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February 11, 2016

The Young and the Rest of Us - Season 1 (Adam and Eve - 2016)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - February 11, 2016

Starring :

Holly Heart
Steven St. Croix
Elizabeth Bentley
Katerina Kay
Nikki Daniels
Alec Knight
Chloe Amour
Tyler Nixon
Sarah Vandella
Anya Ivy
Gemma Jolie
Seth Gamble

Trophy wives, cheating husbands, vengeful lovers, horny school administrators, busty tutors, lusty college students, blackmail, scandals, lesbian love affairs - these are just a few of the things the residents of College Grove face on a daily basis. So forget those ordinary daytime dramas, because this sexy soap opera will have you hooked... and hard!

(Runtime - 1 hr. 54 mins.)

THE YOUNG AND THE REST OF US is a web series/Adult soap opera serial from ADAM AND EVE, and the mind of comedic Porn parody master, Will Ryder.  First premiering online as webisodes, the DVD here, presents each of the segments together as one continuous movie(with the show's first season running nearly 2 hours in length).

In this first season, we find ourselves in the college town of College Grove, and more specifically, at Grove State University, where one, Vincent Ferrara is the esteemed President.  Not only does he lead the school, he has also become very prominent and influential in the town of College Grove.  And it is because of his position in the town, that he looks to make a career move, as he has, what seems to be bigger and better ambitions.  Simply put - he wants to run for US Senate.  However, upon his decision, he runs into more than a few complications, some that could very well tarnish his reputation.  His kids("Griffin"(Tyler Nixon), "Elizabeth"(Elizabeth Bentley), and "Britney"(Katerina Kay), are all getting into trouble, and failing classes.  While his second  wife "Abby"(Holly Heart) is a druggie-alcoholic.  And his good friend, John Hargarden"(Alec Knight), turns him down, when he proposes that he join him as his campaign manager and Chief of Staff.  All of which occurs as THE YOUNG AND THE REST OF US, purposely leaves us with a cliffhanger, as Griffin looks to finally score with his sexy Professor(Sarah Vandella), who promises to "reward" him for his good grades.  I guess it's up to us to tune into the next season to find out how things go!

Honestly speaking, with this, Will Ryder is once again innovative within the realm of Porno, as he takes the ideas and themes of the mainstream Soap Opera, and applies them to the porn setting.  Here, just as Soap Operas go, the broad scope is one grand story, yet the viewer is fed episodes one at a time, leaving them to come back to continue the story.  From the web, the concept seems to work out well.  However, as it is presented here on the DVD, with each of the episodic segments edited together as one, continuous film, it just doesn't work as well.  One of the disappointments overall, is that everything we see here, builds up to something that won't happen - at least not yet.  We have to wait until we see the next season to continue on with the story.  And while the second season is indeed already up on the ADAM AND EVE TV website, for people that wait for the DVD, seeing the second season could take awhile.  So, unfortunately, that is a disadvantage for these types when it comes to DVD.  I mean, I enjoyed it pretty much, but as the short season ended, I felt that I had just seen an incomplete story - because indeed I had.  So, I feel that for the DVD they should have included maybe the first 2 seasons of the show, as opposed to just the first.  That way it wouldn't feel as empty as it does when it ends.  Just a thought.

But with that said, as far as the look and feel goes, THE YOUNG AND THE REST OF US is still very much what we have come to know from Will Ryder.  It's easy to follow, it's fun, laid back, and features interesting story points, as well as some rather arousing action.  I liked the fact that although, here, the older cast(particularly St. Croix's University President character, "Vincent Ferrara), are key players that drive the story, the real focus, as the title suggests, is on the younger cast(complete with fun narration by Bentley).  The story setups, as well as the individual sexual encounters, are all fun from the young cast, which is why the season coming to an abrupt end is such a bummer.  You are just left with the feeling that there is still much story left to be told, and a lot more sex to be had.  Here, we get no sex featuring neither Steven St. Croix, Holly Heart or Sarah Vandella, not to mention Tyler Nixon.  With Vandella and Nixon almost getting into something as the season comes to an end, that pairing is inevitable for the next season.  However, the question is, will we get Holly Heart?  That's what I want to know!  Ahh...the setbacks of series do exist.  Yes even in the Porn world!

THE YOUNG AND THE REST OF US is indeed worth seeing.  But the question will be, if you enjoy it, will you be able to keep up with it, as new stuff is released?

As for the sex scenes, this first season features 5 individual scenes; 2 girl/girl, masturbation, and 2 boy/girl pairings.  All not bad, but I must say that the 2 scenes involving Elizabeth Bentley(masturbation, and boy/girl with Seth Gamble) truly stand out as being most memorable.

My score : 6/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Katerina Kay and Anya Ivy
After a conversation between "Elizabeth"(Elizabeth Bentley) and "Britney"(Katerina Kay), "Britney" and her best friend "Anya"(Anya Ivy) get into some extracurricular activities with each other.  First kissing and rubbing each other down, before, Anya's tits are first out, followed by Katerina.  Sucking of each other's tits ensues.  Anya first pours water onto Katerina, and rubs her down, before Katerina does the same to her.  They then take turns bending over to have their asses drenched in water.  Anya is the first to go down, as she is soon in between Katerina's legs and tonguing at her pussy.  Katerina then returns it, going down on Anya.  She tongues and inserts some fingers, before bringing out the Hitachi vibrator.  With it, she works Anya's clit.  From there, Katerina is spread wide again, as Anya attacks the pussy with her mouth, and fingers.  This is before she also uses the vibrator on Katerina.  Katerina then takes Anya from behind with first her mouth and then the Hitachi.  Then, with Anya still in the doggy position, Katerina goes underneath, to eat Anya briefly, while rubbing herself.  This is where the scene soon comes to an end. - An ok scene, featuring some nice looking ladies. Katerina has a nice ass, and as for Anya?  She has great tits!

