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April 12, 2016

Movie Review: Infidelity (Digital Playground - 2016)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - April 12, 2016

Starring :

Abella Danger
Alix Lynx
Aria Alexander
Christiana Cinn
Eva Lovia
Veruca James
Charles Dera
Jake Jace
John Strong
Tommy Pistol


A group of horny friends lie and cheat as they explore outside the boundaries of their relationships for stimulation, only to discover that what they are seeking may have been right in front of them all along.

(Runtime - 2 hr. 34 mins.)

It's true, whether we like it or not, that infidelity exists.  Everyday, there is someone, somewhere, who is unfaithful to their significant other - married or not.  The latest offering from DIGITAL PLAYGROUND, and Director Robby D, explores the subject with this film, aptly titled INFIDELITY.  In INFIDELITY, we are introduced to a select group of friends, who all know one another.  But as we would find, this group is connected to one another, in more ways than one.  It is revealed that out of the group of friends, no one is innocent, despite outward appearances.  Ricky has been married to his wife, "Tess"(Eva Lovia) for 3 years now.  However, what she doesn't know is that Ricky has been seeing Tess's best friend "Stephanie"(Christiana Cinn) on the side.  And what he doesn't know, is that she has been seeing her boss, "Mick"(John Strong).  Mick, just so happens to be "Sam's" stepdad, who is "Stephanie's" boyfriend.  Who is seeing "Kayla"(Abella Danger) secretly.  And then there is "Kim"(Alix Lynx), whose boyfriend is "Keith"(Charles Dera), whom has just started a steamy affair with "Cee Cee"(Aria Alexander), Kim's friend.  Yet, it is Kim herself, who seems to like to fool around with friends, "Tiffany(Veruca James), and Stephanie(we assume).  Yes, it is one small group of friends, yet they weave a very tangled web of cheating.  All of which comes to a head, when almost everyone meets up for Tess' Birthday party, which is being held at a club on a certain Saturday.

Above I used the word "tangled". which would be the very ideal word to describe, not only the mess that these characters find themselves in as a result of their infidelity, but also the structure of the story.  Here, there is a lot going on, in terms of plot.  Everyone is cheating on everyone - that is no exaggeration.  But although there is abundance of characters who cheat, beyond that, there isn't much of a story(although the film runs a little over 2 and a half hours long).  Here, we get to know just enough about these characters.  We know about their cheating ways, as well as how each of the characters relate to one another.  It is the majority of these details that lead into the sex, where the film truly shines.  However in the end, the film does attempt to take all that we learn through out, and tie it all together, as the characters come together for a Birthday Party for the character, "Tess".  Yes, it is a moment, in which temptation rears its head, as we see, not only a 3 girl/1 guy blowjob, but also a five-way(featuring 3 guys/2 girls), which closes out the film.  The five-way orgy, when speaking of the sex is great, yet it doesn't really add anything story-wise to the film.  The film does officially end, when it is revealed that Tess, had secretly recorded the multi-person sex romp at the club - in which Ricky participated.  It hints that she will use it as blackmail, should they ever get divorced, thus proving, that in this case, infidelity is a seemingly never ending occurrence.

So, with that said, story-wise, there is nothing to really take from this film, because we never really feel for any of them.  I mean, everyone is getting some - why feel sorry?  In terms of story here, there is nothing to grab your attention and keep it.  But, then there is the sex, which most definitely gets your attention.  The film is basically about people cheating, and having sex, sex, and more sex.  And luckily for us, the viewer, we get a front row seat to it all.  The sex is the film's real saving grace.  It will be what you remember most about INFIDELITY for sure.

So with that in mind, i'll close by saying that, if you want a well told story, INFIDELITY is one that is quite messy, with no real payoff in the end.  But at the same time, if it is the sex that is your main concern, It is one that more than delivers on that end.  So here you have half and half, either way.  The choice is yours.

