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October 16, 2015

Movie Review: LOVE, SEX & TV NEWS (Adam & Eve Pictures - 2015)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock - October 14, 2015

Starring :

Sarah Vandella
Carmen Caliente
Capri Cavanni
Skin Diamond
Janice Griffith
Nick Manning
Alec Knight
Seth Gamble
Kurt Lockwood


When a struggling TV reporter (Sarah Vandella) decides to switch places with a high-end escort (Skin Diamond), she never expected to enjoy it or that the escort would try to ruin her life!

(Runtime - 119 minutes)


In this porn parody from award winning Director, Will Ryder, LOVE, SEX & TV NEWS tells the story of News 10, a news station in California. News 10, used to be the number one station in the state, but in recent times, they have dropped down to the 3rd best news station. It just seems that all of the other stations have one up on them. At the center of it all, is a young newswoman, by the name of Maggie McCormick. Maggie, is someone who believes that she is the hardest working woman in news, and as proof of her dedication, she hasn't had sex for 14 months. She's just been too busy. So, with ratings declining, not only is she frustrated over the thriving of her competition, she is sexually frustrated as well. But that doesn't stop hard working Maggie from constantly trying to come up with stories that might improve the station, and hopefully bring it back to prominence. That is when she eventually comes up with her breakthrough story idea. Amid a prostitution scandal involving one of California's Mayors, Maggie comes up with the idea of doing a story, that is centered around the art of prostitution. And what better way to do it, than to go "deeply" undercover, while getting under the covers? Maggie does just that when she agrees to switch places with a high end escort named Hope, who herself, has aspirations to become a newscaster. Initially, the shy and timid Maggie, feels that she is doing it, simply for the good of the story(and the station), but after a while of assuming the role, she comes to realize that she is beginning to like it much more, as she continues to gather enough juicy "evidence", to ensure that her story is a hit. Thus saving her beloved station.

This happens to be my first review here at Cinema Head Cheese (as you'll usually find me reviewing at my site,, and what a great way to kick things off!  When it comes to Porn parodies, I have seen a lot of them, and some of the best that I have seen, have been written and directed by Will Ryder - a man, who seems to have his finger on the pulse of dirtied up pop culture. From porn versions of TV shows and the like, ranging from "Three's Company", to his hugely successful, hugely poplar series of films, which spoof "The Brady Bunch", Ryder always seems to have a vision for each of his projects - even if done on the quick. Where some other Directors/Writers, just quickly pen a script and assemble a lookalike(or close enough) cast, with no real direction as far as plot, goes, Ryder's projects on the other hand, are almost always well rounded, in just about every department. Not only do they have great stories, they have great casts, and music as well. LOVE, SEX & TV NEWS, which is one of his latest, is no different.

Here, instead of going by way of the parody once again, LOVE, SEX & TV NEWS, is instead, in itself, an original porn comedy, that is reminiscent of similar Adult oriented comedies of the '80s. Taking a page from previous porn comedies such as the Bob Chinn directed, Gail Palmer produced, THE YOUNG LIKE IT HOT, or the Hyapatia Lee starring, TASTY, LOVE, SEX & TV NEWS is about a company that is facing desperate times. and is in need of a pick me up. And what better way to get a "rise" in the ratings, than with some good, old fashioned sex!? This film tells the journey of a newswoman determined to do right by her company, and so she takes the plunge into the world's oldest profession, in order to get the cold hard facts. And she just so happens to get some long hard dick, along the way! And it is no surprise that she loves it. The wraparound plot involving the news station, 10 News, is about as fun as the sex scenes themselves, as the story is funny, and also there is a bit of a twist at the end. And how often are we able to say that an Adult film, let alone, a parody has a plot twist? Not often. It is an accomplishment in itself. Nice writing on the part of Will Ryder. 

The characters are fun themselves as well. As the film's lead, "Maggie McCormick", we have Sarah Vandella, who was great for the role. She's hot, and the outfits that she is required to wear here, benefit us, the viewer a great deal. The dresses perfectly accent her nice figure, and even nicer breasts. You almost get turned on just by this, so imagine her with her clothes off! She looks great. Also, here, as sort of Maggie's sidekick, is actress Carmen Caliente as Weathergirl "Trinity Lopez". As the sex-hungry Weathergirl, Caliente, is pretty fun, as she aids Maggie on, in many of the news station scenes. But not before kicking of the film's sex, with a nice. fling with Chad White. Also making her presence felt in LOVE, SEX, & TV NEWS, is a veteran of about 5 years, Skin Diamond. In character as "Hope", Diamond is sort of reserved, but flirty. But during her sexual encounter with her co-star Nick Manning, she really lets loose, providing the film with one of its best sex scenes. Elsewhere, making appearances are Capri Cavanni and Janice Griffith - both of whom are hot. First, there is Capri Cavanni as a hooker that Maggie encounters at the Madam's brothel. Maggie watches, and plays, as Cavanni gets it on with Alec Knight. And next is Griffith, who has an after hours coupling with Seth Gamble(who portrays a newscaster named, Will Davis). This was the first time that Ryder had ever worked with Griffith, and i'd say she made quite the impact, as her scene was full of energy and enthusiasm. Out of the 5 sex scenes featured, the Gamble/Griffith pairing, might just be my favorite of the bunch. As for as other characters go. making an appearance as the madam's boy-toy, "Tommy", is veteran, and a frequent member of Ryder productions, Kurt Lockwood(who is said to have replaced Tommy Pistol here). Lockwood is a lucky guy, as he is the one that gets to "break in" Vandella's character. Also making an an appearance as the madam, is golden age veteran, Karen Summer. Summer previously worked for Ryder, co-starring in his MILF-themed, parody of "The Golden Girls", as "Sofia". Here, she is once again playing an elder. I must admit, as an avid watcher of golden age porno, it is kind of strange seeing Karen play these types of roles, although I guess they are somewhat fitting now. But whatever the case may be, Summer's character is a lot of fun, as she brings with it, a heavy New York accent.
While not his best film, LOVE, SEX & TV NEWS, is yet another really fun offering from Writer/Director Will Ryder. One that feels complete from beginning to end. As I said above, it reminds me of those fun, Adult comedies from the 80's. So, if you are a fan of those types, then chances are that you will really enjoy this one.

