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March 30, 2016

The Devil in Miss Jones: The Resurrection (Vivid - 2010)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - March 30, 2016

Starring :

Savanna Samson
Penny Flame
Victoria Sin
Rebeca Linares
Carmella Bing
Steven St. Croix
Tom Byron
Evan Stone
James Bartholet
Nick Manning
Kurt Lockwood

Adult's greatest title, re-imagined through the eyes of adult's most awarded director, Paul Thomas, and starring Savanna Samson and Belladonna! Featuring six classic anal scenes as scorching as the fires of hell, surrounded by a cautionary tale as old as Satan himself: Young Miss Jones, an aspiring journalist... oblivious to the human carnage she leaves in her wake. Pandora, enjoying the high life in Hollywood. Both have no idea they're being groomed by the devil to spawn the next generation of demons and every one of their shuddering orgasms brings them closer to their hellish fate!

(Runtime - 2 hr. 31 mins.)

In this original re-imagining of THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES, titled THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES: THE RESURRECTION, "Melinda Jones"(Belladonna) is a young journalist for the Seattle Free Press, who is looking for her big break.  She finds it, when her research leads to the capture of a gun-toting criminal, known as "The Halloween Bandit"(Steven St. Croix).  It is a story which soon brings headlines, and also national attention for the young writer, as many people are put on notice.  This would include one, "Pandora Phoenix"(Savanna Samson), who wishes to bring Melinda to Los Angeles to have her write for her paper.  It is an opportunity that Melinda takes without a second thought.  Soon, Melinda and her boyfriend arrive in LA, and it doesn't take Pandora long to give Miss Jones her first assignment.  She is to go check up on a Psychic to the stars named "Destiny", who is accused of working in black magic and Voodoo,  Pandora is looking for Melinda to write an article that basically debunks the legitimacy of the woman.  However, contrary to what she is to write, Destiny's abilities do prove otherwise, as she reveals to her some rather startling news.  She tells Melinda that Jason, her current boyfriend isn't the right man for her, and that soon, she is destined to be with someone else soon, and that, that someone is "coming" soon.  However, despite the ominous warnings, Melinda follows through as planned with the article.  Pleased with her efficiency, Pandora wastes no time in getting her on to her next bit of reporting.  She learns that a Reverend, by the name of "Billy Milford"(Tom Byron), despite having a clean cut, man of God reputation to the public, behind the scenes, indulges in sinful activity.  Activity that involves sex with hookers.  And speaking of hookers, one such lady, named "Violet Ray" looks to out the good Reverend, as she plans to sell her story to whomever should pay the most.  What Pandora and her people want Melinda to do, is to do what she can to discredit the woman, before she can successfully sell her incriminating story to the press.  It is something that Melinda is against, however, to please her new boss, she agrees to do the story.  Melinda meets with Violet, who details her experiences with the Reverend, an explanation, which leads the women into having sex.  Afterward. the young hooker expresses a desire to get out of the skin trade, but not before she makes enough money.  From there, Melinda proposes a scenario to Violet that might bring her an extra thrill, as well as money - having sex along the train tracks.  You know, the thrill of two things coming at once - the train, as well as the guy.  It is something that Ray tries, but unfortunately, it results in her death the next day.  Prior to this, Jones however, had already written up her discrediting story.  So, at this point, both of Melinda's latest stories have ended in both tragedy, slander and false information.  Things are certainly not going well for Melinda in LA.  However, for Pandora and her people, it has actually been going as planned.  As everything up until that point has been a test,  It's because that Pandora and her men, "John Haththorne"(Evan Stone) and "Dorian"(Nick Manning), are in fact, not of this Earth.  They are actually a trio of hellish henchmen assigned to scout for a possible bearer of the Devil's spawn.  Unfortunately for Melinda Jones, her recent actions make her more than qualified for the job.

If you have been keeping up with my reviews here at The Cheese, then you know that yesterday, I revisited the 2005 remake, THE NEW DEVIL IN MISS JONES.  Well today I move up 5 years and review VIVID's follow up remake/re-imagining THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES: THE RESURRECTION.

When it came to THE NEW DEVIL IN MISS JONES, although the film took a different narrative approach, when you got past all of it's layers, at the core, the film basically stuck with the outcome of the 1973 original.  However, when speaking of this film, THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES: THE RESURRECTION, we find that this film, is one that chooses to go its own path, as it is more so, just a sequel in name only, as it has more of its own originality.  Prior to this particular viewing of the film, I had seen it maybe once, however, I must have not paid much attention to it, because I couldn't remember much from it.  So seeing it here, was like seeing it with, essentially a fresh pair of eyes.  Yes, when it came to THE NEW DEVIL IN MISS JONES, I did/do enjoy it, but honestly, its storytelling is just a little too complicated for its own good.  So, with that in mind, going into THE RESURRECTION, I honestly, I didn't expect to like it much.  I expected more of the same complicated storytelling, and I mean, Savanna Samson, here doesn't portray "Miss Jones", but rather, a different character altogether, so I thought, "What's the point?"  Well, I am now here to tell you how wrong I was.  I say this because DEVIL IN MISS JONES: THE RESURRECTION is a far better attempt to tap into the DEVIL IN MISS JONES spirit, than the previous film.

