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March 9, 2016

Recipe for Romance (New Sensations Romance - 2011)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - March 9, 2016

Starring :

Samantha Ryan
Gracie Glam
Allie Haze
Missy Martinez
Richie Calhoun
Ramon Nomar
Levi Cash
Johnny Castle
Evan Stone
Raven Alexis

Love is cooking in Carolina's kitchen, and it's wonderfully delicious! Samantha Ryan spices up the screen as Carolina, a passionate cook who is patiently waiting for Mr. Right. In the meantime, she pours her heart and soul into her catering company, and reveals a special culinary talent that magically affects the very clients whom she caters for. But between a booming business, an active fantasy life, and an array of excuses, Carolina becomes consumed with work and disregards the very real affections of her catering assistant, Aaron (Richie Calhoun). After numerous unsuccessful attempts at winning her heart, Aaron decides to look for love elsewhere and Carolina soon realizes that her fantasies of Mr. Right have been a reality all along. But is it too that? Find out in this savory romance as Carolina and Aaron hope to discover a life that goes beyond the kitchen.

(Runtime - 1 hr. 46 mins.)

In the NEW SENSATIONS feature, RECIPE FOR ROMANCE, "Carolina"(Samantha Ryan) is a young woman who owns her own catering business called "Carolina's Catering"  It is a business which brings her most joy in many ways, as she, along with her assistant, "Aaron"(Richie Calhoun) cater a number of events; business meetings, anniversaries, weddings and the like.  Her clients seem to love the dishes which she serves, as they seem to almost always send them into sexual overdrive.  There is just something about Carolina's fixings that turn people on.  While this obviously makes Carolina happy, to see her clients pleased, it's a little discouraging, because, she herself has yet to find romance of her very own.  She describes a reoccurring fantasy she has, one that involves being ravished by a mysterious masked man.  It is the type of passionate romance that she longs for - yet, she is just simply too busy for love.  She is very committed to her catering work.  This baffles Aaron, as love is staring her right in the face, day after day, because after all, he is very much in love with his boss.  Unfortunately, every attempt at taking things a step further, have been quickly shot down by Carolina, who tries to hook him up with her roommate, "Adelle"(Allie Haze) instead.  But obviously, that isn't what Aaron wants.  The frustration, and tension eventually comes to a head, when the two have a heated argument, one that causes Aaron to pull away from Carolina, as well has her catering business.  In an attempt to rebound from the amount of rejection, Aaron takes a sexy bartender(Jayden Cole), up on her offer for a getaway to Las Vegas.  Ironically, or not so much, it is also around this time, which Carolina comes to realize her true feelings for Aaron, after all of this time, and that he, is in fact, the proverbial "masked man" of her dreams.

In RECIPE FOR ROMANCE we are presented with a situation that is pretty much a common occurrence.  A situation in which a person longs for love that they believe, that they will never find, only to have it right there in front of them, all along.  That's exactly what we have here with the character of "Carolina", who daydreams about love, only to feel that she is just far too busy with work, in order to fulfill it.  "Aaron", her assistant, and employee, knows this all too well, as he sees that Carolina puts her catering business before anything else.  But why does Aaron keep such a close eye on Carolina?  And why is it that it effects him so much?  It's because he is truly in love with her.  RECIPE FOR ROMANCE is the classic setup, in which, on Aaron's side, he is the one who desperately loves someone, who is just blind to it.  It causes him, both frustration and heartache, as he must sit it out, and hopefully wait for Carolina's heart to come around.  And as to be predicted, it does - just as Aaron was about to make a change, both with work and with romance.
Yes, this film is very predictable, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.  That's because the acting performances from Samantha Ryan and Richie Calhoun, create characters who we enjoy, as well as like.  By the time that the film's last act comes arround, we are pretty much rooting for them to get together.  They do.  We expected it.  But I must say that the actual ending included a very nice touch.  At the end, we find ourselves at a wedding. Ok, it's no surprise, they got married right?  Not quite.  As it is revealed that Carolina and Aaron are just merely catering a wedding.  However, in a rather poetic twist, it is at the wedding, which Aaron proposes to Carolina, as the film comes to close.  A nice, happy ending, just as it should be.

Overall, I liked this film for the most part  The story is laid back, and easy to follow.  Sure the story is simple, and straight forward, with no real elements of surprise, as it ends up in the way you expect it to.  It is still fun to watch play out, as it is both dramatic, and comedic.  The comedy comes into play, when it appears that Carolina's food has sort of an aphrodisiac quality to it.  One that effects her customers in a big way.  This element alone adds more fun to it all, as it is reminiscent of an old porn comedies. such as THE BLONDE NEXT DOOR, in which a perfume(made from a woman's ejaculate, no less), has a bizarre sexual effect on customers.  The same applies here, but in a much cleaner variation.  It his her cooking, and not her squirt, that does the job of getting everyone "hot and bothered" so to speak.  Again, the now retired Samantha Ryan, as well as Richie Calhoun, work well together. as they create characters that are likable, in this easy going romance tale.

When it comes to the sex scenes of the film, there are 4 individual scenes.  Seeing as RECIPE FOR ROMANCE has a made for cable edit as well, with the even more generic title, KINKY IN THE KITCHEN, I expected the scenes to be ultra tame, just as I have seen from other NEW SENSATIONS releases under the same circumstance.  Fortunately though, the scenes seem to have all of their detail.  However, unfortunately, none of the sex scenes, save for the final one, truly stand out.  Though they are well captured, most of the action is bland, as it is essentially the same sexual positions on repeat, just with other people performing them.  It's the same 3 positions each time(I don't recall ever seeing the reverse variation of cowgirl at any point, here).  Yes, the only sexual encounter that sticks out here, is the fourth and final scene between Ryan and Calhoun.  It had the build to assist it, and I feel it came out great.  But with that said, in this case, the story is better than the sex, rather than being equal to, as is in most cases. 

