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March 1, 2016

The Temptation of Eve (New Sensations Erotic Stories - 2013)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - March 1, 2016

Starring :

Remy LaCroix
India Summer
Dahlia Sky
Xander Corvus
Tommy Pistol

Thrust into an uncomfortable circumstance, Eve (Remy LaCroix) finds herself living under the same roof as Brandon (the man she shared the most intense sexual connection of her life with) and Danny (her current love whom she shares the most intimate emotional connection of her life). Her own curiosity about the man she lusted for long ago, coupled with his desperate attempts at manipulating her back into another affair, leaves Eve straddling the line between right and wrong. Will Eve succumb to Brandon's games? Or will she stay loyal to Danny, the man who continues to be her grounding in the unpredictable, unstable world Brandon has begun to weave for both of them.

(Runtime - 1 hr. 52 mins.)

In THE TEMPTATION OF EVE, after both losing their jobs "Eve", (Remy LaCroix), a writer, and her boyfriend "Danny"(Tommy Pistol), a graphic designer, have no other resort, than to move in with their mutual friend "Brandon"(Xander Corvus)  For Danny, it's no big deal, to stay with his friend while he is in between jobs, but for Eve, it's a different story.  Why?  Because it was just 3 years ago that she and Brandon had a weekend long fling.  It was an affair that ended badly, as after, Brandon never returned any of Eve's messages, making her essentially just another entry within the journal which he keeps - as he details his sexual experiences.  Eve does her best to keep the secret fling between them in the past, but it isn't long before she cannot resist the memories, as every little thing reminds her about the time that she spent with Brandon - it was one of the greatest sexual experiences of her life.  And it doesn't help matters, that Brandon himself, seems to be reeling her back in, as he seems to be strategically manipulating her.  He says, and does things intentionally, even having sexual encounters within earshot of her - with one of his latest conquests even being the blonde, who replaced her at her previous writing job.  Each of these actions by Brandon, seemingly designed to grab her attention, and get under her skin.  And they do, as they cause Eve to flirt with temptation.  Brandon says that he truly loves Eve, but is it just part of the continuous game, which he has played with countless others?  Or could this be the one time that he is actually telling the truth?  As the temptation pulls her body one direction, with her heart traveling with her husband, as he takes up a job in Seattle in another, Eve must, in the end, make the ultimate choice  between love, and lust.

From Writer/director, Jacky St. James, and NEW SENSATIONS comes this tale of both love and lust.  In the film, our character, "Eve", played by Remy LaCroix, has had the best of both, at one time in her life.  But the problem is that, we find her in a situation, in which both of these things collide head-on, when she, and her boyfriend, "Danny", whom she loves, moves in with the guy that she once lusted after.  Though, initially, she is able to keep things a secret from her boyfriend, Danny, soon old memories resurface, which threaten everything for her.  As  Eve reads through Brandon's journal of sexual encounters, memories of a weekend that the two of them shared together, 3 years prior, begin to fill her mind.  The manipulative Brandon knows this, and seems to spare no expense when trying to pull her back in, as he taunts her, both mentally and sexually.  Meanwhile, as Eve juggles both the emotions and the lust, Danny finds that he has landed a job, which would relocate the couple from Los Angeles, to Seattle, and it is during the time in between, that Eve must seriously confront her feelings.  And it is at the film's conclusion that we are made aware of her choice, as the film comes to a dramatic close.