Here, the script, penned by Writer Raven Touchstone(whom co-wrote the previous THE NEW DEVIL IN MISS JONES). this time around has a story all its own, as it successfully draws inspiration from mainstream efforts like ROSEMARY'S BABY, with a tinge of the suspense of THE EXORCIST.  Unlike the previous VIVID "Miss Jones" remake, THE RESURRECTION, has a much more dark, ominous, and moody tone - just as I feel it should be.  With this one, unlike the previous, it is less complicated, and much easier to follow.  Here, we have a young newspaper reporter, who has aspirations of being famous for her work - saying that she will do anything to make it happen.  She just so happens to get attention when her investigative reporting, leads the Police to a masked criminal known as "The Halloween Bandit".  Little did she know that the event, would lead her to bigger things.  When she gets an invitation to live and work in LA at a bigger paper.  She believes that life couldn't get any better from here.  She's right.  As it's all a trap.  One that has been well orchestrated by the Devil himself.  The suspense is tight, as Melinda works for Pandora, all while not knowing of the much grander scheme at work, in which she is the subject.  Pandora and her minions, are creatures of sin, they revel in it, and look to spread their dark and evil "gospel".  However, to do that, it is finally revealed that they need a host, and that they have been scouting Melinda Jones all along, beginning, with her first article about "The Halloween Bandit".  As it turns out, she didn't exactly tell the truth in the article, which led to the man's subsequent death.  It is exactly the type of thing that Pandora and her followers crave - lies and deception.  After all, it is what tipped them off to Melinda in the first place.  When Pandora follows up with new stories, again stories which Melinda is to, again lie, it is her willingness to comply, that makes the Hell crew feel as though Melinda is prime for her biggest assignment yet, as she is unknowingly marked to spawn the Devil's next generation of demons.  The story itself is well played, as it progresses and plays very much like a mainstream Horror film, which is centered around sin, greed, as well as other evil doings.  It is quite cinematic, as we watch over time, Melinda Jones' life, go from happy optimism, into a downward spiral, slowly and dreadfully.  It's a darkly twisted and tragic tale.

Like the previous "Miss Jones" remake, the directing, and well as the acting are both top notch.  As I said, this film feels very cinematic, and very mainstream.  The film also, again has characters who are interesting no matter the size of the role they play in the story.  Belladonna, is initially likable as "Melinda Jones". the hope to be famous writer, and then sympathetic as the Devil's chosen one.  On the other side, Savanna Samson, is hot as ever, as the sexy, and manipulative boss, "Pandora Phoenix".  At first, I wasn't quite sure how i'd take Savanna in a different role, seeing as she was the character "Justine Jones" in the previous film.  But as it turns out, Savanna plays the role of evil in sexual form, very well.  In the film, along side Pandora are sort of her "right hand men" - who are in reality, demons themselves.  First, we have Evan Stone as "John Haththorne", a guy who fashions himself as a preacher.  And then we have Nick Manning as "Dorian", who is more or less, Pandora's loyal assistant.  Both of these guys do great work in their respective roles, and seemed to have had much fun playing up the evil.  Melinda Jones comes to Los Angeles with her boyfriend "Jason", who is played by Kurt Lockwood.  Although the role is maybe less significant than some of the others, Lockwood is always a welcome addition, just as he is here.  I loved the moments in which Melinda tells the psychic to put a spell on Jason(who she catches cheating).  The character's reaction to the voodoo doll torment, make for some moments that are more light hearted and fun for the film.  As other supporting characters we have Tom Byron, as the dirty Reverend "Billy Milford", and Penny Flame, as Violet Ray, the hooker that looks to sell him out.  Both of them are great in their given roles.  Byron is good as the sinning, Southern Reverend, as he carries with him a heavy Southern accent.  And what can I say about Penny?  She was great, as she has been many times.  Here, her role is a much smaller part, but at the same time, every character here is a key piece of the story as everything unfolds.  Collectively, everyone does great here making this film a well rounded effort acting-wise.

