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January 21, 2014

Cinema Head Cheese's "Best Blu-rays & DVDs of 2013"

If you're wondering at all what we at Cinema Head Cheese think are the essential genre releases are for 2013, look no further than the list below containing the best Blu-rays and DVDs of this past year. These are the cream of the crop, so make sure that you make them a part of your collection!

The Vincent Price Collection (Scream Factory)

Skull World - Warrior Edition (Unstable Ground Pictures)

House on Straw Hill (Severin Films)

Murder University (Wild Eye Releasing)

Corruption (Grindhouse Releasing)

Demons (Synapse Films)

The Lost Films of Herschel Gordon Lewis (Vinegar Syndrome)

Barbara Broadcast (Distribpix / Video-X-Pix)

Combat Girls (Artsploitation Films)

The Fog (Scream Factory)

Street Trash (Synapse Films)

Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th (1428 Films)

Twins of Evil (Synapse Films)

The Telephone Book (Vinegar Syndrome)

The Basket Case Trilogy (Second Sight Films)

The Manson Family (Severin Films)

The Burning (Scream Factory)

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