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April 7, 2016

Movie Reviews: With this Ring (New Sensations - 2011)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - April 7, 2016

Starring :

Katie Jordin
Bobbi Starr
Marie McCray
Jessie Andrews
Richie Calhoun
Michael Vegas
Xander Corvus
Giovanni Francesco


When four couples live together under the same roof, something is bound to go wrong. And that something happens when Alice (Katie Jordin) finds a diamond engagement ring hidden inside a cabinet! A myriad of thoughts and emotions overcome the girls when Alice tells them of her find. Who is the lucky girl? Is it too soon? Is it too late? Is this Mr. Right or Mr. Not So Right? A whirlwind of emotions hits everybody by surprise as the girls try to discover which one of their boyfriends intends to propose. And with this ring, they just might learn how to appreciate each other a little more.

(Runtime - 1 hr. 50 mins.)

The film, WITH THIS RING, tells the story of a group of friends, who all live under the same roof.  Among them are 3 couples; "Alice"(Katie Jordin) and "Chaz"(Xander Corvus), "Kayla"(Marie McCray) and "Xavier"(Giovanni Francesco) and "Bailey"(Jessie Andrews) and "Jack"(Richie Calhoun), and then there is "Stephanie"(Bobbi Starr), who is still reeling fr,om a rocky college romance with "Max"(Michael Vegas).  It's a comfortable and convenient living arrangement for all involved.  However, things are shaken up when Katie makes a startling discovery.  When unable to locate her car keys, she fetches her spare set from the cabinet, however, to her surprise, her keys are not the only thing she finds.  Because she also finds an engagement ring.  It's a discovery which puzzles the ladies of the house, as each of them ponder to whom it could be.  Both confused, but anxious, the ladies aren't sure about what to do.  This is when the lone, mutual friend, Stephanie, proposes that they preform a few tests on their men, to hopefully reveal, just who was responsible for planting the ring.  The ladies from there, try different methods, in an attempt to get their men to crack, however, little do they all know, that the guys themselves, have already made a pact, not to succumb to the idea of settling down.  This leads to much confusion as suspicion continues to linger, as everyone wonders - "Who bought the ring?", and "Who is it for?".

From NEW SENSATIONS and writer Mona Sunoy, comes this light-hearted comedy, where confusion makes sense.  With 3 couples, whom are all friends, living in the same house, it is really no surprise, that mass confusion occurs when someone finds an engagement ring, which has been tucked away in a cabinet.  With 3 ladies, whom have 3 boyfriends, the ring in question could be for either one of them.  So, of course they are going to question, who the lucky lady might be.  The majority of the film deals with the three of them, "Alice", "Kayla" and "Bailey", desperately trying to get their men to crack under pressure.  They hope that, by putting them on the spot, one of them will own up to wanting to pop the question.  Yes, it sounds simple enough, but to add to the confusion, the guys have sworn to each other, not to give in to their girlfriends' marital advances.  This makes getting a confession out of any one of them, a task that is not so easy.

The film has a fun spirit for the most part, as its characters, as well as some of its moments provide some light-hearted fun.  Unfortunately though, these are characters that we only somewhat connect with.  Because of this, the details of the plot aren't as interesting as hoped.  As the girls sort of work together to collectively figure out which of their boyfriends are responsible for the found engagement ring, their individual quests, just aren't that interesting for us to want to follow them closely.  However, as I said, WITH THIS RING, does have its fun moments.  Personally, I happen to have liked all of the buddy scenes with the guys, as they talk about their relationships.  However, likewise, when it comes to their gentleman's pact, it just isn't that interesting, as the script never makes it a point to emphasize just how important it is to the story.  And as we would find, it turns out that it doesn't matter, as that element of the story, is essentially out the window, as we come upon the revealing conclusion of the plot.  And when it comes to the film's ending, the big reveal, or the answer to the mystery, I cannot say that it is much of a surprise either.  While I won't reveal it here, I will say that it was neither of whom the 3 ladies had suspected - but for us, it's a little too predictable.

WITH THIS RING, is a film that has a great cast, and a few fun scenes here and there, but as a whole, the execution of plot falls a little short.  As the viewer is never really taken in by the story at hand.  Personally, I found myself being more into specific moments of the film, rather than the film itself as a whole.  The script does little to justify the story's marriage hysteria.  If finding the engagement is such big thing, then give us enough reason to care.  Unfortunately as is, we have very little reason to care when it comes to the outcome of the story.

