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February 22, 2013

Sexy Sorority Girls in 3D, a Lon Chaney Jr. Classic, The Girl With Sex-Ray Eyes and Lovecraft Coming Soon From Retromedia!

“Sorority Girls 3-D”–Peek in on six sexy coeds as they compete for a spot in the hottest sorority on campus. Only the best will pass the test and become one of the elite few allowed to join. In a sizzling game of "Truth or Dare" the girls are put through their paces by sorority leader Beverly Lynne…and what these ladies will do in order to win is sure to delight everyone. All captured in alluring full-color 3D - you can almost reach out and touch them, but be careful…they're smoking hot. “Sorority Girls 3-D” is erotic fun from the cult movie experts at Retromedia Entertainment (“Bikini Drive-In,” “Housewives from Another World”) and stars Beverly Lynne, Jassie James, Penny Flame, and Angela Stone. 3D (two pairs of 3D glasses are enclosed in the package) and flat version included. Catalog number RME2130, UPC: 802993213005, $14.99 srp. Street Date April 2, 2013, prebook February 26, 2013

“H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dark Sleep”– “The Dark Sleep” is a new horror film that depicts a nightmarish journey into another dimension when a young woman discovers the remnants of an ancient cult beneath her house. “The Dark Sleep” features amazing stop-motion animation special effects in the Ray Harryhausen tradition and writer/director Brett Piper’s visual flair brings this adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s “Dreams in the Witch House” to vibrant frightful life. Catalog number RME2137, UPC: 802993213708, $19.99 srp. Street Date April 16, 2013, prebook March 12, 2013.

“Indestructible Man”– The scream that shocks the screen with 300,000 volts of horror! He is inhuman… invincible… inescapable… indestructible. Retromedia presents “Indestructible Man,” a horror classic now available for the first time on DVD in a widescreen anamorphic HD transfer. Terror rises from the Los Angeles sewer system as monster icon Lon Chaney (“The Wolf Man”) returns to life after being executed in the Big House. His first stop? One of LA's sleaziest strip joints! His next stop? Find the partners who double-crossed him following an armored-car holdup and put him in the electric chair. What happens next is a chilling tale of an unstoppable force driven by revenge. For the first time fans will be able to enjoy this science fiction favorite from 1956 in a brand new wide screen anamorphic film transfer mastered in HD plus bonus features: the original trailer and a “Remembering Lon” video featurette. Catalog number RME2138, UPC: 802993213807, $14.99 srp. Street Date April 16, 2013, prebook March 12, 2013.

“Girl with the Sex-Ray Eyes”– Imagine having a pair of X-ray glasses that really work. Well, that's what happens to Taffy the pole-dancer when she accidentally bumps into a special government agent and gets the incredible X-ray goggles mixed up in her lingerie bag. From there it turns into a madcap chase of villains, spies and red-hot sizzling babes as everyone tries to get their hands on the top secret glasses…but Taffy just wants to dance, fool around, and break the bank in Las Vegas. Does she? Find out in “Girl with the Sex-Ray Eyes,” an erotic comedy from the cult movie mavens at Retromedia Entertainment. The movie stars Nicole Sheridan, Shannon Kelly, Demi Delia, Christine Nguyen and Daisy Marie and comes with DVD special features including a blooper/out-take reel and the original trailer. Catalog number RME2136, UPC: 802993213609, $14.99 srp. Street Date April 2, 2013, prebook February 26, 2013.

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