The film features 7 instances of sex.  There is a total of 4 boy/girl scenes, 1 girl/girl, one blowjob, and a concluding five-way sex scene.  When it comes to the sex scenes, I liked most of them, as it all was pretty great.  As for the scenes that stand out.  I particularly liked the second scene pairing of Abella Danger and John Strong.  And Strong again, with Eva Lovia in the third scene.  I also liked the fifth scene pair up of Aria Alexander and Charles Dera,  I could be wrong, but this may, or may not be Aria Alexander's feature film debut since winning DIGITAL PLAYGROUND's DP STAR competition.  Here, I will say that she looks like a winner, and I for one will be anticipating seeing more of her(she looked feakin' hot in that fedora - I won't lie)!  However, with that said, also nice to see here, is Alix Lynx, who was DP STAR's runner up for 2016.

INFIDELITY is available on DVD and for instant streaming on DIGITAL PLAYGROUND's website.  Click here to join at a discounted rate!

My Score : 5.5/10

Sex Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Christiana Cinn and Eva Lovia and Tommy Pistol
The first scene comes about when "Ricky's"(Tommy Pistol) wife, "Tess"(Eva Lovia) turns the tables on him, when she intercepts a sext from her best friend, "Stephanie"(Christiana Cinn) to him, and pretends to be Ricky, inviting her over.  Ricky smooths over the situation by saying that a three-way between the 3 was planned in advance.  Things start with Christiana rubbing Eva down.  The two of them then begin to passionately kiss.  They soon take to the bed, where Tommy joins in.  Both Christiana and Tommy go to work on Eva's pussy, before she assumes the doggy position on all fours, where Christiana tongues and fingers her.  During, Tommy focuses on Christiana. Next, Eva is straddling Christiana, where Christiana sucks on Eva's pussy while lying on her back.  Tommy fingers briefly, before slipping in his cock into Eva from this position.  He teases the hole, and Christiana's mouth, before returning to Eva with a steady pace.  He eventually steps over, adding more leverage.  Following this, Tommy, goes on to finger-bang, and tongue Eva hard as she sit back.  Next, Tommy takes Christiana in missionary, while Eva rides her face.  From here, Tommy keeps things good and steady.  Next, Eva 69s Christiana, and it's from here that Tommy spreads Eva's pussy apart wide with both hands, while Christiana tongues from underneath.  This is before Eva is then seen riding in cowgirl, while Christiana straddles Tommy's face.  Eva rides hard, before the ladies trade off on sucking cock.  Christiana takes him balls deep into her throat, as he fucks her mouth,  Next, she sucks his balls, as Eva sucks the shaft, before Christiana goes back to suck.  Next it is Christiana who rides the cock in cowgirls.  From here, she bounces hard and fast on Tommy's cock.  Next, Eva is dragged to the edge of the bed, where Tommy eats her pussy, before going to fuck her in missionary, nice and hard, as he picks up speed.  This of course, soon brings him to climax, as he lets it fly onto Eva's stomach.  - This was a pretty good scene to start with.  Some nice action featuring two beautiful ladies and one lucky guy.

- A shower scene between Christiana and Eva would follow, in which Eva works Christiana's pussy with a dildo, which has a clit stimulator attached.  The toying eventually makes Christiana squirt - Now this was pretty hot!

