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January 26, 2017

TV On Blu-ray Review: From Dusk Till Dawn - Season 3

Reviewed By: James D.

"From Dusk Till Dawn” so far has been an up and down ride. I think the ambition of the first season was a little questionable. You are asking people to take a hour and forty minute film, and give them the same story in 10 hours. The depth and interaction was what kept the first season from being a miss. Where the first half of the season was pretty much a copy of the film, the second half of the season went in new directions. Season two was able to stray from what people knew of “ From Dusk Till Dawn” and started to carve its own identity. Season Three is by far the best season for this show so far. Where the first season was a retelling of a film, and the second was a clear turn from that. This season is a different beast altogether.

 This season felt like a meshing of 70’s horror and 90’s television horror. It offered up the concept of a “ monster of the week”. Where it grew old on me was from watching a show like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This show found a way to make the concept feel unique and fresh. Season Two ended with Santaánico and the Gecko brothers going their different ways. While Kate, was murdered and then possessed by the mysterious blood in the blood well. Season 3 opens up with the Gecko Brothers, becoming guardians for the seven culebra lords. Kate we learn is being possessed by the blood of an ancient being named Amaru. This makes Amaru, this season’s baddie.
If you are a fan of the Kate character, this is her season to shine. She is given her best material to date and really has fun with the time she gets on camera. Kate’s culebra brother, Scott seems very wasted this season. Talk about so many missed opportunities. For a show with a limited budget like it has on a network that is growing, they get the most out of what they have.

El Rey has such a passion for what they are offering right now. I feel that the first season sort of soured them, but now that people are on board going towards season four, it is such a plus that they stuck with this show. The practical effects are stunning, while the CGI blood is underwhelming. You can forgive things like that, with what they are able to accomplish with the storytelling. This is a show that has such a clever way of injecting new people and strengthening the people we already know.

 If there were negatives to talk about, the format of how the show is presented seems off. It is like the show is paced by someone who clearly is trying to figure it out as they go. I would like the direction of the show to be a little less predictable and more adventurous. Why am I complaining, considering that I watched this whole blu ray season in less than a day, and want to go back and watch it again. I am starting to really embrace this show and hopefully season four will keep the upward momentum going.

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