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March 24, 2016

Movie Review: Open Couples (Adam and Eve - 2016)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - March 24, 2016

Starring :

Anikka Albrite
Mia Malkova
Mick Blue
Danny Mountain

Anikka Albrite, Mia Malkova, and their husbands light up your screen with the natural chemistry and passion that only real life couples can provide.  Catch their most intimate moments as the tenderly and sensually express their love for each other before spicing things up with a swinging foursome!

(Runtime - 2 hr. 19 mins.)

OPEN COUPLES from ADAM AND EVE PICTURES and Director Jay Allan, is a release that is part reality showcase, part scripted feature, as it is centered around, not only Anikka Albrite and Mia Malkovia, but also Mick Blue and Danny mountain - who just so happen to be the 2 ladies' real life husbands as well.  Not only are all four, performers in the Adult industry, they are proof that true love exists - yes, even in the world of porn.  The film interviews the two couples as they spend time on the beach and get cozy, as they provide details of how they met, and other details, such as what they enjoy most about one another.  This candid interview footage is cut, before, and in between a series of 4 sexually themed scenes - with most having candid lead in segments featuring the participants.  All scenes, which of course, lead up to the film's "main event" so to speak - a four-way between the two couples, as the ladies promise to swap partners.  A first for both of these real life couples.

To begin, going into OPEN COUPLES, I honestly did not know what I would be getting here.  But with Jay Allan at the helm, I knew that I would at least get something that looks good.  But besides that, I will say that OPEN COUPLES is a release that got off to a good start, especially when it comes to the couples interview footage.  At that point, I was under the impression that this would be some kind of documentary type release.  A behind the scenes look into the lives of two Porn performing couples.  At least that's how it began.  However, it was when the film finally got to the second sex scene - a couples scene between Anikka Albrite and Mick Blue, that I took note of how scripted everything immediately felt.  Prior to this aforementioned scene. Anikka and Mick were dressed down, and kissing on the beach until the sequence ends, as the couple explains that they are going up to the house to make love,  This, then, of course cuts to the sex scene.  And suddenly, both performers look glamorous, just as we always see them.  To be honest, the film was far more interesting when it was thought to be a reality based release, rather than half and half.  The sex scenes are the type of scenes that we always see these performers in on a daily basis, with their significant other, or not.  Here, when it comes down to it, the participants of the release are themselves, who are basically playing character versions of themselves.
When it comes to the sex scenes in the film, everything just feels too careful.  Even the things that the performers say to their husband or wife, feel very scripted, and not authentic.  This is odd, because it is obvious that both couples are in love.  I just don't understand why everything was so polished.  Why not have the couples go at it, just the way that they would(and do) in real life?  This is what the film is projecting.   It seems as though it wants us to believe that these particular scenes are off script.  But, simply put, it isn't that difficult to tell that these scenes are "business as usual".  Case and point - One of the married couples here, Anikka Albrite and Mick Blue, had a far better scene recently, in the Vignette release HALL PASS: CHEATING WITH PERMISSION.  Although that scene had a scripted scenario, it seems that the two were allowed to do what they wanted, as far as sex.  However, the scenes here, while decent, the whole "married" thing just doesn't really add anything special, nor unique to them.  This brings me to the final scene, which is a four-way involving both couples.  It is the one scene that the release touts.  It is also the event, which the viewer anticipates most.  Why?  Because of the "swapping" angle.  It is a scene in which Mia is to have sex with Anikka's husband Mick, while, likewise, Anikka, have sex with Danny.  It is a setup that sounds pretty promising.  And the film delivers on it's promise, however, the swap is made, only during the final minutes of the film, making the swap rather brief.  Yes, for most of the four-way, it's the husbands and wives.  It's pretty standard stuff, but I will admit that seeing both women fucked in the same position, at the same time, is pretty hot.