Scene 2: Abella Danger and John Strong
The next scene takes shape after "Kayla"(Abella Danger) attempts to come on to "Stephanie's"(Christiana Cinn) boyfriend, "Sam"(Jake Jace), whom is hungover as a result of the previous night.  He doesn't fall for it.  However when Stephanie calls Sam to tell him that her car has broke down.  This leaves Kayla alone with Sam's stepdad, "Mick"(John Strong).  And you know what happens next!  The horny Kayla wastes no time in seducing the older man.  The two kiss, before Abella goes down to suck him off.  Strong relaxes, as she takes the cock deep into her mouth, as she deep throats every inch. After,  Abella is in doggy, where John goes on to eat her pussy from behind.  After a time, Abella lies on her back and spreads.  And with her legs spread wide, John moves in to tongue the pussy.  He sucks and tongues, much to her delight.  Next, things go back to cock sucking, as Abella slurps and throats, while jamming fingers into her pussy.  After, they return to the previous position, where Strong eats briefly, before putting his cock in, in missionary.  From here, John initially keeps a steady pace, before picking it up.  He keeps it up, while Abella cums.  From there, things move to doggy.  He does more of the same, as he continues to drill into Abella's hole.  Eventually John props her leg up on the arm of the home theater recliner, allowing him to drill her harder.  Next up, things go into missionary, with Abella's legs spread wide.  After hitting it briefly, but hard, he returns to tonguing.  This is before Jone takes a seat, and Abella climbs on in cowgirl.  Abella's nice big ass bounces, before John fucks her hard from the position.  John then lies back, as she once again throats his cock.  This is followed by reverse cowgirl.  This position, once again sees her drilled hard, in which she climaxes again.  After this position, Abella returns to suck the cock and balls, before the scene comes to and in, when John blows his load into Abella's face. - Wow, this scene was pretty hot.  Some very nice action seen here!  I have heard of Abella Danger for quite some time now, but until now, had never seem her perform(because I review mostly features).  But I must say that all the talk about her is real.  She brings to her scenes, an energy that is undeniable!  Wow.  We can tell that she's into it, which makes it even more sexy for the viewer.  This girl is a sex star!

Scene 3: Eva Lovia and John Strong
In the next scene, (Eva Lovia), looks to relieve her boss, "Mick"(John Strong) of some stress.  And it starts with her sucking cock.  She slurps and strokes it, before Strong carries her over to a table, where she spreads, allowing John to go in between her legs.  He tongues and sucks on her pussy, before things go into reverse cowgirl.  From here, Eva bounces, and John fucks her nice and deep, before she leans back with her legs spread wide.  This gives us a nice view of her bushed-over pussy.  The position ends with her grinding on the cock.  After, the position reverses, as Eva now ride rough in traditional cowgirl.  Her ass is a true sight to see, as it bounces.  This is followed by Strong fucking her nice and steady from behind, as she is bent over,  This lasts until John pulls out to cum onto Eva's beautiful ass. - Well, apparently office sex makes for a great time, because this scene was pretty sexy!  It has a feeling of spontaneity, which really works in its favor.  I have said it multiple times before - but man, Eva Lovia is definitely sexy!

Scene 4: Alix Lynx and Aria Alexander and Veruca James
This scene kicks off, when "Kim"(Alix Lynx) invites over her friend, "Tiffany(Veruca James), who just so happens to work for a sex toy manufacuer.  Talk of a couple of the new designs gets Kim aroused, which of course, leads them to try them out.  First, the two girls kiss as they undress.  Alix sucks on Veruca's tits first, before it is Veruca, who takes charge.  She puts her down on the bed to suck her tits, before Veruca takes her panties off.  Next, Alix picks a toy for Veruca to try on her.  Veruca goes down on her, to softly kiss and tongue Alix's pussy.  After some time, the rigid sex toy comes into play as Alix slowly moves it in and out of Alix's pussy.  Alix spreads wide, allowing her to tongue, and plunge the toy deep.  Next, the roles reverse, as Veruca is next in the side/spoon position, where Alix fingers her pussy, and tongues her ass.  Next Alix takes the dildo and shoves it, in and out of Veruca's hole, nice and fast.  This is followed up by Alix eating her out in missionary.  From here, we gets a nice view of Alix's pussy and ass, as she is on all fours.  Next, Alix takes another dildo, and rams it into her own tight pussy, as Veruca does the same to her's.  From here, the two masturbate while kissing and looking passionately into each others eyes.  This lasts until both ladies come to climax.  - This was a good girl/girl scene.  Both of the girls are really hot.  Alix Lynx was, of course, a contestant on this year's DPSTAR, and while she wasn't my first choice for the competition, she was definitely my second.  You can't deny her tight little body!