WITH THIS RING features a total of 4 sex scenes, all of which are boy/girl.  Among them, I had one favorite, as well as one honorable mention,  My favorite scene being the third scene pairing of Bobbi Starr, and Michael Vegas.  This scene was great, with lots of passion, and raw energy between the two.  I also Liked the film's second sex scene, as it paired Jessie Andrews up with Richie Calhoun.  This particular scene had some passion, and played out nicely.  It's a good scene.

My Score : 4.5/10

Sex Scene Breakdown

Scene 1 : Marie McCray and Giovanni Francesco
In the first scene "Kayla"(Marie McCray) wakes her boyfriend "Xavier" (Giovanni Francesco) in order to see if he was the one who hid the engagement ring, as she gives hints about marriage.  She has 45 minutes to spare before her class starts, and so the two of them seize the opportunity for morning sex.  It all begins with kissing. Giovanni kisses her neck and face, before Marie makes her way down to his cock to suck.  She works the head with her mouth, as she teases it.  Next, things go to Giovanni going down on her.  He tongues for a bit, before slipping it in in missionary, where he keeps up a good, steady pace.  From missionary, comes spoon, as Giovanni keeps it up.  Marie is then seen riding the cock in cowgirl, as Giovanni picks up the pace a little,  And then we are back in missionary, where things would soon end, when Giovanni pulls out to cum on Marie's stomach. - An ok scene. I have been a fan of Marie McCray for awhile now, so it's always nice to see the sexy redhead.

Scene 2 : Jessie Andrews and Richie Calhoun
After her boyfriend "Jack"(Richie Calhoun) argues the financial benefits to waiting for marriage, and she, arguing otherwise(and after she gives him an aphrodisiac love potion), "Bailey"(Jessie Andrews) and Jack, head to the bedroom for passionate sex.  Richie pushes Jessie back onto the bed.  When her pants unbuttoned, he rubs her down, as the two kiss.  Finally, the pants come off, before Richie goes in between her legs to each her pussy.  After some time, Jessie returns the favor, when she goes to suck Richie's cock.  And she does it with skill. She kisses the head, before she goes one to stroke, twist, and suck on the shaft.  After that, things go to spoon, as Richie penetrates her, moving quick and deep.  The next position is doggy, where Richie, continues to go deep, as he remains at the steady pace.  This lasts briefly, before things turn to missionary, where Richie bares down as he keeps it coming.  This of course, causes him to shoot his load onto Jessie's stomach. - This was a much better scene than the previous scene.  Really passionate, I loved how the scene began, with Richie caressing Jessie, as her jeans were unbuttoned, and with her bush peeking out.  When it came to the full on sex, it was hot, as it seemed that the two performers were really into it.  Sometimes that makes a world of difference.  This scene is proof of that.

Scene 3 : Bobbi Starr and Michael Vegas
The next scene takes us back 5 years earlier, to the time that "Stephanie"(Bobbi Starr) dated "Max"(Michael Vegas) while they were attending college.  The scene sees them having extremely passionate sex on a leather couch.  They kiss, and Michael sucks on her tits while they undress.  Eventually, Michael  goes down on her, as he fingers and tongues Bobbi's pussy.  Bobbi sucks his cock some, before Michael puts it in. in missionary, and continues at a fast, hard pace.  This lasts for a time, before things switch to doggy.  It's from here that Bobbi takes a heavy pounding.  Bobbi opens up for a little side fuck, before things head to the floor for some nice hard spooning.  From spoon then comes missionary, as Michael keeps thing going, until he must unload onto Bobbi's stomach to end the scene.  - This scene. is my opinion, is without a doubt the best of the bunch.  The performers, Bobbi Starr, and Michael Vegas, bring about an undeniable level of passion and energy to the scene. Michael Vegas is one of the best male talents whom is still currently active, while Bobbi Starr, who is now retired, is really missed.  She was one of the best, in my opinion.

Scene 4 : Katie Jordin and Xander Corvus
The film's final sex scene, takes place, as "Alice"(Katie Jordin) and her boyfriend, "Chaz"(Xander Corvus), engage in a round of passionate love making.  It begins with passionate kissing, and caressing.  Xander sucks on Katie's tits, before making his way between her legs.  He first goes in with his tongue on her pussy.  After, Katie kisses him down, before she whips out Xander's cock, to tongue, and suck.  She licks and sucks the cock for a time, until finally, Katie hops on in cowgirl briefly, before things go into doggy, as Xander fucks Katie from behind.  This lasts for a short period, until things go into spoon, where Xander  keeps a nice and steady pace, as he plunges deep into Katie. Things then naturally go over to missionary, where Xander continues to pound away until he is forced to cum.  He does so, by producing a load onto Katie's stomach. - This was also a good scene.  It has a little passion to it, as it benefits from the build up of the story.

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