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March 8, 2016

The Virgin (Digital Playground - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - March 8, 2016

Starring :

Jade Nile
Cassidy Klein
Scarlet Red
Allison Moore
Tommy Pistol
Mick Blue
Tyler Nixon
Mr. Pete
Keiran Lee


Jade Nile, the innocent flower has been lusting over the thought of experiencing a real man. She has been dreaming of the day she'll experience her first cock and finally, she's ready. Her sexual awakening begins when she meets an older gentleman. He introduces her into a world of sexual exploration, intense pleasure and infinite orgasms!

(Runtime - 2 hr. 32 mins.)

In the DIGITAL PLAYGROUND feature, THE VIRGIN, "Jamie"(Jade Nile) is a young woman, who lives with her mom, "Cheryl"(Allison Moore)  in a 3 bedroom apartment.  Like many girls her age, Jamie is curious about all things sex, although she hasn't truly experienced it yet.  However, that doesn't mean that she hasn't explored herself.  As she seems to spend time masturbating at times, times, which include getting turned on at the sound of her neighbors(Scarlet Red and Clover) having sex next door.  Curiosity in terms of sex, seems to have always been there for her, but nothing has happened - yet.  That however, would soon change when an older man, by the name of "Mark"(Tommy Pistol), unexpectedly rents, she and her mom's extra bedroom.  Initially, the presence of Mark, is indeed strange for her.  But when she finds that he and her mom have had sex, her curiosity in sex, is further aroused,  This results in young Jamie finding a boyfriend in "Steven"(Tyler Nixon), and it isn't long before Jamie is a virgin no more.  She has now crossed the sexual finish line.  But unfortunately for Jamie, she soon catches "Steven" in the act of cheating with another woman(Cassidy Klein).  This of course, sets in motion, a string of rebellion, as she goes after the older man, Mark.  She eventually lands him, as the two have steamy late night sex.  It is the start of, not only a relationship that her mother does not approve of, but also a sexual awakening.  As the openness of the relationship with Mark, leads her to do things sexually that she could have never imagined - thus tapping into her innermost desires.

Going into THE VIRGIN from DIGITAL PLAYGROUND and Director/Cameraman Billy Visual, I knew little about the film, other than the film's trailer(which I did view beforehand). made it look pretty epic.  So with that in mind, I was excited to see it.  And now that I have, I can say that my excitement was for good reason.  Because, what we have here is an entertaining film, that both looks and feels good overall.  While, I do know that not everyone enjoys them, personally, I perfer a little(or a lot) of story with my porn.  That is just what Visual's film, THE VIRGIN delivers, as it feels very much like a retro Porn feature in the way that its story develops.

I say this, because the story which drives THE VIRGIN is very reminiscent of classic Porn features such as Alex DeRenzy's PRETTY PEACHES series, and Gail Palmer's super fun "Candy" films(THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF CANDY, CANDY GOES TO HOLLYWOOD).  While here, "Jamie's" sexual adventures more so mirror the PRETTY PEACHES films, it is her bubbly attitude towards sex(both the exploration of, and the doing) that truly says "Candy".  So, if you just so happen to enjoy any of these flicks from the past, then I feel that you are in for a treat with this one.  I for one love all of the aforementioned films, so this film was easy sailing for me, most of the way - I really enjoyed it.  In the film, the "Jamie" character is fun to watch.  First, she's a curious virgin, however when she is let loose - watch out!  If the filmmakers truly wanted to make an ongoing series out of this one, they surely could.  As we sense that this is just the beginning of Jamie's sexual adventures - both with, and with out "Mark".  There is still very much that they could do here, should they ever want to.  Jamie could have more sex of various type(of course), she and Mark could get married, and years later, their daughter could grow up and be just a sexually curious as her mother once was.  Or something like that.  If it were the '80s, a sequel(or sequels) to this film, would be likely.  But these days, that doesn't always happen.  But who knows?  I just know that I would be down to see, it should it happen.
As I said, the character of "Jamie" is fun, as we watch her, almost effortlessly transform into a sex-loving sex kitten.  And this is due to Jade Nile's fun, and laid back performance.  I have now seen Jade a few times in my reviewing adventures, and I have every time, been blown away by her.  She is just really sexy, and the energy and the joy that she brings to each one of her sex scenes, is just infectious, in a very good way.  Man, is she hot!  She was an ideal choice for this role.  She plays both curious, and sexy very well.  Also perfect for the role, was Tommy Pistol, as the older man, "Mark".  He is the man who rents the third bedroom.  Initially, Mark is both mysterious and dark.  Not much is known about him, but it is this mystery, that eventually draws Jamie to him.  I have already said a ton about Tommy, here at "The Cheese", so if I did it here, i'd just be repeating myself.  But, Tommy is great, and here, once again displays just why he is as great as he is.  Also here as the third element is Allison Moore, who plays Jamie's mom, "Cheryl".  While technically, Allison isn't that much older than Jade in reality, she is so in story.  It is just something that the story must go with.  Luckily the divide between reality and fiction isn't enough to be a distraction.  I liked Moore here.  It was actually my first time seeing her.  I wouldn't mind seeing more of Allison Moore!  In other supporting roles, we have Tyler as the boyfriend, who cheats, "Steven", the beautiful Scarlet Red and Clover as the neighbors, Mr. Pete and Keiran Lee, as a couple of horny furniture movers, and lastly(but not least), Mick Blue as an S&M specialist.

