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January 3, 2017

Movie Review: Phantasm: Ravager (2016, Blu-ray)

Reviewed By: James D.

Phantasm: Ravager is our first film in almost 18 years and happy to report, you can tell the energy and passion was all over the writing and directing of this film. The brothers Jody and Mike with the help of Reggie, the two teens surviving the Tall Man has become a iconic story. Their lack of defeat on The Tall Man, let this story move forward with sequels. The story picks up with Reggie. He is living in a hospital and is wheelchair bound. He is haunted with nightmares and lapses in time and memory. We get the feeling early on that he may be suffering from Alzheimer’s. That is what he wants us to think. In this other dimension, Reggie is a shotgun carrying ice cream man on the trail of the Tall Man and his minions. That is also what he wants us to think. He may be just trapped in this post-apocalyptic alternate dimension that The Tall Man and annihilated the world with a virus, with the exception of clones of the Tall Man.
We are never quite sure where Reggie is exactly, as this film goes back and forth so much. This film is way too ambitious and confusing. I loved the story at first, then I was utterly trying to figure out why the film is so uneven and poorly paced. The acting in this film just leaves so much to be desired. I can honestly say that in the sequel front, this would be my least favorite of all of them. There are aspects of this film that I clearly did like, and could get the review an average rating. I feel Phantasm fans are going to be split on this. They are either going to fully be on board and love it, or they will despise it. I am a part of both. I despise that this film could not come together for me. I love the fact that the film has elements of this franchise that I adore as a fan. I am guessing at this point to say this is our last film. If this is our last film, this is an odd note to end at. 

If you are a Phantasm fan, there is enough to the remaster of the original on Blu Ray to recommend. The coin toss would be on Ravager. This is clearly going to be the last film. If you enjoyed the sequels thus far, you already know that this is going to be a blind buy as well. I was hoping for more, but why complain at this point.

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