Scene 5 : Aria Alexander and Charles Dera
This scene occurs when "Keith"(Charles Dera), meets up with "Cee Cee"(Aria Alexander), to talk about their recent attraction with one another.  It all started at the gym, when it was Cee Cee, who sent Keith an explicit video of her masturbating.  Keith followed it up with naughty pics of his own, and from there the flirting continued.  So it is now, that they are doing something about it.  Kissing on the couch, eventually leads to more.  It doesn't take Aria long to unzip him, and quickly get to work on his cock.  She slurps the cock, while wearing a sexy fedora.  She works the cock with both hands, while throating.  This leads to 69, as Aria rides his face, while she sucks the cock.  From here, she really works the shaft, adding lots of spit, while briefly going to suck his balls.  After, Aria straddles Charles' cock in reverse cowgirl, where she proceeds to bounces and grind on the cock, hard, before side-saddling the cock for more, deep penetration from Dera.  She eventually leans back as Dera continues to fuck - it brings her to climax,  Next, Charles takes her in doggy, where he fucks her deep and hard.  Next up, Aria grinds on the cock, before being slammed up and down on it in cowgirl, before going back to the slow grind.  However, the position ends with  Aria slamming down once more. This is where Charles fucks her in missionary.  Here, he continues with the deep and hard pace, while holding her down.  The action is so heavy that he soon cums.  He does so on Aria's bald mound. - This was another great scene.  It is a scene which this year's DPSTAR winner displays why she became such a fan favorite in so little time.  She is almost the type that someone probably would never guess, was a pornstar - but trust me, we are glad that she is!  This was a nice scene.

Scene 6: Eva Lovia and Alix Lynx and Veruca James and John Strong
In this scene, everyone is readying to go to "Tess'"(Eva Lovia) Birthday party at the club.  This includes her boss, "Mick"(John Strong), with whom she is having an affair.  When Mick shows up, a simple blowjob from Tess, leads to more when they are caught in the act, by Tess' friends, "Stephanie"(Veruca James), and "Kim"(Alix Lynx).  The friends soon join in, as all 3 ladies trade off on sucking John's cock.  As they slurp and suck, we are treated to an overhead view of the action, which is nice, because we have a nice view of the ladies doing work.  From here, the action consists of sucking of the balls and shaft to stroking.  Things continue, until Strong cums.

Scene 7: Aria Alexander and Abella Danger and Charles Dera and Tommy Pistol and Jake Jace
In this scene, while waiting for everyone else to arrive at the club, "Cee Cee"(Aria Alexander), convinces "Keith"(Charles Dera) and "Ricky"(Tommy Pistol), to get frisky as they wait.  However, just as they begin, they are joined by "Sam"(Jake Jace) and "Kayla"(Abella Danger), who join in.  Aria slips off her tight dress overhead, followed by her panties, as Abella strokes Jake.  Aria briefly goes to eat Abella before working Jake's cock with her mouth, as Charles fucks her from behind.  Meanwhile Tommy fucks Abella in cowgirl.  Next, Aria is in cowgirl with Jake, as Charles fucks Abella, as she suck off Tommy.  After, Aria gets it from Jake in missionary, as she suck Tommy.  Charles eventually fucks Abella in cowgirl, as her ass smacks, as it bounces on his cock.  Next, Aria rides Tommy's cock hard in reverse cowgirl, while Charles fucks Abella in doggy.  Thats before Tommy takes Abella hard in doggy, where he drills her hard, before going cowgirl with her.  This is while Jake fucks Aria doggy, while Charles gets his cock sucked.  Then, it is Charles and Aria in cowgirl, and Jake and Abella is doggy, and standing side-fuck.  Then we see Charles and Aria in standing missionary,  Tommy briefly takes Abella in doggy again, before she is on Jake in reverse cowgirl.  Meanwhile Charles fucks Aria doggy, while Tommy gets deep throated by her, before he then takes her in reverse cowgirl.  Jake and Abella continue in spoon, as Aria continues to get drilled by Tommy in reverse cowgirl.  The scene finally comes to an end when each of the men cum.  First it's Jake, who does so into Abella's mouth, followed by then Tommy, and Charles, who unload, also in Aria's mouth. - This was actually a good scene with all things considered.  There is a lot of action going on here, but it is hot and heavy.

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