My Score : 6/10

Sex Scene Breakdown

Scene 1 : Gracie Glam and Levi Cash
In the first scene, "Prudence"(Gracie Glam) comes on to "Gordon"(Levi Cash) after she gets a taste of "Carolina's"(Samantha Ryan) soup at the business dinner of "Mr. Fancy"(Evan Stone) and his wife(Raven Alexis).  She straddles him, as the two of them kiss passionately as they undress.  Levi then carries Gracie over to a nearby table, the two continue to kiss and caress.  Levi eventually makes it between Gracie's legs, as he fingers and tongues her pussy.  With her legs spread wide on the table, Levi takes things into missionary, where he keeps, a nice steady pace.  Things then go quickly into cowgirl as they move over to a chair.  From here, things go faster in terms of pace.  Gracie's ass bounces as she rides and grinds on the cock.  From there, Gracie makes her way down to Levi's cock, where she begins to suck and stroke, before climbing back on to ride.  Things from here, go slow, before the pace quickens.  Cowgirl then goes into doggy, as Gracie is bent over a table, and fucked by Levi from behind.  As Levi, keeps things at steady, deep pace, Gracie's ass smacks against him.  This lasts briefly, before things return to missionary.  Levi continues to plug her, before he must pull out to cum.  He does so on Gracie pussy, to end things.  - A nice scene to start with.  It feels spontaneous, the action is semi-rough, and Gracie is cute(as always).

Scene 2 : Allie Haze and Johnny Castle
The next scene kicks off when "Adelle"(Allie Haze), "Carolina's"(Samantha Ryan) roommate, comes to meet "Aaron" with hopes that the two of them hit it off. They don't.  So soon, Aaron leaves her unattended while he get dressed.  During which time, Adelle has a bite of cake, that Caroline prepared for this meeting.  The dessert delight sends her into a sexual tailspin, as she begins to feel herself up on the couch.  This catches the attention of Aaron's roommate, "Charlie"(Johnny Castle), who is coming out of the shower, and the two soon engage in sex.  Johnny kisses Allie all over, before finally making it down to her pussy.  From there, he toys the pussy with his mouth.  Next, Allie does the same with his cock, as she kiss, lick and suck it, before climbing onto it in cowgirl to ride deep and slow.  This lasts for a time, before things go to missionary, and the spoon.  Thing continue nice and steady, before things head to doggy, where it's nice and deep, before Johnny picks up the pace.  Next it's back to missionary where things soon finish up.  Johnny keeps up the steady pace until he pulls out to cum on Allie's bush.  - An ok scene, however, the action went from one position to the next, a little too fast.  Plus, it wasn't too exciting.  But with that said, it has Allie Haze in it, which is a good reason to watch.

Scene 3 : Missy Martinez and Ramon Nomar
In the next scene, couple "Joe"(Ramon Nomar) and "Dana"(Missy Martinez) have hired Carolina's Catering to host their anniversary dinner.  After one bite of her entree, Dana, suddenly becomes horny, and eventually forces Joe into sex.  She makes him get on his knees, as she shoves his face into her crotch.  Missy soon goes on to sit back in a chair, and spreading her legs wide, as Ramon finger and tongue her shaved pussy.  Eventually Missy toys around with Ramon's cock, sucking it deep.  This is before, she straddles him in  cowgirl.  From here, it's a combination of Missy ridding, and Ramon fucking.  The position ends with Missy's, nice big ass, slamming down on the cock.  Following this, the action takes to doggy.  This lasts briefly as things stop, as Missy sucks more cock, only for the action to briefly continue again.  This is followed by Missy being on the table, as Ramon drills her in missionary.  He takes a break to eat her pussy, before he starts hammering it again with his cock.  Things continue until Ramon must cum. He pulls out and unleashes a big load on Missy's mound and stomach. - A decent scene.  I liked the setup of it, and the action was ok from both performers here.

Scene 4 : Samantha Ryan and Richie Calhoun
 In the film's concluding sex scene, "Carolina's"(Samantha Ryan), finally lets her true feelings for her co-worker, "Aaron"(Richie Calhoun) out, just as he was leaving for Las Vegas with the sexy bartender(Jayden Cole).  They finally come together for the sex scene, which the film has been building to.  The two kiss, and caress, passionately on a couch, before Richie pulls Samantha's panties off, and begins to finger her neatly trimmed snatch.  He follows it up by going on to suck the pussy as well.  Samantha returns the favor by sucking Richie's cock, before he goes on to put it in, in missionary  Things go nice and slow, before Richie picks up the pace, slamming it in deep.  This naturally progresses to cowgirl, in which Samantha's ass bounces on the cock for a time.  Next, the action again takes to missionary, as Richie moves Samantha to the edge of the couch as he proceeds to put it in.  Here, he keeps a nice pace going, and eventually works himself up yo cum.  The scene ends with Richie cumming onto Samantha's stomach.  - This was without a doubt the film's best sex scene.  It helped that the scene itself had the support of the film's story.  This is the one that we anticipate.  It's full of passion, and features some decent action.

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