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July 8, 2013

The Gruesome Slasher Movie That's Driving Real Horror Fans Wild!

We at Cinema Head Cheese really love the return of the Retro Big Box VHS releases, but even we have our own favorite that you MUST get your hands on before it's sold out for good. It's a little film called Bloody Bloody Bible Camp and it's only available from our friends at Cult Movie Mania. If your on the fence, see what our very own Kevin Moyers has to say in this rave review of Vito Trabucco's splat-tastic masterpiece

What other folks are saying about Bloody Bloody Bible Camp.

Cult Movies Magazine says, “’s the best slasher flick they’ve seen in years.” calls it “...a twisted and perverted little masterpiece.”

And proclaims it to be “...a shining beacon of sleaze, perversion, and offensiveness. In other words, it’s fantastic!”

We couldn’t agree more.

But, in the world of horror there is one endorsement that holds more weight than any other.


Let’s face it. Horror movies are pretty much a celebration of his handy work.

And just like horror fans and critics around the world...

Satan loves Bloody Bloody Bible Camp.

To get the RARE, LIMITED EDITION collector's set of this new cult classic, CLICK HERE.

Not only does Satan love this movie, but he gave us a list of 7 satanic reasons why he’ll be watching it all summer.

Ron Jeremy Plays ‘Jesus’

You read it right.

The Prince of Porn portrays the Prince of Peace.

That’s how you know Bloody Bloody Bible Camp has some serious cult movie balls.

Gigantic Bush

In these crazy, politically correct times, you’re lucky to find any nudity in a movie.

And you feel like a lottery winner when you actually see anything below the belt.

But, with Bloody Bloody Bible Camp you’re gonna need a wider widescreen television to frame up this behemoth bush.

Gore, Gore, and more GORE!

“This movie has more blood than the Ripping Room back at my office,” says Satan. “I mean it’s absolutely soaked with gore!”

[Editor’s Note: And not the cheap looking CGI stuff. Real, practical FX from gore maestro Marcus Koch. To see more, CLICK HERE.]

Wiener Jokes

Who doesn’t love a good wiener joke?

This movie is loaded with them.

Horny Priest Jokes

What does Satan love more than a good wiener joke?

Blasphemous horny priest jokes.

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp hilariously rakes religion over the coals.

All in good fun, of course.

But with a main character named “Father Cummings” (played by cult legend Reggie Bannister), you can see why Satan’s a fan.

Retro ‘80s Vibe

An isolated summer camp...

Teenagers getting murdered in unspeakable ways...

Jacked up socks and terrycloth headbands.

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp nails the throwback vibe.

When you watch it, it feels like you’re really watching a classic horror movie from the 1980s.

(Especially if you watch it on this rare VHS edition.)

Sister Mary Chopper

Every great horror movie needs an unforgettable killer.

Sister Mary Chopper is terrifying as the sadistic psycho nun who slashes through Christian campers, relentlessly putting the bloody bloody in the bible camp.

An Instant Cult Classic!

Blood Bloody Bible Camp delivers an unholy trinity of gore, laffs, and boobs!

So you really ought to CLICK HERE NOW to check out our exclusive, very limited edition Bloody Bloody Bible Camp VHS/DVD Set.

This DVD is Packed!

Along with this gut busting, throat slashing movie masterpiece, you’re also going to love all the special features on this disc, including:

    The Bloody Bloody Slide Show

    A gruesome Behind The Scenes Featurette

    An in-depth Special FX Discussion

    Wild Trailers


VHS Rules!

To complete the throwback horror movie experience, we’re also including Bloody Bloody Bible Camp on VHS.

It boasts old-school clamshell packaging...

a bloody bloody red VHS cassette tape...

and sinister video nasty VHS artwork.

Simply put, it's a must own.

Don’t wait.

Very few of these rare, exclusive sets exist.

Get yours before they sell out.

Because they will sell out.

And you want one for your real horror movie collection.

You're going to love watching it.

It's going to look awesome on your video shelf.

And your friends are going to be so jealous when you have one and they don't.

Don't miss your only chance.

Click here to order your limited edition Bloody Bloody Bible Camp DVD/VHS set now.

And get ready to see the only slasher movie in the world that’s...

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