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February 11, 2016

Movie Review: Sex Bots: Programmed For Pleasure (Wicked Pictures - 2016)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock

Starring :
Asa Akira
Jessica Drake
Stormy Daniels
Brad Armstrong
Dirk Huge
Eric John
Eric Masterson
Jovan Jordan
Marco Banderas
Ramon Nomar
Steve Holmes
Tommy Gunn


Award winning director Brad Armstrong looks into the future where scientists have created the Ultimate Sexual Companion, and after a decade of work they’ve achieved perfection. But the day before the Asa Doll (Asa Akira) is set to be unveiled to the world, she malfunctions and fucks the lead scientist to death. The lab goes into lockdown and Asa comes face to face with 8 security technicians. Before they know what hit them, Asa is fucking them into submission in the biggest gangbang of her career, and it’s absolutely incredible! But the action doesn’t stop there. Next she comes across two other Sexbots (Jessica drake & Stormy Daniels) and activates them for an incredible “interface” session. It’s the first time these three Superstars have been on camera together, and it will go down in porn history. Get ready for an action packed sci-fi erotic adventure into the future of sexual gratification.

(Runtime - 1 hr. 34 mins.)

In SEX BOTS: PROGRAMMED FOR PLEASURE, Professor Nolan Keller(Brad Armstrong), a Scientist at Real Doll Industries, has, for the last decade worked on a Top Secret project called "EVE".  The purpose of EVE, is create the world's ultimate "companion" droid.  The program excelled when Keller and his team, discovered a genetic mutation, which allowed them to produce a life-like outer skin.  From there, Keller continued on, rendering the perfect droid in the "Asa Doll"(Asa Akira).  After years of development, It is now the day before Keller is to release his ultimate creation onto the world, but first, he decides to give her one last test run.  He activates the droid for sex, which she soon complies with, just as she is programmed to do.  But unfortunately, the otherwise hot round of sex between the Scientist and his creation, leads to something going terribly wrong.  The sex is so hot and heavy, that it causes the "Asa Doll" to malfunction, and soon she goes haywire, as she displays an insatiable hunger for "more" sex.  It is just too much for Nolan to bare, as the "Asa Doll", literally fucks him to death.  However, in an act of desperation, Keller is able to hit the panic button, shortly before his death.  This puts the lab on lockdown, and sends 8 security technicians into motion, as they attempt to shutdown the sex-craving droid.  But, as we would find, even they are no match for temptation, as they too, fall prey to the Asa Doll's sexual allure.  From there, as the doll craves more and more of what she was made for, Asa takes on the guys, as part of a 9 person gangbang.  This would have been enough for any woman to handle, however, being an ani-bot - she was built for it.  Still instilled with the craving, and the urge for sexual pleasure, The "Asa Doll" soon discovers 2 other droids(Jessica Drake and Stormy Daniels), which are very much like her.  Once activated, the 3 droids waste no time getting down to what they are programmed to do best, as the partake in a monumental three-way.  In the end, after all 3 find pleasure, and with no Scientists in sight to stop them, they wander into the unknown, that is the outside world, to hopefully spread pleasure - one person at a time.

When it comes to this new release from WICKED PICTURES, and Director Brad Armstrong, it is one that is sort of difficult to classify. Is it a feature?  is it an all sex release?  Or is it simply a "gangbang" showcase.  The answer can only be that SEX BOTS is a little of all of the above - yet it doesn't fully fall into one category.  Director Brad Armstrong described it to me as being an "Extravagant Gangbang movie - as if a feature and a gangbang release had a baby). And in a nutshell, its true, because that is what we have here.  Although the film's main focus is its 3 sex scenes, it does have a plot, just as any feature would.  Yet it isn't the regular full-fledged story, which features are accustomed to.  Although the plot, more or less, is here simply to lead to, and put emphasis on the sex that follows, it is still kind of fun.  The vibe of the plot, is Sci-Fi of the campy variety.  It is like a late night cable title, except, fortunately for us, this one includes explicit sex, of both the vag, and anal kind.  While there isn't a lot in terms of story here, what we do get has a sprinkle of comedy, alongside the campiness, it's fun.  If late night cable skin flicks are your type of thing, SEX BOTS should fit in with the best of them, while simultaneously gaining an edge, as a result of its  unhindered sex scenes.

And speaking of those sex scenes, all of them are great.  Usually, I go on to mention a favorite, or two, or at the very least mention some things that made certain scenes memorable.  However, for SEX BOTS, the sex scenes are more of a collective element.  They are essentially what the film is all about.  The key attraction being the gangbang - star Asa Akira's biggest to date.  While it is the "main event" here, the film also sports a co-headliner, as it also features another first.  A three-way romp, featuring all three of WICKED PICTURES' biggest contract stars, as they explore, and fuck each other for the camera.

Overall, I have to say that I enjoyed it for the most part,  As, I said, it's fun - and i'd also say it's creative as well.  But we all have our preferences, and as a "story guy", for me, the film was lacking in that department.  It does have that campy story element which is introduced in the beginning, but unfortunately it never truly goes anywhere other than to the sex.  Which is fine, but the story never gets a chance to reach its potential.  The film comes to a close, on a most interesting note, one that hints at bigger things.  But of course, we do not see them.  As a sex only release, SEX BOTS is a decent offering, but as a feature it feels like a teaser of sorts for a bigger film.  So with that, I was left feeling indifferent about it.

SEX BOTS: PROGRAMMED FOR PLEASURE is available on DVD, as well as for instant streaming on the WICKED PICTURES website.  Click here to join at a discounted rate!