Aside from my gripes above, I felt that this film was also pretty uneven, in terms of equal time spent.  Although, yes, both couples are featured in the film, it feels as though Anikka Albrite and Mick Blue are more the focus.  They are interviewed longer, and Anikka is featured in a solo masturbation scene, whereas Mia is not.  This is also something that further distances the film from being of reality in nature, if indeed that was its intention.  I am still a little unsure as to what kind of film this is supposed to be.  But as I said, it's half and half.  A little bit true life documentary, and a lot more, routinely scripted porn film.

Overall, i'd say that this release is just ok.  I would have much more preferred if they would have had the subjects just be themselves, without the hindrance of being a feature.  No scripts, no glitz, no glamor - just the married couples as we rarely see them.  Here, we learn no more about them, than we already knew going in.

As for the sex scenes, there's a masturbation scene, featuring Anikka Albrite, girl/girl between Anikka and Mia, 2 boy/girl scenes featuring the ladies with their husbands, and then lastly, the previously mentioned four-way.  All of the scenes are decent, and really stand out as the reason to see the film, however, naturally, the main attraction is the touted foursome, which concludes the film.  But as I mentioned, it just isn't as good as it promises to be.

My score : 4.5/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Anikka Albrite (solo)
The first scene is a solo scene, featuring Anikka Albrite, as she teases the camera.  She rubs herself down a bit, before she take off her bikini top. Finally, she goes on to slowly peel off her bikini bottoms, as the camera follows all the way down, before she slips them off.  Next up, she is on all fours, where, as her ass is to the camera, she begins to masturbate.  She runs her fingers along her clit, as she spreads her pussy apart, during a closeup view.  The views alternates between long and close, and of her face.  Next, she lie on her, back, as she rub her self down, while continuing her clitoral massage.  The camera focuses on her facial expression, as well as the finger action, up close.  As things continue, she uses both hands.  With one hand, she squeezes her clit, in between two fingers, while the other spreads her hole open, as she fingers.  This is followed by Anikka bringing out a curved steel dildo to toy her pussy with. She moves the toy in and out of her hole, with quick motions, as she continue to massage with her free hand.  This continues until she reaches climax, which, of course ends the scene.  - A pretty good solo scene, showcasing the beauty of Anikka Albrite.  Very nice photography and shot choices.  Anikka is just so cute!

Scene 2 : Anikka Albrite and Mick Blue
In this scene, husband and wife Anikka Albrite and Mick Blue, return from the beach, as they head inside for some sex.  It starts with passionate kissing between the two.  Mick kisses her neck, and caresses her body, before her bra eventually comes off.  They continue to kiss, as Anikka lie back on the bed.  Her panties come of, when Mick finally makes his way between his wife's legs.  From here, he both tongues, and fingers Anikka's pussy, to her enjoyment.  Next, of course, Anikka returns the favor, as she pulls out her husband's cock.  Taking it into her mouth, she slowly works her way down the shaft.  She follows it up by briefly sucking his balls, before going back to sucking the cock, using both her mouth and tongue.  After, Mick, licks and sucks his wife's feet before things go into missionary.  Mick continues to suck Anikka's feet, as he move his cock in and out of her, at a steady, quick pace.  Thing then change to cowgirl, with Anikka on top.  From a side view, we watch as Anikka's ass bounce up and down, at a nice, slow pace, before things pick up.  A back closeup view, details the penetration. Next is doggy, where Mick continues the steady pace, but eventually pounding harder and faster.  It's enough to make Mick cum, as he soon unload onto his wife's ass. - A pretty good scene from this couple.  It is one that gets better as it moves along.  It is always magic when these two are on camera together, and although their have been better scenes from them, this one is rather nice.