Scene 2 : Nikki Daniels and Alec Knight
After discussing the possibility of "Vincent Ferrara"(Steven St. Croix) leaving his position at the university to fulfill political ambitions, Vincent's good friend, John Hargarden(Alec Knight), and his wife, "Katie"(Nikki Daniels) go into sex on the couch, after talking about one of Vincent's daughters, "Britney"(Katerina Kay) being caught having sex on campus.  Alec caresses and sucks her tits for a time, before the clothes come completely off, and Alec is delivering oral.  Nikki straddles his face, while he goes at it with his tongue - much to her pleasure. Next, Nikki's legs are high above her head, as he continues to tongue and suck on the pussy.  Nikki follows that up by going on to suck and throat Alec's cock.  Next she continues to suck with Alec seated, and during, Alec finger bangs her.  This is followed with Nikki hopping onto the cock in reverse cowgirl. where she slams up and down on the cock.  And as the action continues, Alec bangs her hard.  After, things then take to missionary, as Alec slips it in.  From here, she keeps a good and steady pace, as he drives his cock deep into Nikki.  Next up, we see Alec straddling Nikki's face, as she fingers herself.  She sucks both his dick and balls, briefly, before things go into doggy from behind.  From here, Alec continues to pound away, before things move on to cowgirl, where we see Nikki's ass bounce.  The action remains consistent from here, until Alec must cum.  He does so as he aims at Nikki's mouth.  - A pretty good scene from both of these performers.  Some nice action.  Nikki is pretty sexy, especially when in cowgirl.                                                                                     
Scene 3 : Elizabeth Bentley Masturbation
The next scene occurs when drug dealer "Pac Man"(Seth Gamble) makes a delivery at the Ferrara house.  He somehow ends up in "Elizabeth's"(Elizabeth Bentley) room where she is studying.  He ends up giving her a massage, but soon gets a call, and leaves.  However, the massage is enough to get her worked up enough to masturbate with toys.  First, Elizabeth touches herself, over and under her panties, before taking them off, the plunge her fingers deep, which gets her pussy nice and wet.  She then adds some lube, to make things nice and wet as she finger bangs herself.  She turns to her side for a period, giving us a view of her ass, before inserting a vibrator into her pussy, first from the side and then from behind in doggy.  As she is in and out with the vibrator, she fingers her asshole.  Then in spoon, she continues to ram it in, and massage her clit. - Oh boy, was this scene hot - and yes, it's just masturbation!  But, it's masturbation at it's finest!  Elizabeth Bentley, is so hot.  But an even bigger turn on is that she is both intelligent and artistic.  I have been following her on Twitter.  She doesn't take no shit! :) But, yes, this was a hot scene.

**This is a scene taking place in between the next sex scene**
When it is revealed that "Griffin"(Tyler Nixon) is failing, one of his Professors(Sarah Vandella) comes over to talk tutoring.  However, it would appear that "Griffin" needs motivation.  That is when the Prof brings up the topic of pussy.  She says that should he study hard, he "might" then be rewarded to go to "the pussy store", her pussy, to be exact.  Then she invites him to touch her pussy.

Scene 4 : Elizabeth Bentley and Seth Gamble
The next scene finds "Pac Man"(Seth Gamble) back in "Elizabeth's"(Elizabeth Bentley's) room, where she looks to score some drugs from him.  In which a deal between the two is struck.  First Elizabeth is to take care of him, and then he will do his part.  For "Elizabeth", it's a fair deal, and she wastes no time in sucking "Pac Man's" cock.  First while he's standing and then on the bed, she sucks the cock nice and good, before Seth follows it up by going downtown on her clit with his tongue, nice and fast.  From there Seth takes Bentley into doggy, where he proceeds to pound away.  The camera stays in on the penetration giving us a nice view of things.  From there, comes cowgirl, as Elizabeth rides the cock deep.  She slams her nice firm ass down onto the cock.  From there, things naturally go to reverse cowgirl, where Seth fucks Elizabeth nice and hard, before things go missionary, where Seth keeps things at a nice pace, before picking up speed.  Things from here continue in this position, until Seth unleashes a big load onto her face to end scene. - Another really good scene, and once again featuring Elizabeth Bentley.  Nice action from both performers.

Scene 5 : Chloe Amour and Gemma Jolie
In the next scene, the Hargardens daughter, "Becky"(Chloe Amour) has a friend over as the two study.  They, for some reason decide to practice their blow job skills on a pair of bananas that Chloe has brought upstairs from the kitchen.  But soon, of course, curiosity gets the best of them, when they go on to feel each other up.  Jolie, kisses Amours tis, and sucks her nipples, before the two trade passionate kisses.  This is before Gemma's pants come off, as Chloe goes in on the pussy with her mouth, as she tongues and sucks at her clit.  Things then graduate to Chloe bringing into play, a big glass dildo. She slips it into Gemma, and slowly moves it in and out, as the camera keeps things close.  Next, it is Gemma, who goes downstairs on Chloe, who is in missionary.  Gemma slowly licks and sucks, before spreading apart the pussy.  From there, she inserts a small, pink dildo deep, moving it in and out of Chloe's slit.  From there, Chloe assumes doggy, where Gemma continues to work her hole with the dildo.  After comes the missionary position, where things soon end. - A good scene, with a rather funny take on sexual curiosity at the beginning.

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