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June 30, 2012

Movie Review: Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical (2011)

Directed by Travis Campbell

Starring Tim Dax, Nicole Fiore and Vito Trigo

After screwing his wanna-be girlfriend Scarlette (Nicole Fiore) on a mattress in an abandoned warehouse, Mr. Bricks (Tim Dax) is shot in the head and left for dead by an assassin. When he awakens he finds Scarlette is gone and thus begins a search for her. Along the way he occasionally breaks into rage-filled song when he is not beating people over the head with a brick.

Scarlette, who is actually an undercover cop, is holed-up in a motel room, being held against her will by her possessive partner. Eventually she slips out to have a final showdown with the psychopathic Mr. Bricks. Along the way she occasionally breaks into mournful song over her bad decisions and the unfortunate pregnancy she acquired from her game of naked twister with Mr. Bricks.

Scarlette’s partner, Officer Dukes (Vito Trigo) is losing his grip on sanity, his wife has left him and now his partner wants to leave him, he is convinced Scarlette has something going with his nemesis Mr. Bricks, and he is determined to find him and finish him off, along the way he occasionally breaks into song as well.

Lloyd Kaufman God bless his heart, has given so many people the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of making a movie, who otherwise would have probably never been able to get it done. This one unfortunately should have never seen the light of day, and I would easily rate it as one of the five worst movies I’ve ever seen. Who’s idea was it to make a musical featuring actors who have no singing talent? It appeared to me that the films creators assumed that because most of the songs were “heavy metal” that meant that no talent would be required to pull the songs off. The composition of the songs was so clunky and amateurish that being a life-long fan of metal, I felt insulted that the music I love was being portrayed in such a bush-league fashion. This movie is a bad joke that no one in their right mind knows the punch-line to.

To make matters worse, half way through the film the audio lost sync with the video, adding another layer of annoyance to an already excruciating experience.

I could go on and on but out of respect for Mr. Kaufman I’ll lay my ax down right here and say unless your in search of a breathtakingly horrible movie to impress your friends with, you might wanna take a pass on this one.

2 out of 10 (and those two points were awarded for the Motorhead song that played during the final credits).

Reviewed by KennyB

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