Scene 3 : Anikka Albrite and Mia Malkova
In the next scene, the 2 ladies of the showcase, join up for some girl/girl action.  After discussing why it is that they enjoy working together, as well as each other's choice body parts, they tease one another by caressing each other's tits and bodies, before things get down to business.  They begin by kissing each other deeply, and passionately.  Anikka's bra is the first to come off, as Mia licks, and sucks her nipples. From here, we are treated to closeups of the nipple play.  Next, it's Mia, who gets some of the same treatment from Anikka,  Anikka, though, eventually makes her way down to Mia's pussy.  After slipping off her panties, Anikka goes to work on Mia's pussy with her tongue, which drives Mia crazy.  Anikka laps it with her tongue, and also sucks on her clit, as she begin to finger as well.  The camera goes on to give us a closeup, of Mia's pussy, as Anikka squeeze the flesh between her fingers, before jamming her fingers in..  Next, things switch, as it is Mia, who is pleasuring Anikka.  She plants her mouth onto Anikka's pussy, as she kiss, tongue and suck.  She continuously laps her tongue across, her clit, before she gets down to sucking the pussy.  Eventually things continue, with Mia jamming fingers into Anikka, while continuing to tongue.  Next, Mia lie back, where Anikka continues her assault on her pussy.  She fingers her hard and fast, causing Mia to eventually cum. The scene ends from there, shortly thereafter. - A pretty good scene, featuring these beautiful ladies.  One can tell that they are really into each other.

Scene 4 : Mia Malkova and Danny Mountain
After a day on the beach, husband and wife, Mia Malkova and Danny Mountain, head inside for a scene.  The action begins on the couch. as the two exchange passionate kisses.  Kissing leads to sucking as Mia suck Danny's cock and balls.  She uses a good amount of spit, as she strokes and sucks her husband's cock.  This eventually leads to Mia lying back on the couch with her legs held high.  From there, Danny moves Mia's panties aside to uncover her pussy.  From there, he dives right in with his mouth.  He first licks her asshole, before attacking Mia's love hole, with mouth.  He then goes on to finger fuck his wife hard and fast, before returning with his fast moving tongue.  Next, Mia's panties are off, and it doesn't take her long to hop up on Danny's cock in cowgirl.  Mia rides briefly, before Danny takes charge of steady fucking her.  The position soon sees Danny lying flat, as he continues to steadily pump his wife.  Next, Mia is on all fours as Danny plants his face between her ass cheeks, before slipping his cock into her pussy for doggy.  This lasts briefly, before things go into missionary.  Danny sucks his wife's feet, as he continues the steady pound. This of course lasts, until Danny must cum.  He does so onto his wife stomach, producing a big load. - This was another ok scene.  Things are at its best when Mia is riding Danny in cowgirl.

Scene 5. Anikka Albrite and Danny Mountain and Mia Malkova and Mick Blue
In the film's final scene, our 2 couples gather together on a couch to chat about how each of them met, and what they like about each other.  They also talk about their similarities, as well as the details regarding this scene, in which the couples are to swap partners.  They say, that for them, it's a first.  First the couples kiss. Anikka pops Mia's thong string, playfully, as it smacks Mia's ass.  Next, the foursome forms a train.  Mia works her husband's cock, while Anikka eat out Mia, from behind, and Mick eat out Anikka.  This lasts briefly, before the formation reverses.  After, the two girls kiss, before going on to suck the cocks of their significant other. Next, the couples take to the couch, as both guys return the favor, eating their wives out.  The camera goes both long and close, giving us a good view as the men do the deed.  Next, doggy for both women soon follows.  Both men keep a nice pace as the slam it into their wives holes.  This lasts for an extended period, before we see both ladies climb on top for cowgirl.  From here, it's a beautiful sight, see these 2 great asses side by side, as the bounce on their husbands' cocks.  Anikka is the first to reverse the position, taking to reverse cowgirl.  Mia soon follows, and they both again, bounce on the dick.  And then the switch happens, when the ladies swap partners.  Danny takes Anikka, while Mick takes Mia,  From there, the action takes to missionary for both pairs.  The action would continue here, as the two guys work it to cum.  The scene comes to a close when the men cum into the ladies. mouths.  - A pretty good scene, that is definitely the release's best scene, for obvious reasons.  For most of it, it is your standard four-way scene, before the girls finally switch partners, whom happen to be their husbands.  It's a decent scene, yet at the same time it's disappointing, in that, the switch is finally made with only 7 minutes remaining of the film.

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