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May 5, 2012

Movie Review: Stiffed (2012)

It's always interesting to see genres that cross. The first time I saw gangsters and zombies meshed was the French movie The Horde. I absolutely loved that movie. The way the story shifted was amazing. Stiffed tries to do something similar with some comedy thrown in. It starts in one direction and shifts into horror. It's not a bad attempt, but it still could have used a few things and done without a few others.

The three gangsters in our story are a fat greasy Italian-looking guy, a rich kid preppy type and a Mexican guy who says "homes" way too much. The fat gangster gets involved with a Satanic stripper, and that's when things start to turn for the worse.

After a night of strippers and drinking, the big guy heads to our stripper's home. That's where he gets his salami slobbered and finds out she's into the occult. It doesn't really seem to phase him. The next day, the three gangsters pull a robbery and hop into a getaway car. The wheel man doesn't see a truck, and they get hit. Only the driver survives. After hearing the news, the stripper gets her cult together to steal the bodies and raise them from the dead as zombie slaves. She sends them off on a robbery spree that leaves a bloody trail.

The movie isn't all bad. The quote on the cover calls it hilarious, but I think that reviewer was just fishing to get on a DVD cover. The laughs are extremely few and far between, unless you're laughing at it and not with it. The Mexican gangster has a horrible accent and has to force in a Spanish word wherever possible. "Hey, we need to get some agua, homes!" It's just stupid. The fat gangster isn't bad. He's the bright spot in the movie. Other than that, the concept is good. It could have used a little more humor for its subject matter. The stripper was barely watchable. I didn't mind that she wasn't attractive enough to be a stripper. Guys like this would go to a dive strip club. She's realistic for that setting. She was just a bad actress.

Stiffed is okay. This could go on my list of things to watch on a Sunday while you're folding laundry. I wouldn't commit an evening to it, but it's decent background watching.

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