As said, I really enjoyed THE VIRGIN.  It is one that is easy to follow, story-wise, and has a main character, that is especially fun and lively, which adds to the overtone spirit of the film.  For the most part, I was really into the film, but I will admit that the sex scene, which closes the film, fell as little flat for me.  But, with that said, THE VIRGIN is one of the best DIGITAL PLAYGROUND efforts that I have seen in awhile.  While I did give the film a 7.5/10, please know that it is a hard 7.5 and is closer to an 8, rather than a 7.  I felt that this film was pretty solid overall.  It was nice to see a different Director at work for a change.  I mean, I respect Jakodema(the resident Director for DIGITAL PLAYGROUND), and i'm a big fan, but sometimes a little variety is nice.  Because not any 2 Directors will shoot something the exact same way.

As for the sex scenes in the film, there are a whopping 7 instances of sex - all of them enjoyable in ways.  The featured performer here, Jade Nile, is featured in 4 of them - that's a good thing!  I will just come out and confess that I pretty much enjoyed every scene that Jade was in.  Not only do we get 2 boy/girl pairings featuring her(first with Tyler Nixon, then with Tommy Pistol), we also get her in 2 three-ways(first with Mr. Pete and Keiran Lee, and then with Mick Blue and Pistol).  All of Jade's scenes here, vary, but are enjoyable.  Elsewhere, there is a blowjob scene(Nixon and Cassidy Klein), and 2 other boy/girl pairings(Scarlet Red and Clover, then Allison Moore and Tommy Pistol). The remaining boy/girl pair ups are also good.  As someone, whom I haven't seen in many features, it was awesome to see the sexy Scarlet Red in action.  Also nice to see was Allison Moore, who takes on Tommy in a hot bathroom romp.

THE VIRGIN is available on DVD, and for on demand streaming on DIGITAL PLAYGROUND's website.  Click here to sign up at a reduced rate.

My Score : 7.5/10

Sex Scene Breakdown

Scene 1 : Scarlet Red and Clover
In the first scene "Jamie's" neighbors(Scarlet Rad and Clover), are scene having sex in their bedroom.  After some kissing, Clover tongues Scarlet's pussy, before slipping in his cock in missionary.  From her he keeps a nice, and steady pace.  From here, Scarlet turns to the side fuck position, as Clover continues.  During, Jamie is seen masturbating from her bedroom, as she hears them.  After, things go into doggy, as Jamie is seen masturbating harder, and faster, eventually getting out a long purple dildo.  Meanwhile, Clover continues with the in and out.  This is followed by Scarlet sucking clover, before things lead to cowgirl.  From here, Scarlet's as is on full display, as Clover hammers it in.  In between insertion, he spreads Scarlet's pussy wide, giving us a nice view of her love hole.  Next, the position switches to reverse cowgirl, where Clover keeps up a quick pace Scarlet leans back, as he drills the hole.  This is followed by Scarlet throating Clovers cock, before he eventually jacks off to cum into Scarlet's mouth. - A pretty good scene, featuring hot action from 2 different perspectives.  I really liked how this scene was inter-cut with Jade Nile masturbating  Both Jade and Scarlet Red are sexy as hell.  As for red, she definitely needs to be in more features like this!