THE TEMPTATION OE EVE is a film that was brilliantly scripted by St. James in a matter that first grabs you, and leads you on from beginning to end.  It is the type of scripted story that has your attention enough that you want to see it through to the end, just to see how things end up for the characters.  During the film we feel as if we know these characters(especially Eve), so of course we want to see how the story ends.  And honestly as the film progresses, we aren't quite sure where t will go, as the story remains open for a number of possibilities.  Especially since the story involves a character such as "Brandon"  Brandon is dangerously manipulative, we would find.  He beds a countless number of ladies as a product of one night stands, with no remorse.  She when it comes to his undying interest in Eve, we sort of side with her, in that he views her, simply as another toy to play with.  His confessions of true love, couldn't possibly be true.  Or could they?  With Brandon, you just never know, and that is what makes THE TEMPTATION OF EVE so interesting and intriguing to watch unfold.  It's again the type of progressive story telling that takes time to build.  I liked the film's attention to detail and how it tied in words said, or objects into Eve's past, and how these key things reminded her of particular moments with Brandon.  It's a very nice touch, and shows us just how much attention went to the script itself.

When it comes to the film's cast, it's small, but effective - and that's what matters.  Personally, I feel that they could not have cast this film any better, as the film's 3 primary roles are filled by 3 individuals who always give their all, when  it comes to the aspect of acting.  When it comes to the film's couple, "Danny" and "Eve". we have Tommy Pistol. and Remy LaCroix.  In the relationship, Danny is just a simple man, who is simply looking to provide for he and his girlfriend.  He has no knowledge of the previous hookup between Eve and Brandon.  He is essentially the "innocent" one in the story.  For me, Tommy is always fun, no matter the role.  He is extremely easy to like, which makes the choice for this role, ideal.  And then there is the other half of the relationship, in Eve.  Like Pistol, LaCroix is extremely likable(and adorably cute!), which makes Eve, interesting as we follow the story, which sees her essentially torn between too very different lovers.  We feel for her, as she is kind of mentality stuck.  And lastly, comes the the film's most interesting piece, the character of "Brandon", very nicely played by Xander Corvus.  Corvus' performance here, is essentially the grease for the wheels, so to speak, as it is the Brandon character that keeps the momentum going.  Keeps the manipulation going.  Brandon is someone who we never really figure out until the end, when he puts his feelings down on paper.  That's because the guy is unpredictable.  You never know if he serious, or if he means what he says.  Xander does a great job in portraying this character that is both, sort of dark and mysterious, with the ability to turn it on and off at will.  Combined, the acting from this talented cast is what keeps this film together, which results in a film that, overall, is a nicely, plotted, nicely executed suspense drama.

This is another one from Jacky St. James that I really enjoyed.  She just has a way of writing dialogue that feels authentic, rather than showy, which I appreciate.  Here, the characters are just so easy to get into, and in a lot of ways, relate to as well.  I was into this one from the beginning, because I was just so interested in the characters and the situations which they were facing.  I will admit however, that I wasn't liking the ending at first. I guess I was just expecting a different outcome.  But after some thought, I suppose that it is a rather fitting conclusion.

As for the sex scenes, THE TEMPTATION OF EVE features 4 individual sex scenes - all of which are boy/girl pairings.  All of them good. From the pantyhose ripping sexual encounter between Corvus and India Summer, the closet romp between Corvus and Dahlia Sky, or the 2 scenes that feature Remy LaCroix(first, with Tommy Pistol and then with Xander Corvus), all of them have reasons to enjoy them.

My Score : 7.5/10

Sex Scene Breakdown

Scene 1 : India Summer and Xander Corvus
As "Eve"(Remy LaCroix) fantasizes about Brandon"(Xander Corvus), as she read his journal, we see the fantasy, as Brandon has sex with a woman, played by  India Summer.  Things start on the couch, with India on all fours, and with Xander ripping her pantyhose from behind.  The two passionately kiss, before the pantyhose are ripped from the front allowing him access to her pussy, as he goes down to tongue. and it isn't long, before he also stuffs in some fingers, and moves them in and out.  After, Xander lies back, as India goes at his cock with her mouth, first sucking his balls, and then working his cock.  Next, India is back on all fours as Xander puts it in, in doggy.  From this position, Xander hammers it in hard, at a nice and steady pace.  The action, next, takes to spoon, where India's legs are first held nice and tight, before she opens up, where Xander continues to nail her.  This is followed by India again sucking cock briefly, before climbing on in reverse cowgirl.  It is her, that Xander fucks her hard, and fast.  Next, we see action from missionary, as Xander continues, while India massages her clit.  Things pick up speed as India glides into the cock.  After, things return to Doggy, as Xander continues to pound it in.  The pace from her quickens, eventually causing Xander to cum on her ass. - This was a pretty sexy scene, I must admit.  From the pantyhose ripping, to the action, it's pretty hot.  India Summer looked sexy here!

