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August 14, 2011

Movie Review: Joy

After reviewing Shaun Costello's classic rape-themed porn sickie, Forced Entry, another title dealing with rape included in its narrative came to my attention. This time it's a comedy, titled Joy, from director, Harley Mansfield. Joy's premise is actually quite original. The story involves a frigid young woman named Joy(Sharon Mitchell) who has no desire to have sex with her very eager boyfriend, Rick(Jay Pierce). On the way home from school one day, Joy is attacked by two hoodlums. She's forcibly knocked to the ground and raped by one of the slime-bags. As he pulls away upon ejaculation, Joy lunges toward him asking for "more". This scares the shit out of both. They bail as if they were the one victimized. Joy is now a new woman, exhilarated and very sexually charged from her unorthodoxed encounter.

Not before long, Joy is hailed a hero and sexual liberator of the city. This isn't something Lt. Handcock(Jake Teague) finds at all kosher. He even goes so far to build his own army of penile mercenaries determined to wipe that infectious smile off of Joy's face. One of Handcock's soldiers is packing some serious firepower, in the form of a 10 inch soup can shaped member. What's a girl to do?

Joy certainly lives up to her name, as she pleasures many of the city’s men and women by surprise. R. Bolla (Debbie Does Dallas, More Than Sisters), plays a business man, unsatisfied with his sex life who gets caught in "Joy" mania when he's cornered in an alley by the "female rapist". It's a pretty amusing scene as we get to see Mitchell and Bolla screw on a pile of garbage. The sex scenes in Joy overall are pretty good. Mitchell gives a highly commendable blow-job in both its technique and execution on Jay Pierce in a shower. Sharon knows how to handle a mans goods, as she enthusiastically chugs away on his wang. She even ends it with a kiss on the tip. Now that's just sweet.

There is one scene I wasn't too fond of, where Joy is pleasuring a woman in a God-awful Sideshow Bob wig. I can understand anonymity but please maybe go for something a little more subtle like say...dreadlocks. Another interesting scene that was towards the conclusion of our feature involved Teague and Mitchell finally meeting in a hospital room. All I can say is that a gun is involved in they're lovemaking process.It certainly pushes the limits a bit... but hey it's the dirty '70s!

Joy is definitely not politically correct - the story line alone would not fly in today's porn, but it doesn't ever feel too mean. It's actually quite funny at times (Bolla's explosion in the alley made me chuckle) and does not get boring, as Teague and Mitchell are quite enthusiastic in both of their roles. You can find Joy and other fine "Golden Age" films at the Video-X-Pix website: .

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