Scene 2 : Allison Moore and Tommy Pistol
In the next scene, "Mark"(Tommy Pistol), asks "Jamie's"(Jade Nile) mom(Allison Moore), to show him how to work the hot water in the bathroom.  This is actually code for, "lets go somewhere, a little more private to have sex"  And they do.  It starts with a round of spanking from Tommy, before he bends Allison over, as he begins to eat her pussy and ass from behind.  Next, from the same position, he finger bangs her hard, before going back to eating.  Next, as Allison stroke Tommy's cock, he smacks her around a bit - before she ends up stroking, and sucking him.  She takes him balls deep, before he smacks her tits around.  Next, with Allison once again bent over, Tommy takes her from behind in doggy.  From her, Tommy keeps a nice, steady pace.  With her leg now up on the tub, Tommy slams her even harder.  Allison then gets back to sucking, but this time, faster.  This eventually leads things into reverse cowgirl, when Allison hops onto the cock for a bumpy ride.  Her tits bounce, as she slam down on Tommy's cock.  At one point, Tommy drills her fast and hard,  After a little more sucking from Allison, things go to the floor for some spoon action.  From here, Tommy continues to drill it in, before he must cum.  He does so by jacking off until he lets loose, aiming at her mouth.  - A pretty good scene from both performers. Allison more looks pretty hot, here.

Scene 3 : Jade Nile and Tyler Nixon
Stemming from her curiosity, and obvious jealousy over her mom's sexual experiences, "Jamie" recruits a man of her own, "Steven"(Tyler Nixon).  Things begin with Jade sucking Tyler's cock, nice and deep.  She sucks and slurps his cock, before things head to the bedroom.  Tyler peels off her "Daisy Dukes", and proceeds to go down on her, tonguing both her pussy and ass.  Jade bends her legs almost behind her head, giving him easy access.  Next, Jade remains spread wide, as Tyler hammers it in, in missionary, steady, hard and deep.  Next, Jade is on her stomach, as things go doggy.  First, Tyler fucks, and then Jade slams herself into the cock.  This is followed by Tyler going deep into her pussy.  After doggy, comes spoon.  From here, Tyler keeps things going with an even pace.  The next position is reverse cowgirl, where the action is hard and fast.  Jade's natural tits bounce, as Tyler fucks the pussy hard.  It continues, until Tyler is forced to pull out to cum on Jade's pussy. - Wow, this was a pretty good scene.  Nice hard action, and Jade Nile looking smoking hot. 

Scene 4 :
Cassidy Klein and Tyler Nixon
In the next scene, "Jamie"(Jade Nile), sees her new man, "Steven"(Tyler Nixon), at the coffee shop with another woman(Cassidy Klein), and soon we she Steven and his date, take to a bathroom for a sexual encounter.  It doesn't take Cassidy long to get down to sucking Tyler off.  She takes his cock, nice and deep into her throat, while also sucking him.  This continues for some time, before Tyler shoots his cum into Cassidy's mouth.  - Yes, this is just a blowjob scene, but to Cassidy's credit, she makes it look hot.  But it's a shame that the action didn't go any further here, because Klein always has great scenes.