Scene 2 : Remy LaCroix and Tommy Pistol
In the next scene, a restless "Eve"(Remy LaCroix) awakens "Danny"(Tommy Pistol) for some sex.  It starts with some dry-humping, before Tommy goes down between her legs.  From here, he tongues at Remy's clit.  Remy soon raises her legs briefly, allowing Tommy to really tongue- fuck her.  Next, the action naturally progresses to missionary. where Tommy slams in his cock deep.  Multiple camera angles change the view of the action, as Tommy continues.  This is followed up by Remy skillfully sucking Tommy's cock.  This is before Remy climbs on top in cowgirl to ride the cock.  This lasts briefly, as she rides rough.  The action then takes to spoon, where we get a nice view of the penetration.  From here, Tommy keeps a nice fast pace, hammering it into Remy's opening.  Following this position, Tommy goes on to tongue Remy's ass, as well as finger, before slipping in his cock in doggy, where the action continues briefly, before returning to spoon, where Tommy keeps the pace, before being forced to cum on Remy's pussy. - A really good scene.  Both passionate and hot.  I loved the element of Eve fantasizing about Brandon during the scene.

Scene 3 : Dahlia Sky and Xander Corvus
Next, with "Eve"(Remy LaCroix) in the next room, "Brandon"(Xander Corvus) has sex with "Jen"(Dahlia Sky).  The two exchange kisses, as Xander rubs Dahlia's clit, before going down to work it with his mouth.  This is before Dahlia returns the favor, as she suck and suck his cock.  She also gives attention to his balls a bit, before Xander hoists her up against the wall, and proceeds to fuck her from there.  Following that, he continues things, by taking her from behind.  In the position, Xander keeps up a nice steady pace, as Dahlia climaxes twice.  Next, Xander takes her from the front as he holds up her left leg and penetrates her deep for a period of time.  This is followed by reverse cowgirl, as Dahlia bounce on the cock, as Xander is seated on the floor.  A long view from the camera, as well as closeup and overhead give us a nice view of the proceedings from here.  After this, Dahlia, sucks and jerks off Xander until he cums on her tits - This was a pretty hot scene, with a few different positions within the small space of the location.  And besides, I always enjoy seeing Dahlia Sky!

Scene 4 : Remy LaCroix and Xander Corvus
Once again reading from "Brandon's"(Xander Corvus) journal, she comes across an entry, which details a sexual encounter that both of them had with one another.  We see that encounter.  Taking place in the confines of a bathroom, Remy is up on the counter, as Xander proceeds to eat her pussy, nice and slow.  Remy follows this by sucking Xander's cock, before Xander takes things into doggy briefly, before things naturally go missionary as Remy is back on the counter top.  Xander lifts her legs in order to plow into her deep, as he keeps a nice pace going, as he pound it in.  Next comes doggy, as Remy is against the wall.  Xander from here, proceeds to continue at a good pace.  This is before Remy goes on to once again, suck Xander's cock taking it deep into her mouth, before Xander goes on to eat her pussy and ass from behind.  Next up, the two take to the toilet, as Remy climbs on in cowgirl to ride the cock briefly, before things go back to missionary, where things would soon end.  It's from here, that Xander fucks Remy, until he is forced to pull out to cum, as he does so on her pussy, thus ending the scene.  - This was another pretty good scene, with some nice action from both performers.

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