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March 12, 2015

Fright Nights Horrorant Film Festival 2015 – Part 1: The Shorts

Do you remember last year when I did a big-ass reportage (in four parts no less) on the 1st Fright Nights Horrorant Film Festival? Yes, Greece’s sole annual and international Horror Film Festival. Well, what do you know, since then I became a columnist for their website. And what do you know; I am now a member of the Jury that will give the Short Films Awards!

This first article will present you all of the short films. These were running before the features. Obviously I watched these in advance. I would do the same for the features and I will watch as much celluloid as I can, but not everything because there are two screens this time around (running different films simultaneously). Enjoy!

C’Est Entre

This is an interesting horror/comedy; with perfect timing for comedy, and excellent post-production; it looks like a good student film.


This one has magnificent use of the camera (and the cinematography in general), with outstanding performances.

Castillo El Armado

This probably the most well crafted animation film I saw the last few years and it is for sure the most touching. If I were part of an art-house festival’s jury I would definitely push for an award.


The screenplay may be a bit standard, but the aesthetics and the direction are such that the filmmakers definitely deserve to move to features.


This is a body horror in the style of the Cronenbergs (father and son) with great production values. I liked it very much. It is on par with the other current macabre French films.


Currently the Spanish deliver the greatest films when it comes to atmosphere and gorgeous women, and this film does just that.

La Ropavajera

This is a nihilistic masterpiece that combines David Lynch’s aesthetics with Euro-style cinematography that deserves loads of awards.


Not bad; I look forward to the filmmakers’ next opus.

Ruta 114

This is an excellent idea full of eroticism and horror, and the acting is the best thing about it.


This film is a vampirism poem in the style of Jean Rollin and that is a good thing.


Awesome horror/comedy in the style of Almodovar, with a twist! It is definitely award-winning material.

The Stomach

This is a very good body-horror of the grind-house tradition.

Memories of Mothraman

This is a well-shot Sci-Fi film in the style of the X-Files.


I liked this torture film that reminded me a lot of the contemporary French horror movies and Rob Zombie’s films.


This is a slaughter-fest in the style of Lucio Fulci’s latter period.


This is a drug warning film and I look forward to the filmmakers’ next opus.

Extreme Pinocchio

This is a perverse version of the classic titular tale with hints of pedophilia and incest between “father” and “son”; it will definitely shake art-house festivals.

Mr. Dentonn

This reminded me of Friday the 13th: The Series and many other ‘80s genre epics; it is also very well-shot.

El Espejo Humano

This is another nihilistic Spanish film with excellent cinematography and great acting.

Pulsion Sagrienta

This is the last film I watched and it is also one of the best. It is an excellent horror/comedy about a serial killer trainee. It offers gender commentary and great amounts of jokes. It is quite possibly the best film of its genre to come out the last five years.

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