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March 28, 2016

Movie Review: Throat: A Cautionary Tale (Vivid - 2009)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - March 28, 2016

Starring :

Sasha Grey
Penny Flame
Kelly Wells
Aliana Love
Megan Monroe
Carmen McCarthy
Allie Foster
Beverly Hills
Brynn Tyler
Ricki Raxxx
Tom Byron
Herschel Savage
Evan Stone
Lee Stone
Trent Tesoro
Marco Banderas
Big Pike
Rocco Reed
Jordan Lane
Jarod Diamond
Jack Logan

A beautiful young woman is found dead in a field amidst shards of broken glass. Who was she? Why did she die? Who killed her? We move back in time to her life as a young student, waiting tables, unable to make ends meet. She takes a job in a peep show where she learns, to her great amazement, that the seat of her sexuality is in her throat. Suddenly her sex life, always a pretense of pleasure, changes dramatically.  But where she sees pleasure, her boyfriend sees profit...and pushes ''The Girl With The Golden Throat'' up the ladder of success, from peep show to private clients to featuring in a major club called The Zone.  Tired of being used, she snaps...and attempts to bite off the cock of the biggest porn star in history...leading to her own tragic demise. And of course, during the autopsy, the coroner and his assistant find something in her throat they've never seen in any throat before: a clitoris...a tiny bit of flesh that made and unmade the life of a lovely young girl.

(Runtime - 2 hr. 03 mins.)


The film THROAT: A CAUTIONARY TALE, tells the story of "Julie Garret", a young woman, whose body has just arrived at the city morgue.  A young woman dying is certainly not unheard of for the Coroners, however what they discover during her autopsy, certainly is.  While examining her mouth, they make a most unique discovery, one like no other - as it would appear that Julie possessed a clitoris at the back of her throat.  The discovery sets in motion the film, as it tells Julie's story in flashback, detailing the events which led to her death.  We follow as 2 Homicide Detectives, Joe Gillette(Tom Byron) and his partner, "Byrd Smith"(Penny Flame) attempt to put together the pieces of the puzzle that was Julie's life.  They learn that, initially, Julie worked as a waitress in order to pay her way through College.  However, when it became too difficult to make ends meet, she looked for an alternative way to make money.  She found that opportunity working at the local peepshow arcade.  It was a choice that her boyfriend "Eddie"(Trent Tesoro), at first despised for obvious reasons.  But despite this, Julie is successful, especially after a fellow performer, named "Lane"(Aliana Love), teaches her a new "trick" - the art of "deep throat".  It is during this act, that Julie makes a miraculous discovery. when she learns that her sexual pleasure spot is located at the very back of her throat, rather than the traditional location.  For years, it had been a wonder to her, as to why she would never feel much sensation vaginally when it came to climax - but now she knew. With a new trick under her belt, she wowed the visitors, with her ability to throat a dildo, down to its base.  Among those whom she impressed with the act, was boyfriend Eddie, who soon sees profit.  From there, Eddie proceeds to deal her out to seemingly any man who would pay up front.  It is here, that Julie would eventually meet "Dan Quinn"(Evan Stone), a business man, who happens to be part owner of a sex club called "The Zone".  Dan soon takes Julie under his proverbial wing, having her perform the same dildo show, except on a much grander scale.  She performs as "The Girl with the Magic Throat".  It is a pairing that soon makes the rather volatile Eddie jealous.  It's revealed that, with the controlling Eddie out of the picture, Julie and Dan had begun dating.  It would appear that all was going great for the two, as Julie's act, and special talent was as popular as ever.  Unfortunately, it also comes to be known, that it was that same popularity that soon led to Julie's downfall.  Never having been far away from exploitation since the discovery of her special "gift", Julie finds herself subjected to it once again, when Dan forces her to star in a live sex showcase, as she is paired with a popular male sex performer, "Dante Demarco"(Lee Stone).  Among the lights, the crowd, and unexpectedly, the cameras, it was just too much for Julie to bare, as the story goes on to show us just how Julie's life came to a tragic end.

Like VIVID's remake/re-imagining of DEBBIE DOES DALLAS, DEBBIE DOES DALLAS...AGAIN. THROAT: A CAUTIONARY TALE, was also a film that was the subject of a documentary series which aired on SHOWTIME.  Initially, this film was conceived as a remake of the landmark classic, DEEP THROAT, yet when approaching the film's rights holder(a grumbling old man, whose name I have since forgotten) about the remake, they ran into a problem, when he refused to cooperate.  He also tried to shut the production down - sighting that he too was planning to remake the film.  And so, with not being able to continue as a true remake, VIVID, and Director Paul Thomas, continued on with their tale, that would put a unique spin on the idea behind DEEP THROAT.  Looking for inspiration in bringing forth a unique tale here, Thomas eventually tapped veteran writer, Raven Touchstone to pen the script.