My Score : 5.5/10

Sex Scene Breakdown

Scene 1 : Asa Akira and Brad Armstrong
In the first scene it's the day before release, as Professor "Nolan Keller"(Brad Armstrong) plans to release his creation onto the world.  But first, he wants to try the robot companion, the "Asa Doll"(Asa Akira) for himself.  First, the droid, lists all the things that she can do before Keller goes on the fuck her.  It begins with kissing, before Armstrong goes to finger-bang Akira's pussy.  He "initiates" spit play, as Asa spits adding some lubrication for the fingering.  As things continues, he spreads the pussy with both hands, before later using his mouth.  He continues to use his hands to quickly finger her hole.  More kissing leads to a blowjob, as he carries her from the table.  From here, Asa sucks the dick good, as she goes up and down the shaft with her mouth.  Things continue for a bit, before Brad teases Asa's mouth with his cock, pulling it in, and out.  Next, Asa is bent over for doggy, while her right leg is up on the table.  It is here that Brad keeps a steady pace, as he fucks her deep.  Briefly, he teases Asa's pussy in the same we he did her mouth, before he goes back to pounding.  From a time, doggy turns to side fuck, as Asa stands on one leg, with Brad holding her up.  After, Brad, then finger-bangs Asa's asshole.  Next comes missionary side fuck, where Brad keeps up the pace, as he goes deep.  Vaginal, turns to anal, as Brad goes on to drill her in the ass from missionary.  Next, Asa comes on to ride fast and hard in both cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl, as things remain in anal.  This goes on, until Asa jerks off Brad to cum, which of course, ends the sex. - A pretty good scene to start with, as it is one that also helps set the tone of the movie.  Some great sex action from the Director and his star.

Scene 2 : Asa Akira and Tommy Gunn, and Steve Holmes and Marco Banderas and Eric Masterson, and Ramon Nomar and Dirk Huge and Jovan Jordan and Eric John
After the "Asa Doll"(Asa Akira) fucks "Nolan Keller"(Brad Armstrong) to death, the lab is put on lock down.  This summons the attention of 8 security technicians - all of whom, Asa soon takes on.  First, all of the guys collectively finger her, and rub her down, as well as exchange passionate kisses.  Asa spreads, allowing them to finger her deep, while another smacks her pussy.  From there, Asa goes on to suck cock.  She then lies back, allowing Tommy Gunn to briefly finger her.  This is before she goes back to servicing cocks.  While this is happening, she gets her ass fingered by Eric Masterson.  Asa then eventually goes on to trade off on sucking the cocks of Steve Holmes, Marco Banderas, and Tommy Gunn.  It is Marco, who is the first to put his dick in, as he fucks Asa in doggy.  Next, Ramon Nomar takes her hard in missionary.  After, Marco takes her again in doggy and then side, before passing her off to Eric John in doggy.  As she is banged, she works 2 cocks.  Steve Holmes then fucks her ass in reverse cowgirl as she massage her clit.  She then goes to Gunn in cowgirl, while Marco takes to her ass, as she is double penetrated.  After that, Asia lies back, as she put on Marco's helmet, on which he cum, and so does Masterson.  This is followed by Holmes fucking her in the ass from behind as she suck off Nomar.  This leads to Ramon lifting her up into standing cowgirl vaginally.  From here, Steve inserts himself into her as, as she is again double penetrated  Thing continue with these two as she lie on her back, with Holmes remaining in her ass, and Ramon in her pussy.  As this goes on, she sucks Dick Huge, and Jovan Jordan.  This is followed by Tommy fucking Asa'a pussy from behind until he cums, next, Eric is Eric, who is jerked off.  Ramon fucks her both in doggy, and missionary before, he too unloads, and so does Huge, they both let it go into her face.  Steve fucks her some more before cumming himself, likewise, into her face.  Jovan is the last to cum. - Wow, this was a great scene, which sees Asa Akira take on 8 guys as part of a huge gangbang.  Here, Asa is fucked virtually every way possible - including a standing cowgirl double penetration, which is something you don't see often!

Scene 3 : Asa Akira and Jessica Drake and Stormy Daniels
In this scene, while wandering the corridors of the lab "Asa"(Asa Akira) eventually comes across 2 more droids, whom are very much like her.  She proceeds to activate them for sex, and soon, a three-way is underway.  Both women begin to rub Asa down, before going to each other as well.  Stormy gets out her big tits, as the ladies suck on them,  Asa in the stripped down, as Storm and Jessica focus on her pussy with their fingers and mouths.  Then it is Jessica, who gets attention for her pussy, as Stormy both fingers and tongues her.  Next, Stormy gets it, as Asa goes down on her to eat, and finger bang.  While this occurs, Jessica plugs Asa's pussy with a dildo.  Following this, Asa is on all fours, where the ladies proceed to work Asa's pussy and ass.  Stormy with the dildo in the pussy, and the Jessica, the ass, with fingers.  They then begin to use 2 dildos - one for each hole.  It continues with Asa, eventually on her back.  Then it is Jessica on her back, with her legs spread  Asa works her pussy and ass with dildos, while Stormy massages Jessica's clit.  Asa's assault continues for awhile, as Stormy rides Jessica's face.  Next, Stormy gets the dildo in side fuck from Asa, before opening up, in missionary.  This leads Stormy to lie on her stomach, where Asa drills her from behind with the dildo,  They then proceed to get themselves off with the dildos, before Asa and Jessica, turn their attention to Stormy.  They soon get her to climax, which ends the scene.  - This scene here is pretty historic for WICKED PICTURES fans, because here we have all 3 iconic WICKED girls together(finally) in a steamy three-way.  Just having these 3 naked in a scene together is hot enough, so you can just imagine how much hotter it gets when the ladies begin to fuck eachother's holes.  It's pretty epic!

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