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June 21, 2016

Movie Review: The New Devil in Miss Jones (Vivid - 2005)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - March 29, 2016

Starring :
Savanna Samson
Jenna Jameson
Roxanne Hall
Angelica Sin
Brooke Alexander
Rachel Rotten
Vicky Vette
Jessica Jaymes
Tony Tedeschi
Alec Metro
Jeremy Steele
Nick Manning
Anthony Hardwood
Mario Rossi
Kris Slater
Rob Rotten
Dick Smothers Jr.
Damien Childs

Paul Thomas reimagines adult cinema's greatest masterpiece in a brand new Devil in Miss Jones that Adult Video News is heralding a milestone! In it, Savanna (Miss Jones) is a virgin suicide who begs Jenna (The Devil) to grant her just a little more time on Earth before her descent into hell. Jenna obliges...but only if Miss Jones totally and completely surrenders herself to the sins of the flesh!

(Runtime - 1 hr. 49 mins.)

In this re-imagining, THE NEW DEVIL IN MISS JONES, the virgin, "Justine Jones"(Savanna Samson), goes about the day - which happens to be her Birthday, like any other day.  She wakes up, showers, eats some cereal, and heads to the office building in which she works.  Despite a seemingly normal start of the day, she begins to recognize subtle oddities about the persons and things around her.  subtleties that soon become blatant as the day roll on.  It appears as though sex is in the air, whether Justine is just a spectator, or she is involved.  Suddenly the once virgin, is no more, as Jones indulges in the sex around her.  It is a day of lust, that seems to keep no time.  That is until an evil entity, in the form of Justine's boss, "Miss Devlin"(Jenna Jameson), informs Jones that her time is running out.  Justine is confused.  What time is she speaking of?  As it turns out, reality is cold and hard for Justine, as she learns that she has died.  A victim of suicide, the day filled with sex, which she has been experiencing, just so happens to be part of an agreement that she made with Satan following her death.  She was to live out one final day, as she desired, stating that she wished to be engulfed in lust and sex.  She most certainly got what she wanted.  But unfortunately, she forgot about one key stipulation.  That after the day is done, she would be banished to the bowels of hell for eternity.

While I reviewed VIVID's re-imagining of DEEP THROAT yesterday, today I go back to 2005, to review the re-imagining that spawned VIVID's string of modern remakes.  THE NEW DEVIL IN MISS JONES, is a re-imagining of the 1973 Gerard Damiano classic THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES, which starred Georgina Spelvin as the titular character, "Justine Jones".  Prior to screening this remake again, I took it upon myself to revisit the original classic(which is included with the DVD release) to have it fresh in my memory. And you know what?  For a classic Porno title, it is a really great film.  In comparison, it is a film that greatly surpasses Damiano's most well known film, DEEP THROAT.  Although it runs only 68 minutes in length it had a well conceived, well executed plot.

So, with that said, how would VIVID, with this release, update a film that was already great in its own right?  Their answer is with layered storytelling.  If it is your first time seeing the film when you go into THE NEW DEVIL IN MISS JONES, then there is a good chance that it will confuse you.  Take me for instance.  I believe that this viewing was my second, maybe third time seeing the film, and still, I am a little confused about it.  First things first, this is essentially a film which works backward, instead of traditionally.  What we see, starting at beginning is Justine's descent to her ultimate conclusion, as she goes about her day, a day that seems weird and out of the ordinary.  It isn't until near the end of the film, that she, as well as we, find out just what the "hell" is going on.  Justine has committed suicide, and has died.  However, before she is to go "down below", she strikes a deal with the Devil(Jenna Jameson), to live out one final day filled with lust.  So for the majority of the film, Justine wanders about the office building as everyone is seemingly partaking in sex and other weirdness.  She doesn't seem to remember the details of her death, or better yet, the agreement that she made - yet, the then virgin, wastes no time engaging in some sex of her own,  The explanation of what it is that is going on exactly, clears things up slightly, but simultaneously, it leaves some questions to ponder.  Via the explanation, we are told that for some reason, Justine wants to live out one final day, which is filled with lust, before she is to report to Hell(because suicide is an unforgivable sin, after all).  This is all well, and understandable, but why is it that everyone around Justine acts as though they are from "The Twilight Zone"?  Why does it seem as though this is all taking place in another dimension?  In the original, Justine just went back to earth to deal in lust, because the virgin, felt that if she was doomed to Hell anyway, she might as well go out with a bang(my kind of woman!).  Here, I suppose the idea is pretty much the same, but the way in which it chooses to go about the idea, is just so, unnecessarily complicated.  For a lot of people that like easy going plotted Adult features, staying with it might be difficult for some.  Fortunately, though, the performances, and the sex scenes, seen through out are great.  The confusion is one hurdle that stands in the way of the film's overall clarity.  Once over that hump, things become much more clearer.  Which is why this is a film that might require more than one viewing.  Although I'm still left a little confused, my main wonder is why the writers wanted their story to go this way, seeing as the 1973 version was full of life, sans the complicated structure.  I am all for detail in writing, but why would a writer desire to craft something so difficult to grasp that it brings the overall enjoyment level down a notch?  To sum up the plot in a few words, i'd say that THE NEW DEVIL IN MISS JONES is a unique, but unnecessarily difficult take on the idea originated by the original Porn classic.

