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July 24, 2012

Movie Review: Some Guy Who Kills People (2011)

Directed by Jack Perez

Starring Kevin Corrigan, Barry Bostwick and Karen Black

Ken Boyd is your average 30-something geeky loser. He draws his own graphic novels, still lives with his mother and has a crappy job in an ice-cream parlor, where he works alongside his old high-school buddy Irv. But Ken has a dirty little secret, he fantasizes about killing people. Namely the members of his old high school basketball team who tortured and scarred him as a kid. Fresh out of the looney-bin, Ken’s repressed anger is reaching the boiling point, and those bullies from his past are starting to come up dead. The local sheriff, who happens to be banging Ken’s mom, is completely baffled by the crimes but still working hard to solve the case. As this is going on, Ken’s estranged young daughter shows up out of the blue, desperate to have a relationship with the father she only recently learned she had. As Ken comes to grips with his new-found fatherhood, he struggles between his homicidal urges and the growing love he is feeling for his daughter.

Dropping in the DVD, I knew absolutely nothing about this film. On the surface it appeared to me to be just another in the long line of low-budget slasher’s that are out there... but boy, was I wrong about this one. And its not very often that you use words like “heart-felt,” “touching” and “over-the-top hilarious” to describe a horror movie. But it's all in here, a tear-jerking, knee-slapper with a side order of blood & guts. Sounds like a funky combination, I know... but it really, really works well.

Some Guy Who Kills People’s success is due mainly to equal parts great acting and smart, insightful script-writing. The performances of Ariel Gade as Ken’s  quick-witted, wise-ass daughter Amy, and Barry Bostwick as the nutty sheriff Fuller were total show-stealers.  Both of them were just funny as hell. Kevin Corrigan, as always, is rock-solid in the role of the disturbed ice-cream man, Ken Boyd. If he looks familiar, he should. He’s been in a ton of films and TV shows, including SuperBad, Pineapple Express, Fringe, Law and Order.....the list is pretty extensive. And Karen Black in the role of Ken’s mother, Ruth Boyd, was awesome as well. This film just adds one more accomplishment to her legacy of great horror movies.

This one was a really fun ride that rolled along quite smoothly and didn't trip over its own feet, not even once. It had me laughing from start to finish and I really cant imagine anyone not at least liking this movie. If you're like me, you will absolutely love it. What a hidden gem this one is.

Highly Recommended.

8 out of 10
Reviewed by KennyB

Audio commentary
A short film entitled The Fifth
A making-of featurette & film trailer

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