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February 25, 2016

Torn (New Sensations Couples - 2012)

Reviewed by: Rick L. Blalock   - February 25, 2016

Starring :

Remy LaCroix
Samantha Ryan
India Summer
Steven St. Croix
Chad Alva
Tom Byron

Drew finds himself at a crossroads in his life. Over time, his long-time marriage has lost its spark, intimacy and most importantly, the connection. Sex has been replaced by friendship. Spontaneity has been replaced by responsibility. Love has been taken over by life. Then one day Mimi, a passionate, young art student, enters his life. Their attraction to one another is immediate. Consumed with guilt at the mere thought of another woman, he recommits himself to his marriage and making it work. However, the connection proves too strong for them both and they slowly delve into an illicit affair.  There often comes a time in a person's life when they must choose what is right or what is best. Drew finds himself in that exact circumstance with peoples' lives hanging in the balance. Between facing society's judgment and hurting someone whom he has spent so much of his life with (all for the hope of true happiness and a love he could never have imagined), he finds himself torn.

(Runtime - 1 hr. 50 mins.)


TORN is a film that tells the story of "Drew"(Steven St. Croix) a man that is in a 15 year marriage with his wife, "Christine"(India Summer).  We sense that, at one time, they were once happy, however, in recent times, that could not be further from the truth.  As now, they are just barely getting by, existing more as friends than husband and wife, and especially lovers.  While Christine is content with how things are, Steven finds himself at a crossroads.  He's stuck, and ultimately, he is unhappy, especially when he compares his relationship to Christine, with the relationship of his co-worker "Vicky"(Raylene) and her husband, "Roy"(Tom Byron).  However, while attending a party, celebrating Vicky and Roy's 17 year wedding Anniversary, fate walks into the picture, in the form of Vicky's vibrant young niece, "Mimi"(Remy LaCroix).  With some conversation, it doesn't take long for the two of them to hit it off.  Eventually, Mimi, who is an art student, specializing in Photography, invites Drew to her studio to be the subject of one of her projects.  The project, which deals with range of emotion, sees Drew sitting in for a photo session.  It's an afternoon that requires Drew to open up about his feelings.  It is something that he rarely does with his wife.  The experience is a definite eye opener for him, as he begins to fall for the much younger woman.  The feeling is mutual - and so a secret affair begins.  Initially, Drew is able to successfully juggle both lives, however it soon catches up with him, when he, is of course, unable to be at two places at once; Being there for Christine, when her Father has a heart attack, but not when Mimi has an important gallery opening, and so on.  It begins to be too much for Drew to bare, and so he breaks it off with his secret love, Mimi, and tries to remain with his wife, Christine, only this time, he comes clean.  He's open and honest about all that he has done, and although, obviously hurt by his actions, Christine agrees to try to work through the problems.  But, unfortunately, after a year of trying, Drew finds that his feelings for Mimi, are just far too strong, and that he must follow his heart, before it's too late.

TORN, from Writer, Jacky St. James, and co-directed by St.James and Eddie Powell, is a film about adultery that boldly focuses on the men's point of view.  In the film, "Drew" is a man, who loves his wife, but deep down, he feels hindered in their relationship.  He does not feel as though, he is allowed to be himself, as he and his wife, "Christine" have just become far too distant.  They rarely talk, and are sparsely intimate, without "Drew" having to first initiate it.  As emotions go, Drew is stuck, with seemingly no place to go.  That is of course he finds relief in someone else.  He meets "Mimi" a younger woman, who is a free spirit.  He is surprised to find that, when around her, the proverbial shackles are of so to speak, as she makes him feel like a brand new man.  So, naturally, he falls for her.  The story plays things out in a manner that it puts us in Drew's situation.  Sure, cheating is wrong.  But "what if".  What if someone feels so trapped, that finding happiness with someone else is really the only option.  That is exactly what the character of "Drew"(played by Steven St. Croix), faces here.  Although Drew is of course, the "cheater" in this situation, the viewer essentially sides with him, as the script does a great job in making Drew sympathetic.  And on the other side of things, the character "Mimi"(portrayed by Remy LaCroix), is likable, and very lovable - we connect with her as well.  So, while, what ultimately brought them together might be wrong, it is a love affair that we want to see end happily.  And it does so, as the film comes together quite nicely.

Supposedly based on a true story, here, Jacky St. James, once again crafts a story which features characters who feel real, rather than just made up.  The characters are faced with lifelike problems, as they exchange true to life dialogue.  The dialogue remains sharp, without feeling forced upon us, allowing us to connect with what we are seeing and hearing.  TORN features some nice acting performances by all, especially when speaking about Steven St. Croix and Remy LaCroix, who occupy the lead roles.  I really like Steven, who is one of my favorite male performers.  As for as acting performances go, I believe that he is one of the best guys working in the business today.  His performance, along with Miss LaCroix's, make the story interesting.  And speaking of Remy La Croix, I just love her!  She is undoubtedly one of the most adorable girls you will ever see.  She is extremely likable. Although she is basically the "other woman" in this story, it isn't long before she secretly becomes number one in our hearts.

