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October 13, 2011

Movie Review: Chromeskull: Laid to Rest II (Blu-ray)

I've always had a serious itch for slasher films. The masked-psycho has always been fun so it was only natural that I'd dig Robert Hall's ultra-gory slasher Laid To Rest. Well, Chromeskull is back - he's brought along his nifty knife, inventive kills and plot holes galore that made the first such a sadistic thrill. I love this shit!

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In Chromeskull: Laid To Rest II, Chromeskull ( Nick Principe ) has somehow miraculously survived an acid attack that took him by surprise in the first film. He's in bad shape, but he's still breathing. It also appears that our killer who really had no background to speak of in the original film is the head of what is called "The Agency". What "The Agency" does is pretty much a mystery. One of Chromeskull's pals, Preston ( Brian Austin Green, Beverly Hills 90210 ) is among his most loyal associates. Preston however, has something else up his sleeve with Chromeskull on the mend.

Tommy (Thomas Dekker ), is one of the lone survivors from Chromeskull's massacre from the first film, he's on the run now with Preston on his tail. Out of pure jealousy, Preston takes on the guise as Chromeskull to do his own evil bidding, copying the killers look and mannerisms. This just pisses off Chromeskull.

Hall attempts to bring some actual narrative to the barrage of graphic deaths. It's badly done and may just add frustration to viewers who aren't turning the film on just to see the ridiculous body count. I give him credit though because he's trying to create a franchise with what really is a cool character in Chromeskull. To me, Laid to Rest II is like the fast food of the film world - I know it's gonna kill me but it's too damn delicious to not not to shovel in my face once in a while.

The gore FX here are simply outstanding if you like it graphic and at time just downright vicious. Most of the fx are thankfully without any CGI enhancement. There are a few here and there that have it to tie some loose ends but for the most part the slice and dice is good ol' fashion prosthetics.

Image Entertainment has included some deleted scenes, bloopers, a "jump to a kill" option and a commentary with Robert Hall and Brian Austin Green. The commentary is solid. There are some nice stories of behind the scenes, such as how one of the main actresses was replaced by a doppelganger. Chromeskull: Laid to Rest II is far from genius but it's a whole hell of a lot of fun if you like unapologetic splatter.

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  1. Sweet. I'd love to find this on the cheap, I'd snatch it right up.