The end result of said script, is one that takes the general idea of a woman, whose pleasure point is located in the back of her throat, rather than her nether region, and gives it much more depth than the original film had, had previously.  To tell the truth, while I respect the legacy of the original DEEP THROAT, and all that it stands for, honestly speaking, it's not a great film.  I feel that its overall popularity is just something that occurred for whatever reason.  Yes it had a unique concept, and yes, there was a little bit of comedy, but that's it.  None of the characters that we saw in the original film were particularly interesting.  This is especially true when it comes to that film's main character.  We felt no sympathy, or better yet, any other emotion for her.  She was just someone who had something unique about her, as she subsequently inherited an ability.

But here in THROAT: A CAUTIONARY TALE however, it is quite the opposite.  Because right from the beginning, our main character, "Julie Garrett" is found dead under mysterious circumstances.  This reminded me of the 1976 classic, CRY FOR CINDY from Director Anthony Spinelli, as It starts the film off with this, right out of the gate, bringing about both curiosity and sympathy, as we wonder about the character.  It is from there, that the film works its way back, beginning at a starting point, where we learn that Julie had taken up a job at the peepshow arcade to earn money for college.  Simple enough right?  I mean, a lot of girls do that.  The film then over time develops a Noir-like vibe, as we have 2 Homicide Detectives, who begin to trace Julie's steps, as they look for answers.  THROAT: A CAUTIONARY TALE keeps the intrigue going by suggesting many suspects in Julie's death.  Is it murder?  That's the question which looms.  Could it be the ex-boyfriend, "Eddie" who is known to get, at times, jealous and violent?  Or is it "Dan", the club owner who Julie happened to be seeing at the time of her untimely death?  Maybe it's that strange Jewish man, "Jacob King(Herschel Savage), who's always lurking around the peepshow - and then later the club?  THROAT keeps us guessing, as if it could be all of them, as Julie's life is seen spiraling downward until the bitter end.  One of the best things about this film is the discovery of why Julie's death occurred.  So with that said, I will not reveal the details here.  You will have to check out the film!  To sum it up, the plot is basically about the exploitation of a person for another's benefit, and how it in turn effects the exploited.  Is it my, or is this very similar to the supposedly real life story of DEEP THROAT star, Linda Lovelace?  I think it was intentional.  Maybe it's just a coincidence?  Whatever the case may be, it's a nice little tie in.

But with that said, THROAT: A CAUTIONARY TALE is one that is expertly written as it feels, and plays out very much like a mainstream movie.  Although it doesn't have the biggest of budgets, the overall quality of the film is much higher than you might expect,  This particular viewing of the film wasn't my first time seeing it.  I had actually saw the film a few times prior.  But upon my first time seeing it, I remember being surprised at just how successfully dramatic it was,  This film has a great dramatic build, which of course, leads to ultimate tragedy, when it comes to a life lost.  A lot of the film's success has to do with the character portrayals. This is most true when it come to the, then superstar, Sasha Grey, as she plays the tragic figure of the film, "Julie Garret"  Sasha makes Julie someone who we care about - even more so as the film progresses.  Because as we already know beforehand, that things won't end well for her.  Elsewhere, there are many supporting stars.  Most notably, we have Evan Stone as club owner, "Dan Quinn", and Tom Byron as lead Homicide Detective "Joe Gillette".  Both of these guys are great here, as they always are.  However, when it comes to story support, it is really Penny Flame, whom is THROAT's true unsung hero.  Although yes, Penny's character, Detective "Byrd Smith" is investigating the case alongside her partner, Gillette, it is Smith, who is also involved in a subplot of her own.  While trying to maintain on duty, she is also dealing with a separation from her husband, "Marty".  So to cope, she has secretly(or not so secretly) turned to alcohol and pills.  It is something that is not lost on Gillette, as the drinking/popping of pills, begins to effect his partner's effectiveness on the job - thus causing tension - both mentally, and sexually.  Although this aspect is merely just a subplot to add even further depth, I have to say that Penny does well in her portrayal of the emotionally wrecked Detective.

Overall, I enjoyed this film.  Granted that I have seen this one a few times, it isn't as effective to me as it once was.  But still, even after multiple viewings, it is one that I pretty much enjoy.  Although it wasn't allowed to officially be called a sequel to the infamous DEEP THROAT, THROAT: A CAUTIONARY TALE is one that takes the general idea as we know it, to a whole other level.  One that is much more creative and interesting.

My Score : 7/10

Sex Scene Breakdown

Scene 1 : Sasha Grey and Aliana Love
In the first scene, "Julie Garret"(Sasha Grey) performs a masturbation show at the peepshow arcade involving a dildo.  She sucks the dilo, as she spreads apart her pussy lips wide, before inserting the dildo.  In the next booth, "Lane"(Aliana Love) performs.  She spreads her legs for the audience, before stripping her panties, to dildo herself.  The view then alternates from Sasha and Aliana, as things continue.

