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March 10, 2016

Movie Review: Red Light (Wicked Pictures - 2016)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - March 10, 2016

Starring :
Chanel Preston
Casey Calvert
Kleio Valentien
Skin Diamond
Bree Daniels
Lea Lexis
Ryan Driller
Derrick Pierce
Damon Dice

Red Light is like a waking dream set in the streets of Los Angeles. Its the story of a woman's transformation into her true self, and a wild chase by her friends to find the woman that they think they've lost.  Among her group of friends Rachel is seen as the wallflower, but all of that changes when a chance encounter turns into sex so hot it lasts an entire day, and well into the night. Coming home one night Rachel's roommate spots her car, but without her driving, and assumes the worst: that Rachel has been murdered by the handsome man behind the wheel. Setting out to find her she unwittingly sets a series of events into motion. We watch as all of her friends join the hunt, and one by one find themselves in their own little dreams, driving LAs lonely streets and meeting lovers that will propel them to the heights of ecstasy.

(Runtime - 1 hr. 27 mins.)

In the mystery film, RED LIGHT, to her friends, "Rachel"(Chanel Preston) is seen as a wallflower.  She is less outgoing, and she keeps quiet, and reserved.  While her friends are hooking up at clubs, she is rather standoffish, as she keeps to herself.  This is apparent because on the previous night, she exited the club early, leaving her friends behind.  The true story here, begins when Rachel just so happens to run into "Damon"(Damon Dice), a man that she recognizes from the club.  She spots him walking, and decides to pick him up.  Unexpectedly, the ride ends up back at Rachel's place, as it would appear that a well hidden side of Rachel starts to abruptly emerge.  It is a side of her, that very few have witnessed, a side that is much more raw and sexual.  The two, of course have sex, that reaches every room of the house, and in its wake, a mess was made.  It is after the deed, that mass confusion occurs.  After the rough sex, Rachel is exhausted, and so she lets Damon drive the car, as they leave.  This was at the same time, when Rachel's roommate "Kleio"(Kleio Valentien) was just pulling in.  Rachel just so happened to have slumped down in the passenger seat, out of Kleio's view, causing her to believe that she was not in the car. More confusion, as well as hysteria sets in for Kleio when she discovers that the house is a mess, which causes her to fear the worst.  Did she just up and leave?  Or was she in fact murdered by the mysterious man?  From there, it's panic mode, as Kleio and friends(Skin Diamond and Bree Daniels) set out to find her, as word gets around town about Rachel's disappearance.  As they go on their way, as they search for their missing friend, they coincidentally find themselves in a number of sexual situations of their own, as they come closer to figuring out what what may, or may not have happened to her.

Going into RED LIGHT, one of the latest releases from WICKED PICTURES and Director, Hank Hoffman, I was very optimistic, as the film's synopsis painted a vague, but rather promising picture.  It hints at the film's slight mystery element that lies at it's core, but does not let on that it is pretty much mystery by confusion.  All of this starts when the character, "Kleio", the main character, "Rachel's" roommate, misinterprets a harmless situation as being something alarming.  It is the catalyst for this story, as Kleio and her friends set out to locate their friend, after she has seemingly "disappeared".  Could it be that she has simply ran off with the mysterious stranger, to fulfill a longtime fantasy?  Or could it be worse, and that she has actually been murdered at the hands of the mysterious man, whom no one knows? It is essentially, the latter scenario that has the friends most worried And suddenly, it is that scenario which becomes more probable, when others claim to have seen her.

With this in mind, I must admit, that for most of this film, I was into it, as the film does a great job at keeping the mystery alive.  It keeps us interested, as it eventually pushes the harm element further.  We believe that something must have happened to Rachel.  Something bad.  This alone keeps us watching.  I know that personally, I was really curious nearing the end of the film.  Just what was the answer to this mystery?  Unfortunately however, it is the reveal at the end of the film, that totally, and sadly kills the buzz.  It is the type of ending that kills any film, no matter the type, or no matter how much momentum it has before it reaches that moment.  RED LIGHT, is a film that did have some momentum, which it gradually built over time, unfortunately though, a really lackluster ending leaves us with a feeling that it was all for naught.  Simply put, what we find out about Rachel in the end, could have been told in under five minutes.  In other words, it is a big let down, as the film leads you to believe that we are in for some spectacular revelation of some sort.  The reaction is instead, more of a "who cares?", and even less of an "Oh, wow!".

