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January 17, 2011

Movie Review: Bloody Slashers Collection

Echo Bridge Home Entertainment releases four "Bloody Slashers" to DVD...look at the cover art, know what you're in for. Read on Cheeser!

Buy The Midnight Horror Collection: Bloody Slashers on DVD

I have an extremely high tolerance for shit horror films and Cinema in general. These however, thinned my patience immensely. To be completely honest, the only film in this collection horror fans gives a damn about is Curtains. Some give this Canadian slasher good praise for trying to be more than mindless killing. Only available from Vestron Video on VHS, this is it's first digital release. It's a real shame the way it is presented. 4 films + 1 disc = lackluster. Cramming all of these onto a flipper disc is an AV disaster. Curtains is presented full frame and looks no better than a beat up VHS. Night time scenes are murky, details are non existent and print damage is everywhere. The three other flicks suffer quality wise also. It was expected though, this is a budget affair after all.

Movie wise, all of these films are pretty dreadful, including Curtains. Not even the great John Vernon could save this. I blame it the aforementioned DVD quality and prolonged run times, 100+ minute low budget horror made this reviewer waive the white flag.

As mentioned, these are budget releases. You get what you pay for but I wouldn't recommend it.

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