Scene 2 : Sasha Grey and Trent Tesoro
In this scene, "Julie"(Sasha Grey), after learning her new "trick" returns home to try it on boyfriend, "Eddie"(Trent Tesoro).  Things begin with kissing, shortly before Sasha whips out Trent's cock to take it into her mouth as she throats it as deep as she can, before things soon abruptly end.  - Just a brief blowjob scene to display Sasha's deep throat skills.

Scene 3 : Aliana Love and Beverly Hills and Kelly Wells and Penny Flame and Ricki Raxxx and Marco Banderas
This scene involves multiple people at the club, "The Zone", as they engage in various sexual acts.  Blow jobs, reverse cowgirl, fingering, etc.

Scene 4 : Penny Flame and Rikki Raxxx and Voodoo
In this scene, Detective Byrd Smith"(Penny Flame), is called back to the "The Zone" club, where curiosity gets the best of her, as she wander along the club's back corridors.  She eventually finds herself thrust into sex with 2 strangers(Rikki Raxxx and Voodoo).  Penny bends over, as Voodoo tongue and fingers her, while Penny is busy eating Rikki.  After, Voodoo fucks Rikki in missionary, as Penny kiss her.  From there, Penny gets Voodoo's big cock in doggy, as he fucks her good.  Next he also, fucks her in missionary, as he keeps the pace.  After, Penny sucks him, before Voodoo shoves his cock in Rikki's ass to pound it deep and hard.  Voodoo continues to drill her hard before blowing a gigantic load onto Rikki's pussy to end things.  - A great scene, with the 2 ladies taking Voodoo's dick, hard as the action features both vag and anal.

Scene 5 : Sasha Grey and Trent Tesoro
This scene begins with "Julie"(Sasha Grey) lying back on a loveseat as her boyfriend, "Eddie"(Trent Tesoro), goes in between her legs.  Trent goes in with his mouth as he tongues and licks Sasha's pussy.  Next, Sasha is in cowgirl, where Trent sucks her, and she ride briefly.  She sucks his cock, before he begins to hammer her in doggy as she massages herself.  Next, it's spoon, where Trent keeps a nice steady pace as he fucks her in the ass.  After, things return to cowgirl, where Trent fucks her hard and fast, as her ass bounces.  This action eventually leads to Trent cumming in her mouth. -  A pretty good scene, with some rough sex featured.  And of course Sasha ass, in particular looks amazing here!

Scene 6 : Sasha Grey - multiple blowjobs
In this scene, "Julie"(Sasha Grey) performs blowjobs on multiple guys.

Scene 7 : Sasha Grey and Evan Stone
This scene begins with "Dan Quinn"(Evan Stone) on the couch.  Sasha strokes him off, before gonig to deep throat him.  This then graduates to 69, then spoon, where Evan fucks her pussy nice and deep.  Following, he briefly fucks her throat, before returning to missionary.  The camera here gives us a nice underneath view.  Then she throats him again, before the action takes to the bed.  This is where things go anally in spoon, as Sasha massages her clit.  From there, Evan briefly fucks Sasha's throat with a dildo, before things go to doggy anal, as Evan's balls smack against Sasha's pussy as he fucks.  He continues to drill, until he must cum.  He does so by exploding onto her ass. - Another good scene involving anal as Sasha's ass is drilled by Evan.

Scene 8 : Penny Flame and Tom Byron
In the discovery of her alcohol and pill problem that has returned, the scene begins when Detective "Byrd Smith"(Penny Flame), asks to be "punished" by partner Detective "Joe Gillette"(Tom Byron).  They drive to an isolated area, where they get down to sexual business.  Penny first sucks cock, as she quickly sucks Tom's cock, before throating it, and also licking his balls.  This is before Byron bends flame over for doggy.  From here, he keeps a nice steady pace up.  After, Penny returns to sucking, before climbing on top in cowgirl to ride, as Tom pounds her deep.  From there, it's missionary, and then spoon. This lasts briefly before Penny again rides in cowgirl, as she lean back, as the camera gives a good view of her pussy.  This is followed by Penny jerking off Tom with both hands until he cums.  - A great scene.  I am a fan of Penny, so almost any scene featuring her will be good to me.  A nice role playing type scene.

Scene 9 : Sasha Grey and Herschel Savage
This is a typical blowjob scene, which once again displays Sasha's deep throat skills.  In the scene, the strange Jewish man "Jacob King"(Herschel Savage) asks "Julie"(Sasha Grey) for a blowjob.  First it is while he is wearing a condom, but he goes on to have her remove it.  This is when she proceeds to suck the cock good, until Savage cums on her tits.

Scene 10 : Sasha Grey and Lee Stone
Yet another blowjob scene.  This one taking place at the big event, where "Dan Quinn"(Evan Stone) plans to showcase "Julie's(Sasha Grey) talent, as she is paired with a porn superstar named "Dante Demarco"(Lee Stone)  in front of an audience, Sasha throats Lee's big cock, taking in every inch.  However, while doing so, in character, as Julie, Julie notices the presence of film cameras.  Something that was not previously discussed between she and Dan.  This, of course causes her to lose it, as the scene ends when Julie bites Dante's dick.

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