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May 19, 2014

Movie Review: Jungle Blue (1978)

What’s one of the best ways to open a movie? In my 35 plus-years of film watching I have to admit seeing a fellow in a gorilla suit somewhere in the sticky jungles of the Amazon getting his wrinkly crank fellated by a hungry young lass is a way you can go. Welcome to the insane world of adult film director Carlos Tobalina. Who needs explosions when you can see this? Michael Bay take note, it’s far cheaper than explosions and has just as much impact on the viewer…err at least me. Tobalina’s Jungle Blue opens like this and it’s just the beginning of the insane proceedings. Vinegar Syndrome has taken this Tarzan porn and prettied it up for the filth loving eyes of classic XXX enthusiasts.

When a group of horny travelers decide to embark on an adventure in the wilds of the Amazon, there lies some truly raunchy fun to be had. The gals seem to go absolutely gaga over a hunky Tarzan-type who enjoys climbing with monkeys and swinging from tree-to-tree. The most fascinating thing about him though is that he doesn’t have quite the "experience" as the other males in the party - mainly because he’s looking for just the right “Jane” to hang from his vine.

The sex is plentiful as are the numerous cheesy jokes and there is even some violence in some spots just to keep things interesting. Following the gorilla hummer in the jungle the vacationers are shown taking some drugs the bridge them over to some kinky group sex. Sloppy blow-jobs, cunnilingus various positions of screw and chew fill the scene and even a not-so hot shot of a pimple-faced goober sitting on the couch flicking his flaccid dingle while the other folks have a good time. Jungle Blue looks fantastic on DVD but maybe it was wise to not go Blu with this one since we’d see the pustules in their bumpy high-def glory.

Maybe the oddest choice by Tobalina was to use shots of various breeds of apes either touching themselves or watching the folks have sex at various times in the movie. I did laugh a few times but then it got a little creepy with the simians looking as lecherous as a caged up sex offender. We do get to see more of dude and gorilla suit railing away on a gal, so all is not lost for our banana gobbling friends.

As mentioned above Vinegar Syndrome has not only done a superb job restoring the picture and sound but have obviously used some excellent materials for this transfer. I was impressed. The DVD doesn’t really contain too many extras as we just get to view an original theatrical trailer. An audio commentary may have been cool but I won’t get greedy.

Jungle Blue is a lot of fun and quite possibly one of the more oddball films to come from porn archaeologists at Vinegar Syndrome. This goofy curio may just beg some repeat viewings for myself. Recommended

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