As I said above, I enjoy THE NEW DEVIL IN MISS JONES quite a bit, but I must admit that it's complexity is a real downer.  I guess that sometimes there is such thing as too much detail.  However, here, the flow of the film is quite the oposite, its more fluid and much easier to take in, and enjoy, as it doesn't leave you with a headache after.  The approach to the storytelling here is much more straightforward, so maybe they did learn something with the previous film? Just to let you know - There is a brief hint thrown in there at one point, which hints that Melinda may have committed suicide.  It flashes it on screen, maybe once in the film, so the theory still lives.  Perhaps all that occurs in the film is an "after death" experience for her?  It never elaborates on this.  So the story could be after death, or "in the present"(In my opinion she has indeed died, as in film ends with her appearing to wake up.  This is sort of a link to VIVID's other film, as NEW DEVIL began as the main character's "after death" day, had begun after she was awaken from sleep)  Who knows?  Fortunately, though, the speculation presented doesn't take away from the enjoyment of the film.  But whatever the case may be, I have to say that this is a very good Adult feature.

As for the sex scenes, there are 7 individual instances.  The good news is that 6 of them feature anal sex of some kind, and all of the scenes are great.  I loved all of them.  But as for picking a favorite, I'd have to say that the first scene, boy/girl paring of Kurt Lockwood and Belladonna is the one that really stands out.  It's an awesome scene.  But I'd also have to mention the film's final scene as well, which sees the sexy Savanna Samson paired with Steven St. Croix.  But with that said, THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES: THE RESURRECTION is packed with truly great sex!

My score :

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 :
Belladonna and Kurt Lockwood
In the first scene, "Melinda Jones" and her boyfriend, "Jason"(Kurt Lockwood) wake up to the sound of maintenance guys cutting down trees.  After Melinda teases them with some nudity outside, she and Jason decide to give them a show, by having sex in the kitchen, which can be seen via a huge sliding glass door. Kissing and fingering turns to Kurt, going between Belladonna's legs to tongue her asshole.  Next, Belladonna rides his face, as he tongues her ass and pussy.  Next, Belladonna throats his cock, adding lots of spit, making it sloppy.  Kurt stands up on chairs with his back toward Belladonna, as he bends his dick back, allowing Belladonna to suck.  This is followed by her going underneath him, where she throats his cock, and sucks on his balls.  The action then returns to Kurt bending back his dick, as she continues to suck his dick and balls.  This goes to Kurt throat fucking her.  After that, Belladonna licks Kurt's asshole.  This is followed by some standing 69 action as he manhandles her.  Belladonna then straddles Kurt's face again, as he eats her pussy.  Then the action, once again returns to standing 69 briefly, before she toys his cock with her feet.  He slaps her tits and chokes her, as they kiss.  They spit in each other's mouths, before Kurt finally puts it in in missionary.  Initially its a slow and steady pace, before Kurt begins to really hammer it in, as the camera gives us a closeup underneath look.  This is followed by Kurt fucking Belladonna ass, also in missionary.  After awhile he removes his cock from her ass, and forces her to suck his cock afterward.  Next Belladonna assumes doggy, where Kurt continues to fuck her asshole, he fucks her, and then makes her suck him off again, a couple of times from there.  Next, the anal banging continues, while again in missionary.  This continues until Belladonna is anal creampied.  He cums in her ass.  After, Belladonna pushes the cum out of her ass, and then goes on to swallow it. - While this was the film's kickoff sex scene, it is actually pretty fucking amazing.  The performers, Belladonna and Kurt Lockwood put on a sexual clinic here.  There's cock sucking, ass eating, pussy eating, face sitting, vag, and anal sex - not to mention standing 69(which appears to be a Lockwood specialty.  It's raw, it's rough, and it's nasty, just as what we are accustomed to when it comes to Belladonna.  As I said - Just amazing!

Scene 2 : Carmella Bing and Rebeca Linares and Kurt Lockwood
The next scene takes place in "Pandora Phoenix's" luxurious pool, as "Jason"(Kurt Lockwood) enjoys a three-way with 2 ladies(Rebeca Linares and Carmella Bing).  Carmella sucks his cock, as Rebeca licks his ass.  Next, Kurt fucks Rebeca from behind, as Carmella tongues his ass, and fingers his balls.  Next, Kurt fucks Carmella in missionary, as a nice, steady pace, as her big tits bounce.  Thing continue as Kurt pounds away, while Rebeca rubs Carmella's pussy.  Next, it is Rebeca who is pounded, as Kurt bangs her in doggy, putting it deep into her ass, meanwhile, Carmella fucks herself with a dildo.  Things continue with Carmella eventually ramming the dildo in Kurt's ass.  Kurt eventually goes on to fuck Carmella's ass in doggy, as well.  He eventually, however takes to fucking Carmella's ass in missionary, before fucking Rebeca's in doggy, before going back to plow Carmella.  It all soon leads to Kurt cumming on the faces of the ladies to end the scene. - Another great scene with a nice setting, and 2 hot ladies.  Carmella has a set of fantastic tits(which I have always loved), and Rebeca is cute.  Here we see Kurt fuck their asses hard.  Great action!