Scene 5 : Jade Nile and Tommy Pistol
After finding "Steven"(Tyler Nixon) in the midst of sex at the coffee shop, later than night "Jamie"(Jade Nile), meets "Mark"(Tommy Pistol) at a Jacuzzi area for a steamy sexual romp.  First, the two kiss, before Jade eventually goes to deep throat Tommy's cock.  This is followed by Tommy taking charge  From her back, Jade sucks Tommy while upside down for a time.  This is before Jade readys herself to be pounded in doggy.  As he pounds it in, he smacks her ass, and pulls her hair.  As the action continues, Jade's nice ass smacks against Tommy.  Eventually, Tommy climbs on top of the Jacuzzi so that he can penetrate deep - from here, he goes balls deep into Jade.  Following this, Jade once again sucks him deep and fast.  Things then go back to doggy, where Tommy plugs her hard, before eating her pussy and ass.  Tommy follows this up by putting a ball-gag into her mouth, and from there, things go into missionary.  After, Jade is on Tommy's cock in reverse cowgirl.  From here, Jade bounces fast and hard, as Tommy penetrates deep into her.  The action is both fast and rough as it soon causes Tommy to cum, as he does so into Jade's mouth to end the scene. - Another really good scene with some nice submissive action taking place.  The location of the action was also key here.

Scene 6 : Jade Nile and Keiran Lee and Mr. Pete
In the next scene, Jamie is having 2 moving guys(Keiran Lee and Mr. Pete) move some couches around for her,  Instead of tipping them with cash, she gets another idea.  One that sees her exploring even further.  Yes, she breaks her couch in by fucking the 2 guys on it! The three of them waste no time in getting down.  First, Pete hits it from behind as Jade suck Keiran.  Then things switch with Keiran getting some from behind, until things switch again.  Following this, Jade is on Keiran, in cowgirl.  He pounds her from her, as she sucks Pete's cock.  Next, Jade is held upside down in missionary briefly, by Keiran, as she continue to suck off Pete.  Keiran manhandles Jade, before Pete takes her into missionary.  Pete slams her hard and fast from here, as she lick Keiran's balls, and tugs his cock.  Then it is Keiran, who gets his turn, as he drill in his cock - with Jade holding her legs well above her head.  As Keiran keeps the pace, she sucks Pete's balls.  That's before Pete fucks her hard and fast in side fuck, as she tug Keiran.  Next, it is reverse cowgirl, as Jade rides Keiran.  From here, Jade's pussy smacks hard onto Keiran's cock.  Next Keiran does some literal cock push ups as he drills his cock deep into Jade, before she is passed off to Pete, who fucks her fast in missionary, before the scene ends with the 2 men jerking off into Jade's face.  First Mr. Pete, followed by Keiran.  - A pretty hot scene, with a few wild parts. I liked the way that the guys just manhandled Jade at some points.

Scene 7 : Jade Nile and Mick Blue and Tommy Pistol
In the final sex scene, "Jamie"(Jade Nile) takes her sexual exploration to another level, when she and "Mark" (Tommy Pistol) hit up an S&M den.  They soon triple up, when the two of them are joined by another man(Mick Blue) and are taken to a room.  A three-way ensues.  First the 2 men trade off finger-banging Jade hard, before she goes to suck cock.  She trades off, sucking both men.  She continues this for a time as Pistol dominates her, as she adds lots of spit as she continues to suck.  Jade wanting to be restrained, the restraints soon come out.  Her hands are bound together, as she alternates between sucking both guys.  Next, Jade is bent over and whipped by Mick, as she continue to suck Tommy.  While still getting his cock sucked, Tommy takes over whipping duties, as Mick fucks her from behind in doggy.  From here, Blue keeps a nice and steady pace, as he ram it in and out.  The two men, then trade sides, with Tommy taking her doggy.  After that, she straddles Mick for cowgirl,  From here, Mick initially fucks her hard, before things slow down a bit, as she also sucks Tommy.  Next, she climbs on top with Tommy in reverse cowgirl.  She bounces on the cock for a time, before Mick soon takes her into missionary. While he fucks her, she sucks Tommy, before Mick passes her to Pistol, where he puts it in, in side fuck.  After this, Mick takes things back to doggy, as Jade straddles an S&M chair. From this position, Mick fucks her briefly, before the scene ends with the guys cumming,  First it is Mick, who pops a big load onto Jade's mouth, and then it's Tommy, who does the same - This was an ok scene, that luckily, gets better as it goes on.  It seemed to get better when Jade finally straddled both of the guys in cowgirl.

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