Due to its difficult-to-get-around plot stylings, THE NEW DEVIL IN MISS JONES, could have very well been a complicated disaster to be honest.  However it has things that hold us over until the plot direction is made more clear to us.  First, the production values here are great.  Most of the film takes place in and around a big office building, as well as its basement corridors.  As the character, "Justine Jones" walks and wanders amongst the building, the building essentially becomes a sexual labyrinth of sorts.  I always thought that the film taking place in an office building, was a little odd, but now that I think of it, its many spots and locations serve the scenes well.  And then there is the acting.  Here, Savanna Samson is the character of "Justine Jones"  It's hard to think of the sexy Savanna Samson as mousy/nerdy and virginal, yet that is what Justine is.  She's quiet and inexperienced with sex.  Savanna Samson surprises us all here, as she pulls off both personas required - the quiet virgin, and then later, the sexually liberated.  It is the latter in which Savanna is herself - the sexy Savanna Samson, that we knew and loved(I say that in the past tense, because, sadly she is now retired).  Both sides are equally convincing, however it is in the former, that she really shines, and impresses.  I am a big fan of Savanna, and this was truly her breakthrough performance.  Opposite Justine as the antagonist is Jenna Jameson, as she portrays Justine's boss, "Miss Devlin"/The Devil.  This film features the ultimate all-time porn queen, Jenna Jameson at her very best.  This was the period of her career, which she looked the absolute best, and was on top of her game.  She is extremely hot(no pun intended) as the fiery femme fatale here.  THE NEW DEVIL IN MISS JONES also features a cameo appearance by the original "Justine Jones" herself, Georgina Spelvin.  Here, Georgina assumes the role of a watchful office maid.  We sense that the woman is some kind of angel(maybe?), which is watching over Justine, as she eventually warns her of her ultimate fate.  The role is a warm and fitting tribute as Mrs. Spelvin is a welcome sight in the film.

With everything said, THE NEW DEVIL IN MISS JONES is a decent film.  It's ultra stylish, is well acted, but then there is plot that is just difficult to fully grasp.  Unfortunately, it is that, which is a hindrance to the film.  But with that in mind, there is still very much to recommend here, despite the scattered plot.

As for the sex scenes in the film, I counted 8 instances.  When it comes to favorites, I mostly enjoyed everything that involved Savanna Samson.  The boy/girl pairing with she and Nick Manning, as well as the girl/girl pairing with Jenna Jameson were both sexy.  However, I must give the edge to the former.  Samson and Manning's scene just had so much energy.

My score : 6/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1: Vicky Vette and Alec Metro and Damian Childs and Jeremy Steele and Kris Slater
On her way to work, "Justine Jones"(Savanna Samson) finds herself distracted by a gangbang which is going down.  During which a woman(Vicky Vette) is seen sicking off, and getting fucked by multiple guys as others watch.  Savanna first takes it from behind, while she sucks cock.  Then she is fingered for awhile, before another man fucks her anally in doggy, as she continues to suck.  The anal continues, as Vicky rides in reverse cowgirl.  Next each guy jerks off to cum.  They do so on her tits and face.  - This was a decent scene, featuring Vicky Vette(who I really like) taking on several guys.

Scene 2 : Brooke Alexander and Tony Tedeschi
In the next scene, "Justine Jones"(Savanna Samson) comes upon 2 co-workers "Kyle"(Tony Tedeschi) and "Jasmine"(Brooke Alexander), who are having sex outside.  First, Tony, puts Brooke against the wall, and goes down on her from the front, and the the back.  Brooke then sucks his cock as he is seated,  She adds spit as she go up and down his cock with her mouth.  Next, she bounces on the cock in cowgirl.  This is before things go to doggy, where Tony pounds the pussy hard.  After, Tony lets loose, as he cums on Brooke's tits. - A pretty good scene with some rather rough action.  I had never seen Brooke Alexander prior to this, but man she has a sexy body!  And as far as Tony Tedeschi goes, he was one of the first male pornstars I ever watched regularly, so me and him, go way back.