As far as character development goes, there is hardly any here, outside of, of course, "Rachel", who is portrayed by Chanel Preston, and even she, as a character is limited.  Elsewhere, the other members of the cast are basically portraying versions of themselves, whom are characters, who are looking for a missing friend.  If that makes sense.  As far as being important pieces of the story, these characters add very little, other than moving it along.  This feeling is a direct result of the ending which is truly, a let down.  Had it all led to something great, then their characters may have been viewed as having a little more importance.  And It also doesn't help the cause that the overall plot idea here, is a lot like the mainstream film, PAPER TOWNS, either.  Essentially, when it comes down to it, what's left here, is the sex.  And luckily, the sex featured is pretty good.  It is the saving grace.

I really wanted to like this one more than I did.  As I said above, I was excited going into it, and for a moment, it had me.  The storyline itself became more promising, as this relativity short film(87 minutes) progressed, which meant big disappointment when the story basically went nowhere in the end.

When it comes to the sex scenes, RED LIGHT features 5 individual scenes. 4 boy/girl, and 1 girl/girl.  Personally, I liked all of the sex scenes here, to an extent.  But in terms of favorites, I must say that I really enjoyed the lesbian scene featuring Skin Diamond and Bree Daniels.  It's a short scene, but both of these ladies are sexy.  It was great to see the hot Bree Daniels here, who I rarely ever see in features.  I also enjoyed seeing Ryan Driller paired up with Kleio Valentien, as both of them bring forth a lot of energy.  And what can I say, it's always nice seeing the film's star, Chanel Preston, as well as Casey Calvert.  Both of whom get it on with Damon Dice in the film.

RED LIGHT is available on DVD, as well as streaming via the WICKED PICTURES website.  Click the banner below, if you'd like to sign up at a special discounted rate! 

My Score : 5/10

Sex Scene Breakdown

Scene 1 : Chanel Preston and Damon Dice
In the first scene "Rachel"(Chanel Preston) has a chance meeting with a guy named "Damon"(Damon Dice) that she spotted at a club the night before.  She sees him walking, and decides to pick him up.  After some conversation, Rachel takes the man back to her house, which soon leads to sex.  First, Dice kisses, sucks, and licks on Preston's tits - before going on to caress them.  Eventually, Chanel has her pants off, and Damon goes down on her with both his mouth, and fingers.  She also goes on to play with herself, as Damon, finger and eat her from behind.  This is followed up with Chanel throating, and stroking Damon's cock deep.  Next, Chanel straddles him in cowgirl.  From here, Chanel rides the cock nice and slow, before eventually picking up the pace.  Damon plugs her hole fast, as the camera nicely captures it.  The action then moves to the kitchen, where Damon goes down on her again, although this time, initially it's much more rough.  Next, we see them move into a bathroom, where the action then takes to doggy.  From here, Damon continues to slam his cock into her.  With Chanel's right leg on the counter, Dice drills it in, nice and hard. The angle of the camera changes to underneath, giving us, a nice clean view of the penetration.  Next they move to a bedroom, where things go into missionary.  Damon from here, continues things nice and fast, before he must resort to cumming.  The scene ends with Chanel jerking him off, resulting in him cumming onto her bush.  - This was a pretty nice scene to start with.  I liked that, with every new position, they were in a different room.  This supported the idea, that they fucked for an extended period of time, and that they did so all through the house.

Scene 2 : Kleio Valentien and Ryan Driller
In the next scene, "Rachel's(Chanel Preston) roommate, "Kleio"(Kleio Valentien) meets a guy(Ryan Driller), who had interacted with the mystery man, "Damon"(Damon Dice) the night before, while she is on the search for Rachel. When he can't reach him on the phone, Kleio goes into panic mode, and into the arms of this stranger.  The two begin kissing, and one thing leads to another.  After feeling each other up, Ryan fingers her a little from the front.  It isn't long before Kleio comes to quickly suck Ryan's cock.  The pace is good and fast from here, as she goes in fast strokes with her mouth, and at times, deep throats.  Now between a pair of docking trailers, Kleio props her leg up, which allows Ryan to attack the pussy with his mouth and tongue.  Next up, is doggy, where Ryan slams in his cock, while holding up her leg for more leverage,  The pace ranges from fast and hard, to slow and deep, from here.  A side angle gives us a good view of the proceedings.  Next, Kleio lies back on a crate, as Ryan slips his cock in, in missionary.  This lasts briefly, as we get a nice closeup view.  This is before things go into side fuck, where Ryan fucks her fast and hard.  This lasts for a time, before we see Kleio climb on top in cowgirl.  From here, it's a combination of bouncing and grinding, as Kleio rides the cock deep.  Next i[, things are back to missionary, where the action would soon end.  From here, Ryan continues to drill her nice and hard before cumming.  He does so on Kleio's stomach. - This was a very good scene, with a nice location(some kind of docking/shipping yard of some sort).  The action is hard, as the performers bring to it, a lot of energy.

