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November 16, 2011

Movie Review: Anarchy In (Ja)Panty (1999, Pink Eiga)

Reviewed by Travis G.

Don’t know what happened but for some reason this little film was released by PINK EIGA under the radar,or atleast mine. I was over at my friend Robin Bougie’s (of CINEMA SEWER fame) checking out the recent acquisitions on his DVD shelf of filth and saw some PINK EIGA titles that included ANARCHY IN J(JA)PANTY.

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On his way to being an award -winning director, Takahisa Zeze has brought us ANARCHY IN (JA)PANTY. A young woman named Mizuku discovers she is infertile and therefore unable to have kids. However one day her luck changes when she comes upon an unattended kid abandoned by his parents while they’re screwing, and decides to kidnap the kid an raise it as her own. Now all Mizuki needs in her life is a man. Low and behold Tatsutoshi enters her life and and her happy new family is complete..or is it?

The nice thing with pink films is the variety of sub-genres. The misconception is that pink films are either weird art films or silly hokey T&A flicks. What we have here with ANARCHY IN (JA)PANTY is alternative or “punk”look at life in at 80’s Japan that destroys the stereotype of family life in Japan. No father goes to the factory, mom stays at home to take care of their Godzilla and Hello Kitty loving kids.While there is a nice dose of nudity in this film we also have a surprisnigly solid plot.

For those who may not be entirely schooled in the world of pink films, or for those who are and might be looking for more on the subject..I have included a very nice short film put out by the fine folks at Pink Eiga explaining what a pink film is and done by the people themselves who were involved in making them.

While I liked ANARCHY IN (JA)PANTY, I don’t see this title being as popular as other titles and it probably isn’t the best one to start off with. It’s one that most would be better off working up to. However those more rehearsed on "pink films" and have had a nice experience in this genre can greatly appreciate this refreshing entry on the genre.

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