Scene 3 : Savanna Samson and Nick Manning
The next scene takes place poolside, as shy "Justine Jones"(Savanna Samson), has sex with co-worker, "Jordan"(Nick Manning).  They first kiss, before Nick goes to eat her pussy, as she spread her legs on the dock.  After, he carries her into the water briefly, before she goes on to suck his cock, as he is now seated.  She slowly works the cock.  It continues briefly, with Nick standing, before the action takes to doggy, as Nick pounds her pussy deep.  Next up, Savanna lies on her back and spreads her legs wide, as Nick proceeds to fuck her asshole.  He he continues nice and deep, as the flesh smacks.  Next, things go to the piledriver position as Nick drills her hard.  After, the scene ends with Nick jerking it, to blast his load onto Savanna's mouth and chest.  - This is a great scene, and is the one that I always remember from this movie.  It's fucking hot, as Samson is drilled hard, including in piledriver, which looks amazing(Savanna is basically standing on her head, as Nick drives his cock into her ass)!

Scene 4 : Jenna Jameson and Rachel Rotten
In the next scene, we see "Miss Devlin"/The Devil(Jenna Jameson), seduce another woman(Rachel Rotten).  Jenna first pushes Rachel's legs up high, and proceeds to eat her pussy and ass.  Next, she goes to finger and tongue Rachel, fast and hard.  Next, we she Rachel standing on her hands, as Jenna eats her from behind.  Rachel straddles Jenna;s face briefly, before Jenna brings out the strap on to fuck Rachel in doggy.  She keeps a nice pace initially, before straddling Rachel's ass to plunge deep into her hole.  Next, Rachel fucks Jenna with a dildo, as Jenna fucks her own ass with another.  After a little more pussy eating, the scene ends when it transitions the the plots next stop. - This scene was pretty hot, especially when Jenna straddles Rachel from behind, and fucks her with the strap on.

Scene 5 : Savanna Samson masturbation
While the Jenna Jameson/Rachel Rotten scene is going on we see Savanna Samson in the shower masturbating. - It's brief, but still hot!

Scene 6 : Angelica Sin and Roxanne Hall and Dick Smothers Jr.
In the next scene "Ted"(Dick Smothers Jr.) is punished by "Miss Plum"(Roxanne Hall) and "Kyla"(Angelica Sin).  He's tied up, as Angelica initially sucks his cock, but then they leave him hanging, as the ladies tease him with their bodies/  Roxanne spreads wide as Angelica fingers her.  This is before Roxanne fucks Angelica in the ass with a rigid dildo, as she massages Angelica's clit.  The dildo action eventually graduates to double penetration as Roxanne also puts a dildo into Angelica's pussy,  Next Angelica fucks Angelica's pussy, as she bends over, before the scene eventually comes to an end. - This was a pretty good scene involving dildo play from 2 attractive ladies.

Scene 7 : Jenna Jameson and Savanna Samson
Next up, we see "Justine Jones"(Savanna Samson), lock horns with "Miss Devlin"(Jenna Jameson) Kissing leads to Savanna being put on her head again in the piledriver position, as Jenna eats her pussy.  Next, Savanna returns the favor by going down on Jenna.  Next, the ladies move to a nearby iron structure, where Savanna lie back, allowing Jenna to finger her deep.  It's followed up by Jenna doing the same as Savanna is bent over.  Next, Jenna holds her legs high, as she pulls the back, allowing Savanna, to go in with her mouth.  From there, there is more tonguing and fingering from behind, followed by the scene ending, as the ladies kiss passionately. - This was a fantastic scene.  Just 2 incredibly hot ladies going at it, while being surrounded by incredible scenery.

Scene 8 : Savanna Samson and Rachel Rotten and Rob Rotten and Anthony Hardwood and Mario Rossi Cameron Cain and Jessica Jaymes
The final scene is basically a group orgy, with all sorts of things going on.  There's fucking(both straight and strap ons), body piercing and even fire play.  The scene ends with a three-way, involving Savanna Samson as she takes on Anthony Hardwood and Mario Rossi, as well as Savanna fucking her ass with a dildo.

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