Scene 3 : Skin Diamond and Bree Daniels
In their search for "Rachel"(Chanel Preston), 2 of her friends(Skin Diamond and Bree Daniels), run out of gas, and soon decide to walk to the motel, where they believe Rachel might be.  She isn't, but still, the girls decide to get a room for the night, instead of going back to the car.  Soon, boredom comes to sex, when the ladies come on to one another in the room.  Things begin with the two of them kissing passionately, as they feel each other up.  The bras of each, are first to go, then soon the bottoms,  Skin gives attention to Bree, as she go between her legs to tongue and suck her pussy.  She also massages her clit nice and hard.  Then, Bree returns the favor, as she sweetly suck Skin's clit.  She briefly massages her clit, which drives her crazy.  Next, Skin puts her back to Bree, who gives her a reach-around, as she shove some fingers into her pussy.  We briefly have a closeup, before Bree really picks up the speed of her fingering.  After this, Bree straddles Skin's face, as her nice ass straddles her, allowing Skin to eat her pussy.  The scene ends with the two of them kissing passionately once again. - For some reason, I was really turned on by this scene!  Both of these ladies are incredibly sexy, and when they are together it's even better!  Both of them are natural, and hot.

Scene 4 : Casey Calvert and Damon Dice
To set up the next scene, Derrick Pierce picks up a hitcher(Casey Calvert) who goes on to recount the amazing 24 hours that she has had, filled with sex with a couple she had met - that couple?  None other than "Rachel"(Chanel Preston), and the mysterious man(Damon Dice), who has been seen driving her car, the last few days.  We the viewer are then treated to a flashback, involving the woman, and Rachel's mysterious man, Damon.  As Preston watches, Damon is between Casey's legs, as he work her pussy with his mouth and tongue, while also massaging her clit, and fingering her hole fast.  This is followed by some cock sucking by Calvert, who strokes the cock with her mouth.  Next, Casey plays with her pussy, before Damon takes things into spoon.  From here, he keeps things at a quick pace as he plugs the pussy deep. Things then naturally transition to missionary, where Dice continues to slam it in hard.  Following this, Casey straddles the cock in cowgirl to ride fast, as her ass slam against the cock.  Things then cut to the action in doggy, where Damon keeps the pace going.  That's before Casey is on in reverse cowgirl with her legs spread wide.  Initially, the penetration is rough, before Damon goes hard and fast.  After, things take to spoon, as Chanel still watches on.  From here, Damon pounds Casey's pussy, before blowing a huge load onto her stomach.- A pretty good scene with some hot action.  I love Casey Calvert, and always enjoy seeing her.  Damon deserves props to for his monster load that he shoots at the end.  He aims for Casey's stomach, but the load overshoots on to the floor.

Scene 5 : Lea Lexis and Derrick Pierce
In this scene, after the mysterious hitcher(Casey Calvert), bolts, Derrick Pierce tells his former girlfriend, "Carla"(Lea Lexis) about the crazy story that the hitcher has told him, ivolving "Rachel"(Chanel Preston) and "Damon"(Damon Dice)  This gets Carla all riled up, and soon the two of course have sex.  Derrick starts things by fingering her. He jams in fingers deep, and works the clit with his tongue.  The two then take to the backseat of the truck for some 69 - Lea sloppily sucks Derrick's cock, as he eat Lea's pussy.  This is before things go into cowgirl, where Lea's nice, big ass bounces up and down.  Next up, the action takes to the ground outside of the car, as things go into reverse cowgirl.  Lea's legs are spread as Derrick continues the plunge.  After, Lea is bent over for some nice and steady doggy.  Things keep going, as the scene eventually comes to an end, when Derrick jerks off to cum, as he aims at at Lea's mouth.  - Another fairly good scene.  Lea with some dirty talk, and Derrick with the consistent pounding.

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