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February 8, 2012

Eats & Drinks Review: Jack in the Box Bacon Shake

When I saw this little item in the Jack in the Box feed on Facebook, I initially thought someone was messing around. I figured there was no way that a popular fast food chain would do this. I wouldn't be surprised to find mom and pop places trying this out, but we ended up seeing this go mainstream.

I am an enormous fan of bacon. I've heard of  vanilla ice cream with bacon bits, and I've always been intrigued by the idea. A bacon shake is a natural progression for that. Within hours of my discovery, I had a large bacon milkshake in my posession.

At first sip, I could taste the interesting vanilla and bacon flavor mix. It was good. Sweet and salty go together very well. As I drank more, I noticed something. There were no bits of bacon. When you see a strip of bacon in the ad, you expect bits. I wanted that to nibble on while I drank. You get fruit chunks in a fruit milkshake, so why not bacon bits?

Overall, it's a good shake. I drank every bit of it, and I would gladly go back for more. Jack in the Box is offering the shake for a very limited time, but I guarantee that if it ends up being popular, they'll keep it on the menu for a long time.

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