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March 22, 2016

The Young and the Rest of Us - Season 2 (Adam and Eve - 2016)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - March 22, 2016

Starring :

Sarah Vandella
Chloe Amour
Anya Ivy
Holly Heart
Josie Jagger
Nikki Daniels
Katerina Kay
Vyxen Steel
Elizabeth Bentley
Steven St. Croix
Nick Manning
Alec Knight
Seth Gamble
Ryan McLane
Tyler Nixon
Chad White

This college town hides dark secrets and taboo sex! University President Vince Ferrara (Steven St. Croix) needs his political campaign funded, and he's willing to do anything, including a horny busty masseuse (Christie Stevens) to do it. Bombshell Abby Ferrara (Holly Heart) throws a detective off her husband's scent with her tight trophy wife pussy. Meanwhile Vince's curious daughter Elizabeth (Bentley) uses her hot body to get what she wants, and son Griffin (Tyler Nixon) gets a naked anatomy lesson from sexpot MILF Sarah Vandella.

(Runtime - 1 hr. 56 mins.)

The sexual exploits of the college town of College Grove, continue with this second installment of ADAM & EVE and Will Ryder's Soap Opera serial, THE YOUNG AND THE REST OF US.

This second season picks up exactly where the previous season left off.  Vincent Ferrara"(Steven St. Croix), President of Grove State University, still aims to run for senate, but if he is going to run, he knows that he will need to be funded.  This is when he reaches out to his partner, "John Hargarden"(Alec Knight), who has already turned down the proposed position of being his Chief of Staff.  Vincent has a plan, even if it means breaking the rules.  He tells John, that he plans to borrow the sum of 12 million dollars from the University's athletic department.  John, knows that if caught, there could be some heavy consequences.  But Vincent is quick to assure his friend that he will put the money back before anyone notices, and that it would only be known between the two of them.  It was a private conversation, or so they thought.  Because, little did they know that within earshot of the call was Vincent's drunken, and drugged up wife, Abby, who soon blurts out the otherwise confidential details of the plan.  From there, news around campus travels fast.  Everyone seems to know, even law enforcement, when a Detective Manning"(Nick Manning) comes into play.  From there, it looks as though Vincent, and possibly, John, may be in some hot water, as they both could go down for money embezzlement charges, something that would certainly put an end to any campaign hopes.  Meanwhile, to make things right, and to distract the law from locking up her husband, Abby utilizes her greatest weapon - her body.  Elsewhere, infidelity is abound as both Vincent and John sleep around on their wives with students(Christie Stevens and Vyxen Steel respectively), John, unfortunately was caught on video, and it's proof that soon causes his wife to also have a fling with another man, a coach at the school(Ryan McLane).  Because as we learned the last time, it is always business mixed with a little pleasure when you're in College Grove!

When I reviewed the first season of this Soap Opera themed series not too long ago, I commented how, at the time, I did not know how long it would be before the follow up season would see DVD.  Because lets face it, the first season left us hanging.  Well, as it turns out, the wait wasn't long at all, as season 2 of THE YOUNG AND THE REST OF US has already been released - and luckily, it picks things up right where it left us.  The feel of this volume is that the characters have already been established, and now it's time for the story to progress to where it really wants to go.  This time around, we find that the story now has more depth, and is a little more interesting.  Here we see college President, "Vincent Ferrara" taking the next step in preparation of him running for US senator.  As it turns out, he will stop at nothing to remain prominent in all that he does.  That is when he comes up with the bright idea of borrowing 12 million dollars from the school to fund his impending campaign.  For the character, Vincent, it seems as though it is a quick answer to money, as he'd just return it some time later.  But to the viewer, we know that this is surely trouble.  Because it's a small town, in which this story takes place, and this is a Soap Opera after all.  The suspense, tension and exaggeration is high!

The story this time around is more interesting, as it gives us something that is unexpected once the idea of embezzlement comes about.  We aren't sure what will happen.  Will he, or won't he get into serious trouble?  And will the reluctant "John Hargarden"(Alec Knight) the guy who was basically forced into the plans, go down with him?  We don't know.  This is the good portion of the story.  But then there is are extra scenes and developments that are great, although, they just seem to have been put into the story to pad it out.  I did enjoy some of the other stuff, for example, without them, I would have never seen the beauties, Christie Stevens and Vyxen Steel, who are both hot, and provide great sex scenes.  But then again, they never lead to anything of importance, in terms of story.  The "John Hargarden" blow job scene with Vyxen Steel, which was video taped, was set up by Vincent, was, I am guessing, meant to lead to some sort of blackmail scheme - yet we never learn as to why Vincent had the blowjob  taped.  Near the end of the film, it is clear that John's wife "Katie" is aware - she's seen the tape, and knows that he cheats - but at what cost?  Again, the whole blackmailing thing goes nowhere.  Maybe if there is another season after this, maybe we will be told.  With that said, another thing that is odd, as it seemed rushed, the the season's conclusion.  Vincent is gathered by his wife and kids on the couch.  Vincent tells them that he isn't sure about what fate would have in store, and if he will be charge or not - but he's proud of his family.  His son "Griffin(Tyler Nixon) has improved his grades, his daughter, "Britney"(Katerina Kay) has cut down on the sex, and the other daughter, "Elizabeth"(Elizabeth Bentley) has stopped smoking weed.  And last but not least Vincent's wife, "Abby" has agreed to go to rehab, for her problem with drugs and alcohol.  It's a calm and easy feeling moment with the Ferrara family.  That is until Elizabeth delivers some unexpected news.  She's pregnant.  Which of course puts a damper on everything.  It seems like such a required and forced conclusion.  I'm guessing that this little development will be followed up on should there be a season 3.  However, just like the time prior, I have no idea.  But this time, they have really left us hanging.  Far worse than last time.

