she is on all fours. Sasha's great ass is on display here as he tongues her clit.  From there, Keni fucks her throat, before the action is seen briefly in missionary, before things go to reverse cowgirl.  From here, Keni fucks her hard and fast, before things go into a side fuck, as initially, Sasha's legs are held tight, before her legs are opened wide, in missionary.  This lasts briefly, before things turn to cowgirl briefly, before some standing cowgirl, where Keni drills it in hard.  Next, it's doggy, where Keni keeps up the pace.  From here it's back to missionary, and then back to cowgirl.  Sasha then throats his cock some, before missionary is seen again, before Keni cums on Sasha's stomach. The scene ends, when Keni cums again, as he jerks off into Sasha's mouth. - Man, this scene is fuckin' hot.  Some nice hard fucking and Sasha just looks amazing.  She has one of the most amazing asses!

Scene 4 : Jesse Capelli and MacKenzee Pierce
Next, at "Kater's"(Ron Jeremy) strip club, 2 strippers(Jesse Capelli and Mackenzee Reece) peform an erotic routine, which eventually leads to full blown sex.  Mackenzee goes down on Jesse, before the 2 of them employ dildos as they ram their holes.  Next, they both take turns fucking one another with a dildo in a variety of different positions, until the scene eventually comes to an end.  - This scene, was rather short but sweet gir/girl action.  Both girls are hot, and the camera kept with the penetration, making it a decent scene.

Scene 5 : Alyssa Reece and Kristina Rose and Sasha Grey
When "Malice"(Sasha Grey) arrives at the Mad Hatter's place with "Chester"(Keni Styles), she is quick to note a variety of rooms in which various sex acts, and fetishes are being played out.  After peeking into a couple of rooms, she comes across a room that interests her.  A red room.  Here. are Alyssa Reece, and Kristina Rose.  Alyssa goes on to explain that her girlfriend, Kristina loves to watch as Alyssa has sex with others.  From there, that is what occurs, when Malice and Alyssa start to make out, during which, Kristina masturbates.  However, soon she joins them, making it a three-way  Kristina kisses Sasha, as Alyssa works her pussy.  Next, Sasha goes in between Alyssa legs, as Kristina tongues her from behind.  Then Sasha tongues Kristina's pussy, while Alyssa eat Sasha's pussy.  Sasha eventually puts a finger in, as she continues to eat.  This is followed by Alyssa straddling Sasha's face, as Kristina is between Sasha's legs, tonguing her pussy. Next, Sasha fingers Kristina, while Alyssa fingers her.  This is followed by Kristina fucking Alyssa from beyond with a strap on.  Sasha then returns it by fucking Alyssa in missionary with a strap on.  After this, that is when the girls line up.  Kristina fucks Sasha with her strap on, while Sasha fucks Alyssa with her's.  This lasts for a period of time, before the scene ends - At first, this one was just an ok scene, and then "it" happened.  The "it that I am referring to, is of course the strap on dildo train that the three ladies form, near the scene's end.  It is a true thing of beauty, as it moves the scene up a notch!

Scene 6 : Juelz Ventura and Sadie West and Keni Styles
This scene takes place in the pink room, in which "Chester"(Keni Styles) is having a good time with 2 ladies(Juelz Ventura and Sadie West).  Chester brings out his cat head again, while the ladies wear bunny heads.  First Juelz sucks Keni's cock, before Sadie joins in.  Sadie strokes the cock hard, before Juelz goes to eat her pussy, as she tongues and rubs.  Keni also joins in on the eating, before Keni takes Sadie into missionary, where he fucks her hard. Next, after the girls both suck Keni, Juelz climbs on in reverse cowgirl to ride hard.  After that, Juelz straddles Sadie, where Keni proceeds to finger bang both girls.  Next up, Keni fucks Sadie from behind, thin missionary, and back, as she works Juelz's pussy Then, Juelz gets it in doggy, and then in cowgirl.  This is before Sadie rides rough in cowgirl.  The action is hard and fast, and after. Keni ends the scene by cumming in the mouths of both ladies. - This scene was a hot one.  Not only was the action hard and furious, the two ladies, Juelz Ventura and Sadie West are extremely beautiful.

Scene 7 : Phoenix Marie and Billy Glide and Tommy Gunn
After "Malice"(Sasha Grey) hitches a ride with members of a porn crew, after narrowly escaping "Jabbowski"(Dirty Fred), she is asked to help them with camera work on their Porn film.  The scene is staged at a diner, in which 2 bothers "Todd"(Billy Glide) and "Ted"(Tommy Gunn) Tweed, seduce a busty waitress, played by "Lacie"(Phoenix Marie) Billy goes down on her, while she sucks Tommy, and then she trades off on stroking and sucking both.  Phoenix continues to suck Billy, as Tommy fucks her from behind.  Things continue with Phoenix being raised up on one leg by Tommy.  Next, she rides Billy in cowgirl, and then it's Tommy, who fucks her in the ass in reverse cowgirl.  While this is going on, she sucks billy's balls, before sucking his cock. Tommy jams some fingers into her pussy, while continuing to drill her ass.  Next is doggy by Tommy, until Billy fucks Phoenix in the ass, as she rides in cowgirl. Billy then pounds her in doggy.  Before she goes to ride Tommy again in cowgirl.  Phoenix eventually gets it from behind again in doggy, as she props her leg up on the booth.  Next, she bends over, allowing the guys to trade off on fucking her, as they fuck both of her holes.  Eventually things come to and end when both guys cum,  Tommy is the first to explode and then Billy. - I really liked this scene!  Shot both on camcorder, and with the regular camera, it gives the scene an old school feel.  The action, as well as Phoenix Marie, are hot, as both of her holes are drilled by Tommy and Billy. - R.I.P. Billy Glide.

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