Scene 3 : Belladonna and Kurt Lockwood and Nick Manning
This is a brief scene that is meant to basically move the story along.  In the story, while Melinda is in reality, having sex with her boyfriend Jason, she continues to see Dorian, played by Nick Manning instead.  Because of this, we the viewer sees Belladonna suck the cocks of both men.  Artistically speaking it is a nice scene - great setup.

The next 2 scenes overlap each other, as they play out simultaneously on screen.

Scene 4 : Belladonna and Penny Flame
After asking for details about what "Billy Milford"(Tom Byron) had done with her, "Violet Ray"(Penny Flame), proceeds to demonstrate on "Melinda"(Belladonna).  Penny first kisses her down, while she is seated.  Next, Belladonna fingers Penny's pussy deep.  Next, Penny forces Belladonna to finger herself.  When we are brought back, Penny is seen fingering Belladonna's ass and rubbing her pussy as well.  This eventually leads to Penny fucking Belladonna in the ass with a glass bottle, as Belladonna rubs her clit.  The scene ends with a little more ass fingering from Penny. - Although relatively brief and intertwined with another scene, this one was pretty hot.  Penny is so sexy, as she dominates Belladonna!

Scene 5 : Penny Flame and Victoria Sin and Tom Byron
In this segmented scene, which plays with the previous one. "Billy Milford"(Tom Byron), lectures "Violet Ray"(Penny Flame) about the ins and outs of being a sinner, which, of course leads to some sexual "ins and outs", as well.  Another hooker(Victoria Sin) joins in as they both trade off on sucking his cock.  With Victoria on all fours, Tom eats her ass, while she goes down on Penny.  This leads to Tom fucking Victoria's pussy in doggy.  After this lasts for a time, Penny climbs on top for reverse cowgirl.  She rides nice and steady for a period, before it is Victoria, who hops on the cock in cowgirl,  After Victoria rides, Byron goes back to Flame for doggy, where he hits the pussy steadily.  Next up, it's anal for Victoria, who is positioned in missionary, with her legs held high.  Eventually, Byron straddles her ass, to pound deep.  This is followed by Victoria on in cowgirl again, as she rides hard and fast.  The scene ends with Byron fucking Flame in missionary until he must pull out to let loose his heavenly cum.  He showers the ladies with a nice load. - Yet another good one.  Both of the ladies featured in this scene are incredibly sexy, as Tom Byron, the legend, gives it to them good.

Scene 6 : Belladonna and Carmella Bing and Rebeca Linares and Savanna Samson and Victoria Sin and Evan Stone and Kurt Lockwood and Nick Manning and Steven St. Croix and Tom Byron
As "Melinda Jones"(Belladonna) attempts to escape, she is whisked away to a dream-like sequence, which sees her nude and tied up, and hanged crucifixion style, as people ravish her.  The scene looks like one big party/orgy, and it involves everyone that we have seen in the film.  Belladonna's pussy is toyed with, while Rebeca Linares sucks cock.  Eventually Belladonna is down from the crucifix, as Savanna fucks her with a strap on from behind, as Belladonna sucks Nick Manning's cock,  She eventually goes on to suck Evan's Stone's cock.  This is before Nick face fucks her.  Meanwhile Carmella is fucked in the ass by Steven St. Croix, as Belldonna gets it in the ass from Evan.  Elsewhere, Byron fucks Victoria Sin, and Lockwood fucks Carmella Bing.  This is while Nick goes on to drill Savanna in the ass.  The scene ends with each of the men cumming on the ladies.  - There's a lot going here, but it is still a pretty good scene, with lots of anal.

Scene 7 : Savanna Samson and Steven St. Croix
The film's final sex scene, comes by way of a flashback, as "Melinda Jones" remembers the details regarding, the confrontation and subsequent death of "The Halloween Bandit"(Steven St. Croix).  It takes place as he is having sex with a woman(Savanna Samson).  Steven is first seen fucking Savanna in missionary, as she lie on a couch.  He is fucking her steady and deep in the ass.  He goes balls deep as the camera goes into close up.  Savanna follows that up by going on to sucking his cock as she gives a sloppy blowjob.  After, Savanna is in doggy, where Steven continues to pound that ass,  Things then go over to a stool of sorts, where Savanna is on all fours, as Steven drills her pussy hard, and rough.  He then again, goes deep into her asshole from here.  Briefly, he fucks her in missionary, before things see Savanna climb on in reverse cowgirl.  She rides here for a period, before things go back to missionary, where Steven drills her hard and fast.  This soon causes him to have to pull out to cum.  He does so by spewing a huge load onto Savanna's stomach. - Another great scene.  The action is hard and rough from the performers, and of course you know that I love Savanna Samson, who is just fucking sexy.  She is definitely missed!

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