My Score : 7.5/10

Sex Scene Breakdown :

Scene 1 :  Carmen Caliente and Mark White : Caressing moves into cunnilingus, until Caliente moves onto giving head to White, while slurping his balls, while her great is on ass display. Things then move on to bouncy Cowgirl, before transitioning to doggy at a progressive pace. This moves into missionary before finishing. After, Weathergirl, Trinity Lopez predicts a rainy day!

Scene 2 : Capri Cavanni and Alec Knight : As Maggie watches - things start with passionate kissing, before Capri is slowly stripped down, and bent over. Knight. massages her clit from behind, while tonguing and fingering. He then moves her to the couch for more tongue action. He then whips it out, and Capri begins to slowly suck him. At this point, Maggie is still watching, while playing with herself Great use of underneath angles give good view of the cock work. After this she's back on the couch as he puts it in for some steady missionary. She then settles in for some cowgirl.(nice POV cam), and then doggy, with a nice overhead view of ass, before reverse cowgirl, which is a pretty rocky ride. Knight eventually finishes on Capri's chest.

Scene 3 : Janice Griffith and Seth Gamble : After a rough newscast, Seth Gamble ("Will Davis") and Janice Griffith ("Janice") stay after hours to get to know each other better. They start to kiss, then that leads to cunnilingus, as Janice sits back in a chair with legs up. The position gives Seth access to tongue, finger and slap her love box. She then rewards him with a fast moving, and sloppy blowjob, which he seems to enjoy. As she continues, Gamble smacks her ass, before pounding her with doggy, as she begs for it. The begging causes Gamble to pound away, faster and harder. The doggy leads to fast and hard reverse cowgirl, giving us a nice view of Janice's pussy, and the penetration. During this, we also get a nice view of Janice's ass. Reverse moves into standard cowgirl, continuing the nice view. Seth then places her on a desk for some slow and deep missionary, and Janice loves every second - so much so that she comes to a squirting orgasm. Gamble eventually pulls out, and unloads on Janice's pussy.

Scene 4 : Sarah Vandella and Kurt Lockwood : Kurt Lockwood teaches Sarah Vandella the ropes before slowly undressing her voluptuous body, He massages her tits before being her over the awaiting bed. He peels off her panties before tonguing her ass, he then proceeds to go deep with his fingers, before Vandella spreads wide on the bed to allow Lockwood to suck and lick her sex-starved pussy. she fingers as he licks. Vandella transitions to licking his shaft and balls, before sucking. She continuously deep throats him, as he moves in to fuck her tits. An overhead shot gives us a nice view of this, before the camera moves down below, to give us an underneath view of Sarah further sucking him off, and then licking his asshole. Vandella, then in character, naively act Lockwood, how he wants her. Lockwood opts for the spoon position, and she obliges. The position gives us a nice, open view of Vandella's sweet pussy, as Lockwood pounds away. Another great view is Vandella's ass in the next position. which is cowgirl.(The camera alternates views from the back to the side). Vandella is the placed on all fours, as Lockwood takes her doggystyle. Lockwood keeps the pace, as the smack of their flesh is head. It then moves to missionary, where the two keep the flow going, as Vandella clutches her breasts. The friction causes Lockwood to blow his load all over Sarah's nicely trimmed bush.

Scene 5 : Carmen Caliente and Nick Manning : The 5th and final scene sees Skin Diamond and Nick Manning at the station alone. Manning, in character explains that he has feelings for Maggie, but can't seem to get up the courage to ask her out. Skin Diamond's character quickly changes the subject to sex, and proceeds to seduce Manning, whom doesn't put up much of a fight. The two kiss and caress before undressing. Skin Diamond assumes the position atop a table., and opens up, so that Manning can tongue her pussy, while inserting his fingers inside, thrusting them back and forth, and then tonging her butthole. Skin Diamond then moves into giving Manning a sloppy blowjob, as she spits on his shaft. Manning then bends her over the table for some hard doggy. Skin Diamond, slowly climbs on top of the table with her nice ass on display, before mounting Manning in cowgirl, for hard and bouncy fun, as Manning moans incoherently(his trademark of sorts). The position is then switched to reverse cowgirl, and Skin Diamond loves it as she threatens to cum. Manning then instructs her to hold her feet as he plows away in missionary, which eventually leads to Manning cumming a good amount, on and in her pussy.

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