Overall, like season 1, season 2 continues the fun of this web series of politics, drugs, and of course sex in a college town.  Here, the individual episodes, have been edited into one continuous film.  While the inaugural season was fun for the most part, season 2 is slightly better, as it takes things a step forward in terms of overall plot.  And as far as the sex featured in this season, in my opinion, it's far better than the last season as well.  However, again, with that said, it still feels a little incomplete and rushed, as is evident in the way that additional subplots, don't exactly pan out in the end.  Should the series continue, I'll be interested to see where it goes.

And speaking of the sex scenes, THE YOUNG AND THE REST OF US SEASON 2, features 7 instances of sex.  There's 2 blowjob scenes, and one boy/girl masturbation scene. In addition to those scenes, there are 4 boy/girl scenes.  Although I pretty much like them all, I would have to say that my favorite pairing of the film, was the film's 4th scene, which paired Steven St. Croix with Christie Stevens.  Why?  Because it was my first time seeing Christie, and she has made quite the impression on me.  Yes, she's hot!  But I will also say that Holly Heart's scene with Nick Manning, was also great.  I love Holly.  Tall, and sexy, with beautiful eyes!

My Score : 6.5/10

Sex Scene Breakdown

Scene 1 : Sarah Vandella and Tyler Nixon
Wasting no time picking up where the series' first season left off. we find "Griffin" getting it on with his sexy Professor(Sarah Vandella).  Nixon starts by sucking on Sarah's tits, before she slips off her panties.  From here, he rubs her pussy.  Next, Sarah whips out Tyler's cock to begin to suck, taking him deep into her mouth.  She continues to suck and tug him, before having him eat her pussy.  From here, he tongues and sucks, while spreading apart her lips.  Next, Tyler lubes up before things go into doggy, where he pounds her, nice and steady.  This is before things go over to missionary, where Sarah spreads wide allowing him to penetrate deep and hard into her snatch.  The position continues with Sarah's legs held high, before going back to wide.  Closeups give us a nice view of the penetration.  The missionary action continues as Tyler picks up the pace, before he is forced to cum.  He pulls out, to shoot a big load into Sarah's face, and onto her chest to end the scene.  - This was the scene, that we didn't see last time, because the season concluded prior to.  It left us hanging, but it was indeed worth the wait, i'd say!  It's a pretty hot scene.  The performers stay in character, and so Sarah makes things hot with her dirty talk involving student-teacher relations.

Scene 2 : Josie Jagger and Chad White
In the next scene, after his parents "John"(Alec Knight) and "Katie"(Nikki Daniels) leave the house, John Hargarden Jr. (Chad White) is all alone with a hot girl(Josie Jagger) in his bedroom.  She goes on to explain that she only has sex for money.  After some negotiating, they agree on $100 sex.  Chad feels her up to start.  Before sucking on her tits.  This is followed with Chad taking off her shorts and sliding her panties aside to tongue and suck on her pussy.  He takes off the panties and continues, as he spreads the pussy, and fingers the hole.  A closeup view, puts us in the action.  He continues things by rubbing Josie's clit, fast.  Next, Josie sucks Chad's cock as he stands, before Chad takes to the bed to lie down.  From here, Josie continues to throat his cock.  From here, the camera is in POV.  The next position is 69 as Josie sucks and Chad eats pussy briefly, before the action goes to reverse cowgirl.  From this position Josie's legs are spread wide, as Chad fucks her nice and steady, before picking up speed.  From here Chad continues to drill her hard, as she eventually cums.  The camera, at one point zooms in on Josie's pussy, giving us a close view of the penetration. After, Josie sucks cock once again, before climbing on for cowgirl.  From here, we are treated to a great view of Josie's ass as it bounces.  Soon, Chad takes over, as he pounds the pussy hard, as she cums again.  Next, things take to doggy, where Chad keeps up the nice and steady pace.  He keeps a hard on her ass, as he drills deep, before the pace quickens, per her request.  Next it's missionary, where Josie's tits bounce fast as Chad fucks her hard.  Chad keeps it up before he must cum.  He does so on her pussy, when he sprays a big load.  After cumming, he puts it in again, for a few more "ins and outs", before the scene ends with Josie sucking the cock. - Another great scene, with some nice hard action from Chad White.  In the story he is to pay her $100 for sex, but it should be the other way around! Josie Jagger gets drilled good here.