So, to close, I really liked the story behind TORN, as it is essentially a peek into the life of those effected by an affair - especially from "Drew's" perspective.  It is Drew who represents the person, who means no harm, and does not want to lose the time and years he's spent in his marriage.  He feels guilty, but knows that there is sure happiness with someone else.  Yes, it is a very tough scenario, but TORN accurately portrays it.  I liked it a lot.  Maybe not as much as others from St. James and Powell, but I enjoyed it.

TORN features 4 individual sex scenes - 3 boy/girl pairings and 1 three-way, which kicks things off.  All of these scenes look good, and are nicely captured, but I have to go with the final scene as my favorite.  It is the scene, where we finally see "Drew" and "Mimi" have sex, it's hot and passionate, as it should be.  I have a complaint however, when it comes to the sex in general here.  While the sex might look good, it was often to difficult to get into.  Though there is penetration on display, the scenes come across as "too soft".  The camera never truly puts the viewer into the action on screen.  I understand that with these films, it's the story that is most important, and I do appreciate it.  But, now that I have seen several, the sex scenes seem a bit repetitive.  I hope that I am wrong.

My score : 6.5/10

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1 : Raylene and Samantha Ryan and Tom Byron
The first scene comes about as "Drew"(Steven St. Croix) and his wife, "Christine"(India Summer), are conversing in bed.  The topic is their friends "Roy"(Tom Byron) and "Vicky"(Raylene).  Speciffically, when "Christine" goes to explain that, at their anniversary party, she caught them in the act of a threesome, when another woman(Samantha Ryan).  We see the action as it takes place in the bathroom, at the couples' house.  Samantha is seen sucking on Raylene's tits, before Raylene goes on to suck Tom's cock.  This is before the two share it.  The action then changes, as Samantha gets the dick from behind in doggy.  Samantha then briefly throats his cock, before Tom bends Raylene over the counter for some plugging, while Samantha takes to the counter top, and spreads, allowing Raylene to tongue.  Next, Samantha stays on the counter, where Tom slips it into her in missionary.  This is before he takes Samantha into doggy, as she mouth and finger Raylene's snatch.  Tom keeps a steady pace here.  Next up, Raylene gets it in missionary on the counter, while Samantha, massages her clit.  After a brief period Byron must cum, as the scene ends with him exploding on Raylene's chest. - A decent scene.  Both ladies are really hot(Raylene is a legend, in my opinion).  I enjoyed the scene.  The thing that stands out the most however, is that Tom Byron was louder than both of the women combined, here.  Pretty funny.

Scene 2 : India Summer and Steven St. Croix
It takes some convincing on "Drew's"(Steven St. Croix) part, but he finally gets "Christine"(India Summer), in the mood for sex.  It begins with Steven sucking on her tits, before running his tongue up her body, to her neck.  Next, he sucks her toes, before finally making his way between her legs with his mouth.  From here, he really works her clit with his mouth, causing India to squirm.  India then follows it up by going down to suck Steven off.  Moving in in and out of her mouth, she eventually, also sucks his balls, as well.  Things then naturally progress to cowgirl, where India grinds on the cock, before India picks up the pace a little.  From here, the camera gives us a nice front view.  After, things change to missionary.  As Steven holds India's legs in the air, he pounds her with his cock.  This is before the to come closer, as St. Croix, passionately drills it in.  It's enough to make Steven cum, as he pulls out to cum on India's stomach.  - This was a really good scene, which was obviously aimed at couples.  The sex is very passionate and well captured.  It's sexy, especially when talking about India Summer.

Scene 3 : Remy LaCroix and Chad Alva
After breaking it off with "Drew"(Steven St. Croix), "Mimi"(Remy LaCroix) gets some comforting from friend and roomate, Chad Alva, as the two engage in unexpected sex.  In the kitchen, things start with Remy sucking Chad's cock deep.  But it isn't long before Chad goes down on her with his mouth and fingers, while she spread her legs, while seated in a chair.  Then, Chad wastes no time taking Remy into doggy, as he fucks her hard and fast.  Remy returns to briefly sucking the cock, until things go into cowgirl.  Remy rides for a time, as her ass smacks against the cock.  Things then go back to doggy briefly from here, until Remy stands on one leg, with Chad holding the other, as he pound it in.  Following this, Chad takes a seat, as Remy straddles him in side-reverse cowgirl, as she rides the cock for a time.  This is before things take to the floor in spoon.  From here, Chad continues to plug away, as Remy massage her clit.  From there, things transition to missionary where things continue, until Chad is forced to cum, as he does so on Remy's stomach.  - A pretty good scene, with a nice location.  Some angles make it difficult to see however, and also there just wasn't that many closeups.

Scene 4 : Remy LaCroix and Steven St. Croix
In the last scene, after being reunited, "Drew"(Steven St. Croix) and "Mimi"(Remy LaCroix) are thrust into passionate sex.  Kissing ensues as Remy hop into Steven's arms,  She eventually makes her way down to suck Steven's cock and balls. Steven then sits down. where Remy continues, before she hops on in cowgirl, where she slams down on the cock for an extended period, before things go to missionary  From here, St. Croix keeps a nice steady pace before really raming it in.  This of course causes Steven to eventually cum.  He almost doesn't get it out in time, before he lets lose on to her stomach.  - This was a pretty good scene, and in my opinion the best of the film.  Here, we finally see our 2 characters come together sexually(although we see brief clips on several of their sexual encounters earlier in the film), and it's nice.

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