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December 23, 2013

Movie Review: Murder University (DVD, 2012)

Review By: Rob Sibley

Murder University is the latest film from Wild Eye releasing. A company that for the past couple of years has had a pretty good eye (no pun intended) for releasing quality genre films. They continue the success with releasing this gem. Within the first two minutes a gal already has her top removed and is ready to get down... what happens? Oh boy, she hears a noise and asks her boyfriend to investigate. He responds "Are you serious" "Yes or no sex", then he says "fine, but you better be ready when I get back". "Get back" oh boy I love this shit. I'm watching a modern day 80's horror film.

He is then killed within the next minute... yes this is pure 80's horror. Then a Lesbian kiss, a few more murders, a chase happens and the John Carpenter 80's style score kicks in. All within the 6 minute mark... then the theme song with the lyrics "Murder University" kicks in... I'm in horror heaven baby.

This is the film that so many filmmakers try so hard to make. A lot of times when filmmakers use the words "80's throwback" it's an excuse for poor filmmaking. Not the case here, Richard Griffin directs with a professional style and the screenplay by Lenny Schwartz hits all the right notes. You care about who your supposed to care it, the gore is plentiful, the film is playful. It never takes itself to seriously. The filmmakers want you to have a good time. The the key to this films success, so many other directors stroke their egos to please themselves. Not the case here, these filmmakers and actors are horror fans, they aim to please. This is the film "The Sleeper" wishes it could have been.

Not one single slouch in the bunch. The acting is all professional and way better then I expected. Griffin is part of the new breed of filmmakers, people like Adam Ahlbrandt, Natalie Jean, Cameron Scott, Peter Grendle, Matt Farnsworth and many others. They know what horror is all about, no pretentious B.S. just straight up entertainment. Because at the end of the day we want to be entertained.

Did I mention they have a scene involving a wet t-shirt contest and one of the women hogs the mic and says "The only reason I'm doing this is to empower women." If that makes you laugh... this is the film for you. Our "hero" gets punched out and the dude says to em "Were you looking at my girl?" "Everyone was... it's a wet t-shirt contest". Fuck me this is pure gold.

Also our hero looks strikingly simular to an Daniel Radcliffe which enhances the humor. It's not long before our hero starts investigating the murders and teams up with a dedicated detective (is there any other kind in these movies?) to say anything more would spoil the fun.

I'll just say this... all 3 Hatchet films were fun more or less right? They were "throw backs" to the 80's slasher films. The Hatchet flicks seemed to forget the 80's slasher films a lot of the time got their humor due to lack of budget (unintentional humor) or some were straight up tounge in cheek. Hatchet never figured it's sense of humor out, it was always UN-sure of itself. It relied on gore gags for humor.

Murder University knows the subject matter is pretty silly, they know it. They take full advantage of it and milk it for all it's worth. The film even features a couple of Suspiria inspired sequences (In the opening) which can give you the creeps. But for the most part this film is made for your enjoyment, it's not some stupid torture porn film.

So the women are hot, the gore is plentful, the cinematography is bathed in that colbat blue light we loved so much in 80's horror, the humor is spot on and you even get some twists. Hell even the actors do a good job. What's not to recommend? Check this shit out... seriously.  So welcome to the murder university, I hope you enjoy your stay... I know I did.

The DVD from Wild Eye doesn't disappoint.  The film is presented in it's original aspect ratio of 1.85 : 1. The transfer is nothing short of beautiful. It was shot on a Canon 7D so yes the image is crystal clear, my big worry was the depth of field but luckily they had a good D.P. because there is more life to the image then you would expect.  Also a common problem with 5D's or 7D's are the focus issues. Whoever the focus puller was on this... kudos. Not one blurry shot. Very pleasing transfer.

It doesn't list it on the box but I'm guessing it's a 5.1 audio track. It's crisp and clear, you would never think the film only cost 20K to make. Sound effects are spot on, the score pops, this is a great track all around.

For Extra's... now this is a surpise. We get two commentary tracks! Anyone who knows me knows I'm a commentary junkie. Both of these are worth a listen. You get the writers and directors commentary which is good for finding out the nuts and bolts behind the production. Then if your looking for something with a bit more "party atmosphere" flip on over to the direct/cast commentary Which is a blast. Also included is a 3 minute deleted scene which is actually pretty damn funny.

Murder University... fuck yes it comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Stop reading this review now and buy a copy. If you love slasher films and your tired of watching sup-bar horror entertainment then give this film a shot. It's worth 20 bucks easy, but you probably can get it for less. It's got re-watch value, it's got two commentary tracks, it's got plenty of bang for you buck. Check this out. A MUST SEE BUCKOS!

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