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November 13, 2011

Movie Review: Klown Kamp Massacre (2010, Troma)

by James DePaolo

Plot - May 1991, Edwin went to Klown Kamp, his dream was to be a clown. One night during his comedy act, the unthinkable happened someone's cell phone went off, and his act bombed. So, Edwin went on a killing spree. Now 15 years later, Klown Kamp is back open on Bonzo Ranch. All these young unsuspecting people go to the klown boot kamp to try and little do they know Edwin's still alive and he wants them all to pay for what happened to him.

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Review - First off--thanks to Preston at, for turning me on to this film. Now, I have issues, I really and seriously do. Holy fuck did I love this movie. And, given the track record of clown horror movies, what is that ratio 20 will suck and none will be good. Every indie company has tried this genre, clown horror at least once and fell flat on their faces. This one is a blessing in disguise. Not only does it work, but holy fuck is this movie just non stop. I found out watching this film there is Klown Klux Klan. They lynch trapeze artists and mimes, but do lots of good community services. A guy climbs a tree to try and escape Edwin and the car. He is pretty high up and turns around, and the car got up the tree also. If this is funny to you, there is a million more in this film. But, what about the gore and scares? I was getting to that. The gore is so ridiculously fucked up you would have to enjoy it. The kills are fun and some are so silly that you know the inspiration had to be the old Looney Tunes. And not only for the kills, but one of the characters also. Of course there is a hardcore rapper clown in this film. And Bonzo's granddaughter is one of the clowns, and her back-story is so odd. You do not want to laugh, but they do it so cruel and cold, it is funny- laugh. The music in this film is Friday the 13th theme, with a clown touch to it. So you know when something bad is about to happen, the music will start playing. Perfect.

There is of course a sex scene, that is so bizarre and amusingly offensive that I laughed a lot.  A clown orgy scene is also thrown in for good measure. The sound effects in this film work. They add so much humor to certain scenes as does the inclusion of a chronic masturbating clown. There is a scene that involves him and Edwin that ends up just disturbing. Again, I have issues cause I think this is the best clown film since Killer Klowns from Outer Space and I will go one further it is better than that as well. This is what Thankskilling tried to be. Funny, offensive, different, and just a good time.

The ending to this film (not to spoil anything), you will not see coming and the bad part you will sit there and say I should have seen it coming. If you have a pulse and love horror comedies. BUY THIS!!! This is a must for all horror fans. This is indie film done perfectly. Recommended.

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  1. I watched this film today and man it is awesome. This film is truly what bad cinema is about!