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June 10, 2010

Interview: Writer/Director Vito Trabucco

Jeff Dolniak interviews writer/director Vito Trabucco about Bloody Bloody Bible Camp.

CHC: How did "Bloody Bloody Bible Camp" come about?

VT: ---BBBC came about 7 years ago after we finished our first film, B-Movie. The co-producer of that film, Shelby McIntyre and myself wanted to do a massacre film centered around religion, but in a comedic way. About 2 days later I get a call from him. All I hear on the other line is BLOODY-BLOODY-BIBLE-CAMP. I loved it! And I loved the fact we had a title and nothing else. So instead of making a poster, we had the first draft of the script done in about 3 weeks. After I moved to LA, Shelby stayed in Florida so we weren't sure if we were ever going to make it. Then about 2 years ago I was producing a film called Weak Species. That's where I met Christopher Maltauro who became our executive producer and the rest is history.

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CHC: What was it like working with such an interesting cast? You have the likes of Reggie Bannister (PHANTASM series), David C. Hayes (BLOOD MOON RISING, MACHINED), Tim Sullivan( 2001 MANIACS) and Ron Jeremy ( a zillion pornos) rounding out the cast. It must have been fun.

VT: It was a beautiful circus! Actually, being a fan of Reggie, it was great to finally work with him. I always wanted to. Reggie's a real cool guy. With Tim Sullivan, I couldn't have asked for a better killer. Tim was such a huge help to me in front and behind the camera. I took a lot from him. Ron was a classy guy the whole way. Funny, quick, and on point with all of his lines. David Hayes was someone I worked with on several different occasions, but this was the first time I really got to see him in true form. This was a very difficult shoot. David stepped up in so many departments. He was my go-to guy from day one. Fortunately I was lucky enough to have the best cast and crew you could imagine. I wish I could sit here and just rattle off all of their names. They all deserve it.

CHC: You made a film previous to "Bloody Bloody Bible Camp" called "Slices", did anyone from that film help with production of BBBC?

VT: Yes. Lance Polland is the Associate Producer of BBBC and Steven Richards is an actor in it and also worked on the crew (and did a great job I may add). The other two guys from Slices, Neil McCurry and Lenny Lenox both live out of state.

CHC: I noticed that you had Marcus Koch (100 TEARS) on board doing FX. Blood must really flow?

VT: Hell yeah! Marcus is the splatter king. We had some great moments in this film thanks to him (he also made the teaser poster). We were on the same page from day 1. He really knew what we were aiming for. Marcus is a true artist. He's really fun to work with. A big thanks goes to him for helping us pull off BBBC. And anyone who drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon is gold in my book.

CHC: Whats your best advice for indie horror filmmakers?

VT: I can sit here all day and talk a bunch of bullshit. Until we did BBBC, I really wouldn't know what to say. But I do now. Make sure everyone involved with your film is in it for the love of the script and they all really believe in the project. If anyone is involved for any other reason its for their own ego and personal gain. Drop those people. Everyone has to believe in it. If you have that, you can't go wrong.

CHC: Any current or future projects you'd like to tell the Cinema Head Cheese-rs about?

VT: Well we are going to be doing something very shortly after BBBC is released. I really can't say much else or I'll probably be shot. But I can promise you it will be just as over the top as Bloody Bloody Bible Camp.

CHC: Thanks a lot for your time Vito!

VT: Thanks Jeff! Cinema Head Cheese fuckin' rules!!

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