Scene 3 : Elizabeth Bentley and Seth Gamble
There is a short, fingering/eating scene in between scenes between "Pac Man"(Seth Gamble) and "Elizabeth"(Elizabeth Bentley).  In the scene, Seth finger bangs Elizabeth's hole, before going down on her with his mouth.  While this is going on. the two are eventually interrupted by "Elizabeth's" Father, "Vincent"(Steven St. Croix).

Scene 4 :
Christie Stevens and Steven St. Croix
The next scene sees "Vincent Ferrara"(Steven St. Croix), visiting Kinesiology student(Christie Stevens) for a massage.  It seems as though they have done this before, as it soon leads to sex.  First, Christie sucks Steven's cock.  She throats every inch of St. Croix's cock, while also sucking his balls.  Things then go to Steven fucking her throat.  Next, Christie rides the cock in cowgirl.  It's nice and slow, before picking up speed.  Christie's ass looks amazing as she ride with her feet propped, before Steven raises her up in the air to fuck her hard,  Next, the position reverses, changing to reverse cowgirl.  From here, it's a bumpy ride, as Christie slams down on the cock.  She then goes on to get off to suck briefly before returning to reverse cowgirl.  Steven pounds her hard, before taking things to doggy next.  As Steven fucks, the camera alternates views from behind, side, and underneath. Next, Christie lie flat with her legs held tight together.  From here, Steven puts it in and drills down deep and hard.  This is followed by things going missionary.  From here, he toys with Christie, putting it in, and taking it out, before he goes on to keep a good pace going.  He eventually bares down, hitting it hard, which builds him up to cum.  He pulls out to unleash a giant load onto Christie's stomach, popping 2 times. - This was a pretty good scene, as well.  You could tell that Steven was really into Christie, and I don't blame him - so was I!  I have never seen her before, but she is fucking hot!

Scene 5 :
Vyxen Steel and Alec Knight
This scene sets up when "John Hargarden"(Alec Knight) is under the impression that he is to get a Swedish massage.  However, the girl(Vyxen Steel), which "Vincent"(Steven St. Croix) has set him up with, has a lot more on her mind, than just a massage.  From there, Vyxen sits back, and spreads her legs, allowing Alec to eat her pussy.  He spreads it apart, and tongues at her clit, as she hold both legs up.  He tongues at the slit, and sucks on the lips of her pussy, while rubbing her asshole.  This is followed by Vyxen sucking his cock deep, as she takes it all down her throat.  Under, and overhead shots show the proceedings.  She continues to work Alec's cock with her mouth, until he explodes.  He aims at her face, yet the load overshoots her. - Just an ok scene with eating out and a blowjob only.  Kind of a bummer.  I wanted to see Vyxen fucked, as she is pretty hot.  I love the tattoos!

Scene 6 : Holly Heart and Nick Manning
In this scene, fearing that her husband "Vincent"(Steven St. Croix) may be charged with embezzlement, "Abby"(Holly Heart) comes on to "Detective Manning" in hopes of saving him from prison time.  She seduces him on the couch, and things go from there.  It isn't long before Holly's tits are out and Nick is sucking them.  He makes his way down to her pussy, and attacks it with his mouth, while jamming in fingers as well.  After, the camera gives us a brief closeup as Holly spread her pussy open.  She then goes to give Nick a sloppy blowjob.  After, things go to missionary, where Nick rams it in deep into her pussy, as the view is overhead,  Things then go to doggy, where Nick keeps thing slow, and steady.  Next, Holly rides hard in reverse cowgirl, bouncing heavily on the cock.  From there, the position reverses to cowgirl, where she continues to ride hard, as her ass smacks up against Manning.  Things continue here, before Nick has to cum.  He does so into Holly's awaiting mouth. - This was a pretty hot scene.  I wanted a Holly Heart sex scene last season,  Well, I got one here, and it doesn't disappoint!  I think Holly is pretty sexy!

Scene 7 : Nikki Daniels and Ryan McLane
In the final scene, "Katie Hargarden"(Nikki Daniels) seduces "Coach Ryan"(Ryan McLane), after evidence of her husband, "John"(Alec Knight) cheating surfaces.  It starts with passionate kissing, and the sucking of nipples. before Nikki is stripped down, and given a reach-around by Ryan. This is followed by Nikki sucking his cock, both as he stand and lie down on the gym floor.  As she sucks cock, we are treated with a nice view of Nikki's ass from behind.  After, Ryan is back on his feet, where he soon jerks off until he cums into Nikki's mouth.  - Just an ok scene.  Just another prolonged blowjob scene.

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